View Full Version : For those that use Pasta Sauce from a jar...

03-10-2006, 08:40 AM
Have you ever tried the Barilla brand of "Restaurant Creations?" I found a jar of "Sugo alla Napoletanna" (Garlic, Herbs & Tomatos) which is packaged differently. It has the red sauce in a larger jar & then on top of the larger jar sits a small jar with (I guess) the garlic/herb ingredients since it's mostly green in color.

The instructions on the back says to just empty both jars into a pot to heat. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has ever tried this? I found it yesterday at Big Lots for 99 cents. I have actually found Classico Sauce there too for 99 cents but they don't have anymore. Anyway, if I hear this stuff is good, I'm going back with my last $10 to buy some more up! It's so easy to just open a jar of sauce rather than make it from scratch! (Altho no comparison in taste.) I will still make mine for the most part from scratch but on those days when you're running late & forgot to defrost something, they sure are handy!

Looking for critics on this Barilla "Restaurant Creations" product.....