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03-07-2006, 08:47 PM
Does anyone know where, (if there are any in existence ;) ) I can get Disney quote rub-on transfers? I have seen some non-Disney transfers with birthday, vacation, or holiday themes. They will say, "Best Friends" or "On the Road Again". They usually have a clear backing and black lettering. Do they have them at the World of Memories store at WDW? If so, how can I contact them? Maybe I'll just have to go and see for myself! :thumbsup2

03-08-2006, 10:35 AM
I have a sheet of rub-ons made by Sandylion with little sayings on them. Things like Magical memories, mousin around, Getting Goofy, etc. The are really cute. They are all in bright colors with a few black ones.
You can find these in any well stocked lss.
I really have not seen these at Disney, frankly I have never been too impressed with most of the supplies at Disney. However, Sandylion, K and Company etc have licensed merchandise that is really nice.
My advice would be to shop before and after the trip.
I looked at www.sandylion.com and they have pics of all the rub-ons they have. They have autograph rub-ons too!

03-08-2006, 08:38 PM
Here is a link to Jo-Ann's online. They have many different Disney Rub-ons including the characters audtographs and Mouse words...
Jo-Ann's Rub-on link. (http://www.jo-anns.com/search/search_results.jhtml;$sessionid$10QBKBYAABJ5EP4SY5 NBIHR50LD3OEPO?reqData=CA_AttributeSelected&CATID=3&keywords=rub-ons&attributeName=Style&attributeValue=Disney&catPath=All%2BProducts%252F%252F%252F%252FUserSear ch%253Drub-ons&eid=1141868687379_548391_21480845)