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03-05-2006, 08:44 PM
I haven't been here in ages but I got emails with this info and thought I should mention it.
Didn't know if this had been posted or not. Two scrapbook stores in Orlando have closed this week. They both had landlord issues. It's a shame, hopefully they will figure something out.

The Scrapbook Shak at the Altamonte Mall and
4270 ALOMA AVE #140
(407) 774-1533

I didn't want anyone to plan a trip on their vacation and get to a closed store. :(

Don't for get the Scrapbook Expo is in Orlando the last week of March I think Friday- Sunday. This year it's at the Covention Center on Intenational Dr.
Expo Site (http://www.scrapbookexpo.com/fl/index.asp)
I used to live in Florida and I so miss it. I hope to make it down soon.

I try to post on my blog coupons and sale stuff for scrapbook stores, and other stores too. Here is the link .

03-05-2006, 09:43 PM
Oh NOO!!!!!!! Those are like 2 of the only 4 scrapbook local stores near me. *cries* I used to always go the the Scrapbook Headquarters for crops. I'm so sad. :( GOSH this is the worst news of the week.....*cries some more*

Theres a scrapbook store in the Oviedo mall...that would probably be too far for tourists to go to.....I don't know