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03-04-2006, 08:47 AM
My son is 11 and I am pretty sure he would prefer a kids meal to an adult meal at some restaurants. Seeing as I am paying for him as an adult on the DDP, what would my options be? Since he is over 9, I can't buy him a kid's meal OOP, or can I? I hate to waste an adult TS credit on a kids meal that I could buy for much less than an adult meal. If we were able to do this, we could go to two TS restaurants(buying OOP for him) instead of one with those credits.


03-04-2006, 05:37 PM
Same question, not scamming adult meals for child prices, we just want to use the 11yo's dining credit for grammy (at different hotel) and let him eat the kids food he would like better anyway. Has anyone been able to do this? or Has anyone been told NO to this?


03-04-2006, 05:42 PM
Good question, my son is a very picky eater and i would like to know this also.

03-04-2006, 09:13 PM
On my last trip we had the ddp with my 11 yr old god daughter. I paid oop for a kids meal at Planet Hollywood, The Castle (before it was a set price for dinner) and we were able to share (without using her credit) at 50's Primetime Cafe and Concourse Steakhouse. I was also asked if she wanted a kid's menu at Le Cellier.

You probably won't have any real issues at most sitdown restaurants but remember at character meals or buffets, you will want to use a credit or you will be charged the adult price paying oop.

03-05-2006, 11:40 AM
I can't see why they wouldn't let you order a kids meal and use the "adult credit." In our case one of our DS will turn 10 1 month before we go, so he is considered an adult. I really plan to try and get him to order off the adult menu, since that's what I payed for. He likes filet, steak, ribs, prime rib and we can get these at most places.

Now for paying oop for a kids meal, I just don't know. If your card says 3 adults 2 kids, for example, and he looks over 9... :confused3 it may depend on the server and the restaurant. We know a family from our school that has 2 DD 10, and 12. Le Celliar would not let them pay oop for kids meals-they asked the ages and asked to see the families dining card which listed the girls as "adults." They did say that the girls could get a kids meal, but credits would be used. The family just had the girls order from the adult menu. I don't know if it was just this server, or Le Celliar. We were talking about 10 year olds being considered adults, not the dining plan. The girls are apparently not big beef eaters. :teeth:

03-05-2006, 11:48 AM
what about this. I paid adult price for my 10 year old.

can I :

order a regular appetizer (for her)
kid entree (for her)'
adult desert (for her)
adult sized soda (for her)

03-05-2006, 01:02 PM
Okay, so if I order a kids meal and have paid for the adult DDP, that is just unfair. I wonder if they would give him a larger portion of the kids meal? Oh well, maybe we will schedule all our table service as buffets and then he can eat off both kids and adults.


03-05-2006, 01:06 PM
what about this. I paid adult price for my 10 year old.

can I :

order a regular appetizer (for her)
kid entree (for her)'
adult desert (for her)
adult sized soda (for her)

I don't see why not. :) Maybe someone who has tried this can post??

Yzma and Kronk
03-05-2006, 06:58 PM
I know this is along the same lines, and I too have to pay for DD10 as an adult. She is an extremely picky child.

My question:

If we go to a TS restaurant and there are 4 of us 2A and 2C. (or for Disney DD10 is considered an adult) We have the dining plan and card that says 3A and 1C, because DD10 is paying the adult price.

Can we order 2A meals and 1C meal to be deducted off the card, and then order a separate kids meal for DD and pay cash for it?

To be really clear.......can 4 people show up at a TS restaurant and use the card for only 3 and pay cash for the 4th?

I'm not suggesting we use our child's credits for DD10 either - we'll just happily pay cash for al la carte.

This way we can either choose, depending on the restaurant to get our money's worth an adult meal for DD10, or just pay for her and one of the adults will use her credit later.

We will NOT be eating at any buffet's - it will be all menu restaurants.

Any thoughts or help - Thanks!

03-06-2006, 02:29 PM
One other value-related thought. We are going in a few weeks with dd10 (adult on dp) and ds7 (child on dp). We noticed that a few places we were interested in eating, such as Spoodles and to a lesser degree Rose and Crown, had kids menus which both included some real-food options (steak or chicken breast with veggies, etc.) and where a kid ordering an appetizer, entree and dessert even off the kids menu could run up a pretty hefty tab. So we figure that even if both kids order from the kids menu, we should balance out since ds's dining plan was purchased at the child rate. For people in our situation, where you still have at least one child paying at the kids' rate, maybe it will make the situation a little easier to tolerate.

Also, we picked some places (at the kids' request, actually) like Teppanyaki and Sci-Fi where we know there will be items on the adult menu that dd will eat, since they are essentially the same as the kids menu. So this and buffets where she would have to pay as an adult anyway I think will leave us feeling that we got our money's worth on the plan. We just felt the whole out of pocket thing would get confusing and we didn't want to end up with leftover credits, so this rationalization worked for us (and convinced dh that the dp actually made sense for us). Just sharing in case it helps someone.

Yzma and Kronk
03-06-2006, 03:50 PM
Thanks ratfam.......it does make sense.

It seems you are in the exact same situation as us. I think I'll take a look at the restaurants and menu's and do some math. You're probably right, it'll most likely work out the same.

03-06-2006, 04:50 PM
Yzma and Kronk, you will probably find that the dp makes sense, even though at first I thought there was no way it would paying $38 each day for a kid. When I calculated out what I thought we would spend oop if we didn't use the dp I only came up about $120 below what the dp costs us, even though my plan assumed us eating out much less, doing less expensive ts and going to places where we would get a DVC discount even though they might not have otherwise been our first choices, and planning on only bringing along our own water and rarely buying either drinks at cs or snacks (which would probably have gotten a little old after a few days anyway...) So for the extra $120, we're going to try a bunch of new places we never would have gone to if we were paying on our own (and probably have a much better time and I won't be grumpy about having to cook constantly like I do at home)!

03-06-2006, 07:30 PM
This is another area of problems with the plan. You have this age child that truly wants to eat off the child's menu but has already paid for adult credits. But you have another family with a 9 year old and due to the way the present system is set up this family paid 10.99 and can use that to get an adult meal. It is a mess.

That said. I don't see a problem with your using your credits the way you intend. You even use some of them at Signature restaurants etc. to make up the difference.

For example if I am on the plan and using my plan to pay for my meal but with us we have my friend that lives in Orlando's 11 year old son. We would have to pay out of pocket for him to eat. And unless something has changed recently you could order from the kid's menu for this age.

I have friends that work for Disney in the Dining Plan division, I would be glad to check for you. I will say though I have been accused of not knowing what I am talking about in reference to Disney and the plan, so you have been warned. ;)

03-06-2006, 07:53 PM
I know this is piggybacking on a lot of previous posts but..... here's my question: We are going to have the DP for 4 nights, that means we each have 4 TS. There are 5 of us- me, DH, DS3, DS8 and DS10 (which we of course paid for as an adult) We have booked more than 4 TS so what I want to know is can my DS10 order a child's meal at a restaurant and can we pay OOP? I want to know because we could save his adult credit for another meal. We wouldn't be cheating the DP, but just using it for a character dinner. Any help would be appreciated!!

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03-06-2006, 08:16 PM
Okay, so if I order a kids meal and have paid for the adult DDP, that is just unfair. I wonder if they would give him a larger portion of the kids meal? Oh well, maybe we will schedule all our table service as buffets and then he can eat off both kids and adults.


I'm sure if you wanted to do that they'd be happy to do a larger portion on a kid's meal if you chose to use the adult credit on one...as someone pointed out, if your son found an adult appetizer & dessert he wanted, making it worthwhile to use the credit, plus a kid's meal that looked appealing...I've read on other threads about ADULTS that are picky eaters ordering off the kid's menu, often at a higher price but also in an adult-sized portion.

03-07-2006, 08:22 AM
Also, most disney restaurants will modify the meals to suit your taste.

I had no problem ordering steak or chicken without the sauces or other fancy stuff.

Most restaurants will substitute fries or mashed for whatever side the meal comes with.

So even if your 10/11/12 yr old doesn't like something on the adult menu, most restaurants (if you ask) can come up with something plainer for you.