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03-02-2006, 10:08 PM
My DD5 and myself (DH couldn't come)

Stayed overnight at Radisson, Port Canaveral and took 10:30 am ish shuttle from hotel to pier. Make reservations for shuttle 3 weeks earlier which helped, but didn't guarantee that you would be on that exact shuttle. I recommend getting to the lobby earlier than the 15 minutes prior that they say and find the shuttle supervisor and let him know you have a reservation. And keep after him/her.

We arrived at the terminal about 10:50 and got boarding group 3. I filled out the paperwork in the ticket booklet so went right up and checked in. The lady was very helpful, quick and efficient. I had already pre registered my dd for oceaneer's club so then we went over to that area to get wristband after reconfirming password, etc.

Then we had a little while to look around the terminal. My dd quickly made new friends.

Boarding began right at 12noon and we were onboard about 12:10ish. I loved being greeted "Welcome ---- family" We were able to eat in Parrot Cay which worked out great because our dining rotation was TAAP and I had Palo for the last night. So I had my first meal in parrot cay and my last (debark breakfast) there.

We enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch and a quick walk around the ship before heading to our cabin. We waited in the entranceway to the hall about 5 minutes for them to 'drop the rope' and found our cabin, with plans to throw on our bathing suits and head for the pool. Guess what. With all my studying and planning I somehow forgot to pack my bathing suit in my carry on, but thankfully had my DD's. She got to enjoy the Mickey pool and slide with a very small handful of kids. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the Emergency drill. Since our cabin was deck 5 aft, we had lifeboat station at Animator's Palate. There wasn't a child's lifejacket in the cabin so i grabbed the adult one for her. At the drill I informed the safety leader and they made sure we had one within the half hour. They even called our cabin to see if we received it. I was impressed. Other cruiselines never follow up like that.

We loved the sailaway party and hearing the sound of the ship's horn brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was a little cool up on deck and windy so we went inside earlier than planned.

Dinner was in Triton's at 8pm and we were seated with another mom traveling alone with her DD. Our servers Lisa Marie and Mark were great. The dining room was beautiful and elegant. Food was good.

The ship rocked and rolled that night with very high seas. I ended up in the Cadillac Lounge later on and the waves were slapping the windows there on Deck 3! Lots of people got sick. I was lucky and got my sea legs quickly. I thought the ship handled it quite well compared to some of the older ones I've been on.

My DD went to the Oceaneer's Club that evening for movie night.

Oh the Hercules show was fantastic.

There was a lot of creaking sounds as the ship hit the high and choppy seas. But we fell asleep quickly.


03-03-2006, 09:44 AM
Thanks for the report! We are sailing the Wonder in 3 weeks! Yeah!

Do you remember the movies they were showing? We are hoping for Narnia (haven't seen it yet) and 8 Below. Were those showing?


03-03-2006, 11:03 AM
8 below, annapolis, gloryland, narnia, pooh's heffalump, cassanova...maybe one more, I can't remember.

03-03-2006, 02:21 PM