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02-28-2006, 10:28 AM
OK, so my trip was great! :goodvibes

We spent the first few days at Pop Century :hippie: then did the Disney Magic 7 night cruise. :sail:

At Epcot we were chosen as Family of the Day to open Soarin! :cool2: That was probably the highlight of my trip!! Our group got to ride Soarin by ourselves at opening for the day. Didn't matter that hoardes of people were rushing up the hill after the rope drop, the Soarin CM said to us, "don't worry, nobody's getting on that ride before you are", LOL.

Cruise was awesome, as usual. Weather was perfect and sailing was smooth. We really can't get enough of the DCL, just something really special about it - all Disney plus, 24/7. :tink: It was nice to have a whole week on the ship. It seemed like we had so much time but it of course the week flew by. Seems you always think it will be relaxing but in fact there is so much to see and do on the ship there's not a lot of time to relax - and you hate to miss anything!! :hyper: Since we cruised last they added a huge outdoor movie screen up on Deck 9 - one chilly night we dressed in warm pjs and sweatshirts, grabbed some pilows, blankets and snacks and watched Finding Nemo wrapped cozily together on a row of deck chairs out under the stars and Mickey stacks out on the high seas - gotta love it!

Met some nice Dis-ers including DD8's pen pals and their families. It was really fun watching the excitement of the friends we were traveling with who were on their first cruise. :boat: My friend who has two boys and my DD got their hair braided together (funny thing is she's a teacher in my kids' school so this week DD and her have been doing the "secret wave" to eachother when they pass in the hallways, braids still in their hair). Dressing up was nice, got some beautiful shots of our family, one of which I'm bringing to be framed today. Pirate night was really fun, got some cute shots of pirate DS8 sleeping in the chair in the midst of all the action, he'd had a long day of fun on on the beach at St Martin, poor baby. :teeth: I spent a small fortune on pictures but honestly they always come out so nice I don't need to do any anywhere else.

The amount of food on the ship is just unbelievable. Of course, DH and I were trying to stay healthy, but our server sabotaged our efforts night after night. :rolleyes: I'd say (holding my already full belly) "no dessert", and instead of a big plate of "NOTHING" - presto - I'd have a big dessert in front of me. My favorite dessert was a warm banana chocolate walnut cake with vanilla ice cream. OMG, out of this world :love: (I know it's a stretch but I'd even venture to say that I enjoyed it more than the chocolate souffle at Palo this time). He also brought extra dishes to our table to sample at every meal - uugghh! :crowded: So we tried to have a healthy breakfast (room service or Topsider's) and lunch (salad, wraps and fruit at Scoops were a favorite), and just accepted the fact we were going to be stuffed at dinner every night. :rotfl: Palo, of course, was fantastic as always. Our friends liked the brunch better than the dinner (they prefer very basic food), but we enjoyed them both equally.

Our favorite day on the ship was St Martin day. We found a nice spot on a local beach near a water trampoline (for the kids) and shopping (for the ladies). We rented jet skis which was pretty fun even though it was my first time driving one. :eek:


Castaway Cay looked as beautiful as ever, sometimes think how nice it would be to live there. :cloud9: At Sea days on the ship were busy, but we found lots of nooks to hide out in and plenty of activities to keep us occupied most of the time. The staff on the ship were wonderful, especially our room steward who had a young son of his own at home and always seemed to have a special hello for my son, saying hello to him by name every time we saw him around the ship. We brought bags of M&Ms to give out to favorite staff, the kids enjoyed doing that here and there as well as the last night in the kids club.

We stayed in an inside cabin, Cat 11 (one bath, LOL, see tag) though our friends were directly across the hall in a Cat 6. ;) Had lots of luggage since it felt like we needed to bring everything but the kitchen sink on this trip. Managed to squeeze it all in but had to move out some of the furniture to accomodate all of our shoes which we stuffed under the desk (no steamer trunk). It was just a huge pile of shoes, unbelievable, really. DH kept joking it looked like something out of a bad thrift shop. :lmao:


All in all, a great trip. Can't wait for 2007! :wizard:

02-28-2006, 11:15 AM
Great trip report, Linda!

02-28-2006, 07:48 PM
Ursula, it was nice to meet you and your DD - pretty funny how I somehow knew it was you that day in Shutters. Sorry to read on another thread she was off kilter a bit. I thought she was adorable, talked to her in the kids club a few times, she was very outgoing and sociable. She and my DD seemed to get along very well. I have a great picture of the Dis kids, will email if you want (don't want to post any pictures of other kids without permission).

Last I saw, the two of you were picking "pixie dust" up off the stairs after the Till We Meet Again party, LOL (I've done the same thing ;) ). Cute memory. :goodvibes

Tink Fans
03-04-2006, 02:50 PM

Finally resurfaced! I enjoyed reading your report. It was a great trip - think St. Martin was my favorite too. We went to Orient and the water was incredibly beautiful. Could not have asked for better weather - a friend was in St. Thomas the week before and it rained.

Thanks for the pictures. Will post some real soon!


03-04-2006, 03:09 PM
Linda, Tess loved Andrea, too! I'll pm you with my e-mail address. I would love a picture of the kids! Thanks for understanding.


03-06-2006, 08:52 AM
Great report! What kind of family activities did you enjoy?

03-17-2006, 02:16 PM
Hi we are going on the Wonder the same time next year. I was wondering how the weather was especially on Castaway Cay. I'm a sun lover and I'm worried about being cold :guilty: Was it windy?

03-17-2006, 06:23 PM
Thanks for the report. Hubby and I are considering the cruise for our 10 year anniversary next year (if we can manage the guilt without the kids). Looking to get as much info as I can. This is a good start.