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02-25-2006, 08:07 AM
Okay, so you know how you get 1 appetizer, 1 entre and 1 dessert, it says. Does that mean that you must use everything all at one time. In other words,
If I am using one of my "table service" meals can I order and entre and save the dessert part of it for another time or must I order all 3 things at once. I already requested the dining plan with my package but I'm starting to think that is a lot of food. :confused3 Also, can two people share one meal (ie. my husband and I share 1 entre, 1 appetizer, 1 dessert) thus saving some other meals to use for a signiture experiance?
Thanks for the help.

02-25-2006, 08:20 AM
I was just at the "World" last week and used the DDP :sunny:

When we had T/S meals, if we couldn't manage to eat a dessert

(Yes, it does have to be part of the entree, drink combination - T/S)

we would choose something that we could take back to our room for later or keep it for b'fast the next morning ::yes::

We found the key to using the DDP and get the value out of it was to spread the meals ....WAY.... apart :idea:

We would have lunch at 11 - 11:30am and dinner was always after 7pm

That way, we were ready to eat at the next scheduled ADR :thumbsup2

It can be a lot of food, but we didn't gain any weight as we were walking alot in between and we did try to eat healthier meals rather than everything with fries ;)

We really enjoyed our desserts :love:

We didn't do any sharing of meals (we were too full :rotfl: )


iluvwesties (aka Carol) :wave2: