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02-22-2006, 04:11 PM
Okay, so I'm kind of new to the whole scrapbooking thing and this is the first time I've posted on the scrapping board. I'm just wondering, what exactly is Digital Scrapbooking? How does it work? Sorry if these are stupid questions lol but I've seen it mentioned a few times in the posts and am pretty much clueless. Thanks in advance! :wizard:

02-23-2006, 11:30 AM
I'm not sure how much help I'll be, because I don't do this, but digital scrapbooking is making up your pages on your computer & printing them out. There are a loads of different programs to use (I do have one from Hallmark, but I just print out things I want to use and use them in a regular manner) and I'm sure there are those on this boards who can direct you to a good one to buy if you're interested.

Welcome to scrapbooking! :teeth: