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10-01-2001, 10:51 PM
Cast ……
Me Mary(40)
DH George (41)
DD Regina (9)
DS George W. (8)

Friday Sept 21st
After 11 months of planning our cruise was finally here. I dropped the kids at school so they would get credit for the day (they can not miss more then 5 days in any one grading period) and headed home to load up the car, go to the bank, and bring the dog to the vet/kennel.
We picked the kids up at 12:15 and hit the road.The drive was easy, and uneventful. We were hoping to make the Radisson by 7pm but did not get there until 8pm. The kids hit the pool and DH and I relaxed with a cold beverage! Steve and Robin and the girls joined us and we chatted for a while until the mosquitoes (the Florida State Bird!) drove us away. We also met Keline, who introduced herself and her lovely family.
Our room at the Radisson was great!It was the 1 bedroom suite. What a nice way to start the vacation.

Sat. Sept 22

My plans to let the kids swim until noon feel through when the kids decided they wanted to head to the ship. DS was not feeling well and I thought…OMG ,NOT NOW!!! Thankfully after some Mylanta and a half hour laying down he felt much better.DH went in search of a belt. It seems he had lost some weight since I bought his cruise clothes and we could not find the belt I was sure I packed. He ran into TNRobin and chatted with her for a bit. We headed over to Ron Jon’s and bought a few items. Then drove to the ship. Both the Wonder and the Magic were at the port. It was an awesome sight!
DH dropped off the luggage, kids and myself, then went to park the car at the Radisson. Check in was a breeze. All the docs were filled out. The only problem was that DH needed his ticket and drivers license to come back, so I checked in without him and got on line. By the time he got back (20 min. later) the line had grown A LOT! And I had met a BUNCH of fellow Dis’ers. Mike (Papa) and Kathy, Dan and Scott, Dave (CheesePlease) Jerry (DVCNuts) Eric (Viking) and Anja, Cathy (@GoofyNut) and Art. I had used Jerry’s idea of putting the beer and soda on a luggage carrier and several people asked me “are you allowed to do that?” YUP!!!!
We boarded the ship about 12:15 and headed to Topsiders. We were too excited to eat much but did get some yummy shrimp and a pretty “sail-a-way” beverage. DH headed to Palos to make dinner and Brunch reservations and when he got back (5 min later) I saw Scott. He said “go get your spa reservations, there is NO ONE there! So I did. I had to get 2nd choice for the Suriel Bath (2pm on Sun instead of 12 noon). But that’s it, we were done with the ressies scramble!
We went to check out the “Secret Porthole Room 5520 and it was ready! We met Paulett our stateroom hostess. She was so friendly. The baskets I ordered from The Perfect Gift were there and were BEAUTIFUL! The kids’ baskets were “from Mickey” and I had to beg them to stop for a moment so I could take a picture of them. DH was thrilled with the “Main Man” basket. Our luggage had started to arrive and we quickly unpacked. The over the door shoe holder was fantastic! Packing done I headed down to the excursions desk and dropped my already prepared request in the drop box. Then back to the room for the kids to get into their bathing suits. They had the pool to themselves for about a half hour, and then were joined by a few more kids. DS was feeling 100% better (much to my relief)! At 3:40 we headed to the cabin for the lifeboat drill. DD HATED it! But it was over quickly and we put or life vests away and headed up to the Sail-a-Way Party!
What a sight! All those Cruistoberfest shirts!I gave out the red/white and blue lanyards and name tags. And met Rosemary(TuliRose) and Richard(TuliRich) and DS Richie, Dori (WeLovePooh)and family,Robin (TnRobin) and family, Amy(Cammie810) and her family,CarolAnn, Kevin (DCL-Fan) and Sue and the kids,Allison(MicksGirl) and family,Sandee and family,Susan (Susan514) and DH John,Bob(SideShowBob) and his DW Ann, Laura (Needabreak) and DH Kyle and kids, Virgina and Ed, Yasmin (TxJasmine) and DH David and kids, Jean (JNOEL) and Kathie, and Myra, and the rest of the gang we had met in the terminal. I think I named everyone. If I left anyone out please forgive me!
Before leaving the port the Wonder pulled out ahead of us. The Magic followed about 20 minutes later blowing her horn! We all waved our American Flags and cheered! But the best was yet to come. Once we caught up to the Wonder the “Dueling Horns “ started! The Magic and Wonder blew their horns to each other over and over, and everyone on deck cheered like crazy! It was unforgettable! Truly a Magical Moment!!
As the Wonder was left behind we headed out to sea. Our group started to break up as it was time to get ready for dinner and the show. For us it was back to the pool. We decided to skip the show the first night (I later regretted it after hearing how good it was). We went to sign the kids up for the Oceaneer’s Lab, then went to get ready for dinner.
We had APLAPLA rotation 2nd seating table #4. Our server (Cedric) and assistant server Depesh introduced themselves. We were at a table for 4, no tablemates. I had mixed emotions about this as we were looking forward to meeting some fellow cruisers, but having “family time” was nice too. Dinner was very good.We both had the baked stuffed tomato. I had the Veal, DH had the Salmon. We both had the cheesecake for dessert. The “show” was very nice. The kids were more impressed then DH or myself, but the kids Ohhhh’ed and Ahhh’ed all through dinner.
After dinner we tucked the exhausted kids into bed, and headed to Dueling Pianos. We joined a group of Dis’ers already there. The show was very funny. However for some reason no waiter ever came over to offer us a beverage. I finally went upstairs to our room and fixed one for DH and myself. Jerry (DVCNuts) and his wife Laura went on stage and sang a song to each other for their anniversary. Sorry, I cannot remember the name of the song. I just remember laughing! It was Great! We headed to the cabin for some sleep before the show was over. It was a long exciting day.

Sun. Sept 23rd

Our room service order arriver right on time (8am). The kids ate bagels, DH and I had coffee and tea. The kids wanted to watch TV for a while so DH and I went to Limmer’s for breakfast. We were brought to a table where another couple was already seated. It turned out to be Eric (Viking) and Anja! We had a very nice breakfast. DH had eggs and bacon; I had the bagels and loxs. Back to the cabin to get the kids and off to the pool we went. Lunch was at Parrot Cay (Italian Buffet) and it was very good. The kids loved the pasta. Our appointment at the Spa for the Suriel Bath was at 2pm so at 1:30 we dropped the kids off at Animators Palette (where the 8-9 group was) and headed to deck 9. We were about 20 min early so we sat on deck 9 and enjoyed the view. Then horror of horrors, the beeper went off! We hurried down to get the kids. They did not want to stay! Not having time to argue we brought the kids to the cabin and settled them in front of the TV and returned to the Spa, just in time! The Suriel Bath was everything I thought it was going to be. We had fun with the mud, the steam room was HOT! It was a very relaxing and enjoyable hour. We went back to the room and realized the ship had stopped. DD told us there was an announcement that there was a medical emergency and we went up to deck 10 to see what was going on. A crewmember was sick and was transported to San Salvador via a small boat. We heard later that he/she? was in the hospital in Miami and doing well.
Now a word about the kids club. I was disappointed the kids did not wish to go, but feel very sure it had nothing to do with the club. DD has been very shy lately. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by all the kids. She prefers to just watch for a while, before joining in. At the time we dropped the kids off the activity was underway, and I think the “pressure” to jump right in, was a bit much for her. Since we only had a few times that we had “adult only” activities planned (Brunch and Dinner at Palos) we decided to let the kids stay in the cabin during that time. While this would not work for all kids, it worked for us. The kids were happy with some “down time” and we did not have to battle to get them to do something they did not wish to do. I did feel like they were missing out, but the end result was they were happy.
Next was the DVC Reception. Free hats for all. The trivia game was fun, but it was very crowed. Once again we saw Kevin (DCL-Fan) and Sue and kids there. My advice it to get there early.
We went to the show, Hercules. DH and I loved it, the kids thought it was just OK. We rushed to get ready for dinner (Formal night). The lines to get pictures were VERY LONG. Too long for us to get pictures and be on time for dinner. I knew we would have another opportunity for formal pictures so we went to Parrot Cay where Cedric and Depesh were waiting for us. Once again we took Cedric’s advice. We both had the scallops appetizer,DH had the Mahi Mahi and cheesecake. I had the Rack of Lamb and the struddle . The struddle was the only thing we ordered that was NOT recommended and it was the last time I made this mistake. The crust was thick and tough and the apples were tasteless. The service was excellent! We got the kids settled in bed and went for a walk. Then joined them. It was a wonderful day!

Days 3-7 will follow tomorrow.

10-02-2001, 12:04 AM
Hey Mary - I KNEW you would be the first with a trip report. Great going so far!

We must have left the deck early because I honestly don't remember the ships blowing their horns over and over again. As a matter of fact, it seemed like the third whistle stopped before completion. But, we were in a rush to get changed and go to dinner and we were late arriving in the dining room. The ships were still near each other when we left the deck so I guess we left when they were just getting started but we were thinking it was over.

I know you said you took notes and that's a good thing. I should learn from you. I can't remember anything I ate at any meal hardly except the rack of lamb at Palos!

Patiently awaiting your next segment.

10-02-2001, 08:57 AM
Could you tell me what items you had Shirley put in your kids' baskets and approximately what they cost. I need to order for our kids in the next week or so and would love to hear about it. Our kids are about the same ages.



Credit Man
10-02-2001, 12:02 PM
I am enjoying your report. You 9/22ers sound like you had the best time.

10-02-2001, 05:15 PM
I can't wait to hear more...keep 'um coming.

10-02-2001, 05:35 PM
I got the kids each a basket with soda (Mt Dew for DS, Sprite for DD) underwater camera, sunglasses (nice ones!) the message in the bottle (a post card that looks like a bottle) Then Shirley added: pretzles, chips,crackers,Disney straws, and some candy. The cost was about 150 (for 3 baskets) I think my DH was about 70.00, but she just gave me the total, so I can't say for sure. I feel I got a WAY better deal then if I had ordered from Magical Treasures.The kids munched on their snacks all week and even had some left for the ride home!The sodas were handy too even though I brought some cokes with us, they liked having "their own" soda!
By the way ....the baskets were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!The kids were so excited to see they had a gift from "Mickey". They even thanked Mickey when they saw him!They asked me if all the kids got them and I said no. They then verified this by asking other kids if they got a basket from Mickey.It made them feel VERY special (which of course they are:D )

10-02-2001, 10:24 PM
How were the kids when you left them in the room? Did they feel comfortable? My kids are 10,9 and almost 8. I am just starting to leave the oldest ones for a few minutes alone at home. I'm not sure how I would feel about leaving them in the cabin.

Also, are having snacks handy important? Could you have gotten along with out them?


10-03-2001, 06:53 AM
I am really enjoying your report. We had table #4 too, but different rotation. We were PLAPLAP

10-03-2001, 11:32 AM
Thanks for sharing!

10-03-2001, 05:27 PM
Karel....We did not start out with the intention of letting the kids stay in the room alone. We explained to the kids that we would "try it" and then would do it again IF they were good.We laid out very specific rules,and did it for very short periods of time.We also let Paulett (our cabin hostess) know they were there. She was in the hall almost ALL the time. They knew where we were and we checked in ferquently (about every half hour). For the most part we were one deck away (directly below them). It is in my opinion a very personal decision. You know your kids better then anyone. My DD also found out that we had "eyes" everywhere! She was spotted on deck 10 (when I thought she was going to get some ice cream) by a fellow Dis'er who called me(thanks again Rosemary;) )
As for the snacks....the kids enjoyed them, but if not for the baskets I would not have brought any with me. There was always plenty for them to eat.

10-04-2001, 05:12 AM
We left Maggie in the room a couple times for short period. Once we wanted to hit the shops one more time and she was busy watching a Disney movie . The other time she was busy playing with a craft kit she'd bought on board. She's 10 and her mom has just started leaving her at home alone for short times. She's very responsible and I agree it depends on the child.

10-04-2001, 01:50 PM
We let our DD (8 1/2) check herself in and out of the club the last three days of the cruise. We made her pass a few tests (like taking her to a few locations, and seeing how well she navigated to other locations in the ship -including our room. She only checked herself out once and had a 2-way radio with her. I think she liked the idea of going up to get her own ice cream and having that little bit of freedom. But in all honesty, she was having too great a time in the lab!

Great post Mary. I wished I had known about DD shyness. We could have hooked our 2 DD with each other--we were very close!