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02-15-2006, 09:14 PM
okie so heres the deal-- we are going in may down to orlando, and right now im trying to decide the "order" of everything. I know we are going to stop in st augustine for a day on the drive down, and thats really the only thing thats set in stone!! lol...what are your opinions on the order we should do things in?? we are going to be going to ak, sw, cape kennedy, and universal. we have both been to ak, and i have been to all the other places (all a min of 10-15 years ago!!), but my gf hasnt. originally my plan was to do universal last, because we will be staying onsite, and i wanted to finish with a bang...not sure if thats the best plan tho...wha do you guys think?? tia.... :goodvibes

02-15-2006, 09:50 PM
Definitely save Universal for last... you will be spoiled by your FOTL experience.... If you do Universal first then you will hate every line you have to wait on for the rest of your trip.. and you will find yourself saying.. wow.. at Universal we didn't have to wait.. I wish we were back at universal.. etc... etc....I have never been to SW or Kennedy Space Center.. so, I have no idea of what order to do those in... but... any reason why only AK? Not the MK or other parts of Disney? Just curious.... and Which resort are you staying at in Universal? I have stayed at all three.. and found Portofino to be my absolute Favorite!


02-16-2006, 09:53 AM
I have been to SW, the Space Center, AK, and Universal.

The last time I was at Universal we drove up from WDW area, and walked in on EVERYTHING. It was in June. IOA was not open back then, it was a Saturday and still the park was empty. We did all the rides, saw one show, got asked to do a consumer survey, and still got it all done in less than 6 hours. FOTL would be a benefit if the parks are crowded.

Sea World, I can spend the entire day there, I love the Behind the Scenes Tour, but if you are only going for a day, you may want to not do a tour and just stick to the shows and attractions. I was there in August of 03, got there at just after opening and left about 3:30 pm. Did most of the thrill rides, maybe all of them, saw Shamu, saw the sea lions, saw the polar bears, and saw one inside show. Unless the park is crowded, it is easy to do it all in a day. They offer meals with Shamu, but for the price of admission and food, I prefer to see the show and eat somewhere less costly.

Space Center, wow it had been since 1987. I lived in the DC area for 32 years and went to the Air and Space Museum a lot, so for me the space center was meh. Some rockets on display, some space stuff and we saw a mock up of the control center. The best part was taking the bus tour of the outer areas, the Vehicle Assembly Building, the tracks that the rockets are lushed on to get to the launch pad, and we got semi close to one launch pad. I imagine that it has change since then, but it was a 4 hour tour in total. Remember it is about 90 minutes from Orlando to drive.

AK I love. I love the rides, I love the shows and I LOVE the animals. I have been on the Safari about 10 times, sometimes you see little to nothing, but I have been close enough to touch a Rhino and a giraffe. The ride is semi hokey after the first time, but if you tune out the script, and concentrate on the animals, it is really great. And there are 2 walking trails, one with gorillas, meerkats, and birds, the other with the tigers. A lot of people complain about the heat in the park, it does tend to be a bit more humid as there are a lot more trees and more narrow paths. But I can easily spend a full day there.

I can't tell you how to plan because everyone has their own ideas of what they really want to see. I think you have picked a great time to go weather wise, the Flower and Garden Festival will be happening at Epcot so the AK may be even less crowded.

Have a great trip, I will tell Mickey to expect you when I see him next week.

02-16-2006, 11:22 PM
thanks for all the feedback guys! its really going to help us out. Valentine- just ak simply cause we dont have enough time to do disney AND universal, and since we were just at disney in oct, we decided to try the "other" parts of orlando this time. my gfs fave park is ak, and with the opening of everest, just couldnt pass up the opportunity to squeeze in a little disney magic!! we are staying at rph, but i am keeping my eyes on pb too, just in case rates drop to a good enough deal! mickeyfan--thanks for all the info, thats some fantastic info that will help with our planning...have fun with mickey.... :cool1:

02-17-2006, 03:22 PM
We love this park the best! I agree the Safari ride is hokey but the animals are awesome!!

02-17-2006, 03:40 PM
Not sure if you are aware of this.. so, I figured i would post it just in case!

You should buy ONE annual pass for Universal for yourself or your gf.. (if you don't have one already!) The AP rates for the on-site hotes are fabulous! I got PBH for $149 per night in AUGUST! and I have seen RPR go for as low as $129. Also, you get 20% off of merchandise and all food in the parks.. even counter service! As well as some other great deals. The AP does not cost much more than the 2 day 2 park pass... and has the benefit of lasting for the full year.. so, if you make another trip within the 12 months.. no tix needed! :) I actually just renewed my AP... and it was only $99 for the full year for the renewal.. YOu can't beat that with a stick!! LOL!! Whichever hotel you stay at RPR or PBH.. you will be happy.. they are both fabulous... and RPR is actually a bit closer (walking distance) to the parks.. especially IOA... and right down the road from Margaritaville!! :) :cool1: So.. that is a plus! So.. if you are planning on spending most of your time in the parks, pick RPR for the price.... if you are planning lots of down time at the hotel, then pick PBH... But either way.. have a great time!! pixiedust:


02-18-2006, 05:22 PM
valentine!! thanks so much for the heads up! we have decided to go ahead and get 1 ap--the discounts are amazing!! course, last night, my gf mentioned that she would like to stay at hrh...so AARGH im never going to make a decision!! right now, rpr is the cheapest with a 129 rate, then hr with 149, and finally pb with 169--which i think are great rates on all of them!! only prob with hr is there are no king beds available, only queen....so right now i am trying to research as much as i can about all 3 of them to decide which would be the best for us.... :crazy2:

02-18-2006, 07:05 PM
I have stayed at all three.. and found HRH my least favorite... If I had gone there with my family, it would have been great.. but it was very crowded.. the pool was PACKED.. and noisy... and the rooms were just okay.... PBH however, the rooms are GORGEOUS!!! The bathroom is the size of a hotel room alone!! LOL!! Lots of food choices.. and the pools were fabulous.. expecially the Quiet pool... RPR is also very nice.. but I thought the rooms were a little dark... otherwise it was a very nice hotel... There is a Universal board on here as well.. check that out and you will get LOTS of opinions and advice!