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02-09-2006, 12:19 PM
Day at sea Thursday day 6

Today was our character breakfast and last day at sea. Since we had early seating, our breakfast was the first seating. The boys did not want to get up, but I always feel bad if we don’t go to the meals with our servers. Once we got everyone up and moving, we went to Parrot Cay for the character breakfast. I actually was more excited than the kids, which just makes the point they are growing up and leaving me behind. The best thing about the character breakfast are the characters. The menu is very limited in choices, but we go not for the food. Our friends’ DS just loved it and said it was her favorite thing of all on the cruise, she is 8, almost 9.

Afterwards, the kids went their way and we went our. We all agreed to meet for lunch at Parrot Cay to see how lunch was in a restaurant, in the past we have always done lunch at Topsiders or gotten pizza or hotdogs for the kids. Lunch was nice at Parrot Cay, they had a buffet, and Thursday was seafood, which was wonderful. Now, eating at Parrot Cay took longer than eating at Topsiders because we had to have the wait staff get our drink order and so on. But it was nice for all of us to sit down and eat together for lunch.

We had signed up for the galley tour so agreed to meet at Lumier’s for that. About half and hour before the tour, ropes were put up and people began to line up for the tour. So I went ahead and got in line. They take about 25 (could be less) people at a time so that everyone can hear. We were in the first group, the next group came about 5 minutes or so after us. So if you want to get through and not wait in line, go early or go later. I’m sure that no one waited more than a few minutes for the tour. It is a really neat tour and worth doing.

After the tour, I headed to napkin folding, and DH and my friend went to the art auction. They served mimosas which my DH decided he loved and ordered several during the rest of the cruise. While I was folding napkins, he was deciding to purchase art. The art ranges from really nice expensive prints/paintings/sports memorabilia to less expensive prints. They also carry Disney memorabilia. The pieces that people are interested in are taken to the auction. They do several auctions during the cruise.

After the napkin folding, which was fun (we all got to fold along with the instructor!), I headed up to deck 9 for the ice carving. It is so cool to watch someone take a block of ice and make a sculpture out of it! Then I headed down toward Bingo. I ran into DH and he took me over to the art auction, which was just ending. Afterwards, he carried me over and showed me a print he wanted. We ending up buying it and a matching piece. What is really nice is that the item is framed (unless not a picture) and shipped to your house. If you buy the last of an item, you have to carry it home with you. It costs less, but you do have to carry it. One of the prints we bought was the last print available for sale and it was wrapped and delivered to our stateroom Friday.

After making our “big” purchase, we headed to bingo to win the money to pay for the art. Another nice thing about the art, it just goes on your cruise bill! We got a couple of drinks and our bingo cards and settled down to play bingo. The last game is in the Walt Disney Theatre. It was fun, and Pikey is a hoot, but unfortunately, we didn’t win.
By now it was getting close to dinner, so DH went to round up the kids and we got dressed for dinner. It was semi-formal night, but I didn’t notice too many guests dressing up like they did for formal night. I had filled my memory card up in my digital camera, so earlier in the day I had gone by Shutters to have the pictures transfer to a CD ($14.95). They have a “machine” right at the desk to do the transfer, but my memory card didn’t fit. The cast member said she would transfer them on her laptop and I could pick it up from her where she was taking pictures during dinner. So DH and I went up and got the CD from her, we also had a picture made of DH and I while there. 5:00 is the perfect time to get a formal picture done, there are never any lines! Since I had read on the disboards to double check, we went to Shutters and put the CD in the “machine” at the desk, and YES, all my pictures were there. Wonderful! More room for pictures!

Dinner was good, as always, and afterward DH and I just hung around. We had an appointment to finalize our “art deal” and view the other print we were interested in at 8:00. That took a while to get the print brought out; they were very busy with customers! We didn’t go to Disney Dreams, it’s a good show, but I really didn’t care about going back. We were planning on going to see Michael Harrison do his adult version of his act in Rockin’ Bar D at 10:15, so we had time to kill and were not in a rush to get our “art business” done.

Michael Harrison was hilarious, and really the adult version wasn’t all that “bad.” It is really nice to be able to go to the “bar,” but not order anything and actually take our own “drinks” from the drink station. I had my coffee and DH had a soda, and we had grabbed some goodies from the snack buffet out in front of Rockin’ Bar D. The cast members are so good about checking if you want a drink and if not, not harassing you to order something. The wonderfulness of being on the cruise is the freedom to dress like you want (dressy or not) and go to a “bar,” but not being in a “bar” atmosphere. Our last cruise the kids were younger and we were all in bed by 10:00, this cruise the nights just kept getting longer.

Tonight was the dessert buffet that started at 11:15, so after Michael Harrison’s show, we took off downstairs to get in line. The dessert buffet is just a wonder to see, even if you don’t eat anything. After getting our desserts, we were seated by the cast members and served drinks. Different people were seated together, so it was nice to talk to people you didn’t know. We were trying to stay awake for the showing of Annapolis at midnight, so we tried to stay out of the room.

DH15 was complaining of a stomachache, and had actually thrown up after dinner. We kept checking on him, but he seemed to be sleeping. There were lots of people that stayed up for the movie, I saw a couple people bring blankets into the theatre. The movie was at the Walt Disney theatre, which to me is more comfortable and has more legroom. After the movie, we went to our stateroom, where DH15 had been sick all over the bed. We called housekeeping, and at 2:00 in the morning they came and were cheerful and replaced the sheets and the comforter and everything! We tipped them because we were so appreciative of their service! And that was the end to a very long day!

02-09-2006, 03:04 PM
Wow, this is the first time i have seen anyone else mention the art auctions! I went on the wonder on 1/12/06 and my art came today! Waiting for hubby to get home to open it! It had to go to Miami to be framed. What piece did you get? I got one of 2 boys digging in the sand on the beach because I have a photo of my 2 boys that looks exactly like it! I plan to e-mail my photo to the artist! We had a ball at the auction and learned alot. I guess that's what happens as you get older you want to learn about stuff you never thought you'd be interested in or even buying! We rationalized the purchase since our trip to CC was cancelled due to weather-I plan on re-naming or double naming my art "Dreaming of Castaway Cay"! Maybe some day I will get there-but my boys will then be older than the boys in the painting:(

02-15-2006, 08:39 AM
Thank you for posting your report. It was wonderful to read.

02-21-2006, 07:43 PM
We actually bought two prints by an israeli artist. Sorta abstract, but they looked really neat. Still haven't gotten the one they are to send. Hopefully it will come soon!

tkd lisa
02-24-2006, 02:21 PM
I have really enjoyed reading your reports. I'm so sorry your boys were sick. My DD got sick on one of our cruises too, and it really is no fun. But it sounds like you worked around it.

Thanks for writing.