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Eastern Day 5 St. Thomas Wed 1-25-06

Well, this day was not what we had planned. In the middle of the night DS11started complaining that his stomach was hurting. When we all were getting ready to do the U.S. inspection at 6:30 in the morning he was still complaining. I stayed and sent DH and DS15 up to the Walt Disney Theatre. The cast member asked DH if DS11 and myself were coming, and he told them we would be there later. It wasnít very long before DH and DS15 were back. DS11 was still complaining, so I went down to guest services to see what I should do. The cast member told me I needed to still take him to go through inspection. All I could think of was that he would be throwing up all over the place, so I kept asking. Finally the girl went to check with her supervisor and she came back and told me that if I brought him to guest services, she would escort us to the front of the line.

So that is what we did. When we got there they were lined up to the door, she had us check in with the cast member crossing people off the list and then escorted us almost all the way to the front. She stayed with us until we were through.

Our friends went just before 8:00 and there wasnít a line at all! So if youíre not in a hurry, wait until closer to the end.

Since DS11 was still complaining, DH said heíd stay with him on the ship. DS15 and I gathered our things and off we went. It was close to 8:00 and none of the shops were open. We were just walking around trying to decide what to do when a tour operator offered to take us on a tour. She charged us $30 a piece, which was higher than what I had originally read, but she was taking just DS15 and myself. We had our own personal tour for 1-Ĺ hours. It was very nice cause it was just us and I felt comfortable to ask her questions about what we were seeing and she gave us lots of bits and pieces about life on the island. She carried us all around the east half of the island and we got pictures from all the normal tourist views. She dropped us off at Sapphire Beach. The beach was really nice and I considered going back later in the day, but that didnít work out. Next time we go I would consider going to Sapphire.

If there had been all four of us, it would have been cheaper to do a tour like Sonny Liston or one of the other tours that charge $20 (maybe more now) to take you shopping for a couple hours, to the beach for a couple hours, and also do the brief tour of the island. But I was happy with our own personal tour.

When we were done, I asked her about taxi prices to several different destinations to make sure I knew what the taxi drivers were going to charge me. I had read the prices were set, but wanted to make sure I didnít get overcharged. I tipped her $10 because I really had had a good time, and she did a wonderful job.

Back on the ship, checked on DS11. He had indeed gotten sick and had thrown up several times. I called the Health Center to make sure there wasnít anything we needed to do or if they would want us to stay confined to keep the virus from spreading. They told me just to make sure he had fluids, to call them if he got worse, got a fever or had diarrhea.

DS15 took off to try and find his friends on the ship and/or play basketball. It was only 10:00. DH said he was going to stay with DS11 (DH felt guilty, he had thought DS was faking because he was tired and didnít want to get out of bed so early), so I decided since I was by myself, to go check out the shopping in downtown. I went out, checked with the first taxi driver I saw if he was going into town and the price. He quoted me $4, which was the correct price, so I got on. The ďtaxisĒ are more like small open buses, or like single trams at Disney. The seats are bench seats that seat about 4-5 people, and there are about 5-6 rows of seats. The taxi driver waited until they were full then took off. What was funny was when we were about half way to the town, he pulled over and had everyone pay him for the ride. Once everyone had paid, he continued into town. An open-air marketplace, sort of like a flea mall, dropped us off. I browsed there for a while, lots of t-shirts, jewelry and purses. I finally bought a fake prada for $40 (I donít haggle well) and headed toward the waterfront. The stores were much nicer here than in St. Maarten. The first store I stopped in had all the tourist souvenirs that I could ever want, so I bought everyoneís gift there.

When done, I moved on to check out other shops and found a shop that had several nice prints of St. Thomas and bought one. While shopping I had been asked by about 5 different taxis if I wanted a ride back to the ship. Now that I was finished shopping, not a one could be found. I had to ask several drivers if they were going to the ship until I found one ready to head back. I made sure we agreed on the price, and then got on.

When I got back, I went to topsiders, grabbed some lunch and took it back to the room along with some bland type foods for DS11. DH said he was ready to go exploring, so he went and got lunch then went ashore. He looked at the shops at the dock, shirts, jewelry and cameras. One shop just like the one before and the one after it. Then he got back on the ship. DS11 was feeling better and asking to play basketball, but since it was so hot I made him stay inside until after supper.

Tonight was Michael Harrison who we did not watch our last cruise. He was terrific! He was just so funny, funnier than I had expected. He was having an adult show later in the week, and we made plans to go see him again. DH had passed by Rockin Bar D when they were having 60ís night and thought it looked fun, so we made plans to go to 80ís night. It wasnít what I thought it would be. I was expecting 80ís type music and people dancing. But that wasnít it. The crew dressed up in 80ís type outfits and it was more of a show. We were very entertained watching them, and I wish I had known what kind of entertainment it was earlier in the cruise. Next time Iíll know what to expect.

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I'm confused :confused3 This is the same report as your Tuesday report.....what happened to St Thomas???

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I was wondering the same thing!!! :) Thank you so much for the detailed, informative reports!!! I have been taking notes, since this is the cruise we will be taking next March (2007). I can't wait to read about St. Thomas!

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I thought I clicked the same link again.. glad it isnt just me...

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LOL - me too....and THEN I scrolled down to read your comments. Duh :worried:

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Sorry, too much of a hurry, and I've been too busy to check back, until now. Thanks for letting me know I'd made a mistake!!!