View Full Version : First 10 Days in March - A Gathering

Bill From PA
02-08-2006, 09:36 AM
There's been some general discussion among a few of us going in early March to arrange to run into each other for an informal gathering for a drink or three. Since my wife and I are in Epcot most afternoons, I'll selfishly suggest Fri., March 3 at about 3 pm in the Rose&Crown. No RSVP needed, we'll be there regardless, drop in if you're in the neighborhood and so inclined. We're staying at the Swan from 3/2 - 3/12 so another date or place can be arranged if the 3rd is bad, in addition to which, we favor Jellyrolls and the Adventurer's Club in the PM and Big River Brew Co. and ESPN Club on the way to our hotel. I've grown fond of the Dawa Bar in AK for post Safari libation. PM me if you want to exchange cell numbers, I hope so see some DISers there.

Bill From PA

02-12-2006, 11:39 AM
We will be there 3/9 - 3/12. Maybe we will see you there. We will be at Epcot on the 11th. I'll be sure to have my lime gree mickey heads on my backpack.

:offtopic: I have relatives who have lived in Wilkes-Barre for many years. We have visited there several times. It is such a beautiful place. They owned Bartuska's furniture store.

02-12-2006, 01:39 PM
Hope to see you at R&C - March 3, 3pm.


02-13-2006, 08:14 AM
We'll see you on March 3, as well - we intend to arrive, go stand in a line (regardless of length!!!) to ride EE, then jet on back to Epcot for our meet. We may be there at 4, but I imagine we'll get to you a bit sooner!!

So, Bill...how much snow did you guys get yesterday??? We got between 1 1/2 and 2 feet...and it seemed like it was comin' down SIDEWAYS!!! Sadly, that is not all that much snow for us, so I am at work today. (Our dogs were horrified by the snow...they seem to have forgotten what it is, as we've had a nearly snow-free winter so far....

Bill From PA
02-13-2006, 09:02 AM

Looking forward to the 3rd! We were largely spared, Wilkes-Barre getting less than 3" and my place of work in a rural area even less. It did get very cold afterwards and I had to shovel a place for our Westie to wiz to prevent yellow snow on her legs. I'm actually glad to get a taste of this, it will make stepping off the plane at MCO that much more of a contrast. BTW, Orlando will have a low of 30 tonight, or maybe it was last night.

Bill From PA

02-13-2006, 09:27 AM
By the time we're down there, hopefully the 30-degree nonsense will pass.... Of course, even when they have a low of 30, it usually winds up 70 during the day!! I went to school in Gainesville, and I became very good at layering...

(3 inches, PAH!! Amateurs! We dig a track out for our pooches, as well...)