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mom x4,grandma x4
02-04-2006, 05:21 PM
Howdy, :wave:
Who is going with us??? :grouphug:
We just changed from 12/2/06 to 9/23/06, now I'm looking for lots of great people who will be going with us.
This will be DCL cruise #11 for us. We also have another 7 day booked for 11/25/06.
We are traveling as a couple, no family this time.
We are looking forward to getting aquainted with everyone, so drop me a line to say Howdy!!!!
Let's get this thread rolling!!!!!! :rotfl2:

mom x4,grandma x4

mom x4,grandma x4
02-06-2006, 07:33 AM
Just bumping this thread up! :thumbsup2

Hey, someone has to be going with us. Is it you???
Let us hear from you soon, it's very lonely on this thread all by myself! :guilty:

Don't be afraid to post because of all those rumors about us from our past cruises, we're not that crazy! :crazy: Well maybe just a little crazy at times.

mom x4,grandma x4 :wave2:

02-07-2006, 01:55 AM
Hello 4X4 (if that doesn't sound good, I won't call you that anymore, i'm just a lazy typist) :sunny:

We were booked on the 9/17 11 day southern and just changed to this cruise. My family of 4 was all for the longer the better, but we have two other families comming along that haven't cruised ever. 11 days was ending up being too long for them.

My kids are so excited to be getting back on a Mickey cruise. They still have me pop in the video of our 1st one. They can't wait to share the experience with some of their cousins and one of their grandparents.

I'm sure we will be posting more in the months to come. :woohoo:

mom x4,grandma x4
02-07-2006, 08:53 AM
Hi Heidi,
I am so happy to finally have someone else going with us!!!!! :thumbsup2
The longer the better for us too.
Guess i should introduce myself a little better to you.
My name is Kathy, that is easier that my post name for you to remember and type. My dh is Greg.
We are middle aged and have 4 grown kids and 4 grandkids that range from age 4 to 14. They all love to cruise too. We just took part them last December on the western crusie and had a blast. :rotfl2:
Ths will be our 11th DCL cruise and # 12 is booked in November.
We live in Poinciana Florida which is very close to Kissimmee where WDW is. We go there a few times a month and just love it. I guess we are just a couple of big kids or at least OLD kids!!! One of our sons works at WDW in guest relations so we know quite a bit about WDW through him. We can get answers to all our questions by asking him, which is great for us.
I am retired, but i use to cook for restaurants and I owned a pizza place before I retired. DH had his own construction business for 25 years in Oregon ( our home state) but now works for a well know builder here in Florida.
Well I'm sure i have bored you enough for now.
i am looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months and then meeting you after we board the ship. the cruise meets we have been to are always one of the highlights of our trips, we have met so many nice people from these boards. :grouphug:

02-07-2006, 12:40 PM
I will give you a bump!

Take care of the ship as I will be in 5520 after you!!

02-08-2006, 02:22 AM
Hi Kathy, glad to "meet" you :sunny: . The cruise meets thread for my first DCL cruise was started by a Kathy as well. I take this as a good sign.

I think it is very interesting that you used to run your own pizza business. I love pizza :lovestruc . I worked in retail for 8 years and waited tables for just as many. I homeschool our two children now. It is a full time job!

We move often. Our last move was last June from Guam to Hawaii. We love it here. I really don't care which ports we end up at this comming Sept., just get me on the ship :yay: . Should be a great place for a family reunion.

My mother's family all live in OR, she grew up there. My husband and I have been married nearly 12 years. We got married in WA state.

Don't worry about folks not posting right now. Look how "late" we booked this cruise (this is late for me, I tend to book when the dates become available and then have to wait nearly two years, lol) and we are Disers, known for our planning. I have a feeling this cruise will fill up as we near our dates. My kids are looking forward to having the kid's clubs not be too crowded. We are hoping for lower numbers then cruise in the spring.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-08-2006, 07:45 AM
Good morning Heidi, :sunny:
I was surprised you have family from Oregon. Since we moved almost 6 years ago I havnt found anyone from there accept once on our last cruise. DH and I were both born in Portland. He was raised there, I was raised in Milwaukie. After we were married we lived in Milwaukie, Bend and Silverton. I have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids that live in Salem Oregon still. All our relatives live in that area too. Gee, this feels like "back home" week. :cloud9:
You have got to experience some unusual places to live. Guam? You must be military. :yay:
I guess your much younger than me since you have only been married 12 years. We hit 32 years last December. :love: But I'm not ready for a cane yet. Ha! Ha! Although there are some days I probably look like i should need it.
Do you think the rest of your group will do some posting to get aquainted with the rest of us as time goes on? I hope so, i love getting to meet all the nice people we have cruised with. I'm sorry I dont have small kids anymore or they could get to know your kids. Our grandkids arnt coming this time, but I'm sure others will have plenty of kids for making friends with.
September is usually less kids on the ship because most are just back in school and parents dont like to take them out at the beginning of the school year. It tends to have more preschool kids. The most crowded times we have ever seen in the kids clubs sre the weeks in March and first of April which is typically spring break time and of course the summer months.
I don't care which ports we go to either, I have been to all of them accept Cozumel. It was closed when we went on the western the last time. But since it will still be hurricane season, I dont count on any ports . They could have to change course for safety at anytime. I'm just happy to be going, so no complaints from me!!!! :cheer2: :cheer2:
It is so hard every weekend as we drive to or near WDW we see all the cruise line buses full of happy people headed for the port, there is even a siloutte of characters in the back window having a party!!!! But they wont let us come along. :guilty:
Well enough rattling on for now, so happy to have all of you along.
Write when you have time, although with kids and homeschooling there really isnt such a thing as free time!!
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave2:

02-09-2006, 09:09 AM
Hello! My name is Cheri and I live in the Florida panhandle.
This will be our 3rd cruise but our first 7 day! I'm so excited! :cheer2:
We'll be bringing along our DS 14 and DD will be turning 12 on the cruise! Also my parents will be celebrating their 36th anniversary a little late (20th). This is their 1st cruise. I'm so happy they are coming with us.
Oh, this will be the kids 2nd cruise. DH and I went once without them and they still haven't quite gotten over it :rolleyes1 DD was very nervous on her first cruise and was taking Dramimine so she didn't enjoy it very much. This time, I'm not giving her any meds. She's been riding roller coasters and didn't get sick so I think she grew out of her motion sickness. (I will still be taking my Bonine!) DS is so excited about being able to go to the Teen Club!
I can't wait to meet y'all!!!

mom x4,grandma x4
02-09-2006, 11:14 AM
Welcome aboard!!! :wave2: :wave2:
I'm so excited too!! This will be our 11th DCL cruise but each one just keeps getting better and better.
We have one thing in common already, we both are from Florida. Hope you made it ok through all our hurricanes the past 2 years. We got a direct hit with Jeanne and close with 3 others, but no real damage. Just lost one small tree. But we had many neighbors who wernt so lucky with their houses.
We live in Poinciana, which is very close to Kissimmee. Close enough to enjoy WDW almost every weekend, unless we are ill or on a cruise.
Where in the panhandle are you from?
I'm sure your parents will have a blast ,there are so many things to choose from to do each day. We still havnt done them all, but I keep trying!!! :goodvibes
Well at least there are 3 of us going now, you, me and Heidi. I guess the ship wont be empty after all. Thank goodness for that!!! :cheer2:

Have you done the new Pirate deck party? pirate: It is a lot of fun. I have a pirate outfit already to wear from our last cruise in December.
Are you going to make door signs? I made 3 of them last trip and it was really fun to do, so I will do it again for this trip. I made one for our 32nd anniversary, one for pirate night and one for Christmas since we were sailing the week before Christmas. We took some of our spare time and walk up and down the hallways and we saw a lot of neat signs that other Diser's had
made. That made it easy to recognise other Diser's too. :grouphug:
I am looking forward to getting to know you during the next few months and then finally meeting when we get on board the ship. :thumbsup2
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :yay:

02-09-2006, 12:50 PM
Hi Kathy!
I live in Tallahassee. We just got a lot of wind from the hurricanes and had one tree fall. If it had fallen 1 foot to the right it would have knocked out the A/C unit that needs to be replaced! Oh well.
You're so lucky to live close to WDW! I would be there every weekend. I was actually planning on trying to get a job there after high school, but I met my husband. So, I didn't have to move to Orlando to find my Prince after all! :lovestruc
My mom is excited and my dad's scared he'll get bored. I told him we would find stuff to keep him occupied. He's not into sports or anything. He's happy with the fact that he can eat ALL day because that is his favorite thing to do!
DH and I were on the Wonder last March and saw a little of the Pirate deck party. We just saw the tail end of it. I collected a few things during Halloween, but don't know how dressed up we're gonna be.
I am planning on making door signs again. It's so much fun. I'll make some for our special occasions and maybe some for the ports. It helps the kids find our room! We barely saw our son on the last cruise. He only came to dinner because we made him!

02-09-2006, 04:41 PM
Hi Cheri :wave2: ! Now there are 3 Disers posting :yay: We drove to Tallahassee from Montgomery AL for a Tae Kwon Do tournament one summer. Nice weather.

It is neat that you both are from Florida. There is a good chance that this cruise will release FL resident rates that would save you both alittle $$. Last year military rates were released also. That would save us alittle $$ but I'm not counting on it. It would just be nice :sunny: .

We plan to go to MNSSHP one night when we get off the ship. I'm thinking pirate costumes could work for both functions. I don't have one though, just a renaissance one. My DH has an all black pirate costume, really well done with nice fabric, leather lace up boots. He wanted to look like the "man in black" from Princess Bride and it is a really good match. He wore it to our first MNSSHP and got alot of attention for it. I may just have to sew my DD and I some matching pirate blouses or dresses. Hmmmmm

We are bringing along quite a few family members this cruise. I'm not talking about them because they aren't comfortable with being mentioned on the internet. I have had really good luck with meeting up with friendly cruisers that I have posted with online before my cruises. For my NCL and my Princess cruises, I posted on Cruise Critic and met folks as nice as Disers. There is something extra special about fellow Disers though, I think it is because we are kids at heart, our love for Disney and all :p .

mom x4,grandma x4
02-09-2006, 04:52 PM
Hello again,
For the past 6 years we have gone to WDW almost every weekend and have never tired of it. It seems each time we go it is a different experience for us.
I love going to Epcot in the spring for the flower power concerts. Oldie rock n roll groups. They were popular when I was a teen and it so great to go and see them in person.
I think you'll be amazed at how much more there is to do on a 7 day cruise a opposed to a 3 or 4 day. All are fun, but after doing a 7 day the others just seem too short.
We have an added bonus on this cruise. Unless their schedule gets changed the duo playing in the Promenade lounge will be firends of ours. Don and Tommie. They usually play on the Wonder, but this year they are going between both ships. We love to hear them play. They do a good variety of older songs. Lots of Jimmy Buffet, which is cruise appriate. Some Johnny Rivers, some Bob Seiger, just a bunch of stuff. they will do requests if they know it and it fits their voices. They are very friendly folks from Tennessee.
That makes our cruise even more special.
Tell your da dhe wont get bored unless he wants to because there is so much to do and he can eat 24/7 if your mom will let him!!! Ha! Ha!
Do your parents own a computer? I was hoping maybe your mom or dad would like to post too. The more the better. if not, please tell them Kathy says Howdy and I'm looking forward to meeting them in a few months.
If you have nay questions about the Magic, feel free to ask and I will try to answer them for you.
Take care,
mom x4,grandma x4

02-09-2006, 05:15 PM
My parents don't have the internet. Dad says, "Why spend that money when I can just come over to your house!" He's very THRIFTY!

Heidi...how old is your DD? Will there be any kids in your group close to my kid's ages? DD gets nervous about meeting new people and would feel better if I could "introduce" her to someone.
When we booked we took advantage of the "reduced rate" staterooms. It came out about the same as the Fl. resident rate. Of course, I will be keeping my eye out.
I would love to go to MNSSHP! I've never been. Actually, we may be going to WDW sometime before our cruise. DH said he was getting the urge to go the other night because we haven't been to the parks in 3 years. I'm tickled pink...just shocked. I'm usually the one begging to go!
Kathy...I'll call you if we go so you can maybe meet us there!!!!

02-09-2006, 06:43 PM
Kathy - my Mom was born in Portland too :goodvibes , that is where all of her side of the family still lives. Yes, we are military. I'm surprised at the number of friends we make that move around alot, like us, and yet are NOT military. Once you get as old as me (late 30's), what is a decade or two of age difference? I'm quite a mellow mommy. I try to live as stressfree as possible. One thing I do while driving, that really helps to feel good, is always let in a car that has been waiting. At most, this adds a min. or two to my trip, and yet it makes everything seem brighter. In many ways, I behave like a retired person, stopping to smell the roses type of life. You are so right about those buses, looks like a party, makes me want to jump on!

Cheri - my DD just turned 6 and my DS isn't yet 9 but will be for the cruise. My DH's sister is 14 and should be coming, 8 and 10 year old neices are coming too. What was the reduced rate? (if you don't mind my asking :p ). We just recently booked and they had the magical rates, 849 pp cat. 12. Just a bit higher for cat. 11. The military rates they ran for last Sept. sailings made it nearly as cheap for higher cat.s, I don't recall cat. 11 even being mentioned. My thought was to bump up to a cat. 6 if they run a special, otherwise we will sit tight. It will be our first time in an inside and I think we will be fine. I would like some natural light, but I dont' want to be forward :rolleyes2 . That is where I can get icky tummy. I do better mid or aft ship. I encourage you to try MNSSHP. Not quite as fun as MVMCP but nearly so. The kids loved it last time and are excited to go again.

It is really nice to have both of you posting on this thread. :thumbsup2

02-09-2006, 09:35 PM
Let's see...we booked last September with Dreams Unlimited. They were running a special "reduced rate" staterooms and we got a Cat. 6 right by the mid ship elevators for 4178.72. That includes a $150 rebate, trip insurance and the fact that DS counts as an adult. :rolleyes2
We did our 3 nighter in a cat. 10 and there was plenty of room. The split bathrooms are a MUST for us!
DD is worried that she'll be the oldest one in the kid's club. She wishes she could go to the Teen Club with her brother.

02-10-2006, 01:23 AM
You were wise to book back last fall. Your exact booking would be about $350 more if you booked today. I wish I could remember what the florida res. and military rates were for last Sept. , I know they were good. The military rates offered for this Jan. were $3,238 for a family of 4 in a cat. 6 or $2,438 for a cat. 9. If that happens for this Sept. I could move to a cat. 6 for the same amount I'm paying for a cat. 11 now or move to a cat. 9, get some natural light and save some money. I guess I am kind of hoping :blush: . I'll be sure to post if I see Florida rates released so you ladies can get your rates adjusted.

I wonder if your DD could bump up. Usually they wouldn't allow someone so young but Kathy has mentioned that the cruise is mainly preschool kids. That means the club will be extra full. They might like bumping the 7 year olds up to the lab and the 12 year olds up to the teens. It is a possibility. I would ask at the clubs when you board. There is the new area for "tweens" (10-14) now as well. Perhaps she will like spending alot of time there.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-10-2006, 08:13 AM
Hi Cheri and Heidi, :sunny:
If your kids want to get aquainted, just sign them up for posting and then once they have their name they can use the private messaging to talk back and forth. That way they have privacy and will be able to get to know each other before the cruise. My oldest grandaughter did this the last time they came withus. She started with one teen fromt he thread, then 2, then three. She met them on the ship and by day 2 her 3 friends had grown to 15 kids she hung out with the rest of the cruise. :banana: This especially great for quieter kids or shy kids. It is just a thought but it might work for you guys. :thumbsup2
I have met another lady on a different cruise site that is coming our our cruise and it seems to me she has a 12 and 17 year old, not sure if boy or girl. I have invited her to join us on this thread, but i dont know if she will. I hope so, the more people the better it will be.

Cheri, if you come to WDW please let me know!!! :cool1:
I have gone there to meet Dis people before and then cruised with them. It was a lot of fun and we are there most weekends anyway. :rotfl2:
I am meeting a former cruise friend from the Uk there around Christmas this year. They are doing another cruise and we are going to visit with them for a few minutes at WDW before they go. So please let me know when you come.

That is so cool your mom and us are from the same place. That is weird, what are the odds??? :confused3

Well everyone, keep in touch so we can keep this thread bumped up for others to find. :wave2:


02-10-2006, 01:54 PM
Hello all!!

I am so excited to be on this cruise. I am a single mom who will be traveling with my two sons - ages 17 & 12.

I am really excited about this cruise because it will be a birthday surprise for both of my sons!!! My oldest's 18th b-day is the day we will sail and my youngest's 13th b-day is the day we return to FL!

Neither of them knows that we are going yet. Originally I thought I couldn't afford it so I told them we weren't going. But the next day I kept thinking about it, so I booked the cruise!! I'll figure out some way to pay for it!

This is our dream cruise!! This will be our 3rd family cruise and our 1st Disney cruise. From everything I have read about DCL we are in for a real treat!!!!

Looking forward to meeting other people through this thread.

02-10-2006, 02:54 PM
I'm so glad you found us! I love getting to know people before the cruise.

Wanna know how I'm collecting spending money for the kids? I have a BIG change jar that we put our coins in everyday. I only pay with bills so I collect alot of change. We've been doing this since Halloween and the kids have $150 each! :woohoo: That helps because they have a serious smoothie habit.
FYI-your 12 year old can probably bump up to the teen club because his birthday is so close. They usually let kids move up a level if their birthday is within 1 month. If not, he'll be in the same age group as my daughter. She turns 12 on the cruise! (27th) I also have a 14 year old son.
How are you gonna tell them they're going? I love surprises!!!!!!!! pixiedust:

Oh! Make sure you tell DCL that it's their birthday! They'll get a wonderful cake!

mom x4,grandma x4
02-10-2006, 03:36 PM
I am glad you found us from the other thread.
People here are really friendly. I have found another family on a different site and invited them to join us here too, her name is Lisa and I sure hope she joins us, if not i will still keep the other cruise site active with her and invite her to the meet on board. They are 3 more couples so that would really give us quite a few people to chat with if she joins in.
I am so pleased we have grown from 0 to 4 in just about a week.
I was afraid nobody would join in.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! We are suppose to get some rain tomarrow, but today is sunny and only about 60 degrees, which is cold for us!!! Still a great weekend!!!
Lets keep this thread bumped up for others to find.
Anybody decided on excursions yet?
mom x4,grandma x4

02-10-2006, 07:11 PM
:wave: Hello APB! A birthday cruise is a great idea. I'm curious how you will spring the surprise on the boys as well. I love surprises :lovestruc

It has been colder here the last few days as well. About 75 - 78 degrees and it doesn't feel humid at all. I've got most of the windows closed up which is not the norm for me (I love the breeze) but it is feeling "chilly" to me. It is still sunny with very little rain so I can't complain. My DH is thrilled to have colder weather. It feels like a winter this year. Last winter in Guam it felt like we didn't get one. I didn't mind that :teeth: , cold is not my thing. We are supposed to get our rain on Sunday.

I know that I want to snorkel with the stingrays (not the one on CC). Other than that, I haven't decided yet. I will pick up a few good books, I know I want to read on CC.

So nice for you to round up a crowd for this thread, Kathy :cheer2: !

02-10-2006, 07:22 PM
Thanks Strawberry and Brerrabit for the warm greeting.

Tonight I will spring part one of my plan. I am going to tell the kids that if they get a good report card at the end of this school year I will get them something that they each have been wanting. My oldest will think I am talking about the XBox 360 and my youngest will think I talking about a PSP. They have been begging for both for the past few months and were disappointed when they didn't receive them for Christmas. I will let them think that is what I am talking about.

Once I see their final report cards (which better be good!!) I will tell them about the cruise. That way they will only have a few months to dream about the cruise. It will be time to go before they know it. Besides, if I tell them now, they will bug me to death until we leave :teeth:

Brer, I'm sure my youngest son would enjoy hanging out with both of your kids. I'm glad to see that there will be at least two kids his age on this cruise! I was worried that since this is during the school year there might not be any kids their ages on this cruise. I'm not worried about my oldest. He's 17 going 30 and thinks he's God's gift to women. I know he won't have any trouble making friends!

02-10-2006, 07:30 PM
I haven't decided which excursions we will do. I will probably let the boys choose this time. We've never been to any of these ports so I know I will do some sightseeing. And the kids love to snorkel, so I'm sure we will do that too.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-11-2006, 07:50 AM
Howdy to everyone,
Since we just did the western in December we are not sure if we will do any excursions or just explore on our own.
At Key West we bought tickets for the bone island tram which goes all over with many stops where you can get on and off all day. We took it to the southern most point and saw the oldest mansion and houses. But mostly we walked around mallory square area. So many things are walking distance from the ship. I want to do the pirarte museum this time, but other than that, I dont know. We will just walk around and if we see anything we want to see, we will just do it.
Grand Caymen we did a city tour which was ok, but it is so modern there we didnt feel like we were on a tropical island. Souvenirs were more expensive there too. The beach was quite pretty and the formations at Hell were interesting to see, but we wernt overly impressed with it. Just to modern for us I guess. Cozumel was closed when we went, I hope it will be up and running for our cruise so we can see something new there. Have any of you guys ever been to Cozumel?? Costa Maya is very under developed still. There is a nice shopping area right at the port. Our guide told us it was only 4 years old and that is why they didnt have a lot there yet. There was also a free salt water swimming pool in the center of the stores with a swim up bar and some lounge chairs, but NO shade so bring the sun block if you use the pool!! At the end of the pier is a beach area with several lounge chairs you can use, but the shore is extremely rocky so you can't access the water there. A short taxi ride from the pier is one small town, where there are a few more shops and the private tours leave from there. I think the taxi was $5 per person one way. We did do the Choccoben ( spelled wrong) ruins tour through DCL. It did cost more but it was a 5 hour tour and we got back 30 minutes before having to be back on the ship, we were afraid if we did a local tour and we ran late, DCL will not wait, but if your run late on their tours they will wait. The ruins are an hour by bus to get there on very baren roads with no cities and almost no people. Not the kind of place you would want to have car trouble, you would be late, no doubt. So we paid more but had peace of mind, since we have seen them leave people on 3 of our cruises.
But the excursion was the best we have ever taken. Our guide was excellant, and the ruins were fascinating. If you do this tour, take bug spray!!! It is kind of a jungle area and it is buggy!!! At CC we just wait to see what the weather is like that day and then decide what to do. We have never had anything be booked up so we couldnt do it on the spur of the moment.

APB513, it is good to know your name is Angela, thanks for telling me. That sounds so much better when I write you, to use your name.
Well time to zip off to the store. i will actually have to dig out my sweatshirt today because we are very chilly here. In the low 40's, but it is nice and sunny, although we are suppose to have rain by afternoon.
I guess i have to have something to complain about, it's too cold now, but it is too hot and humid in the summer! But it will be perfect on the cruise!!!!
Take care everyone,

02-12-2006, 10:54 AM
I have to check with my parents and see what they want to do. I know we want to see the ruins. I just hate that the excursion takes up most of the day because I'd love to do some shopping too. Does anyone know what time the shops close?
I keep going back and forth with swimming with the stingrays. I got stung by one on my ankle a few years ago. I would rather give birth to an elephant that go through that again! :scared: I also think they are very beautiful creatures and maybe it would help me get over my fear a little.

I just found out about the new "tween" place, Ocean Quest! I've been away from the board for awhile and didn't know they added this during dry dock. DD is very excited. The docking simulator looks cool!

mom x4,grandma x4
02-12-2006, 12:12 PM
Hi Cheri,
Since our excursion left at noon we had time to zip to the end of the pier early and shop for a few minutes, then back for a early lunch, then off for the tour. All the shops are at the end of the pier in a circle,so easy to shop. There is not a huge amount since the area is only 4 years old and it is still growing. I'm not sure about he hours but the shops were still open when we got back at 5 p.m. because we stopped in a couple on our way back to the ship by 5:30 , and I think they opened around 9 a.m. as soon as the ships start unloading. I'm sure something else will be added by the time we get there. Unless Cozumel is up and running again by then, if so we will be going there instead of Costa Maya. At the ruins there`is a small area with souvenirs of the ruins, mostly blankets, statues and trinkets, but ok prices.
There is one place at the ruins where you climb up on the stairs of one of them. They tell you that you dont have to do this, but if you dont you will miss 99% of what there is to see. We had some older peole who did make it ok, but it took them a little while to do it. One side has steps by the rock wall so you can balance yourself, but the steps are high. The smaller steps are in the middle with nothing to hang on to. I am telling you this since you said your parents were interested too. I dont know if they have any physical limits or not, but just in case I thought I should let you know about the steps. I have some problems, but I made it ok. They don't rush you.
It is a great tour, we loved it.
It is cold and wet in central florida today. It makes me want to jump on the ship ASAP!!!! I miss the sunshine already.
Well my ironing is just sitting there starring at me, so I'd better get to it.
Let's keep this thread active sao we can stay bumped up and maybe we will get a couple more families this week. That would be great !!! :thumbsup2
Take care everyone,

mom x4,grandma x4
02-13-2006, 03:28 PM
Howdy everyone, :cool1:
Angela, did you get any extra snow form all the nasty storms that went through yesterday? I didnt hear if any of the snow went your way.
We are so cold here, down in the 30's at night, just in time to ruin the fresh strawberries that they just started picking and only 55 today with a strong wind!!!
I had to wear my Donald Duck sweat shirt just to go out to the mail box!!
Heidi should be nice and warm in Hawaii, :sunny: but Cheri might be a little cooler like me. :confused3

It's days like this that gets me anxious to cruise again. :banana: :banana:
Take care everyone

02-13-2006, 10:00 PM
We're supposed to get down to 24 tonight!!!!! :faint: They actually thought we were going to get snow flurries Saturday. I don't like being cold.
We lived in St. Louis for 1 year after we got married. Hubby came home and I had the heater on 80, sweats on, a blanket wrapped around me and wood shoved UP the chimney. Poor thing had to put shorts on! :rolleyes:
It's supposed to warm up by this weekend.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-14-2006, 07:17 AM
We woke up to white frost every where!! I keep thinking, this is Florida, right???? :confused3 I think it was around 29 or 30 last night. i wore sweat pants to bed, way to cold here!! Guess I shouldnt complain too much, Angela probably has it a lot colder than us.
Well I'm going to curl up in a big blanket with a hot cup of tea and relax a while. Keep warm everyone. :goodvibes
Kathy :wave2:

02-14-2006, 01:29 PM
Hello everyone -

No snow yesterday but it was VERY cold. I'm not sure what the low temp was but it was around 29 degrees yesterday afternoon. I have lived in Michigan for 25 years and I still have not gotten used to the cold!!!
I'm originally from California.

But this weather just makes me that much more excited about the cruise.

02-14-2006, 01:44 PM
I have been working the past few days to make our travel arrangements - airfare, hotel - pre and post cruise, ground transportation, etc. I have been so consume with this cruise that my excitement just kept building.

So last night I told my oldest son. I couldn't stand keeping it a secret any longer. I called him into my office and told him I had something to tell him. He looked worried so I told him it was nothing bad. I then started giggling uncontrollably and told him I wanted to tell him some good news and some bad news. Originally he thought the surprise was an Xbox 360 or a car (yeah right!). So I told him the bad news was that the surprise is not an Xbox or a car. I started gigling again. He said "I think I know what it is". I told him to write his guess on a piece of paper and then put the paper face down on my desk. After he put the paper down I told him not to scream when I told him because I didn't want him to wake my youngest son up. He said OK. So I said "We...are...going...on...a........DISNEYCRUISE!!!! he starts jumping up and down and screaming silently. :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

After we both stopped jumping I asked him to show me the paper. Want to guess what he wrote down? Yup, he wrote "Disney Cruise, Baby"

He was so excited although he did admit that the cruise was not better than a car. I reminded him that he was never getting a car, then he was OK with it! I told him we are going to also do a post cruise stay at Disney since that my youngest sonís actually B-day and I didnít want him to spend it traveling. Iím going to let him pick which park we go to for his birthday.

I am so way beyond excited itís not even funny. I am typing this at work when I should probably be working but I canít concentrate on anything else!!!

:yay: :yay: :yay:

02-14-2006, 04:23 PM
That is so funny! You lasted longer than I would have. Are y'all still gonna try to surprise your youngest son?
Y'all are gonna have so much fun! There's so many things for the kids to do. Have you gotten a Passporter book yet? I've gotten them for the past 3 years and can't live without it. It is PACKED with information.
Also, check out **********************

Happy Planning!!!!!!! :banana: :cheer2: :yay: :wave2:

mom x4,grandma x4
02-15-2006, 12:08 PM

You lasted longer than I could of!!!!!
i would of blurted it out to the kids as soon as it was booked. I just get too excited about crusing, i guess.
At least you know you made the right decision, since your son guessed what the surprise was.
Now you can all start planning excursions, pirate outfits, maybe door signs etc....

Our weather is suppose to hit 71 today!!YIPPEE!!!! and be really close to 80 by the weekend. Finally we are back to normal for Florida. i love the winters here, but the summers are a different story.
Take care everyone,

02-15-2006, 02:23 PM
Wow, frost ? 29 degrees :cold: ! I'm so glad that it will be warming up to normal in Florida in time for the weekend. Kathy and Cheri must be happy about that also :woohoo: . It is still colder than "normal" here in Oahu too. My good friend has only been here for two years but she says that the last two winters were not near as cold as this one. It isn't bad, but I am ready for it to feel like summer again. I've been wearing jeans for a week now and I only have two pairs, I don't like doing laundry so frequently :p .

Angela, you did last longer than I could have. I always end up telling my kids right from the start what we plan. Our plans have had to change before due to my DH's job. We never know, until right up to the day we leave, if his leave is going to get "pulled" at the last minute or not. Becasue of that, I don't tend to make things into big surprises. Like right now about this cruise, when the kids ask "when are we going on a disney cruise again?" we answer "we are planning on one for this fall. We hope to have grandma and cousins with us. We are trying our best." I don't think I have EVER used the word promise with my kids, it is always, "I will try" ;) . It is really cute to read about your son getting excited about the cruise. You are going to have so much fun planning in the next months.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day :love: :lovestruc ! In addition to my usual healthy food, I had a few of my chocolates and one cupcake, and I'm up two pounds this morning :sad2: . I'm afraid to eat any more of my chocolates, sigh. I am having the hardest time loosing the " baby weight" from my last pregnancy, my "baby" is now 6 :lmao:

02-15-2006, 03:42 PM
Hello all!!

I really thought I could last longer but I was about to bust :rotfl2: I think I can hold out a little longer in telling my younger son now that I let the cat out of the bag. I'll wait and tell him this summer.

Brerrabbit -

Thanks for the tip on the Passporter. I keep seeing it but I wasn't sure it was worth buying.

I found a 2002-2004 Disney Cruise Line book that I got when I was pricing Disney cruises several years ago. I guess it will have to hold me until I get my Passporter.

Kathy -

Thank you for mentioning the door signs. I think I will make some for their birthdays and have them laminated.

Strawberry -

I know what you mean about "promises". I was hesitant to tell them because I wasn't sure if I could afford the cruise. But this is something we have all wanted to do for so long. I will find a way to pay for it.

02-15-2006, 03:58 PM
Oh Angela, I hope I didn't come accross as questioning what you are doing with your boys. You are being a wonderful mother :goodvibes . I was just talking about surprises in general. I think big surprises are alot of fun and great if you can pull it off but there is also something to be said in including the family in the planning of something big. I think, it is also good for your oldest to know the time and planning you are putting into this for them. He can't help but realize how loved they are.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-16-2006, 08:40 AM
YIPPEE!!!!!! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

It's suppose to be 77 today!!! That is so nice, I can open the windows and air out the place. I am going to take in a sample of the pool water to make sure it is all balanced and ready to go. Of course it wont be warm enough to jump in for a couple of months yet, but no point in waiting. It is not heated accept by the sun, and i hate cold water. So will have to wait a while yet. :confused3
I too only have 2 pairs of jeans, i live in shorts. So I have been doing extra laundry too. Plus I only have one long sleeve shirt. Guess I should buy one more. At least it is a cool one with Goofy on it. :rotfl2:

Angela we saw lots of door signs for birthdays, they were so neat to see and I think the kids really got a kick out of seeing their pictures and birthday on a sign on the door. Have fun with doing it. i am still thinking of what to do for ours this time.


02-16-2006, 10:00 PM
Hello everyone -

It is rainy, windy and 57 degrees here in Michigan. It's supposed to get down to the teens and lower this weekend. BRRRRR!! The only thing that takes my mind off the sucky weather is planning our Disney Cruise vacation!!!

Strawberry -

You came across just fine! No worries, Mon!

Kathy -

I will probably start working on the signs this weekend! I plan to have them laminated so they can save them keepsakes.

I went to Disney website and ordered some personalized T-shirts for our trip! They are going to be so cute. Of course now I have to convince my 18 year old son to wear matching shirts with his mother and his brother :lmao:

I have a question for everyone concerning Travel insurance. I keep reading where people are saying you should not buy insurance from the cruiseline (not necessarily Disney). They recommend using a 3rd party insurance company and recommended use the insuremytrip website to find a carrier. If you don't mind me asking, what type of insurance (if any) is everybody using?

mom x4,grandma x4
02-17-2006, 07:47 AM
Hi Angela,
the first cruise we bought DCL's travel insurance.
Then my husband started reading in detail what it would save you if you had to cancel. 60 days out was 100% refund, but it is that way withot the insurance too. Then the closer you get to the cruise, the less you get back, either with or without the insurance. Anyway when he weighed the differences it was so little that for what it cost us for the insurance we really wouldnt save anymore with it if we had a last minute cancellation. So we have never bought it since. I dont know about airfare nsurance. We did have one of our kids cancel close to our cruis eonce and we did loose a lot fo money, but even witht he insurance we still would of lost as much, so it really didnt matter. Of course we have never had lost luggage either. i dont know what coverage there is for that.
That is just our opinion, I guess i would suggest reading the fine print and make your best decision for your situation.

We are suppose to hit almost 80 today!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

02-18-2006, 10:28 AM
Thank you Kathy for repsonding.

I was reading the DCL insurance and I see that the company that provides it - Access America - does not provide coverage if you are flying Delta, which I am.

I found another company - Travel Insured that does cover Delta.

Anyone else have any input on this topic?

02-19-2006, 09:40 AM
We always get travel insurance. I remember reading a post a long time ago about a woman who's father had a heart attack and had to be air lifted. I don't think they were on the ship, but on an excursion. She said the travel insurance covered everything! Most of our regular medical insurance companies with not cover outside the US, or they cover at a MUCH lower rate.
Someone started a thread on the main board about having to make claims on the travel insurance and it seems that everyone has been pleased with it.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-19-2006, 04:38 PM
Hi everyone,
Well we are another week closer now. :thumbsup2
We went to Epcot today for awhile. it was really a nice day there. It was cloudy, but around 70 degrees. It was very busy due to the holiday weekend and for locals it was a 4 day weekend. Lots of people here get Rodeo day off each year, which was friday. But we mostly went to take a walk around the worlds there and to buy some good chocolate candy they have there!!!
So we had a good time even with all the crowds. :goodvibes
We were suppose to be painting our new house today before we move, but things just didnt work out for that, so we just took the day for some fun. Next weekend will be the work of painting the place. It will take a couple of weekends and probably wont have it all done still. it is a big place, so it will take some time. Just want to get the bulk of it done before we move so we wont have to move furniture to paint. We finally have someone interested in our house, so maybe it will sell before we have to move, that would really be great. :banana:
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm still thinking about door signs. I have the magnetic sheets and lots of decals and letters, but not sure what I will do with them. :confused3

02-20-2006, 02:03 PM
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather here was quite cold this weekend. I had to run out to the drug store on Saturday morning and it was 4 DEGREES outside!! That is just too cold.

The other day my older son said we needed to move to Florida because he was sick of the cold and snow. I told him I agreed!!! :sunny:

02-20-2006, 04:25 PM
Add another group. There are 3 of us from Texas. We just booked today. The prices for this particular cruise are at really reasonable rates (for Disney anyway) right now, so we grabbed one.

My name is Scott, my wife is Cindy, and our daughter Brooke are sailing. Cindy and I are 35, married 10 years. Brooke is our one and only and will be 4 next month. We are cruise veterans (well, this will be Brooke's first real cruise - Cindy was pregnant with Brooke aboard the Magic previously) and DCL vets. This will be our 5th on Disney, although it's been 4 years and the sticker shock is amazing. The DCL used to be a reasonable cost vacation, now the popularity is getting to the heads of the big cheese!

I am a technical writer, my wife is an analyst for an insurancec company, and Brooke, well, she is learning to read and write and IS a princess, just ask her, she'll be happy to tell you.

We are looking forward to the Magic. We do love her so and after sailing on other cruise lines, we'll be happy to be "home" again.

I hope you guys have not minded my looking in - I think I have a decent idea about the sailng party already with your previous posts!

mom x4,grandma x4
02-20-2006, 07:33 PM
Welcome Scott, Cindy, and Princess Brooke!!! princess:

I am so happy to have some more cruisers going with us and you guys are vet DCL cruisers too. :thumbsup2
Your right about the sticker shock of the price, we looked at the 2007 prices when they came out and just about choked on them!!!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next few months,
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

02-21-2006, 07:01 AM
I'm so happy you found us! The more the merrier :grouphug:
I'm actually working on getting another couple to go with us and they have a 5 yr old princess. My DD is 11 and very jealous of the younger kid's Club. She said it looks way cooler than the Lab.

Angela, 4 degrees!!!!!!!!! You just move right on down here. My sister's selling a house...I'm just sayin! :rolleyes1 We lived in St. Louis for 10 months when we first got married and I about froze to death. I DO NOT like the cold.

Kathy, I'm so jealous. Ahhhhhhh, to be able to go to Disney any time I wanted. :cloud9: That is my dream! I've told James that Orlando is the ONLY place I would ever consider moving to. I'm ready to go again. It's been 3 years and that is way too long for me.


mom x4,grandma x4
02-21-2006, 07:28 AM
Hi Cheri,
Come on and move to orlando area, more towards Kissimmee and i have a nice 4 bedroom house for sale!!! It's just waiting for a new owner, it even has a pool!!! Ha! Ha! Just kidding, but we do have our house for sale right now, so I have to advertise it every chance I get.
We will be moving towards the end of next of next month to Leesburg. About 30 minutes longer to get to disney, but since it's just the 2 of us we can get a cheap hotel and spend the night if we dont want to drive that far after a day in the parks. But for now, unless we are ill or on a cruise, we are there at least once every weekend. We never get tired of it because it is a different experience every time we go there. pixiedust:

I am so glad I dont live where you are, I love snow, but hate the bitter cold. It hurts my old bones. Hopefully spring is just around the corner and you will start thawing out soon.

Hows the tropical island of Hawaii?? I have never been there, so I dont know if you ever get cool in the winter.

Scott and Cindy being in Texas probably get both extremes, heat and cold, guess it depends where in Texas you are. I have visited parts of Texas a few times as a kid and all I remember is a very HOT summer.

Well the holiday is over so most of you are probably back to work again. My DH had to work yesterday so it didnt seem like a holiday to us. I am retired so everyday seems the same as the last, i tend ot loose track of time very easy, accept for counting down to the cruise. That I keep track of very carefully!!!
Have a good week everyone,

02-21-2006, 08:00 AM
Oh goodness - a 4 bedroom house with a pool near Disney? I will NOT allow my wife to see this information! Our stated desire is to retire in or near Orlando if I cannot afford a Caribbean island! :) I figure working 10-20 hours a week in a resort or park job would be just about the perfect retirement.

Yes - we do have lots of weather swings, but the good news with the cold is if we do get bitter cold, it's only a matter of a day or so before we become mild. This winter has been VERY mild with only a handful of days below freezing. Summers can be brutal where we hover around 100 for days on end, but at least we are not Houston (or Orlando for that matter) with oppressive humidity. We live in the Dallas area, so it's a little dryer most of the time.

I am not sure if this was discussed earlier, but it does appear that we will not be going to Cozumel. Our travel agent is listing the sailing going to Costa Maya, while discussion on the main forum seems to indicate Cozumel is off the board until at least 2007 with DCL. As far as we are concerned, that is a nice trade. We enjoyed our stay in Costa Maya with Princess, where we have been to Cozumel a couple times already. Prices on shopping seem to be better in CM and the fishing village is very charming and an example of unspoiled Mexico.

Back to work today - but with a lilt in my step - life is always a little sweeter with a cruise booking in your pocket!

02-21-2006, 09:55 AM
Welcome Scott, Cindy and Brooke!!!!

Nice to have an addition to our club!! My dad lives on Grand Prairie, Tx and we usually visit during the summer. I know about that Texas heat...its a doosy. I toyed with the idea of moving to Texas but it was too hot for me.

I wonder if you and the wife will bring home another magical "souvenir" at the end of this cruise. I'm sure Brooke would love to be a big sister :teeth:

Brerrabbit and Kathy -

Trust me if I could move I would take you up on the offer to buy the house!! I would really love to be able to visit a Disney Park every week!! That is my definition of heaven. Not to mention the beautiful FL weather. It's also been a dream of mine to work for Disney. I check their employment board from time to time to see if there is anything for me. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be a proud CM working at the most Magical Place on the planet!!!

I have a friend who moved with her two kids to Atlanta a few years ago. After years of talking about it, she just packed up and moved! No job but she did have family she stayed with. She's been there five years, has a great job and bought a home 2 years ago. I really admire the courage it took to pursue something she wanted to do. I'm just too cautious for something like that. No much of a risk taker!!!

So for now I wil have to be content with our first Disney Cruise!!! (I get so excited every time I say that). I ordered the Cruise DVD and I can't wait to get it. I also order the Passporter so that should keep me busy for a while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

02-21-2006, 01:15 PM
Welcome Scott and family :wave: ! It is fun to see our group getting bigger.

I was told that Hawaii doesn't have seasons really, just rainy and dry. I don't find that to be true. Summer felt like summer, more humid with straight sun for days. Around mid Dec. it started to feel like winter to me, not humid (to me) and cooler nights. Last week it actually felt alittle cold to me, it was around 75-78 degrees in the house for a few days. It has been in the 80's again lately. Last winter we were in Guam where it was HOT year round, so that most likely is why it feels alittle cold to me here this winter. I'm not dressing for cold and I don't have heat in my house, plus I like to leave the windows open for fresh air. We are still running around in shorts and flip-flops ("rubber slippahs" as a local would say) so it isn't that cold ;) . We had some friends from the mainland here in Oahu visiting their family. My friend (in her 30's) felt hot every day, this was the same week I was feeling cold. So it is all relative.

Good idea to just plan on Costa Maya. I think I will have a backup plan for Coz. just in case as well.

02-21-2006, 04:02 PM
Oh no - the only souvenirs we will bring home will be ones we can claim on the customs forms!

mom x4,grandma x4
02-23-2006, 07:51 AM
Dont worry if you wife sees the thread about our house, she will be too late. :worried: The first man who saw it bought it. :teeth: But we have another 4 bedroom house here that we will be selling in a couple of years, maybe we could interest her in that one???? Ha! Ha!
Cant blame me for trying!!! :confused3
Yesterday was beautiful here in florida around 84 at our house. :sunny:
This morning is overcast, but should reach the 70's by afternoon.

I had a new family respond to another thread I started for this cruise and I invited her to join us here on this thread, so I hope she does. :banana: I dont know her name but she is from California, so we may grow by another family in the next few days. :thumbsup2

Well now I have to start to pack and plan for moving. I have 4 weeks, which sounds like along time, but as slow as I am, it's not that long.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Kathy :wave:

02-23-2006, 08:46 AM
Congratulations on selling your house so quickly. Since we were not buying it, I hope you got a good price! :)

Packing and moving is one of my all time hated tasks. Buying a car, looking for a job, negotiating Dallas rush hour traffic - all some of life's less thrilling events. Hopefully your 4 weeks will pass quickly. I don't envy you!

02-23-2006, 07:33 PM
[QUOTE=mom x4,grandma x4] I had a new family respond to another thread I started for this cruise and I invited her to join us here on this thread, so I hope she does. :banana: I dont know her name but she is from California,

:wave: hi, that would be me :cloud9: My name is Rebecca "Becca" for short. DH and I with all our brood live in Northern Ca...40 miles south of Sacramento. We are veteran cruisers, but newbies for the Disney line. We took our grils last year on a Carnival cruise and were sooooo upset :( by the "camp" that I don't know who cried :sad: worse them or us. We have 5 kids Courtnie who is 23 [Yes, I was a baby having a baby lol] then Jennah is 9, Macy is 7 and our identical twin boys will be 5 in April. We are only taking the two younger girls... and will take others on another trip. Also joining us will be DH's two sisters, one of his sisters DH and their three girls ages 17, 13, and 5 and also good co-worker friends of DH's and his wife, and their three kids ages 16, 12, and 6. pixiedust: :Pinkbounc :woohoo:

I hope this in't tabo or anything [if it please tell me] but I found Disney to MUCH more $$ then "reg" cruises... We ended up geting a deluxe inside statroom on deck 10 for the four of us..for $2300 is that about right? I only asked cause I just booked yesterday and am hoping I didn't get taken to the cleaners to bad :lmao:

Well, I will write more later, but am off to pick up my girls from school and DH and I belong to a local drama group and have pratice every Thursday night from 6-8pm. :jumping1: :jumping1: :jumping1: So thank you for the warm :welcome: and will :chat: chat with you all later...

mom x4,grandma x4
02-24-2006, 08:12 AM
I am so glad you found us. I have been watching the thread hoping to see a post from you.
Wow, you are a big group.
I'm sure you will all love the DCL cruise. you are correct that DCL is more spendy. I cant tell you if you got a good deal because my DH does all the booking and I never ask how much, I just go and enjoy the cruise!! No need to rock the boat!!
Have you got the free DVD that disny offers on their web site. If not you may want to order it. I'm sure everyone will enjoy watching it, but your girls will probably love to see what the kids areas look like.
One fun activity that you wont see on their site or on the DVD is the pirate deck party. You may of read about it on the forums here, but if not i will tell you it is a fun deck party. Lots of people, adults as well as kids dress up as pirates and go to dinner that way and stay in costume until the party is over.
Your wait staff will be dressed in pirate attire and you will receive a free pirate bandana, and scroll with your menu on it at dinner. Then later at night you go out on deck 9 for music, dancing, I should say pirate dancing. Then there is a skit with characters, fireworks, buffet on deck 9 and they play Pirates of the caribbean movie on the jumbotron movie screen by the family pool. By september it will probably be the new sequal of the movie that comes out this summer. Anyway you may want to ask your girls if they want to dress up and think about it for yourself. I just got odds and ends and made my own so it wasnt expensive and it is fun to dress up like everybody else. Thrift stores have lots of halloween stuff really cheap starting in september too, that is a good place to look. If you are interested.
Looking forward to getting to know you and finally meet in September.
mom x4, grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

02-24-2006, 08:46 AM
Welcome aboard Becca.

We too booked a cat 10 (the deposit is actually paid today) and our total cost was 22XX for 3 of us. That does not include transfers or anything other than the cost to get in teh security gates and on to the ship.

It is a little high compared to other lines, but this sailing for whatever reason is the most affordable Disney sailing between now and the end of the listed time. So, we decided to pay the premium. We love the DCL product and our 4 year old daughter is all about Princesses, Mickey Mouse and all the marketing Disney can muster. So, we feel we need to indulge her once before we start sailing on other lines and itineraries. Is the premium worth it? Within reason I think so. But after a few sailings, for me it is worth spreading wings and seeing other ports and other cruise lines. We've not had a bad experience on any other lines, so it's all good - but Disney does do things a little nicer in some key areas.

We hope you enjoy your experience!

02-24-2006, 01:46 PM
Welcome, Becca!!!! :cheer2:

I'm so happy there will be other girls my DD's age! (She's turning 12 on the cruise!) She was very worried about being the only girl there. Thank goodness they have Oceaner's Quest for the pre-teens.

I also have a 14 yr old DS. He offered to keep his sister company if she doesn't have anyone to hang out with. Awwwwwwww. I love that boy! :goodvibes

This will be our 3rd time on DCL and we love it. Well, the kids will tell you real quick that it is only their 2nd time because DH and I went once without them! ;) They loved the cruise and are so happy to be going for a week this time.

We stayed in a cat. 10 on our first cruise with the kids and it was great! It never felt crowded and the kids love to fight over the pull down bed. (We'll have to flip a coin for the last night)

mom x4,grandma x4
02-24-2006, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone,
I am excited that I found another family that are going on our cruise with us. :thumbsup2 I invited her to join us on this thread. I hope she does.
She goes by Peaches 26.
Becca joined us after we connected, so hopefully this family will join in too. :cool1:
I am determined we will have a big family group by the time we sail. :grouphug:
Have a great weekend.
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

02-24-2006, 04:10 PM
Welcome Becca :welcome: ! Also, welcome in advance Peaches :cutie: !

I think you got a great rate on your cat. 10 for 4 people. Does that rate include all taxes and fees? You didn't get "taken", so you can just relax and start planning for a great cruise :woohoo: !

02-24-2006, 05:27 PM
[QUOTE=strawberryblonde]Welcome Becca :welcome: ! Also, welcome in advance Peaches :cutie: !

I think you got a great rate on your cat. 10 for 4 people. Does that rate include all taxes and fees?

Yes that was port charges, taxes, and all goverment fees. So whew glad to know we did ok. :cloud9: I was at walmart today and they thad the cutest tinkerbell suitcases so I got one in pink and one in purple for my girls and they also had a ton of disney clothing...got them a new outfit for everyday of the cruise. I will get them one nice dress and some new shoes, will pack it all in the case and hide it till the day we go... They will be so excited... :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc Well i have to run and pick up kids from school...will write more this evening.
xoxoxo to all

02-25-2006, 07:46 PM
This is my family's first Disney Cruise. My husband and I have cruised before (about 12 years ago) and that is actually where we were engaged. We have a six year old son and he is so excited about the Cruise! We have watched the DVD and it was great. Looking for any ideas/suggestions or advice since we are first time Disney cruisers. Thx :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
02-26-2006, 06:00 PM
Peaches 26,
I am so happy you decided to join us on this thread. :teeth: I told people I had found you but wasnt sure if you'd post here or not. :confused3 If you read back a ways you'll see a couple of early welcomes for you and your family. :banana:
I too, would like to officially welcome you to our group. :grouphug:
Your son is the perfect age for the cruise. It will all seem so magical for him. :wizard:
I'm sure you will all have a blast. :rotfl2: If you have any questions just ask. A few of us have cruised with DCL before and will try to answer any questions you may have.
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

02-27-2006, 12:03 AM
:cutie: Hey Peaches! I'm glad you found this thread. Kathy has done a very good job of gathering up posters. I like your username, I like all fruit actually :goodvibes . This icon should be yours, :cutie: , it looks like a little peach to me.

Congratulations Kathy party: on selling your house! Best wishes on packing up and your move. I am so done with moving, I wish I could stay put in this house for the next 10 years :charac2:

mom x4,grandma x4
02-27-2006, 07:56 AM
Hi everyone, :cool1:
Well we spent the weekend painting the inside of the new house. We will have one more weekend of painting before we move next month. And the other weekends will be spent taking little things over a head of time so it's not so hard when we make the actual move next month. :goodvibes
One good thing was while we were working I played my radio and we heard several songs that we have heard on the cruises we have taken. It made us get excited for the cruise!! :rotfl2: Of course the thought of stretching out on deck in a lounge chair with people to wait on you hand and foot sounded extra good after working hard all day. :cheer2:
I hope all of you had a good weekend.
Anybody out there going to make door signs, besides me? :thumbsup2

mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

02-27-2006, 01:36 PM
[QUOTE=mom x4,grandma x4] Anybody out there going to make door signs, besides me? :thumbsup2

I am alreading thinking of what kind I am going to make...I'm gonna make all of them for the three doors...and suprise them all with them pixiedust: I still haven't found any magnatic paper but I saw other ideas..and I don't have disney magic artist but lol again will find something. :thumbsup2 And I loved the pic of the door with the streamers hanging all the way down... :love:

I just can't wait... :woohoo: I tried to convience my sister to join us, but she works as a cook at a local high school and they are ONLY allowed to take vacation when the kids are out of school. :sad:

I was wondering how many of you are flying down the day before? We are thinking of staying at the Radisson??? :confused: Has anyone stayed there before? :confused: And what is the best van service that will pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel? :crowded:

LOL BTW did I say "I JUST CAN'T WAIT :woohoo: :woohoo: :grouphug: I have decided to try to get more into shape and loose at least 15-20 pounds... Our gym recently started water arobices classes in the morning..so after I drop off all the kids on mon-wed-fri I can head over there and for one hour and work my booty off... :rotfl2: lol I have Fibromyalgia so any excersise can be tough but will take is slow and easy :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

I hope everyone has a great Monday. xoxoxox to all :love:

02-27-2006, 02:25 PM
This is my family's first Disney Cruise. Looking for any ideas/suggestions or advice since we are first time Disney cruisers. Thx :wave:

:wave2: Hi peaches. Welcome. I'm My name is Becca. There is a large group of us who are going. :grouphug: We have four cabins booked. In one cabin is DH and I with our two younger girls ages 7 and 9. :cheer2: Next door is Dh's Sister her hubby and two of their girls ages 5 and 13. :cheer2: Across the hall is Dh's other sister and the oldest daughter of his other sister who is 17. :cheer2: On another floor is Dh's co-worker, his wife and their three kids ages 6, 12 and 16. :Pinkbounc

As for any advice... The advice I have is very generic [aka not just for disney cruise]. DO NOT PACK to much. :rotfl2: Put one smaller size suit case that is packed with items into a larger one, so that you will have an empty one to take back all your extra stuff you will buy. :hyper: Bring LOTS of one dollar bills to tip the room service person. :woohoo: I personally bring thank you cards to put our tip monies in...its more personl with a note then the plan envelope the ship provides for you. I also bring gift or phone cards to give out for "extra" tips. And some positions on the ship can't take $$ tips. And ALL of them need phone cards. :cloud9: Don't forget to pack any meds you might need in your carry on. Check in EARLY you wanna enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your cruise. Take more film then you think you could ever use :thumbsup2 Of course there are a ton more..but don't want to over whelm you lol. Have an awsome Monday and welcome to the group. :grouphug:

02-27-2006, 03:01 PM
Hi Becca, Thanks for the welcome and the advice on packing an extra empty bag. That's a great idea. I've also read that bringing along a shoe organizer to hang on the back of your door is a great way to easily organize things and it saves on space! I would have never thought of that! It's good to hear from several people already that will be on our cruise. We are really excited :goodvibes ...Talk to you soon.

Oh, one thing, I am new to this "forum" stuff and notice that many people use the letters DH and I am not sure what they are referring to. Can you update me on what some of these codes mean? :confused3

02-27-2006, 04:33 PM
Oh, one thing, I am new to this "forum" stuff and notice that many people use the letters DH and I am not sure what they are referring to. Can you update me on what some of these codes mean? :confused3

LOL sorry the letter D usually means Dear but sometimes it can mean Darling or if your mad Darn or some other not nice words lol :rotfl2: . But if the letter D is the second letter for instand DD then the last D stands for Daughter. And the letter H is for Husband, S is for Sister or Son, B is for Brother. Hope that clears it up. :hyper:

02-27-2006, 10:32 PM
Thanks for the welcome and the advice

I just read on another thread... :wave: "At guest services you can ask for a paper that is like a scaverger hunt for hidden Mickey's on the ship. you walk right by dozens of them everyday and never even see them. kids especially like reading the hints and leading the way to find them. Kids are very good at seeing them before the adults do!! It is just another unadvertised thing you can do." I think Adults and kids would have a ball doing this... And you know about the pillow case idea right? :thumbsup2

BTW March 15th on the Travel channel is a one hour special about Disney cruise line.. :Pinkbounc Already have programed my dvr... Can't wait to see it. :woohoo: Have a great Monday night all pixiedust:
xoxoxo everyone.

mom x4,grandma x4
02-28-2006, 06:55 AM
Hi everyone,
I knew about the hidden Mickey hunt. We have not done it yet, maybe this time. But I have seen kids looking for them. We always look for hidden Mickeys and have found a lot of them all over the ship. :thumbsup2
We took a tour once, cant remember the exact name but it had to do with the art and design of the Magic and on that tour the CM pointed out several hidden Mickeys we had just walked right by before. :confused3
At the stairs mid ship deck 4 or 5 there is a large black and white picture of Walt disney standing in a doorway. From the 2nd or 3rd step you can see a complete silouette of Mickey beside him. :scratchin But just to glance at it you only see a dark shadow around him. It's really cool to see. Everyone will have to try to see it on board. :Pinkbounc
I was wondering if any of you guys know your room numbers yet? The reason I ask is on our other cruise thread I discovered one of the posters is going to be our neighbor for the cruise. :cool1: So I was wondering if any of us are going to be neighbors too??? Our room #7624, let me know if your going to be close, if so I guess I'll have to behave myself for once!!! :cutie:
Have a great tuesday everyone,
Kathy :wave:

02-28-2006, 09:16 AM
Our stateroom is 2605. So, we are officially NOT neighbors! We've always been on decks 6-8, so being in the depths will be an interesting change. I understand we are right below the galley, so I suspect we'll have some breakfast noise to endure. Good thing I am an early riser.

Something to keep in mind about all your packing - if you are flying, any bags over 50 pounds will be subject to extra charges. So the concept of packing light without any extra non essential items is wise.

While it's no fun to do laundry on vacation, there are washers and dryers for use on board. Just bring quarters and detergent (the detergent machines are expensive!). Another laundry related clue is to find the iron once you board the ship. While everyone else is scurrying around looking at the ship, hit the iron so all your clothes are pressed neatly for the rest of the week.

We are coming in a few days early and will stay near the parks Thursday and Friday. Definitely get into town at least a day early, if you fly in the day of and rush around, your first day will be REALLY long and not nearly as relaxed as you'd like.

It used to be said you neeed to run around on board and get your reservations, but now that you can do that online before boarding - that's good advice!

02-28-2006, 09:58 AM
I haven't been on much this week. I'm going on a "girl's only" trip next month and have been getting stuff ready. :cheer2:

Hi Peaches!! :wave: The shoe holder on the door saved us! It was the perfect place for cameras, jewelry, excursion tickets, etc. Make sure you get the clear one so you can see what's in there.

Becca, we stayed at the Radisson before our first cruise. I was not that impressed. The beds were not very comfortable to me. They were very hard. The kids did LOVE the pool. They have a shuttle service that will take you to the port. We actually decided not to take it because I couldn't wait. :woohoo:

Let's see...We have connecting rooms with my parents. 6064 and 6066. We also have another couple going with us!!! She said they are on the other side of us and a few staterooms down. They have a 4 year old girl.

I am so excited about being on the ship for a week. There's so much stuff that I want to do...galley tour, caberet shows, ship tour, etc. I just want to walk every inch and see all the pictures.

Kathy, congrats on selling the house! We're getting some pretty good weather here this week. I found my Konk Kooler recipe :banana: I may have to make them this weekend and sit out in the sun. I'll close my eyes and pretend........ :boat:

02-28-2006, 12:05 PM
Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Monday

Welcome Becca and Peaches!!! Glad to see more people comin on board!!!

Kathy -

We are in cabin #7616 so we will be right down the hall from you.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to do. We are arriving a day early and staying a day after the cruise.

So far I have reserved 2 rooms for 9/23 and 2 rooms for 9/30. Originally we were staying pre cruise at the Best Western and post Cruise at the Dolphin. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I would like the entire Magical experience of Disney. So yesterday I booked a room at the Pop Century (pre cruise) and a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (post cruise). We have stayed on property at Disneyland but not at WDW. Not sure which reservation I will keep.

Any advice?

02-28-2006, 01:46 PM
I was wondering if any of you guys know your room numbers yet?

I know the three out of the four of ours... We are in cabin 2131. Earls [married] sister is in cabin 2133, and his other sister is in cabin 2130. We are all on deck 10. I know that Earls co-worker is on deck 4? A suite? that hold 5 people... not sure of the cabin number yet.

As I was saying yesterday i'm gonna make door signs for all three cabins, and put them on when they are all inside and then the first time they come out they will see them pixiedust: Which btw do you or anyone know where I can get disney magic artist for a cheap price? and or magnatic paper anyone other then the internet? :confused:

DH and I usually do two vacations a year...one for just adults and one with kids... our adult one is in early April. We have narrowed it down to either Las Vegas for 4 or 5 days or a cruise. Last year we did Vegas, and DH really wants to go back...its funny we don't gamble or drink alchol but we love Vegas :tongue: Gonna do some more looking for prices this afternoon, will let you all know when we decide.... Which have any of you done a smaller cruise like 4 or 5 day one? We were thinking about the Royal Carribean one that goes to Jamacia?? :scratchin In the past we have had luck on Royal, not sooo much with carnival..its pretty hit and miss with them. :guilty:

Well have a great Tuesday all. xoxoxoxo :grouphug:

mom x4,grandma x4
02-28-2006, 07:25 PM
Hi Angela,
Both the places you have picked are good places to stay. Pop century is fairly new and it's bright and colorful. I really cheery looking place. the rooms are adequate, not fancy, but nice and clean. The Animal Kingdom lodge is awesome to see. The decor is really different, hard to explain, but is really unique! Most of the food served there is from Africa so there are some interesting items to choose from. Also the grasslands at the back have lots of grazing animals to see from the courtyard and some rooms face it too.The rooms are about the same size in both places but a totally different theme to both and of course there is a big price difference. I toured the animal kingdom lodge when it first opened up and I drive right by the Pop century every time we go to WDW. Good luck on choosing which one to stay at!

I guess most of us are pretty spread out around the ship. So far we are the only two who are close to someone. But as more people join us I'm sure we will be closer to other disers too.

Have a good evening everyone,

mom x4,grandma x4
03-01-2006, 07:42 AM
Hi Becca,
I got my magnetic sheets at walmart, not sure about the price but it wasnt much. It was with the computer paper because you can put it in your printer and print off pictures on it or just glue on your own stuff. I believe there was 6 or 7 sheets in a package.
Well it's back to more packing and planning for moving the rest of this week.
We will be glad when it is done so we can relax and concentrate on the cruise!! :goodvibes

We have beautiful warm sunny weather today. :sunny: I love the winters here in Florida, but summers are too HOT for me!!! I hibernate in the summer accept to early mornings at the parks.

Have a great day everyone,
kathy :wave:

03-02-2006, 08:32 AM
I'd advise you to keep your Dolphin reservations! We stayed at the Swan last year for a land only vacation at the resort and while it's not a Disney owned resort, it's still very much Disney in spirit. The location is terrific for transportation to MGM and Epcot. And the beds are VERY comfortable...

03-02-2006, 08:46 AM
Thanks Kathy and Euphscott for your input.

And thanks Kathy for the tip on the magnetic sheets at Walmart. I was going to use Business card size magnets from Office Depot but maybe I'll get some of the sheet and have bigger signs too.

It is cold today. We also have freezing rain and we are supposed to get snow this afternoon. Spring can't come soon enough for me!

03-03-2006, 07:56 AM
Snow? Ice? Freezing rain? We hit 94 on Wednesday!!!!

Thankfully we are back to the mid 60's today for a more normal early March in Texas. Whew..I thought it was time to cruise weather.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-03-2006, 08:34 AM
Howdy everyone, :wave:
Well we are not as hot as Scott, but we are upper 70's most of the week. It has been really nice in central Florida. :sunny: We are off to work again all weekend getting our new house ready to be moved into.
We will mostly be finishing up our painting, then hand some drapes, put up some wall paper borders, we also need to put in some ceiling fan and nicer medicine chest. Next weekend we will start moving all the small stuff that we dont need, so the final move will be easier for us. :Pinkbounc
We will be ready for a cruise after all the work of moving and getting settled in. :rotfl2:
I hope everyone has a great weekend, while i am slaving away !!!!!
If my muscles arn't too sore, I will post again on Monday to see how everyone is doing. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Kathy :yay:

03-06-2006, 09:06 AM
Uh oh, no post on Monday morning - muscles must be sore!!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-06-2006, 12:54 PM
I survived, I am here, sore muscles and all!!!!
Not as bad as the week before. :confused3
I was just slow at getting on line today. I had to do other fun things such as buy curtain rods, curtains, get home owners insurance quotes, movers estimates etc....
This week starts the real fun of packing all the little stuff and moving it over and unpacking it. At least since my muscles are already sore the packing shouldnt made them any worse.
We need a cruise!!!! SOON!!!! :hourglass
At least at our age we are smart enough to hire movers for the heavy furniture.
Hope everyone had a great weekend while we were slaving away with our painting! :teeth:
Well since I'm not getting any sympathy from anyone about my aches and pains I guess I will sit down with a hot cup of tea and my old friend Mr. Ben Gay. :surfweb:

03-06-2006, 03:34 PM
Good morning everyone. :grouphug: Hope all your weeknds were good ones. :Pinkbounc We have been soooo busy. Sadly Dh's parents passed away within five weeks of each other and we have been trying to take care of ALL the Estate stuff.. So each weekend we are VERY busy... All day Saturday down at his parents place which is 1 1/2 hours away and 4 hours every Sunday is church. I should clarify that Church its self istn' 4 hours...but because our church is somewhat big [just shy of 4500 members] we have 6 diffrent services on Sunday and I do the infant nursery for 2 hours. I also am the assistant director of the childrens musicals... Twice a year they [the children] put on a HUGE musical... its about 1 hour long with over 100 kids in it. :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

I did end up ordering the magnatic paper via online... it wasn't bad 89 cents a sheet I got 10 sheets...just in case I mess up lol. :lmao: We don' thave a right type of printer..we have a laser printer..so might have to go to kinkos or something??? :bounce: And i'm trying to bid on a copy of Disney magic.. wish me luck . :goofy:

Was gonna ask does anyone in this group have the Disney credit card? :ccat: I know you can earn points for Disney stuff.. pooh: but how fast do they add up? We have three other type of point cards...One for Costco through American Express...which every three months sends you a check ammount to spend for free at Costco.. We also have a Carnival Cruise Line credit card where you earn a free cruise...and we also have Wells Fargo Visa that you earn free stuff...ie sports equipement, resturant gift certificates etc... So is it worth it?

Also have any of you booked a Disney cruise while you were on the cruise? Iv'e heard you can get good deals is this true? :tink: :tink: :tink:

Well Ive got some phone calls to make and need to balance my checkbook and start dinner..and I really should do some laundry lol....joy oh joy :rotfl2: Have a great afternoon all....
xoxoxoxo to everyone :grouphug:

mom x4,grandma x4
03-07-2006, 07:41 AM
Yes we have the disney credit card. We book our cruises with it because they dont chage interest for 6 months on cruises or something like that. Plus it's more points that way. I have used ours for several big items we have bought in the last year. Example, I saved up to buy a new living room set but instead of paying cash, we charged it for the points then paid it off when the first bill came. Thus a lot of points and no interest paid out. We have done stuff like that all year long and I have used a few hundred points at WDW already and I still have a lot more that I could transfer to my points card when ever I want. Just remember that once your transfer the points to your card there is an expiration date. If you dont use them by that date you will loose them! Be sure and ask them when the expiration date will be the first time you transfer points to make sure you will have enough time to use them up before they expire. You can tranfser as little as $20 and it is done instantly. That way there is no reason to put a lot on it until you are ready to use it. For us it has paid off. I have extra spending money for all kinds of neat disney stuff. I have never used it on the cruise before, although you can. I live by WDW so i use it there all the time, and for disney direct on line shopping. You do receive mailings a few times a year for extra special discounts on things if you use the card too.
Hope that answers your question,
mom x4,grandma x4

03-07-2006, 04:18 PM
[QUOTE=mom x4,grandma x4]Howdy,
Yes we have the disney credit card. We book our cruises with it because they dont chage interest for 6 months on cruises or something like that. /QUOTE]

Thats good to know.... I was wondering if you or anyone else in our group has booked a Disney cruise while you were on one at the same time? :dumbo: Iv'e heard you get a good deal? But was wondering... I saved almost $1.000 :banana: booking online with a travel place instead of booking through Disney cruise online. :badpc: So is it really worth it?

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday... xoxoxoxo to all :grouphug:

mom x4,grandma x4
03-07-2006, 05:15 PM
Yes, we have rebooked while on board. With 7 day cruises we got $200 room credit which we loved. it is less for the shorter cruises. I think the good prices vary. sometimes it's better to book on board because they often give 10% discount plus the room credit, but sometimes the sales through TA's are a better deal than what you can do on board. You just have to do some research before you book on board so you will know if it is a good deal or not. There has been a couple of times that it was a lot more to re book while on board even with the room credit so we waited and booked after we got back home and saved. My DH checks the prices the evening before we cruise so he has the latest prices when we go.
That helps us to decide which is the best deal for us.
mom x4,grandma x4

03-07-2006, 05:21 PM
:grouphug: Yes, we have rebooked while on board. With 7 day cruises we got $200 room credit which we loved.

Kathy I was just reading other post and came across this one and INSTANTLY thought of you.. :cheer2:

>>>>>>We just got a FL resident discount Originally the cost was about $8600 for 7 of us.....3 in Cat 6 and 4 in Cat 11. We would receive a 5% cash back from DU (Leigh is the agent and she is awesome!) also w/ a $175 shipboard credit. We were notified yesterday about the FL res. rate and now we are going for $4900!! and we'll still get the above incentives. If you divide the costs PP, it comes to only $100 per night. We are just thrilled and feel so fortunate <<<<<<<

So you might want to check into the new discount. :Pinkbounc Hope this helps & let me know if it works out for you. :wave2:

Many :grouphug: and :love: to all...

mom x4,grandma x4
03-08-2006, 07:26 AM
There are some great deals out there if a guy just keeps looking. It does feel great when you finally get one or if you get a free upgrade. :thumbsup2
My DH always watches the prices. It feels really good when you book over a year out and then watch the prices go up and up as the cruise gets closer and you can see how much less you paid for your room over what the late bookers did. :cheer2:

Well it's back to packing for me,
Kathy :yay:

03-08-2006, 08:25 AM
The first price bump since we booked took place yesterday. I keep watching just in case the price gets to a point where we can jump a category or two. It was only $50 a person, but that is $150 savings! It all adds up when pictures, souvenirs and excursions factor into the equation.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-09-2006, 07:24 AM
Howdy everbody,
We havnt heard from Heidi and Angela, Cheri and Peaches for quite awhile. :confused3 Are you guys all ok?? We miss hearing from you once in awhile. Drop us a line when you get the chance. :thumbsup2
We have a beautiful day today, suppose to hit 80, :sunny: but I'm not out enjoying it! Instead i am waist high in boxes and newspapers and packing stuff everywhere! I am making progress, slowly. I am running out of room to stack boxes, so it is a good thing my DH is taking a load out of here tomarrow. :moped:
We are so ready to be on a cruise!! :goodvibes
I hope everyone has been having a good week. Another week is just about over, which means we will be another week closer to our cruise. :banana:

Kathy :wave2:

03-10-2006, 05:24 AM
Hi Kathy and all. We have been quite busy lately. Birthday sleep-over party for my son. Lots of rain here in Hawaii. Many houses flooded. I'm so glad that are house remains dry. We had a couple days of hot sun but it rained all day today.

Take care all.

03-10-2006, 08:37 AM
Good morning everyone -

I hope everyone has been doing well. I have not posted lately because I am consumed by this trip (and loving it). I spend all of me free time reading various message boards, tour books and websites trying to get as much information as possible.

I think I finally have all of the major details worked out:

Arrive in FL @ 11:00 pm
Magical Express to Pop Century

9/23/06 - my oldest son's B-day!
Early breakfast at Pop
check out of hotel
Morning at MGM before we leave for Port
Town car to port - should arrive by 3pm (is that too late?)
Board the Disney Magic for the most amazing week of our lives!!!

9/30/06 - my youngest son's b-day
Arrive back at Port Canaveral
Town car to Animal Kingdom Lodge
Arrive at MK (Mid morning) and try to stay til closing @ 11 pm (are we crazy?)

Check out of hotel
Animal Kingdom (1st time!) til 3pm
Magical Express to airport
Return flight leaves at 6:23 pm
Arrive back in the real world - 11:00 pm

For the experienced Disneyites, does this sound doable or am I insane?

Euphscott -

I know you suggested that I keep my ressie at the Dolphin but since we are doing one night before the cruise and one night after I wanted to stay in a Disney property to get the whole "magical" experience.

Since we get in so late the first night, I picked a value resort. I picked Pop because it is close to MGM. I decided to splurge and stay at AKL for our post cruise stay (I've always wanted to stay here). I reserved a room with a Savannah view. If anyone has stayed at AKL, do you have a view you can recommend?

I figured this way, we get to "sample" two types of Disney resorts and see which ones we like.

I am so excited about this trip I can't think of anything else!! Once I get all of the details fine tuned, I am going to start making our door signs and t-shirts!! Man I can't wait!!!

I hope everyone has a "Magical' weekend!!!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-10-2006, 10:09 AM
Hi Heidi,
So glad your not among the flooded homes. With all that rain and still warm temps you must be pretty humid and muggy. Our summers are like that here and I hate it! But i love the winters.

Boy you have certainly been busy planning. It looks good to me, but one thing you might check out:
It used to be you had to be on board one hour before the safety drill. I think it is at 4:00 p.m.. If you plan on arrivng at 3 it might be cutting it awfully close to the deadline. You may want to call and ask about it to be sure.
I know that DCL buses do arrive after 3:00, but they do make allowances for those. But on our papers on previous cruises it did state you must be on board one hour prior to the drill, not just in the terminal. I dont know what they would do, if anything for someone showing up after that time.
You might want to check it out.
We are always there when they open at 10:00 and chat with other excited people while waiting for the boarding process to begin.
I have not stayed at AK, but I have done a tour of it before it opened and the rooms with the view of the savanah were really neat and the animals were awesome. There is also a viewing area , kind of an open deck at the end of a hallway on either the 2nd or 3rd floor to use and there is a small area you can walk around at the back by the savanah to see the animals in case you dont have a room with a view. It is so cool to look over your balcony and see giraffe's and zebra's wondering around and munching on the vegetation. You'll love it!! The gift shop has some traditional disney stuff, but it also has some very unusual items from africa, so be sure to check it out too!!! Just save a few dollars from the islands. You may not be there long enough but they have an awesome pool there too.
Once we finish moving I will do my door signs too. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, but nothing definate yet.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will of course be gone again moving stuff and painting, but I will check in on sunday night or monday morning to see if anything is happening.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-10-2006, 10:15 AM
Hey guys,
If any of you are thinking of having a massage in the cabanas at castaway Cay, go to the forums and check out the thread titiled:
OMG; I totally flashed some poor soul on Castaway Cay!!!

You might think twice about doing it or at least be careful about it. :confused3

You should check this out and some of the experiences of the people who responded to it. Particularly the lady in a loose skirt with drinks in hand by the pool in the wind!!!
Never do this!!!

it's hilarious, :rotfl2:

03-10-2006, 10:48 AM

You'll certainly save a load of money going to Pop Century over the Dolphin.

We've stayed at both sides of Port Orleans and the Grand Floridian. Our experience at the Swan was not at all off of the Disny experience. You simply don't have Mickey art on your walls or Disney propaganda on the TV channel as you switch on the set. In all reality, the experience really rivaled that of the Grand Floridian. That is to say it's an understated Disney experience. But it's a wonderful hotel experience (like the Grand). And again - those beds are FAR superior to the Disney hotel beds.

I am not trying to convince you - you seem to have a terrific schedule (if busy!) but I don't want anyone reading to make the same mistake I made in regards to the Swan and Dolphin. For years we looked the other way thinking that it was not Disney and not a good product. We were SO wrong. My wife and I discussed that we could stay there the rest of our WDW trips and be more than pleased. With boat access to MGM and Epcot it sure is nicer than having to rely on buses for all our park treks! It's almost like staying at the Grand (Poly, or Contemporary) and having monorail access to two parks.

Enjoy your schedule - it's a load of fun and we are only 6 months away!

03-10-2006, 08:39 PM
:wave: You have another member for your thread. My name is Monica. Dh and I and our 3 children will be joining you. We've been booked for the October 21st cruise since last April, but one of dh's former housemates from college is getting married on the 21st and we don't want to miss the wedding. At 43, he's the last of the six friends to get married. It's going to be as much a reunion as it is a wedding reception for many of us.

Rebooking for a date a month earlier is kind of nice. Now our wait is four weeks shorter. Another advantage is the cost of the cruise is 600.00 less even though we booked 11 months later. I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to get a category 6 room with a category 11 room across the hall like we had originally booked, but we did. The DCL and AAA on board credits were the same. Combined it's 350.00 on the category 6 and 275.00 for the category 11.

Until next time...

mom x4,grandma x4
03-11-2006, 05:27 AM
Welcome aboard Monica and family!!!! :goodvibes
Is so very nice to add another family. ;)
I was just checking my mail at 5 a.m. before heading out for a weekend of work and saw your post. That was a nice surprise to start my day!!! :Pinkbounc
I'm looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months. We have some great people on this thread, and now we have one more. :grouphug:

mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

03-11-2006, 10:44 PM
I'm glad you found us!!! Will this be your first Disney Cruise? What are the ages and sexes of your children? Both of my children will be celebrating their birthdays while we are on this cruise. My oldest son will be turning 18 and my younger son will be turning 13.

Kathy -

Thank you for pointing out the arrival time. I thought it was an hour before the ship left. To be on the safe side, we will only spend 3 hours at the park and then be on our way to the port by 11:30am. That way we should be at the port no later than 2pm.

Euphscott -

I had a hard time deciding to cancel my Dolphin ressies. I have always wanted to stay there. Unfortunately, I am not renting a car this trip so I will be relying on ME to get us from the airport. Dolphin does participate in ME so that was the deciding factor.

Hopefully on our next trip we'll get to stay at the Dolphin!

03-12-2006, 03:45 PM
The Travel Channel will be re-airing their Disney Cruiseline episode on the following dates:

MAR 14 2006
@ 10:00 PM

MAR 15 2006
@ 01:00 AM

MAR 16 2006
@ 07:00 PM

MAR 17 2006
@ 02:00 AM

MAR 18 2006
@ 03:00 PM

03-12-2006, 04:34 PM

Thanks for the welcome ladies. Yes, we've been on a Disney cruise before. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we rebooked and to think we still have six and a half months to go. For our first Disney cruise, we didn't know about the wisdom of booking far in advance. The idea of going on a cruise didn't occur to us until three months before we booked it. That seemed like FOREVER to wait. The kids and I made a 100 day countdown chain that stretched longer than the average sized anaconda and they took turns cutting the links. As you can imagine, we paid too much. Two category 10's for the cheapest week of April was close to $6900.00. (This time we're paying a little under $5000 with a category 6 and 11). At least we knew to buy our insurance on our own. LOL. God was merciful, though. At check-in when I told the representative our room numbers, he said, "Nope," gave me a goofy smile and said, "You must know the right people. You're in 6028 and 6030." I never won the lottery but I think I knew what it felt like at that moment. We went from having adjoining rooms with portholes to connecting rooms with verandas! To say that set the mood is an understatement. Of course, now, we're spoiled. Some people say the veranda is a waste of money for them, and I believe them. For us, that is not the case. To book two sixes is extravagent for us. That is why we booked a category 6 for dh, dd and myself with the category 11 across the hall for the boys.

Our kids consist of an 11 year old son, an 8 year old son, and 5 year old daughter. We live in New Jersey but we're not from here. Talk to you all later!

03-13-2006, 12:38 AM
:welcome: Monica and family! :sail: My son is 9 and my daughter is 6 so they will be in the same clubs as your youngest two.

Thanks Kathy :goodvibes , but we don't have it humid and muggy right now. Except for the rain, it has been very temperate. I love the weather here.

Happy planning everyone :sunny:

mom x4,grandma x4
03-13-2006, 07:11 AM
Good morning everyone, :goodvibes

Well, we survived another weekend of painting and cleaning, packing and unpacking. It will sure feel good when we are all moved and settled in.
Then I can concentrate more on my door signs and things for the cruise.

I heard lots of songs on the radio while working ,that we have heard on the cruise. So I just kept picturing where I was and what I was doing on the ship when it was playing. :banana: I got to relive the last 4 cruises. That was fun and made it easier to get the work done. :cool1:

I hope all of you had a great weekend. :thumbsup2

We are suppose to hit 80 again today, so we are going to have a beautiful day today. :sunny:

Kathy :wave2:

03-13-2006, 08:49 AM
Welcome aboard Monica - it sounds like you will have a great time!

Thanks for the info on the Magical Express Angela. I was not aware of that little nugget. My grandparents live near Orlando, meet us at the airport, and whisk us off to our hotel, so that piece of the puzzle escaped me. That is a significant cost savings as well.

Tropical weather invaded north Texas this weekend - I was very much in the mood to cruise. Throw in my daughter's birthday and we were all very festive. We took her out to eat at a sit down restaurant. We started working on the napkin on a lap, thank yous to the wait staff and so on. We will have a polite little princess by September we do hope!

Have a terrific start to your week all...

03-13-2006, 01:00 PM
:love: Greetings!Our kids consist of an 11 year old son, an 8 year old son, and 5 year old daughter. We live in New Jersey but we're not from here. Talk to you all later!

:wave: Welcome Monica... Just like you we can't wait. While we have five kids only our two younger girls are going with us. Jennah :cheer2: will be 10 and Macy :cheer2: is 7. They actually don't know yet that we are going. They have been on outer cruises [not disney] and didn't have a great time. :sad2: So this time they know that there aunts and cousions are going but not us. But we did tell them we are considering going [a later month then we actually are] and that if they earn enough points we will probably go. They can earn two points per day. 1 by having a good day at school and completing all their homework & 2 by doing all their chores and NOT FIGHTING with each other and their brothers. :thumbsup2 they have to earn at least 200 points. :rolleyes1

i just hope that Disney is the answer we are looking for. :ccat: We took the girls last year on the Carnival Pride...and the kids "camp" was literally like a 8x10 room, with a small art table with four chairs.... a small tv with a dvd player, and some board games. pirate: They HATED it. :eek: And only spent a total of 3 hours in 7 days there. And Macy had just barely [by two weeks] turned 6..so she couldn't stay up for any of the shows..and the dining room WAS NOT kid friendly... :furious: as in meals for them. So I only was able to enjoy the dining room 1 night...all the other nights we ordered room service or went to get pizza...or salad and fruit from the buffet. :sad: I was never so happy for a cruise to end as I was that one :blush:

On a side note I ordered and received the porthole guide [?] book. It is GREAT...ive learned a few things already. I would Highly reccomend this book to anyone. :jumping1:

Well, I should go..Have an awsome Monday all.... many :grouphug: and :love:

03-13-2006, 11:23 PM
Greetings, Everyone! It's was so warm today in New Jersey. It was just too lovely outside to not take a walk. We finished all our schoolwork early and went in search of geocache. We found one out of three and put over five miles of wear and tear on our sneakers doing it. I'm tired!!

Once again, thanks for the welcome. A few days ago, I skimmed the thread. It looks like the group is growing at a comfortable rate. We sure do cover every corner of the country, don't we?

Scott, I apologize for greeting the ladies last time and not you. You're obviously not a female. My in-laws live in Tyler. My MIL was telling me about the weather yesterday. Did you write that your daughter is almost four? With manners like you're teaching her now, I'm volunteering to be your tablemates!

Well, Sftnslky, sounds like that last cruise disappointed on many levels. No worried now though! I'm too tired to scroll, so tell me again, please, how many Disney cruises have you been on? We almost took a Carnival cruise, just dh and myself, last month, but when we found out that none of the grandparents were available to keep the kids, we canceled it. We've been talking about a cruise, just the two of us, for 16 years!

Dh and I are thinking of getting recertified in order to go scuba diving during the cruise. That's just one of those hobbies we haven't pursued since having children. That's my excuse anyway. I think Dh is still getting over the time he brushed his arm over some fire coral. ;)

03-14-2006, 08:48 AM
I never said my daughter was successful with her table manners yet! Actually she's doing well with the napkin on her lap. She gets that and can hold still for about 5-10 minutes, after that it's time to consider alternate forms of entertainment. She does reasonably well in restaurants, but we still have work to do. Texas weather has been crazy. We were near 90 on Sunday, but today we start in the upper 30's. We should warm up to near 70 by the end of the afternoon. Fortunately your family in Tyler is a little wetter than we are - this drought we have been in is making life miserable with fires and threats of them all around.

I just wanted to remind everyone of the Travel Channel programming listed above (thank you Angela). I have my PVR set up to pick it up. While I've seen it my daughter will enjoy checking it out.

03-14-2006, 02:13 PM
I never said my daughter was successful with her table manners yet! Actually she's doing well with the napkin on her lap. She gets that and can hold still for about 5-10 minutes, after that it's time to consider alternate forms of entertainment. She does reasonably well in restaurants, but we still have work to do.

Don't worry, Scott. I wasn't envisioning the perfectly behaved little princess. I know what preschoolers are like. The only perfectly behaved preschooler is a sleeping preschooler (or one who is totally engrossed by a movie, subdued by the lethargy of illness or has a big bowl of ice cream in front of her). I just have a good feeling about the fact that you and your wife are teaching her manners. When our oldest son was our only child, we could go anywhere and he never fussed or misbehaved no matter how long we were at the table. When second ds came along, we were dealing with a different kind of kid. It became obvious that going out to eat was not worth the effort of keeping him occupied for the length of the meal. DD was a tough one to take out too for a while. We probably saved a lot of money during those years. LOL

03-14-2006, 05:52 PM
Greetings, I'm too tired to scroll, so tell me again, please, how many Disney cruises have you been on? ;)

Actually we have never been on a Disney Cruise, This will be our first one. :woohoo: We have sailed on Carnival MANY times and on Royal a few.... :rolleyes: And we usually went with my hubbys family and our oldest daughter...and last time was with our two younger girls......which was THE BAD one!!!! :sad2:

:offtopic: I was thinking the other day... That since we are on the west coast... and we asked for the early seating dinner, will we be thinking/feeling that we are eating lunch instead? :confused3 And is the ports of call in the same time zone as FL?

Second :offtopic: Kathy did you read my post about the great deal another poster got by being a FL resident? Were you guys able to get an additional percentage off? :Pinkbounc I was hopping you would be able to take advantage of were you live :p

Third :offtopic: Have any of you done the "dolphin" excursion? I was thinking how much me and my girls would love that. :lovestruc DH dosen't swim so he wouldn't like it...but I KNOW my girls would.

I was reading my book that I got and it was talking about a heated spa pass [charge per day] that you can get to use on the ship..lol ok this probably isn't making much sense...so I will get the book and read it again..but was wondering [if you know what I am talking about lol] if any of you have tried it? Did you like it?

Well have a great Tuesday afternoon all. Many :grouphug: & :love:

03-14-2006, 10:00 PM
I think the room you are talking about is the Tropical Rainforest. I didn't buy a pass but since I had purchased a spa treatment, I had use of the room, too. It was a lovely experience, made lovelier by the complimentary champagne I was drinking and the fact that the room was empty while I was there. Does your book show pictures of it? I can't describe it. Someone here help me out.

03-15-2006, 08:19 AM
It does sound like the Rainforest room. It is a nice relaxing room. Thumbs up from here!

My recollection is that the ship keeps the same time as when in Port Canaveral. Although this is a Western cruise, so it would be possible to have a ship time and on shore time be different. Mexico is in the Central Time Zone. That's worth checking into...good question.

03-15-2006, 11:11 PM
Here's a link to some pictures if you haven't already seen the post and the link on the Cruise forum.


mom x4,grandma x4
03-16-2006, 07:19 AM
We just did the Western last December and there was a time change. I believe it was one hour. :hourglass They leave a reminder in your room the night before and it is on the front page of the Navigator too. ;)
Hope everyone is having a great week :banana:

Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
03-16-2006, 01:43 PM
Hi Becca,
To answer your question, we have beeb so busy getting ready for this move that we havnt had a chance to check out the florida resident rares. My DH has checked them out from time to time in the past. You can get some good discounts sometimes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend,
Kathy :wave:

03-16-2006, 08:06 PM
Did anyone watch that special you guys were talking about? We don't have our tv connected to an antenna or cable, we use it to watch dvd's and that's it. Was it a documentary? Maybe, I can rent it from netflix if it was.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-17-2006, 08:05 AM
Hi Monica,
I didnt see it last night, but i have seen it a few times before. it is not a documentary, it is just a one hour special on DCL. You wont be able to rent it anywhere. I'm sure it will come on a few more times, it always does this time of the year. Maybe you know someone who could tape it for you and then you could watch it on a VHS tape if you have the player. My stuff is all disconnected getting ready to move next week or i would try to get it for you. If it plays again in a couple of weeks and you dont have anyone to tape it for you I will try to get it for you, if you have a VHS player. let me know.
I will be off line soon for a few days, so dont think I am being rude if you write soon and I dont answer you right away, I just wont be able to get on line for awhile. I should have a few days yet until I'm turned off for awhile.
mom x4,grandma x4

03-17-2006, 12:34 PM
Hi Becca, To answer your question, we have beeb so busy getting ready for this move that we havnt had a chance to check out the florida resident rares. Kathy :wave:

Dear Kathy I totally understand. I was so happy for you thinking you might get more $$$ off your cruise. Thats always a nice surprise :cheer2:

Did anyone watch the Travel channel DCL special? I thought it was pretty good. It had ALOT of what the DCL DVD had, but it was still cool to see somethings we didn't know.

As for my question about the rainforest room.... :rotfl2: LOL yes that is what I was talking about. It looks so cool. They talked some about it on the special. Not really sure if it is worth the $$ But maybe for just one day. Is anyone planning on getting a massage on the trip? I read the prices and OH MY they are MUCH higher then here on land, and shorter in time that they actually do the massage. And then to be "sold" to for the whole 50 minutes isn't my idea of fun :smooth:

I have a question for those of you who have made door signs in the past. I've got the magnatic paper, got the Disney magic artist CD, BUT we have the wrong kind of printer. We have a black and white laser printer. I went to kinkos and asked them if they would print it out for me.....after they stoped laughing :rotfl2: They said NO!! They wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole due to copyright infringement. So any suggestions on what I should/could do? :confused3

I hope everyone has an awsome weekend. Many :grouphug: and :love:

mom x4,grandma x4
03-17-2006, 01:18 PM
another way to make the door signs is to go to a craft store, I like JoAnne's and look at the stickers they have. They still really well on the magnetic sheets. They have disney ones, and lots of tropical ones and some that say specific islands . There is just about anything you can think of for cruising and tropical themes. Plus they have all kinds lettering you can use to write out anything you'd like too. When your done you can have it laminated to protect it or just leave as is. I did 2 signs this way and they came out really nice. Most craft stores have stickers, even wal mart has some.
You might think about looking to see what you can find and then play around with some ideas. The great thing about stickers is you can lay them out and rearrange them many times until you get them just perfect. Then remove the backing and stick into place.
I'm sure someone else may have more ideas, but this worked for me.
mom x4,grandma x4
kathy :wave:

03-17-2006, 01:38 PM
I purchased a mini-facial and massage package. It was a special. If you specifiy on your pretreatment forms you are not interested in the products, you won't be bothered. That being said, the big deterrant for me is the price and the fact that you don't know who's going to do your massage. The gal I had was horrible. My husband gives better massages. The facial was not relaxing. It felt like goop going on and then rubbed off. I was glad when it was over. After the treatment I was given a gift of cream and a glass of champagne to enjoy while I relaxed in the Rainforest room. They provide the towels and robe. That was nice.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-19-2006, 07:15 PM
Howdy everyone,
I hope everyone had a good weekend. we had very nice weather all weeekend. :sunny:
I didnt have anything much to say, but at least I bumped us up to page 1 again!! It is easier for people to find us if we can stay on page 1.
Have a great week, everyone, :banana: :banana: :banana:

03-20-2006, 08:36 AM
WET weekend in Texas. Officially we had 4 inches of rain over Saturday and Sunday, but many parts of our area had well over 9!!

Interesting personal note is that I was outside marching in it all day Saturday. I march in an all-age drum and bugle corps each summer. Our first drill learning rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday. As long as there was no lightning we were in it. And by the end I was soaked to the bone. Temps were in the 40's and 50's - but (here's the crazy part!) I loved every bit of it. But the thought of cruising instead sure sounds better.

I watched the DCL special with my daughter. She was pretty excited by all the characters. I was impressed with the soundtrack of Animator's Palate. I was not aware of that bit of information. I'll be listening for it during dinner. I still wonder why the cruise line does not produce a CD. That soundtrack would be one more item of interest to publish.

Happy Monday once again!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-20-2006, 01:19 PM
Happy first day of spring everyone!!!!
Ok, who's up for spring house cleaning???

No, not for me either. My house is all tore apart anyway.
I decided today should be a day of relaxation for me! :goodvibes
It is suppose to hit 90 here today :sunny:

I cant help but wonder if the first day of spring is going to be 90, what is summer going to be like??? :confused3

Scott, it sounds like you really got a soaking. We have some days where we get up to 4 inches and more in the summer months so I know what your going through. You must be very dedicated or a little :crazy: to march out in it.

Well everyone I hope you all enjoy the first day of spring where ever you are.

Kathy :wave:

03-20-2006, 02:14 PM
I've been called crazy - but the rain was gentle and constant as opposed to just a flat out downpour on Sunday.

Today we have sunshine and 70's.

You gotta love those Florida springs. It sure beats a New York Winter.

I don't recommend spring cleaning at all. It just stirs up dust and bothers allergies! Enjoy your day of rest.

03-20-2006, 03:52 PM
Happy Spring, Kathy and Everyone!

LOL, Scott. Good reason not to clean or at least a good reason to hire someone else to do it while you go away for a little break while the dust settles. When I'm well off enough, I think I'll take a spring cleaning cruise!
I hosted Mom's Night Out for our homeschool group last Friday, we were out most of Saturday and away overnight on Sunday, so our house is, for the moment clean. I did, however, vacuum and clean our van and the chicks' brooding pen.

If it's not too late and you have Rita's Italian Ice nearby, go get free Italian ice. For those who don't already know, they give out free cups of Italian ice on the first day of spring. We've gone for ours inspite of the 15 degree below normal temperature. The only year we've skipped this tradition was the year it was sleeting on the first day of spring. Just couldn't get in the mood that time. ;)

Did I share with the group that we have 28 chicks? They are 3 weeks old now. We were supposed to split the order up but the other families bailed on us! They are still living indoors but in a couple weeks should be feathered out and will be moved out of the workshop. Dh has part of the coop finished. It's a little bigger than I was imagining. Maybe, we will keep all 28 chicks. NOT!!

Is anyone setting up a little web page for our "group". Was that brought up before I came "on board" ?

mom x4,grandma x4
03-20-2006, 05:27 PM
Hi Monica,
Are you volunteering to keep track of us??? :confused3 No one has offered yet. So if you want the job it's yours, unless someone objects. :thumbsup2
It is great to have a list of people and some facts about them to study before we all meet. We have done this before and it really helps to know who is who. :grouphug:
If you want to do this, let me know and I will be the first to give you some information about us to start the list. :surfweb:
mom x4,grandma x4
kathy :wave:

03-20-2006, 05:51 PM
Kathy, I know absolutely nothing about creating a web page. If there is someone here more capable and just as willing, let him or her have at it. Otherwise, I'll give it a shot. I never back down from a challenge. (Unless it's something really dumb like challenging me to drink raw eggs or enter a wet tee shirt contest).

mom x4,grandma x4
03-20-2006, 08:30 PM
i have the same problem. i dont know how to do much of anything accept e-mail. So we will ask:

do we have any volunteers to keep a updated list of our group and eventually send a copy to each of us so we will know who is who???? :grouphug:

If we dont get any volunteers and you want to give it a try Monica, then go for it. Hopefully one of us will know how to do this, but it's not me. :confused3


03-20-2006, 08:59 PM
Hi, All. I found space on Yahoo for a little web page. There's the Pagebuilder program for people like me with 2 left thumbs. Dh said he'd help me. Don't expect anything slick! IF anyone else wants to do this, that's fine with me~~

03-21-2006, 01:58 AM
Is March 20th the first day of spring every year? Or is it just because it falls on a Mon. this year? Well, the 20th marks 12 years of marriage for my DH and I :love: . It also was a wonderful spring day here, felt just like summer. :sunny: Full sun all day. So nice to have a sunny day after all of that rain.

Are your kids homeschooling Monica? My kids are and we enjoy it. We have a great homeschool group here so we feel lucky. Whatever type of webpage you come up with for our cruise will be fine. We are certainly not in any position to complain :p .

:lmao: Scott about spring cleaning being bad for allergies. I'll have to remember that excuse.

Thanks for keeping this thread bumped up so well Kathy :goodvibes . It is always easy to find.

Have a fun week all.

03-21-2006, 06:09 AM
I hope everyone is doing well. My boys and I had a productive weekend. Despite Scott's warnings - we cleaned :)

The weather here is still cold - spring or not. Hopefully it will start to warm up over the next few days.

Florida 1st day of spring and 90 degrees?? Hawaii "felt like summer" and Texas "sunshine and 70"?? I am definately living in the wrong place. It is 22 degrees here in Michigan this morning...brrrrr!!

Monica -

A webpage sounds like a great idea. The Yahoo page would be great. Thank you for accepting the challenge. Do you want us to PM you with our info? What type of info are you looking for?

We watched the DCL special. Liked it better than the DVD. I don't like the fact that you have to navigate to different sections on the DVD. We are doing a pre and post cruise stay at WDW so we also watched the WDW Behind the Scenes special and tonight the Travel Channel is showing a special on the Animal Kingdom.

I am thinking about booking a massage - I usually try to go to the spa when I cruise. But I agree, the prices are high and the time is short.

I am getting ready to go work out. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by the cruise. I started in January and so far I have lost 25 lbs!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-21-2006, 06:27 AM
Hi Angela,
Wow, 25 pounds is a lot to loose already. You should feel great about yourself. :cool1: I'm sure you'll make the last 25 by the cruise too!!! :thumbsup2
I have had a problem with weight until the past few years. I lost almost 100 pounds at one time, but it was not by dieting, i was ill and lost it over about a 2 month period. That is the hard way to do it. I admire your will power. I know I could never have stuck to a diet. :stir:

Heidi, i'm glad you checked in with us, it has been a while since we had heard from you and Angela too. :wave2:

Monica, well that's 3 votes for you to try the web page. We are certainly not fussy about it. Just do what ever you feel good about and the rest of us will be grateful for all your efforts. :surfweb:
On past lists we have had the following information on them:

All is voluntary! People do not have to contribute anything if they are uncomfortable with it. :confused3
we had names, ages, state where we were from, room number, what # of cruise it was for us, late or early dining, if we were celebrating a special occassion on the cruise, stuff like that. If anyone can think of anything else that might be interesting let us know. Maybe if you have an interesting hobby that you would like to share.

Anybody got any ideas???? :goodvibes

03-21-2006, 09:42 AM
A Yahoo group is an easy "site" to set up. I did that for one of our previous cruises. It does not require much set up and is practically maintenance free. Group members add what they like and can post pictures, information and so on.

Happy Anniversary, Happy Spring, and well, happy snow?! Weather reports are crazy right about now. Allergies or not, I am happy it's getting warmer (OK - 22 degrees in MI does not qualify).

And yes, we did clean the house a little over the weekend.

03-21-2006, 12:39 PM
I am soooo excited :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc I reserved our hotel stay in Port Canaveral. It is a brand new hotel. The Residence Inn. We booked a two bedroom suite... :woohoo: It has two bedrooms, a living room with a sofa bed, two full bathrooms, a full kitchen, and Free breakfast and transportation to the pier. Got [what we thought] was a really good deal. Only $151 per night. :thumbsup2

Due to the time diffrence [3 hours] and the long flight [6 hours] and the 1 hour shuttle to Port Canaveral we are acutally going down on Thursday the 21st of September. :yay: Will get in late that night, and have all of Friday to relax, swim, rest etc... Then the next morning..DISNEY HERE WE COME!!! :goofy: :mickeyjum :tigger: :donald:

I went today to Home depot and got about 60 of the mouse ears paint samples. :earboy2: I read on the boards yesterday that some Home Depots are discontinuing the Disney paint..so they no longer had the mouse ears.... :earboy2: So I got them while I could...... :mickeyjum And of course while I was there I saw an AWSOME french fridge... I want it BAD :rolleyes1 lol but I DON'T want the price. I could not go on the cruise to get it..lol but I AM NOT STUPID!!! :rotfl2: :lmao: LOL

Well, i'm not spring cleaning today, but I am gonna go into the land of no return.... aka my girl's room...They are PIGGIES... :hyper: ::yes:: I hope you all have an AWSOME Tuesday....

Many :grouphug: and :love1: all.

03-21-2006, 02:31 PM
I just got off the phone with Costco Travel. We have some friends for ours who are thinking of going with us..and they wanted me to try to find a good deal for a balcony room... :thumbsup2 So Costco tells me the rate...which seems somewhat high...but it was for a catagory 6 deck 6, for four people.. and the rate was $4159.20, BUT then the Costco agent says...."just so you know for future reference... As of April 1st 2006 Disney will NO LONGER sell any discounted cruises. :rolleyes2 The only way you can save $$$ is to either book directly with Disney BEFORE you get off your cruise...OR Book with AAA or Costco or someone who will give you shipboard credit. :confused3

I asked her what type of credit they were offering she said fthat Costco isn't offering [at this time] any shipboard credit, but they will send you a Costco Gift card. For instance if you book an inside stateroom you would get a $200 gift card, oceanview is $275, balcony is $350 and a suite is $500.

I then called our agent at Priceline who we booked our cruise with and she did confirm this "rumor"...and she said that Disney is also not gonna let any travel agents "give" part of their percentage to their clients. :sad2: And that the only way the agent could "gift" their client would be to add $$ to their shipboard account. If this is true then we might not be able to cruise with Disney as often as we would like. :furious:

Many sad :grouphug: to all.

03-21-2006, 04:22 PM
That's a drag about the price of a DC being restricted that way but we'll just have to roll with it if we want our DCL fix. For us, I'm thinking it's going to be every 18 months to two years between cruises. That is if we make the kids pay for their own college education. JUST kidding.

Heidi, we're also homeschoolers. It's something dh and I agreed we'd do before we ever had kids. It's great but sometimes I fantasize about putting the kids on the bus and having the day to myself. I know that time, when I actually do have the whole day to myself, will come all too soon. This past year was the first time any of the kids had stepped foot in a school building and it was for a Cub Scout meeting. LOL. Homeschooling is common here. Where are you? Do you have a lot of homeschoolers in your area?

Webpage or yahoo group? Hmmm. Yahoo group would be a lot easier. I've done those before. Scott, was it well recieved when you did it on that other cruise? I think I might go set one up. From what dh says creating and maintaining a website can be time consuming.

Reservations. Oh, gosh, I haven't even considered where we're staying. You just reminded me that with 6 months to go, I should be doing this. Last time we stayed at the Ramada Inn. We liked that well enough. It was 119.00 for a regular hotel room. The shuttle got us to the port by 10:30, I think, maybe a little earlier. Breakfast was not free. The pool area was lovely but the rooms were so-so. Having the free parking was a factor since we'll be driving down. Is the Residence Inn the new place that people are talking about?

03-21-2006, 05:11 PM
Oops, I thought I posted that I've created a Yahoo group. I don't see it. I wonder WHERE I posted it. :blush: Shoot me an email so I can send everyone invitations. I set it up as private. Don't need no spammers!

03-21-2006, 06:35 PM
[QUOTE=yazee1 Is the Residence Inn the new place that people are talking about?/QUOTE]

:thumbsup2 Yes it is. The web page is http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/MLBRI I called afor you nd they said "yes we have free parking for those going on the cruise...it is in a guarded 24 hour a day lot" :goodvibes So I hope that helps you.

Have an Awsome "American Idol.....Go Mendisa YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!" Tuesday Many :grouphug: and :love1: to all...

03-21-2006, 08:52 PM
Thanks for doing that! Room is booked. We'll be able to park for free but the shuttle will cost extra. It still comes out cheaper than staying at the Radisson.

03-22-2006, 03:12 AM
A new place to stay sounds exciting :thumbsup2 . I hope you enjoy the Residence Inn. We are getting into Orlando very late Fri. night, so we are all staying at the Hyatt. It will be so nice to just walk to our rooms and not have to catch a cab or shuttle that night. We will share a stretch limo to the port the next morning.

I'll PM you my email, Monica. Thanks again for being willing to set it all up. We are in Hawaii right now and this is the most homeschoolers we have ever lived near. My first born turned "school age" while we were living in the UK. Homeschooling was not common there. I actually didn't know anyone who was homeschooling while we lived there.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Scott. I didn't do any spring cleaning but I did replace our mailbox. The old one had finally rusted a big hole in the top and our mail was getting wet :p . I picked out a rustproof white one with sea turtles painted on both sides. It really is cute!

Wow! 25 pounds gone, WTG :thumbsup2 . Are you just exercising it off, Angela, or are you eating special as well? Kathy, has it been hard keeping the 100 pounds off? I am happy for your success.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-22-2006, 06:54 AM
No problem at all, :cool1: in fact I have the opposite problem now, it's hard to keep it on. Go figure?? :confused3
Life can give you a few strange twists and turns. :rotfl2:

Remember everyone, :grouphug: that tomarrow when i go off line for several days, i am depending on you guys to keep us bumped up to the first page :thumbsup2 so anybody who may be looking for our date can find it easily. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Kathy :wave:

03-22-2006, 08:09 AM
We'll keep the thread rolling along - no problem there.

Yes, the Yahoo group did well enough. We basically used it for posting pictures so we would recognize one another. We actually were able to meet for dinner at a restaurant the evening before the cruise in Galveston, so the recognition was helpful.

03-22-2006, 01:29 PM
i go off line for several days, i am depending on you guys to keep us bumped up to the first page :thumbsup2 so anybody who may be looking for our date can find it Kathy :wave:

:confused3 I will help, but not sure what "bump us up" means? Anyone that can let me know how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it :thumbsup2

I hope everyone has an awsome Wednesday!! :goofy: :goofy:

many :grouphug: and :love1: to all.

03-22-2006, 01:47 PM
:confused3 I will help, but not sure what "bump us up" means?

You just did it :thumbsup2

Anytime you post, it bumps up our thread to the top. Sometimes, you might not have much to say. In those cases, a poster might just post "bump" making fun of the fact that all they are really doing is bumping up their thread ;)

03-22-2006, 01:53 PM
Wow Kathy. How confusing to have your body change it's mind on you. At least you can indulge yourself on the cruise without worry. Here is hoping that you don't get too thin, we want you healthy for the cruise :goodvibes

03-22-2006, 03:00 PM
Okay, there are now two members of the yahoo group and one posted picture. LOL. I'll add whoever emails or pm's me.

Scott or anybody, what's an easy way to create a cheap and easy price list with pictures? I'm working on a list of rubberstamping and craft supplies I'm selling and I want to make a little catalog. I'm trying to do it in openoffice and it is so tedious!

Kathy, I hope your offline days go quickly. Will you be near the library? When I'm away or the computer's acting up, I go to the library to get on-line.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-22-2006, 04:56 PM
I didnt think about a library. There is a library near by, I have seen it on line, however I have no idea where it is. I dont know any street names yet. I will have to buy a map or check out map quest while I still have service. Thanks for the tip!!!
Kathy :wave:

03-22-2006, 09:38 PM
Wow! 25 pounds gone, WTG :thumbsup2 . Are you just exercising it off, Angela, or are you eating special as well?

Thanks Strawberry. I am actually doing a modified "Biggest Loser" diet. Modified meaning I'm not working out 4 - 5 hours a day :)

When I first started I was working out 1 - 2 hours in the evenings and 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday but it got to be too much and I found it hard to motivate myself to go workout.

Now I aim for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. Sometimes it's more but at least if I do 30 minutes I feel like I accomplished my goal versus feeling like I have to endure another hour and a half on the elliptical.

I have also changed the way I eat. I have given up all white foods - no potatoes, no pasta, no flour, no rice and no sugar. Unfortunately I haven't been able to give up salt. :confused3

I basically eat fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy and lean protein. So far it hasn't been that hard. I have endulged myself on occasion. I ordered a small order of McDonalds french fries a few weeks ago. They were a little cold but still they were the best fries I had ever had. I was tempted to rip apart the bag so I lick the remnants but I was able to restrain myself!!!

Monica -

I sent you a PM with my email address.

Well, I better sign off now. I hope everyone has a great night and a MAGICal tomorrow!!!

03-22-2006, 10:35 PM
I sent out 2 more invitations. I hope you got them.

I'm going to take a little Scrabble break. Any Scrabble players in the group? I love it. I almost brought my board with me on the cruise last year.

03-23-2006, 08:24 AM
I too sent a PM - we'll use that declaration as bump for our thread...

03-23-2006, 12:16 PM
I sent out 2 more invitations. I hope you got them.
I'm going to take a little Scrabble break. Any Scrabble players in the group? I love it. I almost brought my board with me on the cruise last year.

:love: I LOVE scrabble.... In fact there is a great online game... on pogo.com its called qwerty. Its very challenging. If you bring a board on the cruise I will play with you :thumbsup2

Have a great Thursday everyone.

03-23-2006, 08:56 PM
I've played querty. If you want to play scrabble on line with me go too www.isc.ro . Download Wordbiz. My username is yazee1 . It's strictly scrabble and it's amazing. Players range from "just for fun" to real life NSA champions. I'm there daily (or nightly). Let me know if you sign up.

03-24-2006, 11:25 AM
Well TGIF gang - it's been a long week, so I am not at all sad to this one pass.

With all the hubbub about the Mazgic heading to Europe in 2007 is anyone considering that trip?

It's not something we can do. The cost is WAY high and frankly DCL is getting out of touch. We've sailed other cruise lines. While DCL is a mgnificent product, it's just not cost prohibitive when you can get terrific products with more ship and itinerary choices at a greatly reduced cost. But if a fairy godmother planted a check in my savings account... :)

03-24-2006, 03:23 PM
Hello all!! :wave:

I too am happy this week is over. That means we are one week closer to our cruise! :yay: :yay: :yay:

I looked at the prices for the summer 2007 repo cruises and we will not be sailing. The cost is WAY out of my price range. I wish I could afford to go though. I definately want to go to Europe and I would prefer to cruise than fly but I can not swing it.

Maybe after Scott's fairygodmother deposits a check into his account, she can swing by my bank too :rotfl:

I hope everyone has a MAGICal weekend!!!

P.S. - I hope Kathy and her husband don't work too hard. I know it will be worth all of the work once they are all moved in.

03-24-2006, 04:38 PM
With all the hubbub about the Mazgic heading to Europe in 2007 is anyone considering that trip?

:lmao: :rotfl2: No Way, Scott! Got a house that needs a roof, dh's car has over 200,000 miles on it, kids heading for braces in the next couple years, a money pit of a rental property, a tax bill, etc, etc.

Even if we didn't have a financially stressful couple years ahead of us, that's a huge chunk of change for a family of five. I'd rather have that money in the college and retirement funds.

03-24-2006, 06:42 PM
Angela - that sounds like alot of exercise! I am taking off the last "baby" pounds by exercise myself. I try for at least 1/2 hour 5 times a week of walking on the beach. No wonder my scale is moving very slowly :rolleyes: . You are doing a great job, keep it up.

I knew there wasn't much chance of DCL going to Hawaii in 2007, the stronger rumor was for Europe, but I still was hoping. A non-American flagged ship can sail round trip in 10 days from Honolulu down to Fanning Island. That would have meant no airfare or travel for us and I was ready to jump on it. They will probably do Hawaii once we have moved away :guilty: .

At least I am not tempted by the med. cruises. Too far for us to fly (half way around the world for us right now). I like to spend as much time on Disney's ship as I can, too much to see in Europe = too much time off of the ship. I would rather do a road trip through France like we did when we lived in England. I am so excited about our upcoming cruise, I wouldn't change it at all :Pinkbounc !

03-25-2006, 11:31 AM
It's Saturday! Grey, drizzly day here. I'm imagining....six months from this moment.... :)

To my weight-losing cruise mates, I only made it to the gym 2 X this week. I'm a loser of the L-on-the-forehead variety. My goofly little dd wants to do our pilates tape together after I finish my cataloging project. (I'm selling all my rubber stamping supplies of the last 12 years. It's very temping to Ebay them but I don't want to pay both Ebay fees and Paypal fees, so I'm doing it the hard way. )

If anyone's around, I hope you're having a great day.

03-26-2006, 02:47 AM
:Pinkbounc Hoping you are all enjoying your weekends!

03-26-2006, 08:03 PM
Well the weekend is winding down. Getting ready for the work week :sad2:

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Monica -

Don't sell yourself short. Don't say you "only" made it to the gym 2 Xs. Say you went to the gym twice this week. Think positive and focus on what you did and not on what you didn't do! Two workouts are certainly better than none.

Strawberry -

You sound like quite a world traveler. You lived in England, traveled through France and now you live in Hawaii - wow!!! i want to be like you when I grow up :thumbsup2

About the exercise, if you are walking 30 minutes 5 times a week, you are getting the recommended amount of exercise. And I would suspect that walking on the beach (in the sand) would make it more challenging!!! Keep on walking and I'm sure you will see those pounds melt away!!

We miss you Kathy. Hope all is well on the new home front!!

Have a MAGICal week everybody!!!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-27-2006, 07:43 AM
Howdy everyone, :wave2:

I am back on line faster than I expected. :surfweb: On friday the technician was in the neighborhood so he dropped by and asked my husband if he wanted to get hooked up on friday, so he of course said YES!!! :Pinkbounc But I have been way too busy to get on line until now. We are 98% unpacked, mostly china closet breakables(disney stuff) to unpack. I am so glad it is done with the move. I'm pooped!!!!
I will still be very busy for a couple more days, since my washer and dryer wont arrive until later today I have a ton of laundry to do. But by the end of the week I should be doing pretty good. Then I will start painting 4 1/2 bathrooms. I like to paint and I will take my time so it wont be that bad. :goodvibes

Now I can get down to cruise stuff. i saw a scrap booking store yesterday that I will investigate to see if they have any cool stuff to put on my door signs. It will be next week before I can get back there because this week I have to scout around for new living room furniture to show my husband this weekend, and then to buy!! YEAH!!! It saves time if I check out stuff first.

I have my priate costume pirate: but need to look for a couple of new shirts for the cruise. I will get to disney in a couple of weeks and see if they have anything new or id I need to see about making my own again. :confused3

You guys did a great job of keeping us bumped up. :thumbsup2 Thanks!

We have been down in the low 40's at night the past 2 nights and 60 during the day. Bbrrrrrrrr!!!!! That is cold for us. But it's suppose to be getting warmer starting tomarrow. :sunny:
Well I have lots to do, just wanted to check in with everyone.

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

03-27-2006, 08:57 AM
Kathy, I'll be back to read your post. Sounds like there's a lot going on there.

I just wanted to let you all know I didn't forget about setting up the database. I threw something on there but It's not how it's going to stay, and it is accessible to members to add info.


mom x4,grandma x4
03-27-2006, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to tell you that I found another family that will be cruising with us on cruise critics. :cool1: I invited her to join us here on the dis boards. :teeth: I dont know if she will :confused3 ,but at least I got the invitation out to her. :banana: :banana: :banana:
Thats all for now,
kathy :wave:

03-28-2006, 01:37 AM
Strawberry -

You sound like quite a world traveler. You lived in England, traveled through France and now you live in Hawaii - wow!!! i want to be like you when I grow up :thumbsup2

About the exercise, if you are walking 30 minutes 5 times a week, you are getting the recommended amount of exercise. And I would suspect that walking on the beach (in the sand) would make it more challenging!!! Keep on walking and I'm sure you will see those pounds melt away!!


Living in different places is one of the perks of being in the military, it is also one of the downsides :p . So much of our time and energy is put into all of the relocating. I do love everthing I have learned and experienced though. Hawaii is like hitting the jackpot! The first time we have ever been sent somewhere that is on our "dreamlist". It was bad timing though, we had only been at our last duty station for 9 mths (it was meant to be 2-3 years) and we were not at all ready to move. Hawaii is making up for that in some ways.

Thanks for the encouragement on the exercise. The outdoor exercise sure is making me feel good. I started up in Nov. The last few pounds are the hardest to move. I don't want to starve them off because they would just come back once I started eating differently. I want to eat now, how I want to eat for the rest of my life, and mantain my health and weight ( minus the last few pounds). I see many older couples walking their dogs on the beach every evening. Daily walking is something that can be a part of my life even when I'm older. I'm hoping this all works out :sunny:

Kathy :wave2: , good to see you back and inviting more folks over.

03-28-2006, 01:23 PM
It took me a week to recover (and unpack) from my girl's weekend in MS. It was a blast!

You guys have been busy since I've been gone. I'm gonna read through the last couple of pages and catch up.

I just wanted to stop in and say hello and I've missed being on here. I'm ready to start getting ready!!! :cheer2:


03-28-2006, 02:17 PM
Glad your trip went well. I'm so excited to see your countdown say 5 mths + instead of 6 mths :thumbsup2 ! Less than half a year away :teeth: .

03-28-2006, 08:18 PM
Welcome back! A week to recover? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I can't seem to find any recent pictures of dh and myself to put on the yahoo group that isn't already linked to my sig line. How about our chickens, anyone want to see the youngest additions to our family. They're not going with us, of course.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-29-2006, 10:52 AM
sure go ahead and post the chicks!!! They are always so cute when they are little. But you will need to give them disney names, to make them official for the cruise site! Ha! Ha!
I have been having alot of trouble with my new internet service, so if you dont hear from me for awhile, that is why. I was 2 hours on the phone with them yesterday and it seemed to fix the problem, but now it's back messing up again, so I'm sure I will be another couple of hours on the phone again.
we are back to the beautiful sunny 80 degree weather that we should be having this time of the year. I'm glad.
Have a great day everyone.

03-30-2006, 10:35 AM
Sorry for my silence this week. It's been interesting.

We finally solved our issues surrounding the cruise. We were trying to figure what to do pre-cruise. 2 days of parks and hotels was going to cost us nearly $1000. That just did not seem smart. Plus, a 4 year old on her first cruise...We just decided that it would be best to come in Friday morning and stay at the Airport Hyatt. We'll hook up with my grandparents, visit Downtown Disney, swim a little, and picnic at the campgrounds my grandparents will drive their RV. We'll be refreshed for the first bus out to the Terminal from the airport on Saturday.

SO much cheaper. And it's likely much easier on the excitement and energy level of Brooke. She has been to Disney World twice, which she loves, but I'd hate to wear her down so that about day 4 on the ship we don't have meltdown time.

Happy planning gang - I hope clarity comes to the rest of you like it did for us.

mom x4,grandma x4
03-30-2006, 12:41 PM
Hi Scott,
good to hear form you.
Is the campground you referred to the Wilderness campground on WDW property? If so there are acouple of fun things for your daughter there. Maybe you have been there before, but just in case you havnt and if that is where they are staying, there is a free petting farm at the campground, by the restaurant. Also the horse barn is behind the petting farm. These are the horses that pull the wagons down main street at MK. It is also free and sometimes in september they will have a baby on display because they are old enough to meet the people. It is fun and most kids love it. Oh, at the petting area, they do offer pony rides, but I think it is a dollar charge and you must lead the pony around the path yourself. Also the best thing is in the evening Chip and Dale host a campfire sing along and sometimes show a animated movie afterwards. This is for people in the campground only so it is not too crowded. Sometimes they even roast marshmallows.
Well it was just an idea in case that is where you were headed.

It sounds like your plans have all fallen into place. That is great! Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have parents who are in tune with her limits. I have seen way too many parents at WDW who are just pushing their kids past their limits, no naps, not eating right, and stuck in a hard plastic stroller for hours on end. Then they get mad if the kids get fussy. I know people want to make the most of their time when they vacation, but it would be so much better if they would just take a break, go back to the hotel and let the kids nap or swim in the pool for awhile. Then eat a good meal and head back out for a few hours in the evening. I think they would all have such a better time.
well time to hopefully finish my last few boxes. I keep getting side tracked and then I loose my ambition all together. By the cruise I will be unpacked, I promise!!! That is about my speed lately.
Have agreat day everyone,

03-30-2006, 03:54 PM
I just caught up from page 6! Y'all have been busy!

Monica~ It's so good to have you here and thank you for doing the web page!
It did take me a week to recover from my trip. It was like a weekend away with 1000 of your best girl friends! I didn't get much sleep because we were up laughing till all hours of the morning. My voice didn't come back for 3 days! My kids were very happy. :rolleyes:

Heidi~ My in-laws are in your neck of the woods! They flew to Hawaii Tuesday and are now on a cruise! DD is soooooo green with envy! ::yes::
They said the weather is perfect and they like it better than Florida!

Kathy~ Sounds like the move is coming along. We've been doing some home improvements here. We replaced DD's window last week and have 3 more to go! What a pain!

Angela~ Congrats on the weight loss! I have to get started doing something. I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and it was pretty good. I'll be able to get outside and exercise once the azelas stop blooming!

Does anyone know when the new Passporter comes out? I've read my one from last year over and over and made all kids of notes in it. Hubby doesn't understand why I need a new one every time we cruise. :confused: I always bring it with me on the cruise me and make notes in it for my cruise reports.

We're not staying overnight, but driving straight there in the morning. It makes me very nervous, but I got out voted. There's 3 family going and I guess it'll be cheaper to drive in the morning. It's only a 5 hour drive, so it won't be too bad if we leave early.

Well, haven't I just rambled on! I'm going to go work on the door designs!


03-30-2006, 08:40 PM
You know, camping sounds like fun. We'll have to do that one of these cruises (God-willing, there will be more).

This isn't exactly a milestone day, but the kids and I are going to make our countdown chain this weekend. Last time, we started with 100 days to go and each link was hand written in marker because middle ds was learning to spell his days of the week. I think we'll print our links this time. Youngest dd is driving me nuts asking how long until we go. I think this will help her and me. LOL.

03-31-2006, 09:29 AM
No - the campground I am referencing is Tropical Palms RV Park. It is in Kissimmee off 192. They also have cabanas for families like ours that don't do so well out in nature (grrr allergies!). And they are very nicely priced (under $100 a night for cabanas that can sleep 4, plus a fully stocked kitchen - utensils, not food).

Absolutely Kathy - working with little ones is tough. We learned that food was the issue for us. Brooke did well with being busy, but if she got hungry, life was NOT going to be happy. We had a meltdown after the third time through Pirates. She wanted to get after it again, but was hungry and would not accept no. Other than that she really did well. And then we learned the magic of Mickey on a stick.. :)

Good luck driving Cheri. I've only driven down to Orlando once (since an adult - many trips with mom and dad in the back seat!) through the panhandle. That is a LONG drive down. I cannot imagine getting up ready to go no vacation and have to go that far the day of. My hat is off to you!

TGIF gang!

03-31-2006, 09:52 AM
Hey everybody!!!

All is well here in Michigan. Yesterday we got up to 60 degrees (yahoo!!) It's supposed to be around 60 again today but we are expecting some thunder storms (boo!).

Welcome back Cheri. Glad to hear you had some much fun during your weekend. I love getting together with my girlfriends and just hanging out.

Monica -

I love your idea of the chain. That is so clever. My youngest son asked me to buy him a calendar so he could count down the days. I wrote down important days between now and the cruise (like my birthday :rotfl2:). I also wrote down how many days until the cruise on each day. He loved it. Now every night before he goes to bed he crosses off another night.

Well gotta get back to work so I can pay for this cruise :)

I hope everyone has a MAGICal weekend!!!

03-31-2006, 10:54 AM
I finally got my ticker working! Now I'm official!!!

mom x4,grandma x4
03-31-2006, 12:37 PM
Hi everyone,
We are having great weather today :sunny: and it is suppose to continue through the weekend. I wish the pool was done curing so we could jump in.
Now that the deck is dry we can set out our patio furniture. ;) I think I will set some of my stuffed disney characters around the patio, play some tunes we hear on the ship, and serve some beverages in our souvenir glasses we got on board. Then I can just close my eyes and imagine we are on the Magic sailing to some tropical port. :rotfl2: Now if I could just find someone to wait on me hand and foot by the pool I would be all set!!!! :thumbsup2
Of course when I open my eyes and see the cows in the farm field behind us I just might not seem like the Magic, but close enough for now. :lmao:
Tomarrow will be April, another month is gone and we are that much closer to the cruise!!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc
Have a great wekend everyone.
Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-01-2006, 01:29 PM
Hi everyone,
I hope none of you have got caught on an April fools joke today.
My DH said he cancelled our DCL cruises and rebooked with RCCL. I did'nt see the humor in that!!!! The last time he pulled an april fools joke it back fired on him. He proposed and i accepted, so for the last 33 years he says he was only kidding. Too late now!!
We took time off from working around here and went to a small local festival in our new community. It was alot of fun with local arts and crafts, a parade which featured lots of local kids twirling batons, some equestrian clubs, fire and police and one marching band from our local middle school. They had a classic car show with about 25 cars and the library had a book sale too. They had local entertainment on a wooden platform that played and sang a wide variety of sonegs and narrated the parade. They had native american dancing by a group of indian children who where quite good and then they finished and some arabian horses performed in the same spot as soon as the band took a break. It was very relaxed and low key, we really liked it. It was the type of event where the kids could run around and have fun and nobody had to worry about them. It seemed like every 30 feet there was a policeman or fireman just talking and having fun with the crowd. Everyone was so friendly and chatted like they had known you for years. I will be looking forward to going again next year to see what they add to it.
We are having a hot day again, about 84 they say. Our deck is doen so my DH got the patio furntiure put out there last night and the BBQ. so we are all set. This evening I think we will walk down the dirt road at the back of our property. It goes to a lake about 1/4 mile from our house. I wont get too close to the lake because as everyone who lives here knows there are GATORS everywhere near the water. I have poisoined fire ants, run form rattle snakes, squished spiders almost as big as my hand, but I draw the line at facing down a gator!!!
I hope all of you are having a great weekend too.

04-01-2006, 05:05 PM
That festival sounds like a great time. I thinking we drove through Fruitland but then I remembered it was Plant City we drove through.

:rotfl2: Will you marry me? Just Kidding! That was some April Fool's joke (NOT) but a good story. No jokes here today. It's just my daughter and me at home today. Dh and sons are in Maryland working on the rental house and gathering up the painting equipment dh needs for painting the chicken coop.

I added one picture to the yahoo group but not of us, just one of the chickens.
I hope my kids don't figure out I have more "baby" pictures of the chickens than I do of them.

Becca, I'm here if you want to play scrabble or qwerty!

Off and on rain, here too. A couple hours ago, I was just about to put some snap peas and tomato seeds in the ground. While I was still inside, it started pouring. Rain after planting would have been fine. Rain while I'm planting is another story.

04-01-2006, 10:23 PM
I added one picture to the yahoo group but not of us, just one of the chickens. I hope my kids don't figure out I have more "baby" pictures of the chickens than I do of them.

Becca, I'm here if you want to play scrabble or qwerty!

Wow I must have missed a few post :confused3 I didn't know that our web site was up an running yet... How very awsome... :thumbsup2 What is the link/address so I can see it? I would love to send you some photos of my girls so they can be on the site if that is ok?

:lovestruc I wanted to apologize to everyone. I haven't been on very much at all lately. We are still dealing with all the Esate stuff from Dh's parents... and I have been in ALOT of pain this past week..and very, very tired... but sadly it is the norm....

I'm so excited :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc DH and I are finally going to get away for a few days starting next week. We are flying out to Vegas on Thrusday morning...and staying till the following Tuesday afternoon. We have been consumed with his [dying] parents and dealing with all the estate stuff since last August... So this small trip will be just what the Dr ordered.

I am also excited,,,.tomorrow night we are going out with some friends of ours to dinner and to see Krik Franklin along with Mary Mary in Concert. And our tiwns will turn 5 on April 20th so on April 23rd we are taking them to see the Wiggles live in concert....they will be soooo psyched!!!! :woohoo:

As soon as I get back from Vegas....Scrabble will be calling my name,.,..and I will be calling yours :teeth: :lmao:

I hope everyone has a great Sunday...and I will post more tomorrow....have a great night :p

Many :grouphug: and :love1: all

04-01-2006, 11:05 PM
Hi, There. I'm sorry to hear you and dh are going through this. Dh and I have never lost parents but I remember when my grandparents died and what my parents went through. As for the website, it's not one I created, it's just the yahoo group. I'm pretty sure you're a member. All members can add pictures and files, etc. If you have trouble with pictures, sure email them to me and I'll do it. If the file's too big and you're not sure how to resize them, I can do it.
I really, really want to go to Vegas one day.

Anyone who is confused by how to add pictures or files to the yahoo group, let me know. :surfweb:


04-01-2006, 11:36 PM
Hi, There. I'm sorry to hear you and dh are going through this. Dh and I have never lost parents but I remember when my grandparents died and what my parents went through. As for the website, it's not one I created, it's just the yahoo group. I'm pretty sure you're a member.

Monica...thank you for your kind words... It has been hard..Last August Hubbys Mom was told she had stage four lung cancer... She past away right before Thanksgiving. The day we told hubbys Dad that she past away [he was in EXTREME denial] he told all of us that he was NOT going to live without his wife of 49 years. True to his word... 5 weeks to the day we buried his Mom his Dad past away...[early January of 2006] then a week and half later we buried his Dad... and we have been dealing with the Estate every sense...one of the hard things is his parents live/ed in a town that is approx 1 1/2 hours from us.. so it is a day long adventure to try to get things done. :guilty:

Yes I am a member of yahoo, but what or where is the yahoo group at so I can look at the page? Well, my dryer just buzzed.... LOL when isnt it ever buzzing... so I need to go,,...I will post more later..have a great night all...

Many :grouphug: and :love1: all.

04-02-2006, 12:43 AM
The Yahoo group link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sailinginseptember/

If you're not listed as a member, let me know!

04-02-2006, 09:31 AM
I hope everyone remembered to change their clocks. My dogs wake me up every day at 8:00 for breakfast. Today I feel like I got to sleep in! It's supposed to be another beautiful day here. There was a festival yesterday but we didn't go. Seems like the kids are just growing up so fast. One wanted to go to the mall, and the other to a movie. Mom's Taxi Service was in full swing.

Kathy~your new house sounds beautiful! A pool, a lake, cows! Sounds like something this country girl would love. But, you can keep the gators! :rotfl2:

Scott~the drive isn't that bad. It's only 5 hours and the kids will probably nap on the way. I'm still pushing for driving in the night before. ::yes:: Especially because we'll have a 4 year old in our group.

Becca~have fun in Vegas!!! My parent's used to go there once a year. I've never been but it's on my list. I want to just see what all the different casinos look like. Just make sure you take time to relax. You deserve it.

Monica~thanks again for setting up the group. I'm heading over there right now to check it out. :teleport:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-03-2006, 07:55 AM
Happy monday morning everyone!! :cool1:

Well we are suppose to hit 89 today :sunny: so I guess I had better go out early to the store or my ice cream will melt before I get home. :confused3
At least it's not humid yet.

I hope tomarrow to get out to a couple of craft stores I saw and look for some new ideas for my door signs. it's time for me to get busy doing my signs. :woohoo: I have a bad habit of getting carried away and wanting to have too many signs on my door. Last trip I had 4, but I figured out I could easily get twice that many on my door. :cheer2:
I dont want to embarass my DH too much, so guess I had better stick with 4 or 5 signs again. :rolleyes1 Maybe????

well everyone, have a great monday. Remember this is one less monday before we cruise :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-03-2006, 10:31 AM
Monica and Cheri,
great pictures on the yahoo site. Guess I will have to get busy and find a picture or two worth posting of Dh and myself too. Then get my son to show me how to post them. i am so :crazy: when it comes to :teacher: anything new on my :surfweb:
By the time I try for awhile i feel like :furious: so I definately need his help.
Guess I am from the wrong generation when it comes to that stuff. :confused3 But I am learning. :rolleyes:
I hope more people will get pictures posted too. it is so nice to have a face to put with the names on this thread. :thumbsup2

Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-03-2006, 05:15 PM
We really have some great pictures now on the yahoo post.
Scott and Brooke are so cute with Mickey. Brooke looks like she is a daddy's girl the way she is all snuggled up with Scott.
But where is mommy? Hope you will post her picture too.
I will corner my son on Wednesday and see if I cant get a couple of pictures posted too.
Love the pics, keep'em coming guys!!! :thumbsup2


04-03-2006, 09:31 PM
I think we could use a picture for our group homepage. I have pictures but I know most of you do too, and this group is all of ours. We could vote. Maybe a picture of the Magic, Castaway Cay, the deck party, something funny, something uniquely Disney Cruise. Upload your submission to the photo gallery in the next few days if you have time. Knowing me I'll forget!

Have a great evening. Off to read the stories and play some scrabble.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-04-2006, 06:49 AM
I agree it would be neat to have a special picture posted for the yahoo site.
I will look around, but most of our pictures are on the other computer and it crashed. We are hoping to retrieve them, but who knows. We do have the printed pictures, but it will take a long time to scan them and put back on the computer. We didnt get backup CD's done for a lot of them. Hopefully someone will have a good picture of something related to the cruise.
take care,

04-04-2006, 11:18 AM
I will have to go back through my discs and see what I have for the Magic. It's been 4 1/2 years since we last sailed on her, so some of our stuff may not be entirely current.

That was Brooke's first up close meeting with Mickey. She was not as brave as she led us to believe. That was last year this time. I suspect she'll be much more open this time around. She's all excited.

We saw a commercial with kids romping on a sandy beach. She asked when she was going to get to go to the beach. I guess it's time for our own chain so she can begin to comprehend.

Mommy is a bit shy - so getting a picture of Cindy will take some time. I'll work on her, promise...

04-04-2006, 05:09 PM
Kathy, I'm sorry to hear about your photos. We'd be in deep doo doo if our hard drived crashed. A lot of the pictures are copied onto the other computer but the last couple years or more aren't. It's one of those "we really should do that" jobs. Don't worry about it. Probably all our pictures of the usual things look the same - same ship, same Palo, same departure party. same Castaway Cay shots.

Scott, we hand wrote the links for the first chain. What a pain in the neck! I'm not surprised Brooke was a little freaked out by the huge Rat, I mean Mouse. They're so small on the screen. :rotfl2: I was really glad to see Peter Pan onboard. Do you think we'll see Lilo and Stitch? That would be a big hit. Didn't see them last time.

The trip chain is working out great. No more "How many more days?"

04-05-2006, 07:07 AM
I made a new DCL pictures folder so we could see what to use for the main page. Just add some in there and we can vote later.

Scott~you could've left Brooke in my folder! She is toooooooo cute! princess: She will have such a blast on the cruise. Some friends of ours are bringing their 4 year old. I love watching them with the characters because they really BELIEVE! You don't realize how much you're going to miss that innocense until it's too late and you're surrounded by teenagers! :sad2: Tell Cindy to make sure she had tissue at all times. I always get teary eyed watching the little ones. I'm such a sap.

Kathy~I hope you find your pictures! That happened to us a few years ago. I was so upset...still am a little. We lost some valuable photos from our last trip to WDW. See, it was Amber's birthday and we let her bring a friend. It was her friends first time to Disney. We had a character breakfast scheduled for before the park opened so Main Street was EMPTY! ( I highly recommend doing this!) A CM came up to us and took our picture with the castle behind us and just started chatting. He asked if the girls would like to ride on a float in the parade!!!!!!!! :faint: :cheer2: It was the year Sleeping Beauty came out on DVD and they rode the float. We do have a few pictures we took on the disposable camera, but all the good ones were on the digital!

How's everyone adjusting to the new time? I am so messed up! It's so hard to get dinner ready when it's still daylight. :rolleyes:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-05-2006, 09:29 AM
The time change always throws me off for a couple of weeks. I have been waking up around 4:30 a.m. and can't go back to sleep. Then by 2 in the afternoon I am so tired that I keep dozing off if I dont get up and moving.
Guess that means I cant be lazy.
We were very foggy this morning, it looked like the scene of a horror movie outside. Guess I will just stay inside until it all goes away.
Well my house is finally starting to feel like home, I got all my disney stuffed animals arranged in the dining room with their Easter rabbit ears on their heads, and small baskets with plastic eggs in them. After Easter I will set up the Luau for them with the DCL souvenir glasses on the table and the lei's we got on board when they use to have the tropical night, plus I set out some of the gold wrapped chocolate coins from Pirate night. I have a tropical serving tray with Mickey And Minnie on it too. I love setting dressing them up for the holidays. Of course it means we dont get to use the dining room, but that is ok.
I also got my Toy Story characters set up in the loft area too.
Now my house looks like home.
Have a great day everyone,

04-05-2006, 11:36 AM
Oh yes - Brooke came out of her shell the last day of our week-long trip last April. She had been very brave from a distance, but not interested in seeing any characters up close. The last morning, we were strolled through Tomorrowland and she insisted she wanted to see Stitch (yes, the princess girly girl - hated the Princess breakfast and all...). So we stopped and got in line. Then Stitch had to take a potty break. She insisted we stay to wait for him (we feared a wait and then nothing). But she was bold and when it was her turn you could see her hesitate long enough to get the courage up - she took off running and nearly took Stitch out at the knees with a big hug. Of course I missed the big moment because we were so concerned with convincing her it was OK - she seized the moment and surprised us all. The only other character we encountered that she then was brave enough to greet - Buzz Lightyear. Again - that's my girly girl!

So...she has lots of catching up to do this year.

On the chain, what did you hand write? Was it just the date or the number of days remaining? I guess that might be a pain, but worth having to keep you current. At 4, the constructio project will be fun. Any time scissors and glue sticks are involved it's a good day.

I love Daylight Savings Time. So far no real adjustment issues. All is well in Texas.

04-05-2006, 04:59 PM
Kathy, you HAVE to post pictures of your dining room!!!!!! I would love to see it. When James and I first got married I wanted to decorate the house in Disney stuff. He made it quite clear that he didn't like the idea. I told him when we hit the lottery ( :rolleyes2 ) I want a room for myself and it will be covered with Disney stuff.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-05-2006, 05:53 PM
Hi brerrabbit,
My Dh just looks and shakes his head. He knows I am a lost cause and no way to change my mind on Disney. When ever someone comes over for the first time, he just points to me and says, she did it!!
When we sold our house I got so many compliments about my disney stuff and the cruise pictures topped off the look. i dont have them put up yet, but I will. If I get the chance I will take a picture after i get the luau set up in a couple of weeks.
I spent today making BBQ sauce, pie crust for about a dozen mini pies and some sugar free, low fat brownies!!! Now tomarrow i will have to make the pies and then freeze them. Oh yes, i do serve mickey waffles and toast with Mickey burned into one side, plus I have jello molds shaped like mickey and of course cookie cutters that are mickey and candy and sucker molds that are a variety of disney characters. My pop corn popper is Mickey too.
Guess I'm hooked!!! The grandkids love to come over to my house, they can play with disney toys, watch disney movies while eating popcorn cooked in a mickey popper and sleep in a bedroom that is all decked out in disney.
When we get our new fence up I have silouettes of the characters that we will paint on the inside of the fence so from the pool we can see them.
Well time to fix some dinner, hope you all had a great day.

04-05-2006, 06:05 PM
On the chain, what did you hand write? Was it just the date or the number of days remaining? I guess that might be a pain, but worth having to keep you current. At 4, the constructio project will be fun. Any time scissors and glue sticks are involved it's a good day.

Scott, I was looking for a picture I took last year of all our piles of links before we fastened them together. Couldn't find it. But, each chain did include the day, date, and " X days to go" . I would suggest stapling links if you're going to hang your chain. Glue sticks won't hold up to the weight of the chain. I think we tried tape the first time, too. I can't remember.

I want to see Kathy's setup, too.

My opinion on the pictures so far, I like the frosty, tropical drink in the DCL glass.

04-06-2006, 06:05 AM
Wow! I have really fallen behind on this thread.

We have been so busy now that the sun has been shinning again. We spent all day yesterday at the tide pools at the beach on the other side of the island. Kids were having fun catching hermit crabs, a shrimp and little fish in buckets. They would observe then release. We needed some sun :sunny: .

I've been working on our schedule for after the cruise. I made all of our dinner reservations at WDW. We are so lucky that they are letting you have free dining for your stay if you check in by 9/30, as 9/30 is the very day we get off the ship. One day later, and we would have missed out! We have not yet tried out the dining plan so we are looking forward to that.

Genna wants to eat in the castle with the princesses, but it is so expensive for the food you get. I booked the Cinderella dinner at the Grand Floridian instead because I like the food there better. Our last trip was 2 years ago when she was 4 and she still remembers eating there fondly. Perhaps I should think about it somemore.

We think we want to do MNSSHP, but we aren't sure. Once you pay for 4 days at the park, any extra days are practically "free". Do we want to pay $30 and $40 apiece to get the Halloween touches and candy? Still need to do some thinking.......

Have a good week all.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-06-2006, 07:31 AM
Good morning everyone :sunny:
Heidi, it was good to hear from you, ;) I was begining to wonder where you were? :confused3
We use to take our kids to see the creatures in the tidal pools too. It was sure a lot fo fun and we have some wonderful memories :love:

Well everyone not much happening in Florida today, highs in the middle 80's and clear blue skies.
I have about 12 mini pies to make and freeze today, but I just discovered that I need to buy some more disposable pie tins before I can do this, so I guess I will have to make a trip to the store this morning. :moped:

Have a great day everyone :banana: :banana:

Time is flying by :hourglass
Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-07-2006, 02:03 PM
I just found us at the bottom of page 2!! :confused3
That is a no-no!! :guilty:

Decided to bump us up. :thumbsup2

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

:cheer2: :cheer2: :grouphug: :cheer2: :cheer2:

Kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-07-2006, 03:28 PM
Hi everyone,
well I just found another family going on our cruise. :thumbsup2 I did invite them to join us on this thread. The last family I found never posted, :confused3 hopefully this one will. Her name was Veronica.
So hopefully we will grow by one more family soon. :grouphug:
Kathy :wave:

04-07-2006, 09:21 PM
:welcome: Veronica! :rainbow:

Everyone have a great weekend :sunny:

04-08-2006, 02:43 PM
We're under a tornado watch till this evening. :scared1: So far we keep getting sun shine for 30 minutes then the sky drops out for 30 mintues! Welcome to the "sunshine state". :tongue:

I think we're going to a movie this afternoon. Kids want to see "Benchwarmers" and I want to see "Ice Age 2". I think I'm gonna lose. :sad1: James says I'm the biggest kid in the house and I think this proves it.

We're gonna try to replace another window tomorrow, if the storm passes. I don't think James realized how much work was involved. He thought he could finish one in 3 hours. The window goes in pretty easily, but we have to redo the trim inside and out. :headache: You know what that means....more painting.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! :hug:

04-08-2006, 06:59 PM
I don't think James realized how much work was involved. He thought he could finish one in 3 hours.

This is the story of my married life! The renovations on our rental should have been finished, by dh's estimation, last November. :rolleyes:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-08-2006, 07:42 PM
Hi everybody,
we spent the day at Epcot and it was HOT about 90 today. :sunny: Luckily we had a nice breeze. We stopped to see the British Invasion at the UK while we were there. They are very good. If any of you are Beatles fans you would like them. :goodvibes
Then late afternoon we went to downtown disney and went to the movies. Sorry Brerrabbit, but I saw Ice Age The Meltdown!! :3dglasses It was very good. I wont tell any details,so I wont spoil it for you. Tell your family there were plenty of older kids as well as adults by themselves in there. All ages and they all seemed to really like it. I know I did. Maybe that will help to talk them into it for the next time. :wizard:
Afterwards we renewed our annual passes and drove home. :moped:
It was a very good day. ` :thumbsup2 One sad note , we saw 6 Disney Cruise line buses headed for the port this morning and they wouldnt even let us come along!! :confused3
Everybody looked so happy on board too. :lmao:

Oh well, only a few more months and we will be sailing off. :hourglass

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone,
kathy :wave:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-09-2006, 06:09 PM
Just bumping us up from the bottom of page 2 again.



04-09-2006, 11:56 PM
Do you think there's any chance we'll be going to Cozumel? We want to take the dune buggies out again. Other than the lovely beaches, the alternate port doesn't sound that great to me. It would be an opportunity to stay on the ship and enjoy the rare chance to partake of the pool and slide without a crowd.

Which movie did you see? I want to see IA2, too. So do the kids but we'll wait until we can use our coupons and see it for 6.00. Right now, it's too new. :(

Kathy is there something unlucky about page 2? What am I missing? :confused3

Is everyone ready for Easter? Just curious, is there anyone here who doesn't celebrate Easter?

04-10-2006, 04:31 AM
Good to hear about some of your weekend activities.

We had sunny skies with a strong breeze. Sat. we went to the library Easter function - live bunnies and their babies to pet :cloud9: . They were so cute and soft. DS had a sleep over so DD and I shopped at the mall and ate out at the California Pizza Kitchen just the two of us. We haven't done that before. She is becoming my little co-shopper :woohoo: ! Sun. we met up with DS and the family he stayed the night with at the local water park. We stayed for the day and did all the slides. We ate dinner at a local Italian place and watched Ice Age 2. The kids loved it, they laughed so hard in places. Very good weekend, felt like a vacation. That means alot of work this week ahead of me :rolleyes: . Take care everyone.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-10-2006, 08:20 AM
Happy monday morning everyone :rotfl2:

Well another week gone, so we are that much closer to our cruise. :thumbsup2

There is nothing wrong with being on page two, but when people look to find a cruise date they often get lazy and dont look much farther than page one. So ,since I want more people to find us and join in the fun, :Pinkbounc the best chance for them to find us is to try to keep us on page one.

Yes we do celebrate Easter at our house, but no special plans this year. We use to go to WDW and see the Easter parade they had. It was so beautiful to see the dresses they had. It was based on years ago when everyone wore special Easter clothes. But a few years ago they quit having it. :confused3 Which is too bad because it really was a good way to end up your day, since they had it in the afternoon and evening,so people could have plenty of time to go to church or family meals together and still be able to go to the parade.
I remember when I was a kid lots of towns had parades and celebratons, now there is nothing, so sad. : :sad2:
What are you doing?

it sounds like you had a great weekend too. I laughed a lot :lmao: during the new Ice Age movie too. I want to buy it when it comes out in a few months.

Well we are going to have another beautiful day today. Hot and sunny. :sunny: Today is catch up on housework day around here.

Going to make Taco pizza for dinner, that is as exciting as it will be here for today.
Have a great day everyone :woohoo:

Kathy :wave:

04-10-2006, 09:37 AM
Ahh - a day at EPCOT - I am envious. That is far and away my favorite park.

Everything I am reading sounds like we will make it to Cozumel Monica. Unless of course more hurricanes rip through this summer. We personally were hoping for a stop at Costa Maya. We have been to both and actually preferred our stay at Costa Maya. But that's always a personal thing. As you indicate, worst case is you stay on board. It's a rough life for sure. :)

Happy Monday - no tornados, no bad weather for anyone...

04-10-2006, 03:49 PM
Hi, y'all!

Well, I lost on the movie vote. We saw "Benchwarmers". Let me just say that I'm not under the age of 15 (mentally or physically) so I did not enjoy this movie. I actually wish I could jam a pencil into my ear and erase it from my brain! :rolleyes2

The rain kept coming and going all weekend so we didn't get the other window put in. But, we did finish the trim on the first one. I have to get it painted before Thursday. Amber and I have her field trip to NASA and my grandparents will be in town for Easter.

We have a big Easter dinner for the family and hide eggs for the kids. It's alot more fun now that they're older. I even found camoflage eggs at Wal-Mart. The kids said it's not fair. We love to tie them up in trees and watch them try to figure out how to get them. Last year we put one into an empty milk gallon. My dad had peeled the sticker back and cut a hole to put the egg in. Then he carefully put the sticker back on. We had all the kids scratching their heads trying to figure out how we got the egg in there.

Here's a litle something you can do if you want to play a little trick on the kids this Easter. My kids were giving me a hard time last year because they knew there wasn't an Easter bunny, but they still expected a basket. We were picking on each other back a forth for a few weeks. I told them if they didn't start being nicer to the "Easter Bunny" they were gonna get nothing but bunny poo in their baskets. They just :rolleyes2 . Well, I went to the store and got a box of Coco Puffs cereal. I don't know if any of y'all have had real rabbits, but this stuff really looks like their droppings. I fixed up their baskets with all their candy and goodies then I covered everything up with the cereal! You should have seen the looks on their faces. They said it was the best Easter basket they've ever gotten. It was great. We're crazy like that. :crazy:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-10-2006, 06:29 PM
I love the cocoa puff or should I say Poo Poo puffs story!! :thumbsup2
My kids always called them poo poo puffs when they were little, my kids have been around many animlas when they were young, so they know the look of the "puffs". Now my grandkids call them poo poo puffs.
I once bought a small plastic rabbit that when you push down on his body he pooped out small round chocolate candies. :rotfl2: We have the same sense of humor. :lmao: The family loved it. We are on the same brain waves I think. :woohoo: I miss not having our kids around at all the holidays. They grow up so fast, enjoy while you can.
I will have to tell my girls about the milk carton joke. That is great. The grandkids are just the right age to be amazed by it. Thanks for the tips.

04-10-2006, 06:57 PM
Benchwarmers, ugh!!! Pencils in both ears! That bunny poo was a riot. Our chicks are too young right now, but next Easter, early in the morning, I'm going to put either plastic eggs or decorated eggs in the nests and have Leah do the collecting that morning.

Speaking of poo, our chicks (we still have all 28) escaped from their brooder yesterday. Can you say "Chicken Run"? Something told me to go check on them before I went to bed. What chaos! The lid was off (I think I have dd to thank for that) and the "girls" were in the brooder, on the brooder, flapping around outside the brooder. It was chicken party time in there. They must have got out hours before I learned of it because there was chicken poop all over the floor and the brooder. Dh wasn't home yet, and I considered pretending I didn't know about it because I knew he'd check on them when he got home. I'd be blissfuly asleep by then. I didn't do it though.

We don't have anything special planned for Easter. I'm a little in the dumps about it. I haven't finished the baskets for the kids and I don't even have a dress for dd or myself. Ever since dh and I were dating, Easter was spent with his family. Now, his parents are snowbirds and aren't coming back until May. Easter is a little sad for me because I loved organizing our church's Easter Egg Hunt with my friend Fran. Our church family was our second family. Since we moved, I'm not doing that anymore, and this year I won't be back for the egg hunt because we're helping a friend here move. We'll probably go to a church around here and I'll have a little egg hunt for my kids. I think planning an egg hunt for my kids will cheer me up. I agree that it's more fun when the kids are older and you can mess with them by making the hunt more challenging. I've never tried the milk carton trick.

04-10-2006, 08:48 PM
Oh Monica :grouphug: , I'm sorry that most of your traditions won't be happening this Easter. You will be making new traditions though. I wonder if you could use all of those chickens for some artistic Easter photos :teeth: .

I don't know if it is warm enough where you live for these dresses, but my DD and I love them. www.Cinnamongirl.com has loads of matching mother daughter dresses. Layer them with a botton down sweater if it is chilly and wear them all spring and summer. They will be great for dinner on the cruise as well. The fabrics they use are lovely. The website doesn't do them justice. We are lucky to be able to shop in the store where we can feel them and try them on. The flower flip flops are great also and hold up really well. All the locals shop there :thumbsup2 !

I love the bunny poo idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for when the kids are older. They know all about real bunny poo. DD (6) still believes though, so we are keeping the magic alive for awhile longer.

Ice Age 2 was good, the kids want me to put it on their netflix lists already :lmao: !

mom x4,grandma x4
04-11-2006, 07:22 PM
Hi everyone,
No new posts today. That is a first for us I think, so I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth.

2 cents 2 cents :rotfl2:

sorry folks, thats it today.
Kathy :wave:

cruisin' chick
04-12-2006, 01:27 AM
HI, mom4. You responded to my thread "what's included" for our online guide and I thanked you for all your great info. But then I had looked again and your post and my reply was poofed (I'm guessing because you referred to disboards). So I wanted to make sure you receive my message. Your info was great!

Patty :yay:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-12-2006, 07:15 AM
Hi Patty,
Yep, that is what happened, but I felt it was worth taking the chance you might read my reply before it disappeared. :thumbsup2 I'm sure after reading posts on the dis boards you can understand why I felt this was the site you needed to get all your answers at. :goodvibes I did get your thankyou post before it disappeared!! ;)
I hope people here can help you with your project ok. I know they will try.
If not, try taking a Disney cruise and see for yourself. We'd love to have you along, :grouphug:

Kathy :wave:

04-12-2006, 08:09 AM
Going back to the Cozumel conversation...

I read this morning that the Jewel of the Seas was able to DOCK in Cozumel. That is a positive sign for the port. I have to imagine it's going to be a while before they have full capability.

5 months should be plenty of time for them to catch up. Let's just keep praying for no hurricanes!

mom x4,grandma x4
04-12-2006, 08:54 AM
I would love to be able to go to Cozumel. We have never been to that port yet, we hit Costa Maya instead last year. We enjoyed Costa Maya, but would love to see some place new.
Suppose to be an active hurricane season again or so they said on the news 2 nights ago. WE were hit directly by 2 of them and right on the edge of a third one here in Florida, so that is enough for me!!! I hope they all stay out to sea this year away from all the people. I think we all need a break!!

If anyone hears for sure where we going, please speak up and let us know.

04-12-2006, 09:56 AM
Hi everyone. I have just read/skimmed all 15 pages of this thread but I am having trouble keeping everyone straight! My husband, daughter and I are sailing along with you guys on September 23. :banana: This will the first cruise for all three of us so we are eagerly looking forward to it. We are staying in the category seven/former category six cabin on deck 6. I am looking forward to the verandah. :cloud9: My MIL also recently decided to book a cabin as well so it will be nice to have an onboard babysitter. :wizard:

My DH and I have visited Playa Del Carmen twice (including our honeymoon) and have visited Cozumel but other than that all the ports will be new destinations for us.

We took our daughter, Eva, to Disney World in December and she is still talking about it. :love: I can't wait to see her reaction when we step on the Magic, or the "Mickey Boat" as she calls it.

Our current plan is to fly up the morning of the 23 (I found a flight that will get us to MCO at 11:30) and use the DCL transfers to Port Canaveral. After the cruise, we are taking the DCL transfers to the Contemporary where we will enjoy thte 3 night free dining package.

As soon as I told my daughter we were going to Disney World after we get off the "Mickey Boat" she lit up and asked if she could ride "Goofy's ride" again. That is Goofy's Barnstormer for those of you who don't speak toddler. :rotfl2: When I said yes, she proceeded to run around the house showing me just how fast she would go on the roller coaster. So as you can see I have quite a little daredevil on my hands. It may be hard to keep her away from the slide at the Mickey Pool since I have heard the lower age limit is 4.

In reading all your past posts I saw that you guys have a website where you are posting pictures. I would love to put faces with the names. That might help me keep everyone straight. Plus I could post pictures of my family as well.

Does anyone have a 3 year old? I noticed Scott from Texas has a 4 year old. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-12-2006, 12:34 PM
Welcome veronica,
I assume that since you have read our thread you saw an early welcome for you by Heidi. We were hoping you would post with us. I am so happy you decided to post with us. I love all the enthuiasm in your post. ( excuse the spelling).
Our GD called the ship Mickey's boat too. that is so cute.
Your daughter will have a blast.
Please post some pictures too.
I dont have the site handy, but perhaps Monica will post it again or just scroll back about 3 pages and you'll see it.
If you have any questions about the cruise, just ask. Everyone here is very friendly and we will try to answer them for you.
Looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months.
It is getting close now!!! I can't wait.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-12-2006, 12:42 PM
Hi everyone,
i just wanted to say. those of you who wanted to see my dining room I am going to try and down load some pictures of it and post them in my album today. I have changed it to a pirate/ tropical party. It is hard to see, but Mr. and Mrs. Potato heads have pirate eye patches on and one earring, and a captain Mickey hat. If you look closely you will see some gold earrings, gold pirate coins, King Louie has a pirate treasure map under his arm and many bandanas from the cruises we have been on. So look close to see details. I will post some different angles so you can see most of the characters up close, I hope.

04-12-2006, 12:48 PM
I did see the welcome from Heidi. Thank you so much Heidi, that was really nice of you to welcome me even before I got here.

I'm off to see if I can join the Yahoo Site. Do I need to be added to a list to join?

Welcome veronica,
I assume that since you have read our thread you saw an early welcome for you by Heidi. We were hoping you would post with us. I am so happy you decided to post with us. I love all the enthuiasm in your post. ( excuse the spelling).
Our GD called the ship Mickey's boat too. that is so cute.
Your daughter will have a blast.
Please post some pictures too.
I dont have the site handy, but perhaps Monica will post it again or just scroll back about 3 pages and you'll see it.
If you have any questions about the cruise, just ask. Everyone here is very friendly and we will try to answer them for you.
Looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months.
It is getting close now!!! I can't wait.

cruisin' chick
04-12-2006, 09:11 PM
Hi Patty,
Yep, that is what happened, but I felt it was worth taking the chance you might read my reply before it disappeared. :thumbsup2 I'm sure after reading posts on the dis boards you can understand why I felt this was the site you needed to get all your answers at. :goodvibes I did get your thankyou post before it disappeared!! ;)
I hope people here can help you with your project ok. I know they will try.
If not, try taking a Disney cruise and see for yourself. We'd love to have you along, :grouphug:

Kathy :wave:

I'm glad you saw it. I just don't understand all the paranoia. In fact, I just posted a link to this board from another cruising board's resource area. So, if people need more information about Disney cruises, they can seek it here. :cheer2: I wish I could take a cruise soon but it doesn't look good for the home team. Oh, well.

Again, thanks. Back to my research and editing. I'll come back and check out the info here myself.

04-12-2006, 10:02 PM
Hi, Veronica. I'm glad you found your way here and to the Yahoo Group. Do I understand correctly that posting a link to the Disboard on another site will get a post deleted? That's interesting. I wonder why.

I'm going to post a quick cheat sheet with our user names and real names on the yahoo group.

Not much else is new. I evicted the chicks from the workshop on Monday. After the break out on Sunday night and the mess I had to clean up the next morning, I figured ready or not, the coop was being inhabited. They now live outside in their coop. Fortunately, they've adjusted well to spending their days free ranging and sleeping in the coop at night. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get them to go back into the coop on their own at dusk. It's not hard getting the first 24 back in one at a time just time consuming, but the last four are a pain in the neck! They hide under the coop. I would give up and let them fend for themselves if it weren't the Aracaunas who elude capture. They're the darlings my kids gave names.

I'm glad to hear Cozumel is likely to be one our ports. That dune buggy ride is a must-do for us. If you look at my photo link there are pictures from our excursion (not a Disney booked excursion). The one where it looks like Mexican soldiers are lifting our dune buggy out of the sand, they are doing just that.

Heading to yahoo. :surfweb: now.

04-12-2006, 10:27 PM
Heidi, I checked out the clothes at the Cinnamon Girl. They're lovely. It's a blessing and a curse to be short, though. On one hand, most places don't have petites and that stinks. On the other hand, if they don't have petites, I have fewer temptations to battle. LOL. I really hate clothes shopping!!

Cheat Sheet is on the yahoo site in the database. Anyone who wants to add or edit can do so for their info. If you want different categories, let me know. I'll delete or add what you want.

04-13-2006, 08:32 AM
Welcome Veronica!
Yes - I think we so far are the only ones that fit your demographic. Our 4 year old is the closest to yours.

She too is thrilled about seeing Mickey. Her big concern though is seeing the Castle. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. We started pricing and it was going to cost over half the total cost of the cruise for three days at the parks. So, we figure we'll just do Downtown Disney one afternoon and then hope the ship fun will make her forget the castle quickly.

Welcome aboard, I am sure some of our planning will need to be similar with girls at "that" age.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-13-2006, 09:10 AM
Yes monica,
You understood correctly, Patty and i had a corespondence on another cruise site that was deleted. She is doing research for a travel brochure with some other people. She posted a list of questions about DCL which I answered most of them.She got a couple of other responses too, but she had a few unanswered questions still. So I told her about the dis boards because I knew she would get her answers here and more! This is the best site for DCL on the entire internet, I know ,I have looked.
Anyway in order to help her ( which to me is what these boards are suppose to do) I mentioned the dis boards and zap my post was gone and her thankyou was gone by the next day. Luckily we had seen each others post by then. Plus a moderator posted a polite message to everyone that it was not proper to refer people to other sites. I guess we are not meant to help each other on that site. What was so funny was I did give that site some compliments during that post too.
In some ways I do understand where they are coming from, but if someone really has a good question that isnt answered I see no harm in telling them where they can go to get the answer.

I think a cheat sheet is a great idea. I sort of have done that for myself.. I write each persons names, where they are from and if this is their first cruise etc.. It is so much easier to remember who is who that way.
We are a small group for now, but as we grow it will get harder to keep track of each other.

well this morning I looked out back to say good morning to the neighbors cows, which I have named and i watch everyday. ( such an exciting life)
but I saw a terrible site!!! There was a pickup with a livestock trailer in the pasture. Next thing I knew my cows were gone?? I am afraid they are going to cow heaven this morning and be will reincarnated as steaks and burgers in a few days!!!
Well time to run, I need to go to the store and get some hamburger for dinner, we'll maybe I should change to chicken for a few days???

I will be so glad when the cruise finally gets here!!! I am so ready to cruise!! :thumbsup2


mom x4,grandma x4
04-13-2006, 01:40 PM
After 5 hours, my moo moo cows are back!!!! :goodvibes
YIPPEE!!! :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

I know, your all shaking your heads and thinking poor :crazy: woman, she really needs to get a life!!!

I dont need to get a life, I need to go on a cruise!! :rotfl2:


04-13-2006, 02:00 PM
Welcome Veronica!
Yes - I think we so far are the only ones that fit your demographic. Our 4 year old is the closest to yours.

She too is thrilled about seeing Mickey. Her big concern though is seeing the Castle. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. We started pricing and it was going to cost over half the total cost of the cruise for three days at the parks. So, we figure we'll just do Downtown Disney one afternoon and then hope the ship fun will make her forget the castle quickly.

Welcome aboard, I am sure some of our planning will need to be similar with girls at "that" age.
I know what you mean about the cost of adding a couple of nights before the trip. We almost didn't do it but I couldn't stand the thought of flying to Orlando and not going to the Magic Kingdom. The free dining pushed me over the edge. For just a little more than two nights before would have cost, we could spend three nights with free dining. That, and attending MNSSHP pushed us over the edge. We went to MVMCP last year and it was the highlight of our trip. I can't wait to go to the Halloween Party this year.

I see you guys are from Texas. We are not too far way in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In my reading of the thread I also see you guys are planning on staying at the Hyatt on Friday night. I have been reading on that and am leaning towards that as well. There is only one direct flight from Little Rock and it is midday. It is also Delta and I am a bit nervous to book with Delta at the moment. It is hard to find a flight that arrives early enough in the day to make me comfortable so I am seriously considering flying in the evening before and taking the DCL shuttle the next day.

04-13-2006, 03:18 PM
With a little one it would be in yoru best interest to be there a day early. Let them rest. Our early flight takes off at 6:40. While we live 10 minutes from the airport, that's still REAL early to get her up, fly on a plane, ride an hour long bus ride and then deal with a wait to get on the ship - just too much.

My grandparents live in Ocala, so they will drive down and we'll spend the afternoon and evening with them in their motor home. That should allow her some time to get to relax and adjust to not being home. We'll probably get some pool time in and then try to sleep that night. Being at the airport Hyatt seems to be your best bet to getting on the first buses to the port, so it just seems like a terrific deal.

I also participate in MyPoints and have earned enough points to trade for Hyatt gift certificates, so we save even further. Hopefully it all works out!

04-13-2006, 03:18 PM
In going through all the pictures on the yahoo site I saw your chain. It is incredible!! We made a chain for our last trip but it was not even close to yours in length. I had thought it was too soon to make a chain but now your picture has me rethinking that. Last time I just cut strips of construction paper and put a different Disney sticker on each ring. I really like your idea of printing the dates on the computer though. I may consider that as well.

04-13-2006, 03:43 PM
With a little one it would be in yoru best interest to be there a day early. Let them rest. Our early flight takes off at 6:40. While we live 10 minutes from the airport, that's still REAL early to get her up, fly on a plane, ride an hour long bus ride and then deal with a wait to get on the ship - just too much.

My grandparents live in Ocala, so they will drive down and we'll spend the afternoon and evening with them in their motor home. That should allow her some time to get to relax and adjust to not being home. We'll probably get some pool time in and then try to sleep that night. Being at the airport Hyatt seems to be your best bet to getting on the first buses to the port, so it just seems like a terrific deal.

I also participate in MyPoints and have earned enough points to trade for Hyatt gift certificates, so we save even further. Hopefully it all works out!

I think you have convinced me to go this route. We also live fairly close to the airport (about 20 minutes) but we would have to take 5:30 am flight to get to Orlando around noon. Factor in the 90 minutes early to the airport and that is 4:00 a.m. and that assumes she falls back asleep when we put her in the car to drive to the airport.

I assume as long as you have the transfers this will work. Do you have to make any arrangements with Disney ahead of time other than purchasing the transfers?

04-13-2006, 05:28 PM
:wave: MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS LOL I left with page 12 2/3 of the way filled up and I get back and you are up to 16 pages??? YOU GUYS ROCK!!! :thumbsup2

We had a nice time in vegas. :Pinkbounc Two nice things happend... One we requested a NON smoking room with a spa.... well after two nights of trying to sleep in a smoky :smokin: filled room pirate: [from neighbors] I couldn't handle it anymore and asked to be moved... They said the hotel was full, :confused3 but they could put us up in one of the new towers in a end of the hall room... We agreed... :thumbsup2 They sent the bellman up to help us transfer....we get to the new "room", he opens the door and we are standing in a 1200 square foot 1 bedroom suite... :faint: LOL that is/was bigger then my first house [985 square feet]..and the best part THE UPGARDE WAS FOR FREE!!!. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

The second was.... while playing the penny slots [Hey big spender lol] :lmao: one afternoon in the casino [we were staying at the Luxor] a customer service rep came over and asked us to sign up for the slots card, and if we would she would give us $5 free dollars in slots play...so we said "what the heck" two spins later I won $157.00 ON THEIR FREE $$$ LOL :rotfl2: how cool is that....AND then we went over to the Rio hotel and casino for dinner...while on our way there was also booth set up to apply for their free card with $5.00 free as well....so we applyed...and on hubbys first spin he wins $120.00... :rotfl2: :rotfl2: LOL...AND on our last day we went on a time share tour [to get the free gifts lol] and with our gifts we got 1 $25 certificate for any resturant at the luxor and 3 $25 slot certifictes.... well....LOL yes you guess it... I won $25.00 with was ok on free money but hubby won $244.00 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: LOL on FREE money

We left sunny :sunny: Las Vegas to a soggy Sacramento/Stockton. :sad2: And hit the ground running...One thing I always forget is...Life dosen't stop just because you try to take a break :rotfl2:

Have a great Thursday all.... I am off to start the meatloaf for dinner..

Many :grouphug: & :love1: to all.

04-13-2006, 07:10 PM
Welcome Back, Becca! I am thrilled for you and dh, upgrades, extra money! That's the best. How was the food? The shows? Did you play poker? Don't forget me when you want to play scrabble or quwerty. www.isc.ro for the scrabble site.

After 5 hours, my moo moo cows are back!!!! :goodvibes
YIPPEE!!! :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

Hmm, sounds like maybe, it was baby making time on the farm.

04-13-2006, 09:24 PM
I had thought it was too soon to make a chain but now your picture has me rethinking that. .

In retrospect, it's probably too soon. It could quickly become a chore instead of fun to cut links for 150 or so days. I did it to get Leah to stop asking me how many more days. It worked. Today, we didn't cut a link and I didn't bother reminding the kids. I'll let it go until one of them asks, maybe.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-14-2006, 06:01 PM
Howdy everybody,
Our thread has been very quiet today, so thought I would just say hello!
Hope everyone has plans for the holiday weekend, I figure the thread will be kind of quiet this weekend while people go places and have company for Easter.
Happy Easter everyone!!!


04-14-2006, 06:56 PM
Company's not here yet Kathy. We're real busy cleaning today. I just sat down for a little mental break. The vacuum cleaner's broken. I took it to the shop and learned it's trash. While I was there I learned a whole lot I didn't know about vacuum cleaners but went home without buying one. So, I'm using the shopvac - very slow process - instead. There's so much dust and dishes and unattended things to do. Heidi can relate probably. When the homeschooling going full tilt, something has to give, and it's usually the housework. The boys are usually my big helpers but I need them to cram on the Civil War. We're going to Gettysburg on Monday with the homeschool group but we haven't gotten that far in our studies this year. So their job is to read and discuss the books we took out of the library and to watch the documentaries we borrowed. Actually, they were getting a little tired of the documentary, so I gave them the choice of cleaning the kitchen or writing a report about what they watched so far. They're in the kitchen now!

Gotta go help dh get the chicks back in the coop. Dd must have left the door open, again! :furious:

mom x4,grandma x4
04-14-2006, 08:47 PM
Hi Monica,
I am jealous you are getting to go to Ghettysburg!
DH and I would love to go there. Sometime before we move back to the west coast we want to take a couple of weeks and head up that way to explore soem of those historical places. I have seen some pretty boring documentaries about Ghettysburg when I was in high school, I hope they are better now. We have a 2 set VHS set that is great. It is a lot of action to keep you interested, but the dates, and battle facts are accurate so you actually are learning from it, not just all hollywood hype.
I do know how busy home schooling can be. I have had a few friends who did this for their kids, until high school, then they attended private christian schools. I think it was more to work on social skills with other teenagers. They did field trips with other home schoolers too.
Well have a great visit with your family or friends, who ever is coming.
No company for us this year, just two old foggies sitting around!! We did watch a tape we made of our last cruise today, which really made us want to go on a cruise.
Take care and Happy easter to everyone, :grouphug:
Kathy :wave2:

04-14-2006, 09:06 PM
How was the food? The shows? Did you play poker? Don't forget me when you want to play scrabble or quwerty. www.isc.ro for the scrabble site. .

The food was very good at the Rio :thumbsup2 ...Not so much at the luxor.. :confused3 . We went to see Penn and Teller.... I HATED it..but DH thought it was ok... They or I should say Penn uses many bad words and admitts he is an athisist [sp?] and puts down God several times... We also say Mystre.... WE LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. We were supossed to see "O" but I was in a lot of pain [remember I have Fibromyalgia] so we had to cancel, but next time we go back we will see it and Zumanity...

As for Poker...no we typically never gamble..but we saw the penny machines and they looked fun.. :yay: they were the new anamated ones so we played.. which is probably why we won...we weren't try to win lol I guess we are one that dosen't mind that the ship dosn't have a casino.lol

As for scrabble... after Easter I am SOOOO THERE!!! :love:

I hope everyone has a great weekend... I will post more tomorrow...

Many :grouphug: and :love1: everyone..

04-15-2006, 07:20 AM
Just found this thread. DW and I are on this cruise. We are taking our oldest granddaughter and her sister in law. This will be thier first cruise and our 5th. Staying on deck 6. DW and I were on the eastbound canal repo. We are both sorta retired and will celebrate 48 years together in early October.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-15-2006, 08:14 AM
WELCOME Georgeat,
We are happy to have all of you with us. :goodvibes Our group has grown by 2 families this week. That is great. :thumbsup2 We are still a fairly small group, but I'm sure that will change too as the cruise gets closer.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you before we sail. I just love these boards. :woohoo:
mom x4,grandma x4
Kathy :wave:

04-15-2006, 10:22 AM
Greetings! Welcome to the thread. Did you write about your repo cruise on the trip report board? I'd like to hear about it. This is our second DC and we did the same itinerary last April. We had such a great time, when we rebooked onboard, dh wanted to do the same itinerary again. We stayed in 6028 and 6030 last year due to an unexpected and last minute upgrade from category 9. Alas, we were instantly spoiled to having the verandah. Some people don't value it as worth the extra money, but having had the opportunity to try it out, it was definitely worth it to dh and myself. This year, we've booked a category 6 with the category 11 across the hall for the older two kids. We had almost the same room this year but we had to change the date of our cruise a couple months ago and therefore had to settle for what was available. Deck 5 right down the hall from the Lab. We have 3 kids, so that's not a bad thing. ;)

We have a yahoo group where there is a "cheat sheet" for our group in the database. We have also started posting pictures if you're interested in placing a name with a face. The link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sailinginseptember/

Have a great weekend!

04-15-2006, 08:33 PM
Welcome Veronica and Georgeat!!! Hello everyone!!

I have been working some really crazy hours lately. I ended up working from Tuesday @ 8am until Wednesday @ 7 am. :furious: Would you believe I have a deskjob??!!!!

Anyway, now that the madness is over, I can get back to important things...planning our cruise!!!

I hope to be able to post some pictures of my family soon.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Congrats sftnslky on your good fortunes in Vegas!!!

By the way...I've lost a total of 30lbs. I was so excited when I got on the scale last Sunday. Although I ate ALOT of junk food to get me through the last week so I know I have a lot of work to do.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

04-15-2006, 08:38 PM
I just went to the Yahoo site to look at the pictures. It's great to be able to see everyone!!

Monica - That chain is great!!! It's so bright and colorful.

I will have to take some pictures of my kids so I can post them. Maybe I will work up the nerve to have my picture taken - something I have not done in a long time :confused3

Take care everyone and have a MAGICal week!!!

04-16-2006, 09:36 AM
TO yazee1 and all
No I did not write a trip report for the eastbound repo but have pictures availablke at my web site georgeat's website (http://www.tuson.net) . They include only the first 9 or 10 days.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-16-2006, 09:41 AM
The pictures were great, :thumbsup2 wish I was there with you guys!!!

Thanks for sharing with us.

04-17-2006, 11:29 AM
Good morning everyone :sunny: Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend :cloud9: We had a big church service.... Normally our church has 6 different services each Sunday, but on Easter we rent out a huge auditorium from our local University so all of us and others can all attend one big service... Just our church alone is over 5000 members. :grouphug: After church we came home and got ready for friends and family. They call came to our house and we always have a pot luck lunchen....YUMMY!!! :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2

My oldest daughter brought her "man of the month" LOL :rotfl2: boyfriend home... You gotta love 23 year olds :lmao: But to be fair the guy seemed nice...but they all do in the beginning pirate: :rotfl: Then after everyone went home Hubby "cleaned" the kitchen for me... It stills needs a lot of pixiedust: to get it all the way clean, but I will work on it today. Then he took our twins out back and played baseball with them. We have a neighbor who is a coach for highschool baseball, and has said the boys are VERY GOOD/NATURALS. At four years old they can hit the ball over 60', which is good I guess?? LOL ask me about "girlie" things and I could tell you all you want to know, but baseball??? LOL not so much :crazy: :crazy:

Since our girls go to a private school they are on spring break all this week, so Mom will be going crazy lol :crazy: but I do love them soooo very much :love: :cloud9: lol.

My oldest daughter took mine and hubby's picture yesterday and I actually sorta like it...which is RARE for me...so I will try to figure out how to upload it to yahoo so you can all see and be disappointed lol :lmao: :lmao: I am my own worst critic... :smooth:

hope you all have a great Monday....

Many :grouphug: and :love1: to all.

mom x4,grandma x4
04-17-2006, 01:28 PM
Howdy everyone,
Hope everyone is well and had a great holiday.
We just stayed home and relaxed on Easter. All the kids are grown so I peeked out my window and watched the neighbor kids do their egg hunts.

Saturday we went out and got some furniture for our family room. The only furntiure downstairs was 2 dining room tables and a china closet, so we needed something there. Nothing fancy, just nice and comfortable!!! which is what i wanted. Plus DH got his big screen TV for that room too. It is going to be delivered today sometime.

That was our weekend, nothing exciting but still nice to sit outside and enjoy all the beautiful sunny weather. DH just finished 8 weeks without a day off between work and moving and such, so he really needed to relax some.
We are starting another week, you all know what that means, we are one week closer to our cruise!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:


mom x4,grandma x4
04-18-2006, 11:47 AM
It's party: time around here today!!

DH just called and he booked us a 3 day cruise on the Wonder for May 4th :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

Guess I will have to fix him something besides PB and J for dinner tonight. :rotfl2:

I am on :cloud9:


04-18-2006, 01:15 PM
Welcome aboard Georgeat - I'll look forward to taking some time to view your site. I am sure the canal trek was terrific.

Veronica - my understanding is that we simply need to be on the transfers manifest and we are good. To get on the list, be sure you purchase the transfers. I have then confirmed that you simply tell the front desk at check in that you are heading out to the ship on Saturday morning and they will get you set up accordingly. It sure sounds easy - I am hoping the reality is as simple as what I have been led to believe.

I've not yet done the chain - I am thinking with the size of that BIG one, I may have finally been rewarded in a little bit of procrastination!

04-18-2006, 01:59 PM
Guess I will have to fix him something besides PB and J for dinner tonight. :rotfl2:

Or depending on the DCL rates - maybe having PB&J for dinner is how one affords the cruise fare! :)

04-18-2006, 04:34 PM
DH just called and he booked us a 3 day cruise on the Wonder for May 4th Kathy

Wow :cheer2: :cheer2: Congratulations.... I have no idea what it would be life for my hubby to book anything without me knowing about it.... for that matter not sure I would want him too :lmao: And secondly I can't wait till the day we can just jump up and go somewhere without weeks of planing... Heck just to go to the grocery store is a MAJOR undertaking in my house :rotfl2: Congratulations again.. I am looking forword to your trip report when yall get back.

Many :grouphug: and :love1: all.

04-18-2006, 05:27 PM
DH just called and he booked us a 3 day cruise on the Wonder for May 4th :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

Awesome!! I'm going to have to rethink my aversion to living in Florida if it means a person can go on more Disney Cruises. ;)

It will be bittersweet when the time comes that dh and I can go off without making arrangements for the kids. We have a great time as a family but it's not like dh and I don't know how to enjoy ourselves without them. We were a couple for ten years before we had William.

Scott, yes, I agree. Procrastinating, in this situation, may be for the best if you are doing it by hand with scissors and crayons or markers. It was much easier using a computer and a paper cutter. I can see why you would want to do it the former way. Very educational!