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01-29-2006, 11:05 PM
Greetings. We are live from AKL on day 3 of five of our quick trip. Having a nice time with the family (DW, DD2 and DD7) and have spent most of our time at the MK so far. Tomorrow is Epcot for the Princess breakfast in Norway and Soarin' among other things.

I just wanted to post here that this is our first time at the AKL and I have some very specific impressions. Wow on the layout and design of the resort. It is absolutely beautiful. And to have Giraffes and Gazelles and other miscellaneous beasts within spitting distance of our balcony is WAY cool. The only thing about the resort itself that I find a negative is that there aren't enough dining choices -- BOMA was great, but not something I want to do everyday. Food courts are not our thing. The other restaurant has been booked solid. Would love to see a Beaches and Cream type of place.. or Kona Cafe..or just something "in between."

The real downside, however (and I don't want to sound like a whiner here but I know some will think I am) is that I have had more negative guest services experiences than at any other resort where I have stayed. Yes, i have had some positive experiences, but the negative experiences stick out because I am just not used to being treated in a way that seems inconsistent with Disney service. The positives: front desk, server and greeters at Boma and at Victoria Falls. The negatives - really just three instances, but memorable -- one specific greeter at Boma who couldn't be bothered, an incredibly rude CM at the gift shop at the hotel who left me speechless as I watched her interact with other guests and the big one for me - the valet parking folks on three separate occasions already. One of them actually asked me last night when I pulled up after a long day of touring -- "What do you want?" I had the tag that showed I had already been there and valeted , along with the white card saying the same. Again, I was speechless and too tired to complain. My point here is that Disney CMs have made me set my sights high so when one person doesn't meet those standards, I notice. When several at one property do so..I see a problem.

Really having a nice time overall. Good weather. Fun in the parks (well in the mK so far)...More to come..

01-30-2006, 04:09 AM
Thanks for taking the time to send us a report. I actually find the negative parts of reviews VERY helpful. We all LOVE Disney, but it's good to know what negative things could happen, so it dosent ruin our trips. So "whine" on!

OH! And please let us know if you are happy with the size of the room.

Have fun! :sunny:

01-30-2006, 09:22 PM
I think the room size is fine and we are in a standard savannah view. It's a bit tight because we have a pack and play set up....but if it weren't for that, no problem at all from my perspective. The bathroom is one of the nicest I've seen in regular hotel rooms here at Disney (not DVC).

Woudn't you know that today we have have incredible service from everyone -- EVEN the valet! :-) I casually asked a few CMs about the weekend and they admitted they were crushed with people - sold out and a bit understaffed. I had a feeling.

My dd7 and dd2 participated in some of the kids activities tonight and had a blast. The parade from the gift shop around the lobby was a real favorite. We also (my dd7 and I) just got back from sitting around the firepit for a bit and chatting. The view from the firepit back into the lobby is breathtaking.

Today we hit Epcot and the weather didn't hold up but we had fun regardless. Crowds were non-existant. We did Soarin' twice - i did Mission Space and my dd7 made choc. chip cookies in the land. Saw Circle of Life Show (also twice) and the Crush show at Living Seas for the first time - it was way cool -- dudes! :-)

Started the day at the Princess breakfast at Epcot and it was a bit more rushed (the princesses that is) than we remember from past visits - even though it was pretty uncrowded. Still it was cool to see princesses you don't see everywhere - esp. Mulan. Dinner was at Beaches and Cream - our real indulgence of the trip. burgers, onion rings and ice cream. I feel like a whale.

We head home tomorrow and plan to just hang at the resort all morning (have a res. at Boma for breakfast) and late checkout...then to Downtown Disney on the way to the airport.

Overall a good trip - we probably tried to cram a bit more in than we should have (don't we always?)

02-01-2006, 12:16 AM
Glad you had a great time. And yes, we all try to cram in alot on a Disney trip :)

Hope you enjoy your breakfast at Boma. I've only been there for dinner, so let us know how it was! Have a safe trip home!

02-02-2006, 06:56 PM
Was FANTASTIC. We may have even enjoyed it more than the great dinner. It was less crowded and thus, less frantic than dinner was and we had great service and great food. We got to relax a bit and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful setting. I think when we were there for dinner it was just way too crowded and frenzied and even though the food was great and the service was super, we just felt a little frazzled. So glad we gave it a shot for breakfast.

In retrospect, we probably won't stay at AKL again unless we get a deal like this one for a trip we are just doing at the last minute. It's a beautiful setting - I can't say enough for that view back into the lobby from the firepit and the sight of giraffes and other wildlife frolicking only yards from the balcony. But it really is a little too "out of the way" I think if we weren't going with the kids -- like THAT is every going to happen -- we might try it because I could see it as a really romantic setting. For my money, I prefer the Poly and the BCV or YC.

We have never stayed at the WL or WLV and I think that will be the next foray into something new. Everytime we have been there for dinner at our favorite restaurant on property - Artist Point - we have said "we should stay here sometime." Something tells me it has a similar feel to AKL (sans the animals of course) and is a little less isolated with the launch to MK.

02-05-2006, 06:42 PM
jd99 Would you mind sharing what room # you had and which 'trail' it was on and which savanah you had a view of? I need to know what to put on my room request.

I had a wonderful room back in '03, but have NO IDEA what the room number was....pretty sure it was Kudu trail (left of the lobby). There was a giraffe feeding station right outside our room. I'm going back for one night in Novemeber, before our cruise, and would love for my little sister to have her morning coffee on the balcony 'with' the giraffes before I take her off to swim with the dolphins and stingrays! She's critter crazy :crazy:


02-07-2006, 09:48 PM
We were in 2272 but I can't remember the name of the trail -but it was to the right of the front desk - as you walk past the DCL desk and go to the elevators..Down one floor and down the hall on the left. The room was on the right side of the hall. At least I remember THAT much! :-)