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09-26-2001, 01:14 PM
The day has come...time to cruise!!!

With the recent events, we were not sure how things would be aboard ship, but leave it to Disney to make you feel magical even in down times.

We arrived about 11:30 or so and found check in a breeze. We then got in the already forming line and waited. They boarded us at 12:50pm and we were now embarking on our magical cruise.
Dh and I had cruised aboard the Wonder in January, but this was my mom's first cruise ever! :)
We went to Parrot Cay for our embarkation lunch and enjoyed it. The food was fresh and good and the servers very friendly. :)

After lunch, mom and I headed to the spa for ressies and dh went to Palo. By time we got to the spa, dh was already there. He ran :) We got our Palo ressies and were first in line at the spa. The spa had changed some of their services, so we had to re-think what we wanted. They even had a special for the first night. We all took the deal, and I booked another treatment for the Nassau day. After bookings, e took the tour, just to check it out. It was nice and informative. I recommend it to really get an overview of the spa.
Treaments and reactions: We all had the Booster therapy the first night ($10 off). It was the 25 minute Alpha Capsule and 25 minute Hydrotherapy bath. We all loved the Hydrotherapy bath. It was so relaxing and a definite repeat! Dh loved the capsule, and was able to sleep as intended. Mom and I had different opinions. The machine was not working properly, so it produced no heat and we were laying there freezing for 25 minutes. UGH! They girls in the spa handled it OK, but not great. We all received free one day passes to the Rainforest Room, but nothing was done to fix the actual problem. Mom was more upset than I was, but she got over it and enjoyed the cruise. She is not much of a spa person, so she was not impressed. Dh and I LOVE the spa and plan to visit it as much as our budget allows! :)

Stateroom: 7163, Category 11 inside. For the three of us, it was fine for three nights. It had a king bed, a twin sleeper sofa and a single bathroom. Dh and I liked the split one we had on the Wonder (cat 9) better, but this was fine.
TIP: Get and over the door shoe holder! It works great to hold all your essentials since the bathroom counters leave a lot to be desired! Thanks to DIS for that tip! :)

That night was rough. Mom was so sick she missed dinner and I left dinner before the main course. Dinner was at Lumieres and dh said it was wonderful.
Our servers were Cedric from France and Chakka from Thailand. Cedric was very nice and very funny! Chakka was a bit soft spoken, but helpful and attentive.

I went back to the room and ordered room service for me and mom. She had a plain burger and I had PBJ. I felt better, but she did not. She went to sleep and I get ready to venture out to the 50's party with dh. I managed to really enjoy the party and was able to take a walk on deck. We went to Offbeat to watch the dueling pianos and loved it. There were only 4 other people in there, so were were able to request what we wanted and talk with the pianists. It was fun! :)

At the end of the night, dh and I walked on deck, and saw the Bahamas in the distance.

Off to bed we went! Tomorrow..Nassau! :)

Woke up excited to be in the Bahamas! Mom felt a bit better and decided to head to breakfast with dh while I went to the spa. They went to Topsiders and found the buffet to be good. I went to the spa early and spent some time in the RF room. I love the aromatherapy room and the different showers. My spa treatment was the Spa Taster (25 minute back/leg massage and 25 minute facial). Gina was my therapist and she was great. This is a definite do over for me! The massage was wonderful and I actually fell asleep during my facial. I really loved it.

After we met back up and decided to head into Nassau. It was over 95 degrees and we knew we would not make it long. We visited about 10 tourist shops and a few liqour shops. We bought some tequila, rum, cigars, clinique make-up and tshirts. The Straw Market is still gone and that is a really downer. We missed it alot!
After about an hour or so in Nassau, we got back aboard and hit the pool. We had drinks and food from Plutos! The cheesburgers and chicken sandwiches were great. Dh also loved the pizza at Pinocchios!! For all of you who are into the "adult" beverages, the bon voyage (mix of pina colada and strawberry daquiri) and the BBC (Baileys, banana, and pina colada mix) were the BEST!!!! Yum! :)

That night dinner was at Animators Palate. We all managed to make it to dinner. Mom bought some Sea bands and they seemed to help a bit. At dinner, we splurged! :)
We each had three appetizers, an entree with extra side dishes, and two desserts! :)
Here is a fun down as I remember it:
Pineapple fruit boat (Awesome, a must try), BBQ Chicken Drums (Very good), Crab Cakes (Terrific and I don't even like crab!), Salad (forget what kind, but it was good)
DH: Pumpkin Seed Tuna (didn't like it, so he ordered steak)
ME: Beef Teriyaki (AWESOME)
Mom: Sirloin with Mashed Potatos (Loved it!)
Pina Coloda Bread Pudding (Amazing)
Choc Cake( great)
White chocolate Macademia Cheescake (Awesome)

The restaraunt is the best onboard, so do not miss it!! :) :)

The Tropicalifragilistic Sailaway party was awesome and the characters made a great appearance. We danced on deck with the lights of Nassau and prepared for another night onboard. The dancers were good and the band is great. Great party! This is a must!

After we went to Rockin Bar D again and participated in karaoke night! It was a lot of fun and there were some awesome singers. It seemed more like talent night than your regular karaoke night! :)

To top off the night we strolled on the upper deck and said good bye to Nassau!

Tomorrow...Castaway Cay!

Thanks for reading along,



10-09-2001, 03:24 PM
was your mom sick sick, or sea sick? Has sea sickness been a problem for you ever? Did you notice any children that appeared sea sick? Your reports are great and I am reading them avidly. This is the vacation that I want to go on next

10-10-2001, 10:22 AM
Mom always has motion sickness. She actually did really well. She didn't throw up!! :)

I didn't notice many sick people. Don't worry. the cruise is awesome and even if you don't feel good one night, the rest of the cruise makes up for it!


10-24-2001, 02:55 PM
we were on the same cruise.
and oh my!
i just looked at your pics - & your mom looks VERY familiar!
while at palo's, we were talking to the ppl (especially the sea-band-wearing *mom*) at the table alongside of ours.
now i'm wondering........

laurie s

10-25-2001, 11:55 AM
Maybe it was us!!! I was wearing a black sparkly dress, mom had on red and dh was in a sportcoat. We were laughing and eating EVERYTHING in sight!! I love Palo!


10-25-2001, 04:03 PM
i think it WAS you!
let's see:
if it was indeed you, your mom was sitting on a regular chair (not on the *booth seat* - you were sitting there), and she said how nice it was that you & your dh invited her - i think she said she lives in a different state than you, & said she was returning home after the cruise. you mentioned that you had been on DCL before. *mom* was kidding around about your DH's penchant for raw (her words) meat.

i'm blonde & was wearing a black dress w/black jacket, DH was wearing a suit. this was our 2nd DCL cruise. and i told your mom i agreed that she MUST try the souffle.
if this sounds familiar, say *hi* to your mom - she's a sweet lady!

laurie s
(btw, i'm very impressed that you finished your TR - i'm still working on last years! ;) )

10-26-2001, 03:16 PM
Yep, that was us!!!

I will tell her you said hi!!! Hope you guys had a nice trip too! It was awesome!

Dh and I leave for WDW in 5 weeks and another cruise on Dec. 30!!!


Kamy :)