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01-12-2006, 08:12 AM
Hi There,
I am really dense and clueless when it comes to all of this, I was wondering if someone could please help me out. There are two t-shirt designs that I would like if someone could do them for me, the one is the one that says Walt Disney World, and the Disney part actually has photographs of people's families in it, I would scan you the photos I would like to use, and the other one is the one that has the Princess's but it puts someone else's face there instead, if someone could design these and e-mail them to me that would be so great. I am even willing to pay for your time. Please PM me if you could help me out and let me know what you need from me, thank you thank you thank you. I hope someone is able to help me out. Thanks a bunch. Blessings. :sunny:

julia & nicks mom
01-12-2006, 11:21 AM
I just sent you a PM