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  1. How long did it take those who have done DCP to get accepted?
  2. Logging into Dashboard
  3. Pending Email?
  4. Gsf&b
  5. Disney Housing VS. Apartment?
  6. WiFi in the complexes
  7. Other Couples?
  8. ACCEPTED! 3 days!
  9. Are attractions very competitive or somewhat easy to get accepted for?
  10. Spring 2012 Roommate Survey
  11. Phone Interview
  12. Housing for 21 and over
  13. Life Guard Vision Screening
  14. CP Bed Question
  15. Need your advice!
  16. Applying for both WDW & DL
  17. Prof. using Turn it in . com
  18. Just read there is a 300 deposit if you get in.....
  19. Things to mention in the phone interview
  20. anyone work on jungle cruise?
  21. Character auditions?? When you audition..are you also trying out for...
  22. CP classes
  23. Phone interview! And a question for those already accepted~
  24. Arrival dates
  25. ImagiNations 2012--Team Members Wanted!
  26. So what all do these kids take with them??
  27. Is it worth having a car there??
  28. Rejections??
  29. Acceptance through email or mail?
  30. My daughter got her acceptance email today... 4 days after the interview!!!!
  31. Disney Culinary Program
  32. How does the audition work if you accept the role they already offered?
  33. Do they move you around in your role? Or do you keep the same job/location?
  34. Apartment questions
  35. I'm a little confused about how the roommate thing works...
  36. Quick Service ?? Does it include the Outside food carts??
  37. Roomate search!!! any takers?
  38. Daughter got accepted to CP. Now the questions!
  39. Graduation gift for high schooler going to college
  40. Do they stagger the departure dates too??
  41. My favorite Disney Character
  42. Visiting
  43. Official CP Blog: disneyprogramsblog.com
  44. DCP Phone Interview
  45. More questions about Pay/Rent/#of roommates/Disc. for food while working?
  46. Are cast members responsible for their "CM clothes" as far as laundry goes?
  47. Question about the point system!
  48. Waiting....what happens next?
  49. How old is too old?
  50. How many hours did you work?
  51. Non-College Program Auditions/Experiences?
  52. Is there and advantage to selecting the first arrival date over one later?
  53. Is there an opportunity to extend during your CP stint?
  54. Merchandise 2012 :)
  55. Bongo's Question...Anyone?
  56. College Program Alum Reapplying?!
  57. Just got accepted!!!
  58. accepted
  59. Whats the deal with the December 19th peding email?
  60. Our daughter picked Jan. 9th for her arrival. When are you arriving?
  61. CP Discounts on Tickets and Dining Plan?
  62. Which Disney resorts/hotels are close to where the kids check in for CP?
  63. Opinion?
  64. Applying for Fall 2012 CP
  65. Tattoos?
  66. Question for those that have done the disney cp before
  67. Housing?
  68. Questions about shoes for the costumes????
  69. Days Off
  70. Slim chances of getting a day off the week leading into Easter???
  71. Questions to ask College Advisor
  72. Move out day question
  73. Days of the week that they accept certain people for roles...
  74. Cruiseline audition dates?
  75. Custodial Busser questions!!! :D
  76. a little help..
  77. Would people arriving on the same date ALL depart on the same date?
  78. Auditions for Extension
  79. Wait List
  80. Onboard Website
  81. Character Auditions
  82. For parents that go/went to help their son/daughter check in.... how many days did
  83. Question about Custodial?
  84. Royal Range
  85. Traditions and training
  86. Campus Rep Letter
  87. Question about becoming a seasonal CM
  88. post interview for college program
  89. Spring 2012 Quick Food Service
  90. What will happen when two good friends grow up?
  91. Attendance Points for College Program
  92. anyone applying for a fulbright?
  93. Disney Look
  94. Housing, Arrival Dates Question
  95. Sharing rooms with someone you know?
  96. Question about apartments
  97. Role questions
  98. phone interview in 2 days!
  99. About the apartments...
  100. Canadian wanting to work at WDW
  101. Practice Application?
  102. Applications no longer accepted?
  103. CP Sick question
  104. If you are offered a position and decline does that reflect negatively?
  105. DCP - Attractions
  106. Fall/Fall Advantage 2012!
  107. Average paycheck
  108. Quick Food Service/ Arrival Date
  109. Application Deadline and Positions
  110. What role were you accepted for?
  111. CP Parents... She's gonna be away for Christmas!
  112. Spring Advantage 2012 Questions...
  113. Disney Live! auditions?
  114. how crazy are the auditions...
  115. Question to you soon to be DCP CM's
  116. Pros and Cons of each appartment complex?
  117. info on CP at WDW
  118. Question about medical accomidation and colleges that participate?
  119. Phone interviewer 40minutes late??? (and counting)
  120. Fired CM-Quick question.
  121. Transfer guidlines for extending after invitation
  122. what are you doing for winter break?
  123. Need help
  124. Point/Reprimands
  125. Questions about lifeguard role
  126. Financial Aid for College?
  127. Pended then wait listed
  128. Qsfb
  129. Looking for some help getting CP swag
  130. Walking distance throughout a day?
  131. For those of you who were disappointed about not being able to have bed canopies...
  132. Just had my phone interview! :S
  133. College Reps/Holiday Booklet
  134. Riverside or Coronado
  135. alumni
  136. DCP Question!!!
  137. After the college program, what does it mean to be seasonal?
  138. Web-based interview
  139. Phone interview in an hour and a half ahhh
  140. Packing up, going home
  141. Anyone been accepted VERY recently?
  142. How far are the Apartments from Disney World?
  143. Learning!
  144. Question About Start Dates
  145. How much weight did you lose on your program?
  146. My first post as a Disney CP hopeful!!! :)
  147. Disney Drinks and Hangouts!
  148. Explaining it to the school
  149. Just got accepted..now what?
  150. Roommate Survey (guy)
  151. Daughter was accepted..NOW a major road bump with her university... :(
  152. Eating on the Program
  153. Extending question
  154. Phone Interview Panic Attack Commencing
  155. Health Insurance?
  156. how did doing the DCP help you with your career?
  157. Hello everybody! :) First time poster - Disney CP hopefully!
  158. Disneyland CP
  159. The Waiting Game
  160. Extending My Program! Help!
  161. Looking for roommate(s) changed arrival to 1/18
  162. Restricted Rehire question
  163. confirmation email?
  164. College program off-site apartments
  165. Can i apply for part time after CP?
  166. Quick College Program Question from a Newbie
  167. Accepted into CP- Have BIG ?'s
  169. College Program Room Discount ?
  170. Spring 2012 PI/MI Roommate Finder
  171. Getting guests in?
  172. Roomie survey - jan 18th - wellness - female - 3br patterson
  173. What character performer roles do DCP usually get?
  174. Christmas Lights in apartments?
  175. Waiting Game?
  176. Dead Zone
  177. Question about Character Attendant
  178. How many collegiate courses should I take?
  179. Full Service Food & Beverage Spring 2012
  180. Disney English- teach in China
  181. Spring QUARTER Program 2012
  182. Part Time vs. CP
  183. The End is Near For Applying
  184. CPs that work merchandise
  185. Cruising during DCP? Alums?
  186. college rep!
  187. Looking for Roommate. Jan 9th / Non-Wellness
  188. Applying For Fall Advantage 2012--have a few questions
  189. Demi Lovato
  190. Anyone on the wait list get in late in the game?
  191. Character Attendant
  192. going away party
  193. When are the acceptance/rejection emails most sent out?
  194. Graduate Students in the College Program??
  195. Future employment after CP
  196. Housing
  197. Professional Internship housing
  198. PI Spring 2012 Housing/Roomate
  199. Anyone Else's Dashboard Not Working?
  200. Probably an absolutely ridiculous question
  201. Part time wait list
  202. Just tryin to meet people...
  203. Question for college students about online classes...
  204. Looking for information PI housing
  205. "Artist Specialist" in Disneyland?
  206. getting character position if not in college program?
  207. facebook group
  208. Rules on eyeglasses?
  209. online classes and disney college program
  210. Canadian Applicants! :)
  211. Welp *proceeds to kick rocks*
  212. Professional Clothing
  213. Arriving Jan 22
  214. I find forum posts of people complaining about working at disney waaay to ironic lol
  215. tips on how to get ready for the spring program?
  216. Question about going seasonal
  217. Hey Everyone!!! Roommate matching system?
  218. Finding roommates before going to CP?
  219. Does "Still interested Email" mean anything?
  220. College Program in Disneyland
  221. Just a little question about online classes.
  222. Rage Cast Member Memes!
  223. Questions! Please Help!
  224. *Come Share Your Positive DCP Experiences!*
  225. Can your school decide you can't go after you've paid your fees?
  226. Warning to all CPs in WDW
  227. DCP Quidditch League
  228. Please help me with a Disney survey for my graduate school class!
  229. Disneyland College Program: Fall 2012 Facebook group!
  230. Selecting classes/seminars for extensions?
  231. housing for WDW employees(not CP)
  232. Pending then In progess and now no longer in consideration????
  233. curious about how you get to check in
  234. What Is Included In "Hospitality" Major?
  235. Roommate Jan-Jun 2012
  236. Too Old for College Program?
  237. Park Starz trading
  238. Room For Rent Available now
  239. Disney Movies and their Original story
  240. Can you get credit from the summer alumni program?
  241. "In Progress" Status - Is This Good?
  242. "In Progress" Status - Is This Good?
  243. Moving to Orlando for College In July
  244. Transferring Credits
  245. what gifts do you get professors?
  246. A little concerned
  247. Dance Classes?
  248. Can a friend stay with you in your apartment during the college program?
  249. Can a friend stay with you in your apartment during the college program?
  250. Cast Member Perks