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  1. We need to do another prayer chain for Sylvia!
  2. I have VERY sad news, friends...
  3. prayers for Nick, Sylvia's son
  4. And here is little Nick, Sylvia's boy
  5. And here, my friends, is Sylvia
  6. IN MEMORY OF AN ANGEL-- Sylvia Murray
  7. ....poem for Sylvia
  8. I just remember something about Sylvia that kind of shocked me.
  9. During our busy day tomorrow, if you have a moment to remember our friend, Sylvia
  10. To honor the memory of Sylvia, the boards will go black...
  11. The Sylvia In Memoriam thread
  12. Remembering a dear friend, Sylvia..(sound) **Update 6/9 Pg 4**
  13. Robin - Caitlyn's Mom
  14. *My best job is being Caitlyn's Mommy* (picture/sound)(2 added pictures on pg 2)
  15. Robin's Service Information - Obituary added
  16. Remembering Stephanie, Tinkerbell2300
  17. For those of you who knew Beverly Lynn....sad news
  18. Rest In Peace ~Sparkly~ Zoe - Beverly Lynn
  19. About this board...
  20. Nathan Page 1997-2003
  21. Sad news on the cruise board- Nate Page
  22. In memory of FLORIDACAT, our own Roy. *PLS read Majestics note, pg2.*
  23. In Memory of Montessori
  24. To my friend Montessori
  25. Sad News about Rich Hyams
  26. Post your favorite Richyams quotes / links here.
  27. Rich Hyams - Scholarship Fund - UPDATED
  28. In Memoriam- Richard William Hyams III
  29. Photos of Rich Hyams
  30. Thank you all...
  31. Obituary - Judith Sue Tuchman
  32. More pictures of richyams
  33. I am sorry to have to share this here -- VERY SAD NEWS regarding FaithinKarma
  34. FaithinKarma was my mother
  35. Sad news to pass along...ILUVDXL has passed away
  36. Sad News re: Tigger13
  37. Hurricane Patti "hanname" died.
  38. My Dad
  39. Sad, sad news about my daughter, Hilary. EDITED WITH PICTURES AND WEBSITE
  40. Update On Our DVC Members Jim & Jean-Sad Update Post 7
  41. Beth (MinnieM3) has finished her battle with cancer
  42. Loss of a fellow DVC member
  43. my beloved MJ has lost the battle
  44. Loss of a Young Diser
  45. Going to VB - Sad News posts 6 & 7 - My Mom
  46. RIP - Tarp Man
  47. Disney Past- A Tribute to My Disney Dad
  48. We will miss you Ilene...........