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  1. Hey, this is new!
  2. Best of Luck!
  3. My exercise journal...posts welcomed and appreciated
  4. Welcome to the New WISH Journals Board
  5. Kelsie's Journal! (Replies Welcome)
  6. 236-196-Accomplished! Now down to 176!! (All Wishers welcome to post)
  7. Jody's moving to The Beach 03/15/04!
  8. PartyofSix watch me shrink with my Food Journal!
  9. It's my turn now! Vija's journal ~*~*Posts and Pixie dust welcome~*~*
  10. Desiree's Journal - (Posts welcome)
  11. Things I Need to Work On. (edited to add...Posts welcome)
  12. andrea's(babar) journal!!
  13. Luvinit's Journal (Tracy)...posters welcomed!
  14. Michelle's Journal (Mish19)
  15. My journal - posters welcome
  16. Nancy's Journal
  17. TigH's journal (comments welcome)
  18. Kathy's journal (Comments welcome)
  19. ZW's Journal (posters also welcome :) )
  20. Becka's Journal
  21. IGTDs exercise journal - posters welcome
  22. Linda H's Journal-posts welcome
  23. Barb's Journal (replies welcome here too)
  24. Leah's journal (commets, advice welcome!)
  25. How does it work
  26. TeresaNJ's Journal, comments, tips and advice appreciated!!
  27. AlreadyexcitedGrammy's/ AKA Bebr's Journal (posts welcomed)
  28. Zakatak's Journal ...
  29. D-D4's Journal & Ramblings
  30. Jiminy's Journal (posts/comments welcome)
  31. RaySharpton Weekly Journal
  32. Christian devotions for dieters
  33. Audrey's never say diet journal
  34. Chubby in Chicago (Barb Embarks on a Losing Campaign)
  35. Florence's Journal (Posts/Comments Welcome)
  36. Dandave's Journal
  37. Diary of a Woman on the Edge -- Please Free To Read Along/Post Along!
  38. Kerri's Atkins Journal (posts welcome)
  39. minniecarousel's (Julie's) journal
  40. Princess Michelle's W.I.S.H. Journal *Update: Week 8* (Posters Welcome)
  41. wdwnutze's atkins journal(posters welcome)
  42. Lesley's Workout Journal
  43. Well...It is the night before the Big Day!!!End of Day 1 added!!!
  44. Jennifer's Journey to a Healthy Weight
  45. Has this happened to any Atkins dieters?
  46. I am in Day 3!!!!!!!!!
  47. Wagamama's Journal-posts/replies welcome!
  48. Gregg's journal (comments welcome)
  49. Lost 13 pounds in my first week!!!!
  50. disnygoofs WW journal (heck ya, posters welcome!)
  51. June 12th, WW Journal
  52. Melinda's Plateau Busting Journal
  53. Kathe's Challange for 2003 Post Welcome
  54. Steph's journal (Posters Welcome)
  55. jtbdas's Journal\thoughts welcomed
  56. MelanieC's Journal
  57. Nancy's Weight Loss Journal (Feel Free to Post!)
  58. Paula's Journal - Posters and/or PM's welcome
  59. Cindy's journal
  60. Becki's Journal-Posts/PM's Welcome
  61. AnnieT's Journal-Lo-Carb and WW- It can be done!!!!-Comments Welcome :)
  62. Rajah's exercise journal (comments very welcome :) )
  63. Hello everyone!
  64. Jenz's journal - comments always welcome
  65. ead79's journal - feel free to post :)
  66. Atkins and diet coke?
  67. My Atkins Journal/ Please feel free to post !
  68. Karla B.'s Common Sense Weight Loss/Fitness Journal Begins!
  69. scarlett873's journal...posts/PMs welcome!
  70. The Will I stay Gray Journals!!!
  71. How do I get the WISH signature?
  72. Tara's journal....welcome posts and comments
  73. Pam's Lifestyle Change Journal
  74. ThinkTink's Journal--staying healthy
  75. My Atkins for WDW 2004 Wish! (comments welcomed!)
  76. Margaret's Weight Loss Journal
  77. LuvTigger's Journal (comments welcome)
  78. WISHes will come true
  79. Frank's Journal 5infam(Comments/Suggestions Very Welcome)!!
  80. Elise's Journal (comments welcome)
  81. Believe's Journal.....getting back on track, comments welcome
  82. Here we go Muppets on it again
  83. Lisa's Weightloss Journal (comments welcomed!)
  84. Binnys first healthy heart journal comments welcome
  85. Pam's Low Carb Road (Comments Welcome)
  86. Disney Grannie's Protein Power journal
  87. Lulu201's Healthy Living Log (comments welcome!)
  88. Disney Grannie's journal (life after Grave's Disease)
  89. FEEBEE on ATKINS Pt 1 please feel free to post
  90. Meme's skinny jeans journal
  91. Update on my WISH
  92. Karen's Atkins Journal (aka "help a newbie"!)
  93. Doreen's New Way of Life (comments are welcome)
  94. My W.I.S.H List - a new and healthier me (P/M's & posts welcomed - I need help!)
  95. Renee's journal
  96. CDoobee's "it's about time!" journal!! (comments welcome)
  97. Simone's Atkin's Journal...I can't believe I'm doing this!
  98. Arizonacolbys New Atkins Journal
  99. New Day new Journal
  100. Carol and Dr. Atkins
  101. A journey through cancer....
  102. Alison's attempt at Atkins!(Comments welcome)
  103. Diane's Journal - Welcome all!
  104. Nats journal!!!
  105. Starting Over - Kathy's journal
  106. Coyotes Journal Begins Today
  107. Keli's Journal
  108. April's journey
  109. oops
  110. Brina's WISH Journal (Comments Welcome)
  111. New program / Need help
  112. Julie's Journel (of course - comments welcome)
  113. Atkins/Here is my log
  114. Maureens Journal on Atkins and Goals started 10/18 & posts are great!!
  115. Marshmelo's Journal
  116. Jean's journal (post's/pm's welcome)
  117. Sandy's Journal...comments welcome!
  118. depplyinluv's journal (comments and p/ms welcome)
  119. Dr. Phill
  120. Wish! Day 1!!
  121. Amanda's Menu Planning Spectacular!
  122. I'm going to lose this weight! Take 2. :)
  123. I joined wish how do I get the little tag I've lost 5 lbs
  124. Samandmom's WW journal (comments welcomed)
  125. Okay...........now it's Weight Watchers Here I go again!
  126. Kathy's Sommersize Journal
  127. Cheryl's WISH Journal (comments welcome)
  128. Lisa's Journal (Life on the "Beach" - Part 2 all the way to goal!)
  129. Laurie's journal - Atkins plan (comments welcome)
  130. Maria's Journal...Atkins Plan...Comments Very Welcome:)
  131. GottaBeMe's Fitness Journal
  132. 2003-2004 body for life journal
  133. String's Atkin's Journal (Please Comment)
  134. Commitment, Atkins, Curves & More
  135. Aly's Journey to Health
  136. Courtney's Journal - comments welcome
  137. Maureen's Journal...comments welcome
  138. Jeanie's Journal (Comments welcome!)
  139. Renee's daily journal.....comments welcomed
  140. Tammy's Journal (Posts welcome)
  141. tkd lisa's new years resolution (comments welcome)
  142. Melissa's Uphill Battle (Comments Welcome)
  143. Tired of my fat A$$ (comments very welcome)
  144. Darlene's Ride to a Healthier Me
  145. Skuttle's Journey to Her Pre-Pregnancy Weight (comments welcomed)
  146. DVC Jen's Journal (comments welcome)
  147. Bonzo's Journey into the unknown (comments, jokes, ridicule etc most welcome!)
  148. Judy's Life of Change
  149. marcia's journal (comments welcome!)
  150. Sharon's Journal -150 here I come!
  151. Cuter's Journal on Atkins! (Comments Welcome!)
  152. Denise's Days (Comments Welcome!)
  153. Disney Donna's Weight/Life Control Journal
  154. Satine's Quest for Smaller Jeans(Comments Welcome of Course)
  155. Carol's Journey (Atkins - modified!) Comments welcome
  156. mickeysdsnyprncs journal
  157. My First Try at Journaling
  158. 2nd Day of Journaling on this Journey
  159. Dax's Journal
  160. 3rd day... comments always welcomed
  161. Niki is going to get back to pre -baby weight..............
  162. FamFab5 is Counting Down to May Land and Sea and Her SZ 8's!!!
  163. Goof's Glorious Atkins Journal (please comment!!)
  164. Twenty one bears help their mama lose weight thread (Come in and say hi!)
  165. just testing as having trouble
  166. Not sure what to do
  167. wish
  168. wish
  169. Christina's Journal (feedback welcome)
  170. Beckie's Babblings- on the "beach" (comments welcome)
  171. Jaime's Journal (Comments Welcome)
  172. Here I go again!! Holly's weight loss journey (comments welcome)
  173. Val's Journal (comments welcome)
  174. ArielsDad: In search of 220lbs, via SBD... (comments welcome)
  175. starting diet
  176. From Solotraveler to Marathon Man! (Comments Welcome!!)
  177. Angela's Journey to the Life She Deserves (Posts Welcome!)
  178. Jennifer's journals to weight loss(comments please)
  179. Elena's New Mission Journal (Comments Welcome)
  180. Kelyn's Post-Pregnancy WISH JOURNAL (Comments welcome!)
  181. Syl's Online Journal
  182. Simone's WW Journal-Comments Welcome!
  183. On to healthy living......
  184. jlp651's Journal-Battling EMS Butt-posts welcome
  185. Where, Oh Where?
  186. ZW trys again Journal.....
  187. Julie's Jolly Journey (posts welcome)- I'm back...
  188. Kelly J (posts Welcome)
  189. Disneygoof's WW Journal (comments welcome)
  190. Boy did I have a ba day yesterday
  191. Oops I did it again! WHY MUST I YOYO!!!
  192. Stego's (comments, of course, welcome) WW thread...
  193. Last year's Journal.....please see the new one!
  194. Christina's weight loss journey with WW and The FIRM
  195. Carol's Challenge on "South Beach". Can I do it? (Comments Welcome!)
  196. Waggies Journal (all replies welcome)
  197. Disney4me- WW and Excerise Journal - On my way to DL in 2005
  198. Kristy's WW's and WISH Journal (Comments welcome)
  199. Kerri's Here We Go Again Journal (comments welcome!)
  200. Nicole's following Dr Phil's Diet (Please come post!)
  201. OOOPS_ Didn't mean to post this
  202. Dee's Atkins Journel-comments welcome
  203. Kate's DPR (comments okay with me!)
  204. NC Redding's WISH Journal
  205. TOV takes the WISH challenge
  206. I'm on board!!
  207. "Gonna-try-again-Julie" comments welcome
  208. Ginger's journal(comments welcomed)
  209. Jean's return to healthy living plan ( friends welcome anytime )
  210. I'm On My Way... (Ashley's WISH Journal, Please Comment!)
  211. The inside, the outside and everything in between plan! (comments welcome!)
  212. CrazeeGrammaG's DOWNWARD Journal(posts and comments welcomed...)
  213. Cats 7494 Journal ...Just beginning and not so scared anymore ...(comments welcome)
  214. Deborah's 30 Day Challenge (comments welcomed!) Final Weigh-in
  215. Jodi's bridal journal (posts welcome) - I'm back!
  216. here goes.............nothing????
  217. ERITOUMA: Eat well, Get fit, Live fit, Stay fit...
  218. Lizzydoll73's WISH journal(comments welcome)
  219. CruisingCA is back to WISHing....
  220. Darcy's Journal (veiwers And Comments Welcome)
  221. Michelle's W.I.S.H. Journal (A.K.A Attack of the Nakies!)
  222. Kathleen's "Getting on Track" journal (comments welcome)
  223. kelscross' journey (comments welcome)
  224. Tasha's Journal (UPDATE: Our baby has arrived! Pics on last page!!)
  225. Gail's Journal (comments welcome)
  226. Kimberly's SB Journal (comments always welcome)
  227. Lulu201's Back In Action Journal
  228. kwdietrich1's Journal (Comments welcome)
  229. Kate's W.I.S.H. Journal
  230. Kristin's low carb journal
  231. need help
  232. Christal's Ready For a Change...Wanna help?
  233. July's Journal
  234. Chrismiss56 Looking For A Healthier Lifestyle Journal (Comments and Friends Welcome)
  235. At a standstill on Atkins
  236. Disney4me04 - Weight Watchers Journal - Started August 14th
  237. Help Make Me Accountable!!!! Minmate's "BODY FOR LIFE" WISH Journal... Beg. 8/15/04
  238. Sammy's Atkins Wish Journal
  239. Danauk's journal (I will stick to it this time!!) Comments welcomed
  240. Dawn's Journal/Journey (post's welcome)
  241. Traceys Atkins attempt!
  242. Teresa's WISH Jouranl (Comments Welcomed)
  243. Stacy's Journal: The Year of the Weddings
  244. Luvmydogs' Never Yo-Yo Again Journal (comments welcome!) *UPDATE pg. 9* GOAAAAAAL!
  245. Courtney
  246. Crystal's ready to ge the weight off
  247. PopMom65 Journal
  248. Kristina's Journal
  249. AK Catdogs Journal (comments welcome)
  250. Megan's Journal (comments welcome anytime!)