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  1. Year of the Shrinking Mommy
  2. Achieve your DREAM - 2011
  3. Robin: Journey from sedentary to strength (losing weight along the way)
  4. Dancing the Weight Away- Taking control of my health and my weight!
  5. Laurie's weight loss progress due to HCG
  6. Leleluvsdis weightloss Wish Box
  7. The 2011 Fight the Fat Tour...Starring ME!
  8. Being Accountable
  9. Every mile a memory…my quest to become an athlete!
  10. Deena's Journal - I Think I Can Do This - Comments Welcome
  11. Journey to getting healthy and hopefully the Princess Half 2012
  12. Trying to keep up with the weight loss wagon......yet again (new title, same journal)
  13. Why haven't I lost more weight?
  14. "I can do more than I think"-My story to be fit for life, not just Disney.
  15. Fit for Florida - Getting fit before WDWCP Fall 2011
  16. Looking like Ursala wanting to be a Little Mermaid
  17. CC's "I will run a 5K!" Journal-Comments Welcome
  18. 131 by the time I'm 31
  19. Going to WDW, what better motivation do I need to lose some weight.
  20. Sara's 2011 dwindling weight and debt WISH journal : Comments welcome!!
  21. Run w/ me to the Princess 1/2 Marathon 2012
  22. One goal at a time...First goal: 10 lbs by June!
  23. Wine-ing my way to a Half Marathon...my journal
  24. My Weight Watchers journey!! I DID IT!!! Before/after pic, post 128!!!!
  25. Windwalker Training
  26. Renee's WISH journal- I'm going to find "ME" again!
  27. thebwit's journal (comments welcome)
  28. 365 days of healthy choices... Year #3 starts with post 356, comments welcome!
  29. BL Challenging My Way to Disney...and Beyond
  30. The Tale of the Vegetarian who Lost 47 Pounds.
  31. Fit in my wedding dress for our 10 yr anniversary??
  32. "Are we there yet?": My journey from the couch to a 1/2 marathon!
  33. Chugging along one mile at a time! (comments welcome)
  34. Taking Back My Life-DisneyKim's journal (comments welcome!)
  35. Entering 2012 in the best shape of my life
  36. Terapin's Journal: Couch to Goofy to DOPEY to Fracture to Fabulous!
  37. My New Adventure from Pooh-sized to Pint-sized
  38. Deleted
  39. Its time to make a change...(comments welcome)
  40. Jenni's Journal (kind or constructive comments welcome)
  41. My PreCruise Weight Loss Journal (Comments and Motivation Welcome!)
  42. My HCG weight loss journey
  43. Why is so hard?!?!?! Aftons journey into weight lose and a healthy life!
  44. Seventy by seven - My journey from 360 pounds to the Disney Donald (comments welcome)
  45. Getting Healthy for Grad School (come join in!)
  46. Dear Diary - Please tell the scale to lie to me!
  47. Terrie's Fear- Can I really do this??? Comments are welcomed!!
  48. Time for a Change! (Encouragement Welcome!)
  49. Booked & Determined to look FIERCE! (comments, encouragement, & tips/advice welcome)
  50. My journey.....so far
  51. Operation Look Good in my Disney Pics - comments welcome
  52. Fifth Time's the Fastest... Week Three 11/2
  53. Kitty's WISH journal :3
  54. I'm going to Disney, even if I have to run there!!
  55. Diary of the Warrior Princess
  56. Hawaii Summer 2012, Fantasy March 2013
  57. My journey from Wide Load to Wide Open!
  58. Losing Weight for the Mouse
  59. 13 lbs in 8 weeks - 9 lbs and 3 weeks to go!
  60. My quest for Goofy 2013
  61. Whole Foods for Health Reasons Revisited + Elimination Diet Challenge (Comments Welco
  62. I can do this...right?!?? Yet another weight loss journey!
  63. I can do it AGAIN in 2012! Support welcomed!
  64. 1 Last time - 1 hour,1 bite,1 step,1 day,1 pound @ a time. THIS I can do!
  65. Almost one week down . . .
  66. Oh No!! Tink Is A Carb Addict!!
  67. THIS body will take me across the 2013 WDW Marathon finish line
  68. 60 Day Challenge to lose 20
  69. Update: Almost there!! Red Light/Green Light
  70. Birthday Girl
  71. My weight struggles sound like a Whitesnake song...
  72. Need sleep tonight
  73. Life is Worth Living--Support and Comments are Welcome and Needed!!
  74. 35lb. weight loss since September!
  75. Yes Zeus- The Journey to Become Healthy
  76. Don't Burn The Day Away (comments welcome)
  77. Good bye Pounds, Hello Disney ***Tinkerbell 2013 here I come
  78. Cruising to lose! Only a 1yr 1/2 to go!
  79. One Month At A Time - Laura's Journal
  80. Jessie journey after baby#3 comments welcome
  81. Heather.Mohler's "Picking Myself Up, Dusting Myself Off" Journal
  82. Running Faster, Running Farther (Open to Comments)
  83. Operation Less of MA
  84. Please lock
  85. Running down the aisle
  86. ♥Becoming a healthier mom for my kid's next Disney World trip♥
  87. Disney....Down 60 (updated 2/17)
  88. 39.3 before Goofy - motivators welcome
  89. Pregnant, Gluten Free and going Goofy in 2014
  90. 365 Days of Mousercise! (Comments & Motivators Welcome!)
  91. Losing it (the second time around) Comments Welcome!
  92. A Fear of Hurdles
  93. LTS's low FODMAP Journey to Better Health- comments welcome
  94. My Journey To Lose Half of Me (comments welcome)
  95. Jen's Accountability Journal (any comments welcome)
  96. My personal 45 day challenge - July/August 2012
  97. I'm just about to lose it (comments welcome)
  98. Training for My First 5K - Comments Welcome
  99. A Diamond In The Rough
  100. Start 1001
  101. I'm going to lose 20 lbs in 60 days for my trip! *2nd week loss -1 lb!* (total of 4)
  102. An Extra Helping of Disney (Comments Welcome)
  103. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere (comments welcome)
  104. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING GOOFY! A 39.3 mile trip to Marathon weekend 2013!
  105. Galloway half marathon journal
  106. Losing weight and getting healthy for my trip in January 2013
  107. Fluffy no more! Join me in my journey
  108. From hating running to the Donald Half in 2014, can it be done?
  109. I really mean it this time!
  110. Mud vs Diet- I Much Prefer Mud!!! (Comments Welcome)
  111. Working my way to a 5K - slowly!
  112. Andreah’s Frazzled to Fabulous WISH Journal (Comments Welcome)
  113. 1 year & 40 days until my 40th birthday!
  114. "Life begins outside your comfort zone". Starting Year #2...this time I WILL make it
  115. Pound by Pound
  116. Let Go and Begin Again (Comments Welcome.)
  117. My Journey....Revisited (comments welcome)
  118. Time to say good bye to the extra baggage
  119. Countdown to Healthy Wedded Bliss: 28 Weeks (CW)
  120. 2013 - It's MY time! (comments welcome)
  121. Losing Weight to Lose My Hair-Comments Welcome!
  122. Won't be a pooh bear at the parks!
  123. Shutting Up all the Haters! Cristabel's Fight for Fitness! (Comments Welcome!)
  124. I thought you said "rum!" Training for the Dumbo Double Dare!
  125. Marvel's Run to Tower of Terror (comments welcome!)
  126. 100 pounds to WDW!!! (comments welcome!!)
  127. Couch to ME - mpeanut running & weight loss journal (comments welcome)
  128. My Motto to the New Me :It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life!
  129. From figure skater to 5k
  130. *~*Tiff's Journey to Health and Happiness*~*
  131. 60 Day Challenge
  132. PR for GKTW - A Disney Marathon Training Journal (Comments Welcome)
  133. From pregnant with twins to the Disney 1/2 marathon
  134. 250 Days to Find Me
  135. January 1st, 2014 GOAAAAALLLLLLLL....
  136. "I am NOT a Runner"...Training for a 1/2 Marathon
  137. The sun will come out.....after my run!! :)
  138. Slow & Steady Wins the Race - My Journey to Lose 101 Pounds (Comments Welcome!)
  139. One Month at a Time - Laura's Journal (Take Two...)
  140. Weight Watchers, Willpower and Pixie Dust – From Zero to Tink in 10 months!
  141. Hello- starting my WISH journal
  142. My NYC Marathon Training Journal! (Comments welcome)
  143. Weight Loss Clinic
  144. One Wish
  145. NOTHING tastes as good as SKINNY feels... Motivators welcome!!!!!
  146. Kim's journal (comments welcome) - Out with the junk food!
  147. Staying Healthy, Running Faster! Fitness Journal, CW!
  148. Starting over once again, but at least I'm doing it!
  149. Couch to Turkey Trot and Castaway Cay 5k
  150. 6th Time's A Charm! (Comments Welcome :) )
  152. Confessions of an Overeater...Trying to Mend her Ways (Comments Welcome!)
  153. Here we go again.. Time to mobilize
  154. Throwing my hat in the ring.....
  155. And the countdown continues- My year long journey to Wine and Dine 2014!
  156. It. Is. Time.
  157. I want to be a runner!
  158. Why I'm Running - Comments Welcome
  159. Follow the yellow arrows.... (comments welcome)
  160. 150 Day Challenge (Comments Welcome)
  161. 2014, a year to finally be proud of (comments welcome)
  162. NEW Year, NEW Me...I WILL keep my resolutions! Comments Welcome
  163. t-minus seven months till my first 1/2...wait...WHAT?!?
  164. Starting from zero, got nothing to lose... (comments welcome)
  165. running jusme's crazy running journal (comments welcome)
  166. I am Dauntless! 5.2 lbs to my Disney Weight! (Comments Welcome!)
  167. "You have a pothole in your ankle." (Comments Welcomed)
  168. Bunnies to Birthday Cake (or 45 by 45 in 24) - Comments Welcome
  169. Dopey Challenge - what have i gotten myself into
  170. Thinner, Faster, Stonger or Recovering from Dopey
  171. 4 months, 22 pounds....and a Goofy race goal 7 years in the making(comments welcome)
  172. My Walk to Disney *** Comments Welcome
  173. Thirty to Thirty ... Comments Welcome
  174. From 5k to a Rebel Challenge (comments welcome)
  175. "You're just as sane as I am." - Luna Lovegood (COMMENTS WELCOME)
  176. Changing My Life Forever (Comments Welcome)
  177. Dublin to Disney on foot (Comments Welcome)
  178. Any race walkers out there?
  179. Making a new start- Running and weight loss (comments appreciated).
  180. 365 days of healthy & happy! (Comments welcome)
  181. Working my way to a healthier/happier me
  182. Bib Collector Extraordinnaire
  183. Dopey 2016 or bust