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  1. Can't I drink Diet-Coke on Atkin's Diet?
  2. need to lose lbs fast??
  3. Does a new clippie motivate you?
  4. Just about to start diet and I think that I am GOING to need some support!!!!!!!
  5. Tailor needed
  6. how often do you need to get remotivated?
  7. I have lost the 2 lbs I had gained over the weekend...
  8. I think we should plan a WISH cruise to celebrate in 2 years...
  9. I've been here since Day One of this challenge!
  10. OKay WISH friends, I need some encouragement!
  11. WW challenge, week 4, this is going to be fun!!!
  12. Things that make you go HUH???
  13. My worst and the present... ( pics )
  14. I walked 1 mile today....
  15. I have a broken rib!
  16. Goodie Day Success!!!!
  17. WW on line
  18. That Darn Break Room!!
  19. I'm feeling quite large
  20. What A Day!!!!
  21. ~*~cheat Sheets For Chat~*~
  22. Back on Induction!
  23. Exercise Q for WW'ers
  24. How do you calculate WW points?
  25. Atkins reaction
  26. Insomnia and Weight
  27. has anybody lowered their bp w/diet and exercise?
  28. How long did you feel lousy on induction?
  29. For our new WISHers--did you know that we have a theme song here on WISH?
  30. Just checking in to report DH's Atkins success
  31. Hoping to join y'all!
  32. Anyone doing yoga?
  33. Just back from WDW
  34. Anyone want to share their exercise successes of Wed?
  35. Leslie Sansone is writing
  36. WW: Salad Dressing Heaven
  37. Want a POINTS calculator Excel spreadsheet ?
  38. How do you get motivated to exercise?
  39. I would like to join up again
  40. I know I deserve this...
  41. List of Chat Emotions for those using Java or Java Lite
  42. Daily inspiration Thursday May 15
  43. O/T what do you do when your life falls apart??
  44. If the man on the treadmill next to you REEKS of Garlic......
  45. I'm not going to beat myself up.....BUT
  46. I dont like wearing tight pants but
  47. I fit into (and purchased!) size 8s!
  48. How about some reasurance for a new DISer, non-WISHer?
  49. Sorry to all my WISH Friends!
  50. Anybody have problems with nosebleeds...
  51. anyone do Atkins while breast feeding?
  52. Are any WISHer's going to be at Mousefest in December?
  53. So, I guess I just change my goal...I GUESS SHE WON'T!
  54. uhoh - birthday cake and ice cream
  55. Nummy Nummy!!!
  56. "Wish" to join~~~
  57. My confession and goodbye...
  58. I don't think I have to exercise today....
  59. It's a WISHer's birthday today 5/15/03
  60. The question of what counts as 'water' has often been asked.....
  61. Is it realistic
  62. Is there any piece of clothing.....
  63. Do you check your BP regularly?
  64. Is this possible or am I seeing things??
  65. I ate 18.5 points today.....
  66. Sorry I haven't been around.........
  67. made apt for next thurs to begin having my heart checked
  68. Yikes! Pilates!
  69. I guess DSs birthday cake had too much frosting so I
  70. Before WISH I would have been eating from this news!
  71. Daily inspiration Friday May 16
  72. Anyone doing the Leslie Sansone 6 week plan?
  73. Reward/Goal/Inspiration
  74. Curse of the Thunder Thighs
  75. Exercise Successes!
  76. WISH Logo
  77. The Stall is over!!!
  78. Whatever good thoughts you have been sending!!
  79. How can you make your S.O go on a diet and make sure he doesn't cheat?
  80. Two WISHers have a birthday today 5/16/03
  81. What is a pound??
  82. Oh My!!!!!!!!
  83. I did it - I joined Curves
  84. Could it be???
  85. Another pound gone!
  86. No Motivation Today
  87. Time for a new clippie!!!
  88. Help!! Couldn't find the Atkins book!
  89. I think we need a new scale
  90. Haven't checked in for a while....
  91. Concerns for a friend
  92. Disney points
  93. Atkins VS Weight Watchers
  94. Hewow evwybody!
  95. Help needed with some lowfat healthy nibbles for a party...
  96. New WISH roster as of 5/16/03--I hope I didn't miss anyone
  97. Aacckk!!
  98. The weekend's here! I need extra support. Who else does?
  99. WW Daily Points Range
  100. WW treats vs. Family treats
  101. Food Ideas
  102. You know you've spent way too much time on the WISH board when....
  103. Saggy tummy - help needed!!
  104. I am having the worst craving!!!
  105. Beer Carb Counts
  106. good morning Wishers - how will today be for you?
  107. best diet for a healthy heart?
  108. Sorry I couldn't help myself
  109. What's The Best Lo Carb Snack Bar You've Tried?
  110. Anyone Find They Get More Leg Cramps With Atkins?
  111. Daily inspiration Saturday May 17
  112. I'm a terrible person--and very addled brained
  113. I'm so depressed--BUT SHE'S NOT GIVING UP!!!
  114. Any Chicago Area WISHers and/or Nutrisystems Users Out There?
  115. I must be crazy!!!!! Part 2
  116. Did you know?
  117. Guess What............have you guessed yet?
  118. Atkins brand products.... substitutes?
  119. What do you all do
  120. An idea for WISH....
  121. Just came from a mini-WISH meet!
  122. well I slipped - alcohol question
  123. OKAY! I'll tell my secret
  124. Sometimes stress isn't bad
  125. We lost again, but this time I got 2 goals!!
  126. Is anyone else having a great day?
  127. Starting induction--any advice?
  128. Ackk! Movie Popcorn!!!
  129. WISH Check- in Week Of May 18
  130. Daily inspiration Sunday May 18
  131. Guess who was born on May 18th?
  132. I just realized that i
  133. Does Anyone Else Weigh Themselves Everyday??
  134. Easy way to lose!!!!!
  135. 2 days until weigh in, but I don't think the new clippie will be grabbed this week!
  136. Kath...I cannot believe you did this to me...
  137. Ok - here it is - my new size 14
  138. Could it be 20 pounds?
  139. If you are at GOAL--check to make sure I haven't missed you
  140. I won a bike!!!
  141. We have a brand new doctor in our WISH family!-congratulate KarenNY
  142. not only have I lost 30 freekin' lbs,but...
  143. Link to Before and After of me and DH!
  144. "ATKINS IS DANGEROUS," quotes my Professor
  145. Not a good day...
  146. Trying to get more fish in my diet?
  147. Daily inspiration Monday May 19
  148. Urg!! T.O.M.
  149. Well.... I'm back and....
  150. A WISHer is celebrating a birthday today!
  151. ...but you have to eat fast!
  152. What I learned from a watermelon and a bag of cat food!!
  153. PHEW!! Dodged a big bullet
  154. You all just made me...
  155. when you step on the scale, do you
  156. I'm feeling great and losing inches so why oh WHY am I
  157. I ordered the WATP tapes! Now I need your opinions!
  158. how much sodium is allowed daily?
  159. Do you know what I just did?
  160. told DH my plan of lowering our fat/sodium
  161. You asked for it! Finally a picture of me.
  162. 2 1/2 hours to go
  163. W.I.S.H. Chat~~Monday Night
  164. I can't believe this!
  165. Companies fined for not listing correct carb content in foods!
  166. how do you record/keep track of calories/fat/sodium ?
  167. Article I found...
  168. I have the BEST DH!!!
  169. Nervous & Scared, But I'm Going To Join The WISH Family
  170. Loser/looser
  171. Well, I Curved today - anyone else???
  172. Hi...I'm back....
  173. I had a rotten weekend
  174. I cant keep eating like this -- wayy too much sodium
  175. Walking pain?
  176. Have you all seen this yet??
  177. two very yummy low carb products....
  178. Inspired by glo - crunches ?
  179. I need prayers and pixie dust
  180. We're back!!!!
  181. Selenium ? what is this? and what do we need it for?
  182. hey guys - 1 day logging into fitday and here's the results
  183. Well, I stepped on the scale today....
  184. I was horrified........
  185. how do you increase your protein intake for the day?
  186. Oh! A WISHer is celebrating a birthday today, 5/20!
  187. Daily inspiration Tuesday May 20
  188. WW Breakfast Ideas
  189. Deep breath......
  190. Anyone wanting to buy new...
  191. yogurt - whats your favorite kind?
  192. whats seasonal for fruits/vegs right now?
  193. Say ...after you have lost all the weight you want...
  194. diet soda - is there one better than the others?
  195. Various newbie questions (TIA)
  196. I've been bad!!!!Need pixie dust!
  197. Fat - how much fat is a daily allowance?
  198. Can you help me find a site?
  199. Guess who just called me!!!
  200. Different food plans - what's what?
  201. How I am doing Atkins
  202. HELP! Going on a Disney Cruise - about desserts....
  203. FitDay/WATP
  204. Can Someone Help me attain a CLIPPIE?
  205. Medicine and Exercise
  206. I'm within spitting distance............
  207. What is your real age?
  208. Runners! AerobicDancers!Tae Bo!-Workout Music help!
  209. You knew this was coming.....
  210. What is "fitday"??
  211. For those doing treadmill/training for WISHCON....
  212. I saw the Dr today
  213. A question for Curvers...
  214. Daily inspiration Wednesday May 21
  215. I'm not perfect, are you?
  216. I need new clothes!!
  217. Starting Over (Exercise)
  218. A pooh-size gal tackles a dude ranch!
  219. do you plan your food for the day in the morning?
  220. Got the results from the Doctor
  221. My daughter is doing WW and her
  222. Inspired by Jiminy.....What do you Love about your plan???
  223. I know! I haven't been around. You should slap me!
  224. Help! Moderators
  225. Ok I am ready to do this!
  226. Much Needed Support???
  227. whose refrigerator is in my house? *** it aint mine!
  228. apples
  229. sweat away the pounds - man is it hot
  230. I think I have my appetite back!!
  231. What would you do?
  232. Just back from a mini-vacation!
  233. Stressed out!-Can't stay within points
  234. USAToday: (mostly) Positive Atkins Article!
  235. My Story
  236. Atkins LUNCH????
  237. Daily inspiration Thursday May 22
  238. I need some Atkins advice....please!!
  239. Yikes! I need cruise clothes!
  240. Body temperature??
  241. What is the age of the Average Wisher? Inspired by the Real Age Thread
  242. I was happy and then mad
  243. Ingredients for Atikins diet
  244. I exercise with the Wiggles...
  245. I leave tomorrow...last weigh in was this morning!
  246. New Attitude!
  247. Happy birthday to ANOTHER WISHer today 5/22!
  248. Anxiety is off the charts....(Just rambling thoughts)
  249. ATKINS BREAKFASTS (inspired by Zurgswife)
  250. just came from doc - gotta loose 20lbs - cut the fat