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  1. Welcome everyone!
  2. Jack Hanna weekend in Nov. crowds??
  3. Pets Take A Break
  4. How much time should we alot for Sea World
  5. Question about DC
  6. Where to eat ?
  7. Tour tips for SeaWorld? Anyone done a guided tour?
  8. WELCOME TO DIS!!!! Add your signature to the DIS Wall of fame!!
  9. just came back from discovery cove
  10. A Dream comes true
  11. Thanks for Discovery Cove Help!!!!!
  12. Question about Shuma ?
  13. Leaving in 9 days - have a DC question!
  14. A question about penguins.
  15. Rhino Rally/Busch Gardens
  16. How are the crowds Memorial Day Weekend?
  17. Height restrictions?
  18. Tour plan for SeaWorld on a hot afternoon?
  19. Discount Tix for DC?
  20. Sea World Hotels?
  21. How far in advance to book DC?
  22. How's Kraken?
  23. Kraken Big Person Seats?
  24. tickets
  25. One Day Itinerary/Sea World Map
  26. Sea World tickets
  27. How can I do DC with a Wheelchair?
  28. Show Times?
  29. Please help! Best way from Sea World to WDW
  30. Discovery Cove Tips
  31. DIS 4th Anniversary Competition - Don't miss it!
  32. Baby Shamu set to appear this weekend
  33. Jack Hanna shows this weekend
  34. Shower facilities/changing room?
  35. Does DC ever have any types of discounts?
  36. DC trainer for a day? Anyone done it?-
  37. What type of camera to bring?
  38. Jewelry at Discovery Cove
  39. Where can I find a Map??
  40. Kids want to do SW first
  41. Is mid-December too cold for Discovery Cove?
  42. Question about Discovery Cove?
  43. DC/Sea World same day
  44. Entering Sea World before DC
  45. Wetsuits And Swimvests
  46. Arriving time at DC
  47. Is DC really worth it???
  48. Is there a best day to go to DC
  49. First trip to Sea World since 1987!!!
  50. Help in planning two days, please
  51. Planning a trip in Feb. (how do these plans look?)
  52. Human Resources
  53. behind the scenes at sea world/not DC???
  54. Just got back and we all loved Sea World
  55. Where's the best place to buy Seaworld tickets?
  56. medical discounts at sea world?
  57. Question about restaurants?
  58. sea world special
  59. Food at DC
  60. Trainer for a day trip report
  61. Monday Chat...What you always wanted to know about the Disney College Program....
  62. My 10yo wants to ride the Kraken! Advice please....
  63. How long of a drive from WDW to DC?
  64. Just back - some DC tips
  65. backpacks?
  66. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Disney with the kids
  67. Couple of questions...
  68. DC - can you wear a wetsuit & life vest in dolphin pool?
  69. How long does it take to do Sea World?
  70. PLEASE HELP- planning our SW day from noon to 10 .m.
  71. How deep is the water?
  72. Does anyone have personal DC pictures posted anywhere?
  73. 2nd day free at SWO...
  74. August Friday at Seaworld: Yea or Nay?
  75. An Evening @ the park?
  76. kracken q's
  77. Did DC Trainer for a day
  78. Anyone want to see my Discovery Cove Pictures?
  79. I cant believe it!! I'm going to Discovery Cove! Lots of questions!
  80. Sit down restaurants at SW
  81. Which rides can I handle if I get "motion sick" and can't handle coasters?
  82. Underwater disposable cameras--where do I get them in FL?
  83. Our Photos of Discovery Cove
  84. How does SW ohio compare to SW orlando
  85. Disney Resort Hotel Tours
  86. Best Days Of The Week To Tour Sea World
  87. Some 1st timer questions
  88. Question about the behind the scenes tours at SeaWorld
  89. How wet do you get on JTA?
  90. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  91. Monday Night Chat ***E Night***
  92. AAA discount & question on guidebook
  93. Visiting in January
  94. Just back from WDW/Wonder/Discovery Cove
  95. **Wed Lunchtime Chat...When are YOU going to WDW**
  96. Just made a ressie for Discovery Cove
  97. Discovery Cove Dolphin Experience?
  98. Made my ressies but feeling guilty!
  99. question from a reporter
  100. First Trip to Sea World
  101. Sunday 2pm EST / 7pm BST is UK Chat Time!!
  102. For those going to DC
  103. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  104. Posted: Trip Report including Discovery Cove
  105. How to reserve dc
  106. Sheraton
  107. ticket help needed
  108. Food Options for children
  109. Food at Discovery Cove
  110. Does anyone have pictures of Sea World?
  111. **Wed Lunchtime Chat...All Things Disney!**
  112. What day for DC??
  113. Adventure express is it worth the $
  114. Sea World hours?
  115. WARNING about Shuma
  116. Free camera with DC ressies...
  117. Photos of Sea World (part 1)
  118. Deposit for DC?
  119. Photos of Sea World (part 2)
  120. Dining options in SeaWorld
  121. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  122. SeaWorld park reentry?
  123. 2 days for DC & SW??
  124. What's Discovery Cove?
  125. DC in late November?
  126. Any age restrictions for DC?
  127. Footwear at DC?
  128. Transportation Poly to Sea World
  129. Laser & Fireworks Show at Sea World
  130. So..what was up with the "Que" & Ride Again Passes at SW?
  131. Is Sea World good for a 2 yo and 4 yo?
  132. Sea World Orlando TV special...
  133. Any discount coupons out there?
  134. Pepsi
  135. Chilly at SW and DC
  136. Sea World - Trainer ?
  137. **Wed Lunchtime Chat...Was there Magic in your Disney trip?**
  138. SW told me Pepsi promo ended 6/14!
  139. Best day of the week to go?
  140. taking pictures during dolphin swim?
  141. Animal Abuse???!!!
  142. kracken normal wait time
  143. Don't avoid rides just get some Meclizine HCI 25mg chewable tablets!!!!!
  144. A few more DC questions
  145. Pepsi Discount Question???
  146. Monday Night Chat- The Moment We've All Been Waiting For!
  147. DC video: available in PAL format?
  148. Instructional Chat is cancelled Monday Night!
  149. Aloha Polynesian Luau
  150. sea world-luau
  151. Anyone ordered tickets thru TicketREs on this site?
  152. In honor of the 4th of July: How do you celebrate holidays in WDW?
  153. times and crowds at SWO
  154. Underwater Tunnel
  155. Discovery Cove - disappointed!!!
  156. Instructional Chat is cancelled Thursday 7/05/01!
  157. DC with a 5-year-old
  158. Best view for laser/fireworks show?
  159. I'm looking for info on Busch Gardens
  160. Loved Kraken
  161. Everybody Welcome.....
  162. Expansion at Discovery Cove
  163. Has anyone done the Shark behind the scenes tour?
  164. free shuttle bus from PBH to Sea World
  165. 2nd Day free still on for all of July??
  166. Interesting article on Discovery Cove
  167. When does 2nd day free end?
  168. What is the laser show like?
  169. AAA tickets and 2nd Day
  170. Kracken
  171. Wednesday Lunchtime Chat...Everything Disney!!
  172. How long did you stay at DC?
  173. Info for SW San Antonio
  174. Admission to Sea World
  175. should we go to Discovery Cove?
  176. Special Kids
  177. DC in December?
  178. Boards will be down tomorrow night
  179. TR: DC 07/04/01 - Many Pictures
  180. SCale of 1-10
  181. Dolphin Show
  182. Any other places like Discovery Cove in Orlando area?
  183. Instructional Chat...Thursday 8 pm EST!
  184. shuttle bus to Busch Gardens
  185. Kudos to Sea World/Great ECV accessibility and Fabulous Customer Service
  186. DIS Contest winners revealed!
  187. 2 Seaworld Questions
  188. Discovery cove/SeaWorld park to park transportation
  189. For Those Of Getting Ready to Go to Discovery Cove...
  190. Something New Coming to the DIS...
  191. What happens if DC cancels swim due to weather conditions?
  192. DC: How good a swimmer must you be?
  193. shuttle bus from PBH to SWO and back
  194. What age???
  195. Instructional Chat...Monday 8pm EST!
  196. Journey to Atlantis back picture
  197. Wed Lunchtime Chat...Favorite Disney Souvenir
  198. Dolphin swim question
  199. Shamu And Atlantis ?s
  200. Discovery Cove's Aviary
  201. How far from WDW to SW?
  202. Post your questions for Gladiator Sky!
  203. Restaurants
  204. Instructional Chat...Monday 8pm EST
  205. Take a look at my Sea World trip reports!
  206. Kraken Seat Size?
  207. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Only 2 days in the parks, what would you do?
  208. Wed Lunchtime Chat...What is a "must do" for you?
  209. September Crowds
  210. Seaworld back stage tours
  211. park hours
  212. How would you rate YOUR Discovery Cove experience?
  213. best time for kraken/journey to atlantis
  214. Seaworld with Toddler
  215. ECV in Discovery Cove
  216. Instructional Chat...Monday Night...8pm EST
  217. Trainer for a Day - DC vs SW?
  218. Dolphin Swim - DC vs EPCOT vs Miami Seaquarium
  219. SW vs. MGM
  220. park hours again
  221. Has AB lost sight as to what Sea World is all about?
  222. Car Service or shuttle from WDW resorts to Sea World?
  223. How Do You Get To Sw From Wdw Resorts?
  224. DC in September? How is it?
  225. Wed Lunchtime Chat...What would you change at Disney?
  226. Wheelchair Seating At SW Shows
  227. SW trainer for a day - has anyone done it? What was it like?
  228. Crazy to visit week before Easter?
  229. DC: Have I thought of everything
  230. Question about the song on new promo
  231. Question on the underwater disposable cams...
  232. Touring questions
  233. What kind of food/restaurants are at SW?
  234. Is Shamu's "preferred" parking really better?
  235. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Bring your questions about WDW
  236. How big a person can fit in Kraken and JTA?
  237. Busch Garden 2nd day free?
  238. Menu prices for SeaWorld?
  239. Questions for saving $$
  240. DC and SW in the same day?
  241. Isnt there one in Ohio?
  242. Souvenir videos at Discovery Cove
  243. Questions about Dolphin Swim
  244. silly question
  245. Stroller Rental
  246. 2nd Day Free
  247. Pricing Info
  248. How much to budget for DC pictures??
  249. Seaworld map
  250. discounts???