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  1. Linda is no longer coordinating the DIS Convention? , got my answer, never mind
  2. If you are thinking of doing the WDW thrill ride tour, here's a preview!
  3. Tours, Tours, Tours........
  4. Miniature Golf Anyone?
  5. Tea at the Grand Mini Meet
  6. Question about 11-29 Fantasmic Dessert Party
  7. Itinerary so far
  8. Can We Combine Mini Meets?
  9. News Flash!! MVMCP
  10. Haunting the Convention Forum
  11. Meets...esp DVC
  12. I did it!
  13. Just received our airline tickets in the mail today
  14. OK, I'm coming!
  15. I've never done this before......
  16. Here she is...luvdsny's DisCon clippie!
  17. Who wants to join me at Boma's for Breakfast on Dec. 3?
  18. Here I Go Obsessing Again! Hey Linda?
  19. 2002 thread - for those who can't make 2001
  20. Final Tally - Dining Around the World - France
  21. Dining around the world Questions???
  22. Anyone else having solo attendance anxieties?
  23. Okay, who the heck are YOU anyways?
  24. I made a DIS CON Cheerleader!
  25. Ice Cream Social Anyone?
  26. Mixer Idea for Opening Reception
  27. I'm all set!
  28. Candlelight Processional
  29. Newbie RnR meet
  30. LOL!!! DIS CON Mascot!??!?!?!?!
  31. Come one, come all... join us for DATW II, Friday 11/30 6pm at EPCOT (England)...!!
  32. Are you going to be able to make me...
  33. Boma's for Breakfast on December 3rd
  34. Mini Meet Coordination, please note your preferences..
  35. Just a friendly reminder.....
  36. Need the how, what, when & where..
  37. Help keeping posted
  38. Karaoke Night mini meet?
  39. Barry's Tour AND DATW II Attendees
  40. I'm confused re:Dining Around the World
  41. Does anyone sell a "DIS" button or pin?
  42. What about this???
  43. disney here I come
  44. MVMCP question
  45. Steve's MVMCP and CP Tables
  46. Anyone who has mentioned the word...
  47. Just left a message for SSB....
  48. Just so you know!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Sniffle Sniffle...My dates have changed. New dates Nov 30 - Dec 8
  50. MVMCP Tickets Disney has stopped the Sales
  51. Got my tickets to MVMCP for Thursday the 29th
  52. Wow, way to go, Tia!!!!!!
  53. Am I the only one
  54. Need a head count for Whispering Canyon on 11/27
  55. Will there be any BOOZE at the opening reception?
  56. Mini Meets Itinerary During the DIS Convention
  57. Can I combine DIS-Con with extended family trip?
  58. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed now that the Mini Meet schedule is posted!
  59. Buttons???
  60. Reception at Atlantic Dance
  61. I'll show you mine, if you show me your's...
  62. Stu's Disney Planner
  63. Adults Night Out
  64. Commandos!!!!!
  65. I love it when a plan comes together!
  66. Dan-Teejay Look what I got now!
  67. trying to make pink germs bounce
  68. Linda - any info on convention park passes?
  69. Karaoke at the Swan Nov 30th...who's coming?
  70. Anyone doing Osborne lights?
  71. 11/27 Whispering Canyon Final Plans
  72. ??? To All You MVMCP Experts out there??
  73. complete itenerary
  74. CP ticket watch
  75. 100 Years of Magic Merchandise
  76. Are you going to MVMCP
  77. Two DIS CON mini-meet questions
  78. MVMCP Stupid question!! Exactly WHAT is it??
  79. 100 Days to Go!! 8/20/2001
  80. what is DIS Convention????
  81. Blizzard Beach
  82. Went to the Disney Store tonight!
  83. Game Time!!!
  84. Got my MVMCP ticket in the mail today!
  85. Candlelight Processional Dinner package update
  86. Kid's Thread
  87. Commandos Smilie
  88. Dec. 2 - Cheerleaders Descend on All Stars
  89. Well, Duuuuhhhh!
  90. Tickets still available?
  91. Want to participate, but not signed up!
  92. Still No MVMCP Tickets/Update 1:00PM
  93. Candlelight Processional dinner packages are NOW available!
  94. Candlelight Processional on 11/29/01
  95. I'm going to (hopefully!) be there!
  96. Technology Strikes Again
  97. I'm needing some reassurance about DIS CON
  98. Want to participate..
  99. MVMCP Tickets Question, Plus, ?? about Fast Pass
  100. Just curious, anyone else still need to get their plane tickets?
  101. disneycub, have you...
  102. Ice Cream Social
  103. ??? on final Payment
  104. Which mini-meets are you planning on attending?
  105. Look for a thrill ride tour pre-signup shortly!
  106. Mini-Meet Descriptions
  107. Christmas carols
  108. Youth Education Series - K to 2nd Final List
  109. Youth Education Series - 3rd to 12th Final List
  110. Transportation Question
  111. Disney Outlet Shopping?
  112. Public Transpotation journey
  113. Adventurer's Club mini-meet
  114. Park Times during Dis Con
  115. Candlelight Processional Attendees
  116. OK..fess up! Who else is planning on taking their laptops?
  117. Worried about transportation to As
  118. Pre-signup for the thrill ride tour is open...sign up here!
  119. Is everyone getting excited!!!!
  120. DIS-Con Board Buddies
  121. Extending DISCON Stay
  122. Are there any open spots for the Convention
  123. A coward's dilemma
  124. November Park Hours Are Out!!!!!
  125. Feeling Out of Touch
  126. A little nervous about your mini-meet?
  127. Hey Patinmn...
  128. Buttons for Discon Update
  129. ***UPDATE*** Official Akershus Mini Meet Thread - November 28th
  130. I have a question??
  131. SHHH, Sort of off subject. WHAT WOULD YOUR WDW DREAM JOB BE?
  132. Hey Convention Goers!!!!
  133. Wanted to do this on my "Home" board!
  134. Event Only Registration to Reopen!!!.... UPDATE WITH TIME
  135. I'm back......
  136. Getting fit for DisCon...
  137. Is there a special place listing "official" mini meets?
  138. Events-only registration is on the DIS home page!
  139. Who all made the latest cut ?
  140. Good News from Pete!!
  141. sorry ignore this post
  142. DIS-Con starts 12 weeks from today!
  143. question for LUVDSNY
  144. Anyone staying long after DisCon
  145. Can I transfer my DIS-Con Reservation?
  146. What is the cancellation policy
  147. Early Candlelight Processional???
  148. Where do I send my Payment for events only?
  149. question about TOT party on 11/29
  150. Well, color me stupid!!
  151. A Warning for Walkers
  152. Sent Final Payment
  153. I'm Baaaaaaaaaack
  154. Mon, Nov. 26th evening meet
  155. DIS-CON Chat
  156. For DIS-Con, what do you plan on carrying into the WDW parks?
  157. I proudly present......
  158. How will we deal with parking at the Convention?
  159. Itinerary Update
  160. Lime Green T-shirts
  161. Am I Lost?
  162. Nyc
  163. DIS-Con starts 11 weeks from today!
  164. a Pledge to JayPD
  165. candlelight Vigil
  166. Does anyone else feel guilty?
  167. I shall proceed as planned!
  168. Question on the Fantasyland mini-meet
  169. A look at some of the logos that will be used for the convention....
  170. Which of you are planning on reserving TTC for the DIS Con?
  171. Event Only Confirmations
  172. Single Digits
  173. Sign-up to catch up with DATW
  174. Tuesday night chat: Disney Trivia chat!
  175. Almost Time To Make PS for CP!!!
  176. Convention Park Passes
  177. Sign-up for Mini-Meets?
  178. A Commando Resigns
  179. Check's in the mail!!
  180. Anyone going to MVMCP on the 29th???
  181. Dress Code
  182. Am I too late?
  183. Attn. Fantasyland Meet Attendees and Anyone Else
  184. Adventurer's Club Mini- Meet
  185. MVMCP Dec 2nd, who else?????
  186. Epcot Meal Sign Up
  187. This Sunday the 30th is the 60 day mark for the MVMCP on November 29th
  188. Singles signing up for Epcot meal
  189. Let's do it... tonight!
  190. Could you Please help me with one of our Convention Mods?????
  191. Great Seeing everyone last night
  193. DIS-CON Park Admission Passes Questions
  194. Sorry I Bailed Without Notice!
  195. Question for those who have sent final payment
  196. Hi Kids! **Update October 6**
  197. ?? About Making PS
  198. No big deal but....
  199. Need help with figuring time for PS AND, If you're at my table for Crystal Palace
  200. Wednesday Afternoon Chat - Disney on a Budget!!!
  201. October 10 UPDATE
  202. Are you on the phone with WDW-Dine?
  203. We Now Have DIS Con 2001 Merchandise!!
  204. Did you see the items available up top!!!!
  205. I am off to Nashville
  206. Are YOU Coming To DIS-Con?
  207. How Embarassing.....
  208. Swan~~or~~Dolphin?
  209. I'm back!!
  210. Did anyone cancel DIS conv 2001?
  211. Questions for the deeply confused....
  212. Hello! Hello! Hello!
  213. What Phone Number Do You Use?
  214. Got an hour or two? The Full Trip Report is up and Running!
  215. DIS Ornament Exchange at DIS-Con
  216. Will There Still Be A Space Launch During DIS-Con?
  217. Crystal Palace Tables
  218. Liberty Tree Tavern tables
  219. What would you do?
  220. Where Are They???
  221. Mackey's DIScon chat in 15 minutes
  222. Christmas Ornament Exchange at Dis-Con
  223. Costumes for Characters Breakfast
  224. Thanks Marsha and Linda
  225. EE Question for DIS-Con
  226. Need To Strangle My Husband...
  227. Just curious...DVC meet
  228. TIA check your PMs re strangle your husband!!
  229. For the Drink Around the World attendees...
  230. Where are you staying in the world?
  231. PM Trouble~~~Making Me Crazy!
  232. My Delta flights went crazy -UPDATE
  233. Obsessive-Compulsive? Post your itinerary!
  234. Who wants a first timer RnR Coaster meet on 11/30?
  235. Collecting Phone Numbers
  236. Confirmation # for Whispering Canyon
  237. Dis Con overpriced?
  238. Linda.....any idea
  239. 11/28 Illuminations mini-meet at 8:15/Jellyrolls at 9:00
  240. Yacht Club or Beach Club??
  241. For the younger set (under 18)
  242. on the subject of teens
  243. Mini-Meets and the Itenerary
  244. Pat
  245. I have a terrible secret to confess
  246. Mysteries of DISCON
  247. dis convention?
  248. I Just Got My Dis Con Stuff!!!!
  249. Okay. I'm ready to make a little plan
  250. Just Made My 'Vanity' Appointments