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  1. Did you get a response after sending special diets form back?
  2. anyone do Disney Cruise using a wheelchair
  3. Diabetic Birthday Cheesecake?
  4. Soarin' with a broken leg?
  5. PDD/NOS...looking for book recs...
  6. Balance issue - need recommendation for Disneyland
  7. I wonder if this rule that applies to Cruise Lines would also apply to Disney buses.
  8. Mickey toy for kids with Dust mites allergy
  9. Airport Security
  10. What do I need to bring to Guest Services
  11. First time..lots of ?
  12. Question re:blood tests
  13. Scooter/Wheelchair Seating at Parades
  14. Small World
  15. Leaving supplies at first aid?
  16. What to expect with GAC?
  17. My food allergy experiences
  18. Questions regarding wish trip
  19. GAC and HS Playhouse Disney Show
  20. Size of Beach Club w/c Club rooms
  21. Bought a walker and now what do I do?
  22. Make A wish - Staying at Hotel versus GKTW
  23. Hotel Suggestion?
  24. Wheelchair Return Locations at Epcot
  25. Question about ECVs and seating on buses
  26. Plugs for scooters at WDW
  27. POP & Boardwalk Villa Studio for Power Wheelchair User
  28. less the 4 weeks
  29. Thank you/sad news
  30. An interesting survey question from WDW.
  31. La Nouba questions
  32. Christmas Parade Taping and Accomodating People with Disabilities
  33. *Two Quick ECV Questions
  34. Help!! Tore the ligaments in my knee and no idea what to do at Disney!!
  35. New Accessibility for its a small world
  36. Wheel Chair versus ECV
  37. GAC Question
  38. Wheelchair for 11 year old???
  39. Distilled water for CPAP
  40. Make A Wish trip coming up!
  41. Wheel Chair Question
  42. Seats at Shows
  43. Attaching Instructions to ECV Before Flight
  44. Which EVC to rent??
  45. I don't know what to do, parade sitting related
  46. ? about renting an ECV at the parks
  47. what to do with ECV at your room?
  48. Out Patient Clinic near Disney
  49. Suggestions for husband recovering from heart attack
  50. AKV to BCV, are there any handicap taxi vans?
  51. Carbs in Butterbeer ??
  52. ECV bus anxiety and Apple Scooter
  53. Medical supply delivery
  54. Cruise Questions DD with Down Syndrome/Autism
  55. Question about ECV rental at DL
  56. room requests at OKW due to mobility issues
  57. ECV Wilderness Lodge Tips
  58. A little pixie dust happened to me at the Contemporary.
  59. Post #25,000
  60. Make a Wish info needed....trying to help a family friend
  61. Unexpected WDW trip report plus review of Caribe Royale Hotel
  62. Fantasmic and GAC
  63. I sadly had to cancel my trip...
  64. how hard is it to back up ECV on buses?
  65. More than one?
  66. Changing my room to a disabled access one
  67. Boardwalk Inn oversized disabled room?
  68. Calling out to Parents with children blessed with Aspergers and who own a DVC?
  69. Explosive Tantrums
  70. DCL and doing laundry
  71. DS with removable boot
  72. Trip less then 3 weeks out and my asthma is out of control =(
  73. Book advice - Aspergers
  74. Can I use a child swap pass with my disabled DD?
  75. Apple Scooter was great
  76. Disney to Islands Of Adventure
  77. Help! Traveling with 2 new ECV users at peak crowd week!!!
  78. Poly room request? Possible ECV? DH has torn calf :(
  79. Wheelchair Rental at DTD??
  80. wasn't expecting this....
  81. Purchasing an EVC and leaving in Florida Problem??
  82. Disney with Disabilities Tip for the Day: No kids on the ECV!!!
  83. Tour Group Ran Over my Autistic Nephew
  84. First family Disney trip (son with autism)
  85. GF/CF diet and dining plan
  86. Disneyland Photo Project
  87. new to this site!
  88. Children with autism practice traveling on 'mock' flights
  89. Allergy Free Chicken Tenderloins
  90. Disney with Disabilities Tip for the Day: Speak up for yourself!
  91. Animal Kingdom in manual wheelchair?
  92. Taking autistic son to Universal/Islands of Adventure
  93. Assistive Animals
  94. Watch your stuff!!
  95. Video shows the layout of a special needs room at All-Star Movies
  96. Kids with food allergies
  97. All Star Sports Accessible Room
  98. Taxi with an ECV?
  99. Best shoes for someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  100. Is the GAC right for me?
  101. Scooter proliferation
  102. Wheelchair vs. ECV question - quick
  103. Rental WC Accessible Vans in Orlando
  104. Thanks for the stickies + Apple Scooter rave
  105. Wild goose chase - Allergy safe foods at MK
  106. TSA Combined Thread (braces, ports, guests with disabilities and airport screening)
  107. Help with ECV for >350lbs
  108. Doing DLR rides with a cane. need some info
  109. Gluten Free at Universal?????????
  110. Need recliner chair help ASAP
  111. Question about using wheel chairs for part of day
  112. Which parks are harder to manage with an ECV?
  113. Question for ECV owners (or renters)
  114. A THANK YOU to those on this board for your help w/ GAC!
  115. Awesomest Thing I Have Ever Seen!!!
  116. Extension for wheelchair push handles
  117. Apple Scooters
  118. New DTD Babycakes Delivery to WDW?
  119. Any advice?
  120. Mild-Moderate Aspergers, What can be done with a GAC?
  121. Should we cancel?
  122. Character EVC Question
  123. family vacation trip with 5 out of 6 people disabled
  124. water parks?
  125. Special Diet and 1900 Park Fair
  126. Knee replacement, cancer and on treatments...Leaving for trip on Dec 5
  127. What size car?
  128. At POP Century do you always get a second adjoining room
  129. Trip report
  130. Trip report with person in an ECV
  131. scared WC might be "misplaced", how to protect it from going missing?
  132. Candlelight Processional question
  133. sorry guys, another WC question
  134. cortisone shot in spine
  135. How much time for connecting flights using my own wheelchair?
  136. ECV on Jungle Cruise??
  137. As I was scooting thru the lobby of the AKL...
  138. Can you help me get my mom to MGM?
  139. Special cleaning
  140. How heavy is a scooter
  141. Help/Advice Stroller or Wheelchair
  142. Auto train--Shower question
  143. How to Use ECV at Disneyworld
  144. Could someone explain in detail a gate checked wheelchair, please
  145. Just back from Pop Century, aka "Scooter City"!
  146. Will 2 ECVs fit in a POFQ accessible room?
  147. Looking for Pics of Handicap Cabins
  148. ECV Rentals
  149. Stroller, Wheelchair, or what?
  150. should we still get fast pass while needing the wheelchair line?
  151. Are car trunks big enough for scooters?
  152. Grand Gathering Character Breakfast w/Food Allergies?
  153. trip insurance suggestions needed
  154. Does Disney ever run out of ECV's to rent?
  155. In shock - need WC advice
  156. Did you know that you could call Mickey Mouse for a scooter at Pop Century Resort?
  157. First Time Scooter User
  158. New Queue at Winnie the Pooh
  159. 1st time flying with my DS9 PDD-NOS
  160. Would you recommend an ECV to use at the Holy Land theme park?
  161. Need assistance
  162. First trip to Disney World just fiance and I
  163. question about cars and ECVs
  164. Medical baggage-what's considered medical equipment?
  165. Wheelchair question
  166. Anything special one should know about checking in a medical bag at the airport?
  167. Crowd size affect wheelchair/scooter use
  168. Walker Scooter said to us "Take a chill pill!"
  169. entrance to la nouba, where to put wheelchair
  170. MAW daughter with Rett Syndrome
  171. How much to pay babysitter?
  172. Pediatric ER near Disney or walk in clinic
  173. Do I have to tell the resort I'll have an ECV?
  174. Packing suggestions?
  175. Disneyland
  176. How to go from MK to WL with Ecv
  177. What is a guest assistance card?
  178. Handicapped DVC
  179. Diabetic at WDW
  180. Need advice (quickly): Incontinent Grandma
  181. Medical bags at Universal
  182. Soy Ice Cream Alternatives in the World?
  183. I'm concerned about a future trip; should I or shouldn't I? (long post)
  184. Broken Foot.. TRIP IN ONE WEEK!!!
  185. Tips for carrying insulin pen and needles on airplane?
  186. Wow! Whoopie bashes scooters and larger strollers on the View today
  187. ECV company recommendation from first time user
  188. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Disability Notification Card
  189. Saw something last week that surprised me
  190. Muscular Dystrophy
  191. GKTW Party Schedule?
  192. Hospitals near GKTW/WDW?
  193. Looking for Someone
  194. Resort wheelchair questions/observations from our trip last week
  195. Space Concern??
  196. Last minute question - to make sure I understand
  197. / RE: scooters in the parks?
  198. Stroller question
  199. Friend with Diabeties
  200. My obese friend, how do I work around her disability?
  201. Improving Accommodations at Disney: A Positive Thread
  202. Another Adventure - Two Wheelchairs this time - LOTS of questions
  203. Headed to Disney with side trips
  204. Adult Daycare?
  205. New bus tie downs.
  206. Child in wheelchair, will we have to wait with the regular line to board busses?
  207. Osborne Lights anxiety....
  208. Best restaurants for food allergies
  209. medical use fridge
  210. Thinking about Orlando with asd son - any tips
  211. What kind of handicap rooms will there be at the new resort, Art of Animation?
  212. Wheelchair/crutches question
  213. No place like it
  214. HandiCapp bathrooms
  215. Hell on Wheels tale
  216. What extra magical experiences are there for a group of people w/ disabilities?
  217. Could someone explain in detail the differences with new and old buses, please
  218. GAC Size?
  219. please help put my mind at ease?
  220. GoPicnic Gluten-Free Care Package
  221. Disabled daughter and non-disabled toddler - double stroller?
  222. Disney With Someone With Communication Difficulties
  223. Portable Oxygen
  224. buses and wheelchairs
  225. Review of First Time with ECV (aka Scooter)
  226. OT- Mom "Caretaker" stress
  227. All Star Music & Movies Food Court - Food Allergies
  228. Advice for a first time ECV'er
  229. Stress Fracture?
  230. Stroller as a wheelchair - option for us?
  231. Autism-Temp Handicap Parking Pass
  232. Tips for toddler w/ disability?
  233. allergy: getting cooler/ food through airport?
  234. Hong kong Disney
  235. Confused about handicap rooms acommodating 3 or more at value resorts
  236. Treehouse Villas - Handicap - hard to get?
  237. New Years Eve nighmare with my ecv
  238. Universal in a WC
  239. Gac question
  240. drop off areas at theme parks
  241. Wheelchair, cane and the bus line...
  242. Parks with a "New" Knee
  243. GAC Card - Epcot or Magic Kingdom?
  244. recovery from surgery
  245. GAC location to pick one up?
  246. Multi-Allergy Dining Review
  247. WARNING about esta/visas MENTAL DISABILITES
  248. Inaccessible Shore Excursions on the Disney Cruise Line
  249. Club Cool -- Gluten Free and Allergen Information
  250. MVMCP treats and allergy info?