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  1. check your vouchers carefully
  2. *Live From the DIS Chat Room. . .it's Saturday Night!!! *This Evening: The Sci-Fi! *
  4. Sqeeze Breeze in Canada??
  5. Monday Chat...What you always wanted to know about the Disney College Program....
  6. Just visited the Rainforest Cafe...
  7. Resorts........come And Share Your Experience In Chat This Evening
  8. Planning a trip to WDW with your kids? Or did you just get back from a WDW vacation w
  9. Anyone heard of a resort called..
  10. Back from our Land/ Sea Cruise!!!!
  11. Wednesday Afternoon Chat - Beating the Heat at WDW
  12. Updated my website!
  13. A Letter to WDW ~ Incentive for Canadians to spend OUR $$$$ šoš
  14. Pear Harbor Movie Premiere
  15. Niagara Falls Dis Meet
  16. DCL-Getting through customs prior to departure
  17. the college program for canadians
  18. Where to convert US$$ to Can.$$ in B.C.
  19. Monday Resort Chat!
  20. Official Niagara Dis meet thread, sign up if you wish to attend
  21. Water bottle holders at Shoppers Drug...
  22. You know what I like best about Wal-Mart...
  23. DCL's Western Itinerary
  24. ***Live from the DIS Chat Room, It's Saturday Night!! Party at LeCellier! ***
  25. Niagara Falls, visitor questions
  26. is there any canadian from Montreal disney fan here
  27. Sunday Night means DVC in the Chat room
  28. Mister fans @ Home Hardware
  29. So...tell me about the meets
  30. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  31. Monday Night Chat ***E Night***
  32. Toy Story Photo Albums
  33. Cheapest Airfare??????
  35. Sandra, how's the letter coming.....
  36. Tuesday Lunch Chat: WDW for Adults!
  37. List Of Contests to get Canadian's to WDW!
  38. Off subject again but you've been so much help with Toronto trip...
  39. Chat with us on our favorite subject.........and yours too
  40. Wed Lunchtime Chat...When are YOU going to WDW**
  41. Airfare special from US gateway
  42. REWARDS SITES šoš Any Canadians participanting in rewards sites?
  43. Cost to Park @ Buffalo Airport
  44. Looking for toiletry bag?
  45. VERY sad news about our friend, Sylvia
  46. Live From the DIS Chat Room. . .It's Saturday Night! Tonight: Le Chefs De France!
  47. I Need A Poem
  48. Sunday 2pm EST / 7pm BST is UK Chat Time!!
  49. In memory of Sylvia--CB COUNTRY OF THE WEEK: ANY CANADA DIS'ers OUT THERE?
  50. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  51. When Are YOU Going To WDW?
  52. I'm looking for deals for a summer vacation ~ Florida would be great!
  53. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Best Disney Memories
  54. You've got questions? We've got answers!
  55. question for people who bring food down to florida with them..
  56. With all the talk about the dollar stores, what have you found???
  57. Wednesday Night Chat - Illumination Cruises
  58. Where do you get your airfare??
  59. **Wed Lunchtime Chat...All Things Disney!**
  60. Canadian park hopper passes question
  61. Hey it's Thursday.... Time for.....
  62. Looking for Last Minute Deal ~ I need your help! šoš
  63. Toronto Centre Island Dis Meet!!!
  64. ***Live from the DIS Chat Room, It's Saturday Night!! Party at Portobellos!!!***
  65. If you are attending the Niagara Dis meet
  66. Just wanted to say.....
  67. Beauty and the Beast Show in Ottawa
  68. Come One Come All to tonights DVC Chat
  69. Happy father's day!
  70. Discounted tickets through Holiday House
  71. **Learn the Secrets of the Chat Room! Monday 8pm est!**
  72. Discount passes for use in Oct/Nov???
  73. Shopping At WDW Chat!
  74. DVC members???
  75. FREE CD ROM for Disney Planning šoš
  76. Disney Character Meal In Niagara Falls
  77. Guess What Chat This Evening Is
  78. Canadian Rockies questions..
  79. Block Ice at WDW
  80. My Canadian experience ?
  81. Disney Niagara Fall Meal???
  82. Help needed for 1st time visit to Toronto
  83. Sunday Night Chat - Disney Vacation Club
  84. hopper plus passport question
  85. Nightlife At WDW Chat!
  86. Cathy Canada, Native TXn, Cindy...
  87. Happy Birthday Linda!
  88. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Disney and Food!
  89. So you are going to Disney and you need help........
  90. Sandra, have you gone to Wonderland yet???
  91. **Wed Lunchtime Chat...Was there Magic in your Disney trip?**
  92. Updated picture of the RFC for your upcoming meet
  93. Totally off subject, but has anyone seen the movie...
  94. Toronto residents - where's a good place to eat near the Skydome?
  95. Come One ....... Come all.....Wednesday night chat.......
  96. Holiday House tickets - Universal Tickets Expiry date?
  97. Stress Leaves in BC???
  98. Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!
  99. Rainforest Cafe Review ~ Niagara Falls
  100. *Live From the DIS Chat Room. . .it's Saturday Night!!! *Tonight: Jail Time!!!*
  101. Buffalo flights
  102. Monday Night Chat- The Moment We've All Been Waiting For!
  103. Please join me in welcoming PoohBWV back as a moderator!
  105. What did you do on Canada Day?
  106. Instructional Chat is cancelled tonight!
  107. What time did your flight leave?
  108. DISNEY CLUB ~ talk me into it šoš
  109. I Have a 2 for 1 Centreville ride coupon
  110. Sad news, please read
  111. Park hoppers and room key
  112. Can you guys give me an update...
  114. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: What would you do differently
  115. In honor of the 4th of July: How do you celebrate holidays in WDW?
  116. Off subject, but...
  117. A little late, but have fun reading this...
  118. Happy Independence Day to...
  119. DISNEY'S CD ROM ~ It's here! WOW
  120. Tickets
  121. We're Soooooooooo Excited!!!!
  122. Just wanted to say hello
  123. how do you post pictures again???
  124. Instructional Chat is cancelled Thursday 7/05/01!
  125. DIS Convention News
  126. Hi Grover - ASMu Questions
  127. Everybody Welcome.....
  128. Available in Canada?
  129. Driving Question
  130. ***Live from the DIS Chat Room, It's Saturday Night!! *Tonight: Can A Fish Fly??!!!**
  131. Disney in Niagara Falls?
  132. Where can I find misty mates in Canada???
  133. Discount code for Canadians
  134. When Are YOU Going To WDW?
  135. Back from TO- thanks for help with planning trip
  136. Exchanging Canadian $
  137. Savings for Canadian's for Summer/Fall WDW Resorts! šoš
  138. Tell me! Tell me! How was the TO DIS meet?
  139. A Great Big THANK YOU to Snowwark
  140. Do you love Disney??? Do we love Disney?? 'Have any questions???
  141. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: What's your favorite ride and why?
  142. Niagara Falls DISmeet Total Attendance as of July 10th
  143. New Brunswick!!!
  144. Cheap flights from Ottawa
  145. Wednesday Lunchtime Chat...Everything Disney!!
  146. Unrelated to WDW - need Ottawa info!
  147. Is CAA Same as AAA?
  148. Great Rate for Courtyard by Marriott in DD
  149. One night in Niagara Falls, is it worth it?
  150. Need Help With Nova Scotia
  151. Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls ON
  152. Ottawa Meet? Possible dates added!!
  153. Have anyone got a postcard from Disney?
  154. Have you had any success using your bank debit card for purchases in the US?
  155. Are There Any More Ideas?
  156. LETTER TO WDW šoš Finally the first draft ~ let me know what you think
  157. Canadian Boards are Excellent!
  158. Need Help From Niagara Region Experts
  159. ***Live from the DIS Chat Room, It's Saturday Night!! *Tonight: Animalistic Behavior.
  160. Discussion Boards Down this Evening at 11:00 ev
  161. eBay deals
  162. Did you book your flight with Disney?
  163. Monday Night Virtual Chat!
  164. Southwest Air - boarding
  165. CIBC Aerogold VISA
  166. Disney did it again šoš
  167. macdonald's coupon
  168. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: "All about Disney," a general Disney conversation
  169. Tuesday night chat: WDW Resorts!
  170. Anyone know when the 'buy one get second half price' Canadian tickets come out?
  171. Teen Chat July 18th!
  172. Seattle Flights
  173. Wednesday Night Chat - Dis Convention
  174. Birthday Dinner @ Disneyland for 6 yr old
  175. Do Canadians get Annual Pass rates (Mousesaver)
  176. I'm all packed and ready to go!
  177. Any Farm for kids???
  178. DIS Anniversary Contest Winners
  179. Message from Pete -Getting fit for Disney
  180. Has anyone been to Story Book Garden in London, Ontario?
  181. Any great hotels w/ Niagra Falls view in Canada?
  182. Just how hot is wdw in august?
  183. Toronto Zoo
  184. **Live from the DIS Chat Room- It's Saturday Night!! Tonight: Land Ho!!!**
  185. Renting a Car at the Orlando Airport
  186. One week until the Niagara Dis meet
  187. Favorite Disney Memories Chat!
  188. Today is CindyAnns' Birthday!!!
  189. Do you save twoonies and loonies for Disney?
  190. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: When are you going to Disney?
  191. My First 100 Posts!!!
  192. Connections (Only for American!!!!)
  193. HUGGIES rewards for Canadians! DISNEY STUFF
  194. Can someone explain something to me about the DVC??
  195. How often do you go to Disney World?
  196. Christmas Flights from Edmonton
  197. **Live from the DIS Chat Room- It's Saturday Night!! Tonight: Let's Boot-Up!!!**
  198. lowest air fare Montreal-Orlando?
  199. I just returned from Quebec City
  200. Just had dinner with Scottwdw & family!
  201. From Webmaster Pete - "Getting Fit for Disney" - Post Your Questions Now!
  202. National Pooh freindship Tour
  204. Just back from the Niagara Falls Dis meet
  205. Disney Recreation Chat!
  206. QUICKY MICKEY MEET at Scar Town Centre Aug 4 ~ Pooh Bear Friendship Festival
  207. Friendship Day Special Beanie?
  208. TO: MichelleTO
  209. Pooh and Tigger at Scarborough Town Centre this weekend ~ INFO
  210. Quick question for Canadian DVC members
  211. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Only 2 days in the parks, what would you do?
  212. Tuesday night chat: Budget chat!
  213. Please Help re Canada 3000 Airline
  214. air miles special
  215. Join me in wishing Happy Birthday to MickeyCanada!
  216. Air Canada online sale
  217. Universal Studios Tickets at Par?
  218. Kids on adult passports for cruise
  219. If you have a Disney store, this is a great offer!!!
  220. **Live from the DIS Chat Room- It's Saturday Night!! *Tonight: A Disney Birthday Part
  221. I'm back! UPDATE: Started posting trip reports! Also, AKL comments end of this thread
  222. Passport question - can someone here help????
  223. All Star Music & Movies 59.00 dollars / night
  224. Camping At Disney Chat!
  225. Head count for Ottawa meet!
  226. Disney was here today
  227. Wed Lunchtime Chat...What would you change at Disney?
  228. toll ???
  229. CC is looking for an avatar
  230. Just back - Holiday House vouchers no problem!
  231. CAA card in Florida
  232. Marriott Toronto Bloor
  233. I shall be making.......................
  234. **Live from the DIS Chat Room- It's Saturday Night!! Tonight: Moving On UP!!!**
  235. Canadian at PAR "Tickets from CAA"
  236. Any Gordon Lightfoot fans? (long)
  237. CindyAnn - Question re AP
  238. When Are YOU Going To WDW?
  239. Where do you buy your pre trip goodies
  240. Tuesday Lunchtime Chat: Bring your questions about WDW
  241. Tuesday Night Chat- What is Your Favorite Water Park?
  243. I Just Had to Post!
  244. BIG sale on Disney books for Kids!
  245. 100 yr celebration snowglobe @ Sobeys
  246. Wednesday Night Chat - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
  247. Princess Costumes in Disney Stores
  248. can. teacher discounts?
  249. What kind of ID do we need??
  250. Canadian Cruisers Sept 29/01?