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  6. The DIS Dad's Club XXXI 1/2 - Man's Room Official Transition Thread! {Updated 3/31}
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  8. The DIS Dad's Club VII - Oh Peanut Butter...
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  10. The DIS Dad's Club IX - The Fastest Moving Thread Around
  11. The DIS Dad's Club X: Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas
  12. Notice anything new?
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  15. Phineas & ferb live!!
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  21. Last person to post is the winner!
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  28. Welcome to the DIS Dads!!!!!
  29. Please allow me to introduce myself . . .
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  35. DisDad App recommendations
  36. Capturing the Magic - A "Which Camera Should I Get" Thread
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  38. Nobody told me this was here
  39. The Great Men who came before us & what we learned!
  40. What was your latest album/single purchase?
  41. Indy Area Meetup Monday June 6th
  42. Any runners out there?
  43. DIS Dads Brag Wall
  44. bringing laptop on trip
  45. TiVo Premier
  46. The Dis Dads Podcast Thread
  47. The Disdads "Where in the World is"...Photo game.
  48. Didn't think I would ever go back (pre-trip planning report)
  49. Linkedin VS Facebook - Do you belong
  50. Close shaves at Harmony Barber Shop?
  51. DIS Dads Craft Beer/Homebrewing Enthusiast Thread
  52. the jitters are here fellas.....
  53. Is anybody into Geocaching?
  54. pintrading
  55. RVing to WDW
  56. Put me in coach!
  57. 14mo at WDW?
  58. NYT article from the rumor thread
  59. Any other professional pilot DisDads? (airline, corporate, etc)
  60. less than 1 week out
  61. How do I become a DisDad?
  62. Fathers day
  63. To emma's dad
  64. Churches in Orlando?
  65. Question for disdads (OT)
  66. The DIS Dad's Club XI: Where's Perry?
  67. Buzz and Woody
  68. We elected him president of our M/C
  69. Are you Chris?
  70. DisDads IT Kung Fu Questions and Answers
  71. "Hidden Mickeys" outside of Disney property
  72. OT: Facing a tough decision
  73. I lost the job I was going to get
  74. DisDads - Share Tips and Trip Plans
  75. Dis Dad Video Magic Moments
  76. By God, I think I've found it!
  77. in Orlando, now!
  78. Birthday Dinner Suggestions...
  79. Need some song suggestions
  80. Android Games...
  81. Dis Dads T-Shirts
  82. Disney Story with a bad ending
  83. Podcast volunteers
  84. New ride coming to Disney?
  85. The Wagon Queen Family Truckster Goes Northwest - Update 10/3 pg 6 (Canada)
  86. Inspired by the FB page MNSSHP Costumes
  87. DIS Dads: Just booked our Kidani Savannah View! Any pearls of wisdom?
  88. How do you monitor the DISdads?
  89. DISDad pic for sig?
  90. Pics of your Disney items (collections)
  91. WOOHOO wife got the job!
  92. I feel Like im Married to a Man
  93. It's on a need to know basis and I NEED TO KNOW!
  94. Dis Dads Pin Trading/Collecting
  95. Video Game Marathon for GKTW
  96. Single Dads during Christmas '11
  97. DisDads in Cape May area?
  98. Come chat with us!
  99. DISdad's Dining Thread
  100. August 6: Agent P at Hollywood Studios!
  101. Needing a great camera on a budget
  102. So, who else is planning on buying the DisneyLand Adventures game?
  103. New guy
  104. Just Back August 1 - August 6th. Any questions?
  105. Birthday in Epcot
  106. Road Trip Soundtrack
  107. Rides Ive never been on, but when I grow up Im going to!!!
  108. Rust Belt Road Trip (2 UPDATES--1/18)
  109. Top 5's!
  110. It's official (kind of)
  111. Straight no Chaser
  112. Can I get some DISDAD motivation up in here?
  113. Need advice...Extra day, where to go
  114. *DIS Dads* - Title for DDC XII
  115. *DIS Dads* - Title for DDC XII - VOTE!
  116. The DIS Dad's Club XII: Oh... There You Are Perry!
  117. Jellyrolls Advice
  118. So how many DISDads felt it?
  119. Anyone going in December?
  120. Hurricane Irene cancelled my Wood Badge Course!
  121. Any contractor/handyman dads out there?
  122. Pop Culture Reviews at Disdads.com
  123. Disdad's mnsshp costume ideas
  124. Off the beaten path
  125. DIS Dads Football Pick 'Em
  126. DISDad's Online Poker
  127. Computer Advice/ Recommendations
  128. DSLR Dad's - suggestions
  129. Scouting with the Dads
  130. Star Wars saga on blu-ray
  131. Surprise for the wife
  132. Leaving for the drive Friday morning!
  133. Where would you take you're wife?
  134. DISDADS 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend, are you going?
  135. Disdad Logo?
  136. DisDad drink thread
  137. To all you dads with passes or go often (a very personal question about SBS)
  138. The logo that dare not be shown
  139. The Gilberts' go to Georgia to welcome a new member! (A non-Disney Trip Report)
  140. Just Back. Full Report coming!
  141. haven't been around much lately
  142. To Dine Plan or not to Dine Plan that is the question.
  143. Disdads WDW Date night options.
  144. Movies: digital copy, blu ray, DVD...so many choices!
  145. *DIS Dads* - Title for DDC XIII - VOTE!
  146. Finally trying this TR thing
  147. Nothing but drama since iOS 5 update
  148. Official DISDad's Halloween Thread
  149. Hi there! ? Regarding a planning app
  150. Big Dad Victory!
  151. All-New Disdads T-shirt thread
  152. DIS Dads Week at WDW in 2012?
  153. going to the fort
  154. Christmas is coming soon!
  155. Thread i started
  156. XBL, PSN, Wii Online names
  157. How do you ask for an upgrade?
  158. A Dis Dad's Thanksgiving
  159. How many DIS Dads are there?
  160. 2011 DISDads Holiday Gift Exchange - Sign up by 12/6/11
  161. Reminder about APPROPRIATE content
  162. DDC XIII - Zerphonics spoken here!
  163. The main thread moves pretty fast...
  164. NEED HELP FAST!! Plasma vs LCD/LED
  165. Ipod Touch apps
  166. disdad says hello to all
  167. Just Curiosity
  168. Anyone currently at WDW?
  169. The Duck family goes on safari.....who will get voted off first. ??? Updated 1/6!!
  170. Dis dads in april 2012
  171. Lsu tigers
  172. Driving Experience
  173. DisDad NBA Fantasy Thread
  174. A Thanksgiving Odyssey: Bands, Buses, and Big Bad Balloons (Completed!!!)
  175. A random and pointless Disney trip report
  176. '' l s u tiger fans ''
  177. Any SAH Dis Dad's out there?
  178. A must do for Dads
  179. Dis Dads: Last Person To Post Is the Winner 2!
  180. An early holiday gift for my Fellow DisDads.
  181. DDC help with choosing Mazda5 color
  182. Man Recipes-Share, review, and make man food!
  183. The reservations have been made.
  184. Dis Dads Convention
  185. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures
  186. Dining suggestions
  187. Ignore this thread (now with bacon-tastic goodness)
  188. Resolution In Action (Hopefully, It Keeps the Space)
  189. Any Dads doing the Expedition Everest Challenge this year
  190. DDC XIV - It's a trap!!!
  191. DDC XIV Title vote
  192. Opinions wanted - Smart TV/Hulu/Netflix/Cable Questions
  193. Dis Dads Convention - ROLL CALL!
  194. DISDads Picture Thread (2nd edition)
  195. Driving around Disney
  196. DisDads Movies: Previews, Reviews, and Recommendations
  197. DDC XV - We put the "FUN" in dysfunctional! Christopher's thread...
  198. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
  199. Pop Century Goodies
  200. Anyone read or reading "The Hunger Games"?
  201. Cinderella's Royal Table
  202. Traffic Alert
  203. DDC XVI Title Submissions
  204. DDC XVI Title Submissions - VOTE!
  205. DDC XVI - Here because Fed allows it.
  206. A CM in the family
  207. GKTW Feb Challenge - Anyone Wanna?
  208. DisDads Lotto
  209. Disney Universe Cinderella Costume
  210. It's been forever......
  211. DDC XVII - Leap year edition
  212. AKL Kidani Savannah
  213. Dear Tag Fairy, Please come visit us.
  214. Does anyone know any Disney Animators?
  215. DDC SPECIAL EDITION: LEAP DAY THREAD... Randall's Thread - ONE DAY to Race on Through
  216. Whirlwind Father-Son Trip
  217. DisDads Fantasy Football 2012
  218. Jedi Training
  219. Dancing with Sharks. Or Not. Nuts? Probably.
  220. Vacation Video
  221. So I don't want to break a rule but....
  222. March for Babies - Can the Dads help my team?
  223. Vacation video... first attempt for Tusker House breakfast
  224. Dis Dads NCAA Basketball Pick 'Em
  225. Disney Recipes
  226. Blue Sky Concept?
  227. Need T-Ball Coaching Resources
  228. DDC XVIII - Spring Fever!
  229. Disdads podcast
  230. D23 Fanniversary
  231. 1 yr of dating- need some manly opinuions
  232. Need DIS Dad Advice - surprise trip for husband's 40th
  233. Surprise trip? Where to start?
  234. Ideas of something to do with son in law while at disney
  235. Need DAD help - what type of flowers for DH ?
  236. Tables in Wonderland/Drinking around the World
  237. I am taking DH to WDW and had a few questions...
  238. Packing for DH
  239. My Magic Kingdom...
  240. Cigar Smokers Unite
  241. My EPCOT...
  242. Bacon?? Did somebody say bacon.......
  243. Weight and Size on rides
  244. My Hollywood Studios...
  245. My Animal Kingdom...
  246. Where should we go on a non-disney trip?
  247. DDC XIX - Squirrel!
  248. My Princess was asked on a Date!
  249. Holy Crap, that's this year?
  250. New to Contemporary