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  1. The Trippie Who Hath No Name, or, the trippie that'll be completed when I get..
  2. Welcome, Foolish Muggles! IoA/US/MK/SW *July 2013 Trip Report Link*
  3. 70 to Freezing in 7 hours. A Nov/Dec 2011 trip report. Updated 4/28
  4. My 1980's dream of Camping at the Fort, Fall 2012: Pop ✔. BWV ✔. Next up: THE FORT!
  5. I know you love Disney but...really? ~a dis meet in London 5/15
  6. "I smell Elephants" and Forbidden Journey's, Jaydens Make a Wish trip !
  7. I don't think you took a picture of that....yet! (Updated 2/24)
  8. WARNING: YOLO 2012 Do NOT try this at Home!!! We’re Professionals Update: 3/18 Video
  9. Mr. and Mrs. Weak Sauce Go the Distance (a completed Disneymoon TR!)
  10. Mom/Daughter Birthday Celebration: Lots of Firsts and Laughs! (Update 3-18-13)
  11. .
  12. "Hey Look, It's a Goat!" Baby's 1st WDW Trip/Little Sister's Grad Trip! (6/12) *5/8*
  13. Hakuna Matata--A Pre-Trip Report
  14. A Disney-addicted mom goes on a "Dream" cruise *update 7/6*
  15. Debby Doesn’t Get Us Down On Our Mother/Daughter Trip!- June 2012 TR- Link to the TR!
  16. City, Sand, and Savanna - Link to new trip report
  17. A Fourth of Pixie Dust! A Fourth of Fun! A Fourth of Attitude! NEW! 4/6 pg. 26
  18. The Greatest Hits: A Trip Like This Needs a Soundtrack!-A July 2012 TR Upd. 5/5!
  19. No Questions! EXPERIENCE!! Four teenage girls go to Disney - June 2012 UPDATE 5/8 x2
  20. A May Disney trip we're STILL paying off! A young couple's report! NEW 12/6!!!!!
  21. The Trip Of Technical Difficulties-A Feb 2012 Trip report (updated 18/12/12!)
  22. Alligator Roadkill Was Just The Beginning!!! Updated 2nd May!!
  23. Aulani TR - Sharks, Horses, a sub-scooter and Mickey!
  24. Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust - That's What Solo Trips Are Made Of - Update 7/21 P17
  25. I'm Going Away... FOREVER! Oh, Great! Could You Get Me a Sandwich?? - updated 6/23!
  26. TUT TUT...It Looks Like RAIN! A Nikki and Tom August Adventure! BABY PIC pg. 23!!! :)
  27. A Veritable Explosion of Pixie Dust:Our Land and Sea Extravaganza--Update(6/12)
  28. V's BDay SURPRISE with 99 Characters and Costumes Galore Update May 19th Happy BDAY V
  29. The Amazing Adventures of Flat Ben and Friends: FB is Back! April trip w/ Hunclemarco
  30. If we can DREAM it, we can do it! ..... another 30 day vacation Update 02/07
  31. 9 days, 7 bladders, 3 strollers, 1 tropical storm and... lots of fun. UPDATED JUNE 24
  32. Seven Months Working in the Place of My Dreams! A DCP PTR (SA 2013) UPDATE 10/18
  33. You Guys Part of the Family? You've Got the Magic In Your Eyes!!->Updated 10/19x3!!!!
  34. How many times will you rain on my parade?-a wet (and sometimes funny) first ever TR
  35. Island Hopping: A Highly Inappropriate TR. (Boom.)-- Link to NEW TR! 10/8
  36. Well, this trip was....different. UPDATE - 9/1!
  37. 10 Days of theme park madness..3 US and 7 DISNEY!!updated finally may 13
  38. WDW vs. the terrible twos- and the verdict is... trip update 2/12
  39. Sparking up the Romance at WDW...A March 2013 trip report for Lovers:)Update3/22pg9
  40. Happily Ever After Begins Here -- An Oct. 2012 TR Updated! 11/17!
  41. It's a Cat World After All! A Sept TR (Updated 8/4 Page 11)
  42. October 2012 - Spooky, Wild, Exotic and a lot of food!
  43. Plans?! What Plans?!?! An Oct 2012 TR. 11/17 - Final Update!
  44. "I'M STUCK IN DISNEY!!!!!!!!" A Delightfully Unliveable TR ~ NEW TR 9/27!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Cakes and Napoleons and F&W, oh my! Planning our Disney wedding!! UPDATED 9/15!!!
  46. Pins! I need more pins! A Fall Time Trip Report. New 11/6 Admitting Defeat!
  47. PARK-CRUISE-PARK in Nov. 2012: Another Thanksgiving with Mickey! (7/7/14 UPDATE!!)
  48. SURPRISE!.......You forgot the WHAT!? A November 1st-11th 2012 TR* BIG UPDATE!!2/3
  49. Orlando Smackdown: Dis vs. Uni. Ch.16 Japan Hates me, Just Hates me 7-13
  50. A Frump's TR: "Me Gusta Epic Mealtime! Stop Thinking My Thoughts: I'm Five." DR LINK!
  51. Rabbit, Hatter & Chessie Go Rogue in Christmasland.New5/11 Meet my Nemesis, Splash M.
  52. *December 2012 Roll Call* Group TR! A very, merry thread!
  53. I Can't See a Thing and Tiger Lady, Oh My! A Nov Mother & Daughter TR Update 5/7
  54. A Trip to the World Changed Our World
  55. 3 in 1! A PACKED trip report! 8/11/14UPDATE!- TRIP 3! Many Updates and a new TR!!
  56. Sorry Gaston, They are MUCH More Interesting Than You!*6/8* NEW Trip Report Link p154
  57. The Sweetest Little Disneymoon Ever! *4/25 Update! - Rise and Dine!*
  58. Our First Trip as Parents! December 2012 TR - 8/6 OMG a TR link!
  59. The One Where We Got Engaged - Updated 6/14 (Be Our Guest)
  60. "This is the BEST DAY EVER"A Dec'12 TR-A Princess's 5thBday and 3000 pics! UDx2 5/20
  61. Girls Trip - NO BOYS ALLOWED - 10/2 to 10/10 - Pop, MNSSHPx2, F&W, DxDP - COMPLETED!!
  62. Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time -12/24-12/31/12 UPDATED 3/4
  63. We Bounced Back to a Whole New World! A December 2012 TR Update:MK & MVMCP
  64. Just me and my girl…a very special 13th Birthday trip! (updated 2/20/14)
  65. Shenanigans, Tomfoolery & Mayhem, Oh My! A Christmas/New Year's TR (New 6/12!)
  66. "Move It People! We've Got Places to Go and Mouses to See!"
  67. A Savanna, A Wizard, and Oodles of Food - AKL/DxDP/WWoHP (New 10/21 - Yak and Yeti)
  68. Fast Passes, We Don't Need No Fast Passes!
  69. A Disney addict's journey to show the magic to the in-laws!
  70. DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM - A Spring 2013 Adventure! *COMPLETE* 11/20
  71. Christmas at the most magical place on Earth - Dec '12 TR - Upd 3/28 x3
  72. Converting the Disney Skeptics - January 2013 trip report
  73. "Excuse me, your child can NOT go on stage with Mickey":Jan 2013 TR! updates x 3! 6/5
  74. YIPPEEE We are Finally Heading Home -- DVC Owners & Reservations At Last! 4/16 update
  75. "This is NOT the once in a lifetime trip I was hoping for!" - (Baby Simba - 12/18)
  76. Nemesis Challenge: MY Side of the Epic Half Marathon Showdown. *Updated 2/13 Page 5*
  77. Nine Weeks Later - The DO-OVER Whirlwind Trip - Jan 2013 (2/17 UPDATE)
  78. Ava's MAW pre-trip report
  79. A Disney Geek-tastic Trip to the World Updated 3/27!
  80. "Stop Your Snorin', Let's Get To Soarin'!" A Thanksgiving TR! New 10/19- X3!
  81. A Mini Get to Know Me TR!
  82. So Much To Celebrate - LIFE and Sophie Kate!
  83. Our 2 Year Old's Birthday Do Over Extravaganza *update 8/27*
  84. The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers…happened to us!
  85. Aulani to WDW: The Lurkyloos' Anniversary Vow Renewal: THRILLING CONCLUSION 8/5!
  86. 3/29There's No Crying at the Guest Relations Counter..TheyTook Me Into the Back Room!
  87. No Faith in Google Maps, Trust and Pixie Dust! A Feb 2013 TR! (Upd 21/10, day 1)
  88. Sisters, Sisters...December 12-21, 2012 WDW Trip Report...Update 8/10/2014
  89. Oh! My Peanut butter! (a 2013 PHM report)
  90. Hey Doopy! Dat's mine! UPDATE 6/13 DHS/EPCOT DAY!!
  91. My Family Trip Report for March 2013
  92. These are NOT the rooms that I paid for! 3 Resorts in 10 days - Trivia Answers 9/3
  93. I'm just SO HAPPY to be here! Christin&Ben's Feb/Mar 2013 Trip! UPDATE 4/7!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. I'm so full I think I am going to POP!!! Deluxe Dining Trip Report
  95. *update 1/10 Am I done?!!* How to get your child to grow 1" in 120 days....
  96. 3 trips in 40 days: Supercalifragilistic Breakfast @ 1900 Park Fare! [4/21/13]
  97. Rope Doping to Disney! A March Trip Report (UPDATE 8/16)
  98. Did I Hear That Right? A Solo Adventure at WDW Updated 8/30
  99. Derp Derp! The adventures of the Dapper, Disneybounding Princesses! Updated 7/8x6!!!!
  100. Little Mermaid Rooms, Passover and The Bathroom Scale
  101. "Does Asian Food Make You Itch?" Breaking Tradition: Spring Break @ DLR*UPDATE 1/27
  102. Our trip to WDW and USA
  103. They Don't Make Pencils in Pennsylvania? A Feb/Mar 2013 Trip Report
  104. "Pirate, Your Reputation Precedes You!" The Stitchs Do WDW & The Dream! New 9/7!
  105. "MO-OM! Take Small Children by the Hand!" An October 2012 TR New 11/9
  106. YOLO Part Dos -- A Journey Beyond Your Wildest Imagination Updated 9/9 Trip Video
  107. Don't Put Your Hand on Mickey's Hat-A Family Vacation--NEW TRIP REPORT 5/24/14
  108. What is Disney made of? Dreams!!! A Jan 2013 TR! *UPDATE 4/22*
  109. WDW in October vs. Hilton Head in March: a tale of two trips NEW! 10/6 p20
  110. My Deep Descent into Disney Madness/May 2013...updated 6x 1/1 and completed
  111. Pasta and Potatoes Conquer Orlando - October 2-10, 2013 (Updated 1/31)
  112. You're going there, again? In the hottest mth of the yr & with whom? ~July 2013 ~PTR!
  114. "You need superglue for WHAT?" A Bloody Magical FIRST TIME Trip Report *6/15 Update*
  115. Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of WDW? AKL And THE POLY(November 22nd )
  116. First Drop in the Bucket List: a WDW Half Marathon 2013 TR UPDATE 4/30
  117. Road Trippin', Cruisin' and Photo Bombin'-Our EPIC Family Vacation!NEW11/5-BIRDS..UGH
  118. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's trip for me! A Princess Pirate's first trip to Disney
  119. Well Begun is Half Done...When Plans Go Awry (UPDATE: 4/30)
  120. My Dream Came True! A TR of continued WDW brainwashing of DS and allergy-free food!
  121. Update! 7/6- 8 am ADRS?! a 2013 TR, Fueled by Pixie Dust and Coffee..
  122. New! 6/22! Autographs, Pixie Dust, and Bears, oh my! (A Teddy Bear's TR.)
  123. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That - Yucky Neighbors! (1/3)
  124. Flowers, Food, and Family - mom and dad FINALLY come to Disney with me! update 6/22
  125. You make me wanna SMOKE! ... April 23-30, 2013
  126. First trip to the world as an adult 4/23-30~ includes bonus engagement!
  127. "Where's My Water?" Dasani Girl's April Adventure! **UPDATED June 14th!!
  128. No Princes Allowed! - A Mother-Daughter Trip - UPDATED 6/5
  129. *The Cupcake Tour*This trip report is brought to you by..The Happiest Wife on Earth*
  130. When you wish upon a star: Three Birthdays at WDW can come true! April 2013
  131. Food, friendship, flowers and a touch of the Force. A May '13 TR; Updated 02/6
  132. Birthday? Anniversary? Family Reunion? We were celebrating it all at Disney World
  133. We're late for a very important date May 2013 TR Updated 5/17 New TR started!
  134. A first trip!!! 4 nights!! AOA resort!!! UPDATED
  135. "IF I HEAR SLEIGH RIDE ONE MORE TIME" - A Nov 2012 Holiday Extravaganza UPDATED 10/18
  136. Surprise July Honeymoon July 28-Aug 1
  137. A pinch of pixie dust + pinch of OCD = a fun trip for all! UPDATE 6/3
  138. April 2013 - Our last hurrah!
  139. Every-ONE is coming up DAISY!!! WDW & WWoHP w/ LOTS of pics - FINISHED 10/13, p 24
  140. WDW Summer 2013 - Asian Invasion: "LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS..." UPDATE x1 01/07/'14
  141. You just lost 80 pounds! What are you Going to do next? Ending TR
  142. LUCKY NUMBER ELEVEN! And this time, we brought newbies! UPDATED x1 01/07/'14
  143. EPIC Disney Vacations of History: July 2012 VS. May 2013 -- 6/2: NEW INTRO
  144. Disfamcay! a May '13 TR! UPDATE 6/12!
  145. Celebrating My Inner Ninja WDW Style with Disney Friends!
  146. Where's Mickey? Our Son's First Trip to Disney World
  147. Review of newlywed adults only trip-WDW Dolphin 5 day
  148. Monstrous All-Nighter TR: Don't question it, just go
  149. Blood in the Refrigerator...A Confusing But Fun Kidani Trip New 2/17
  150. "Party of 13, Your Vacation is Now Ready"
  151. "I love you" , "I know!": A Star Wars Weekends Disneymoon - Update 7/12 pg. 3
  152. Disney Snob IX: IS THAT A NEW CUPCAKE??! 9/29 CARSLAND completely blows me away p.41
  153. The Trip with Star Wars, Fighting...and a Penguin?
  154. Turning 21 With Mickey - A Father/Daughter August '13 PTR/TR - UPDATED 7/7
  155. 1 crazy family+2 resorts+5 parks+1 snake+1 surprise=A Mickeystoontown report 4/3x2
  156. 3 Resorts, 1 Week: LEGGO! A February 2013 TR
  157. Can't We Just Leave the Ponchos On? June 2013 TR
  158. A Heaping Helping of Disney with a Side Dish of Drama - June 2013 TR
  159. Auto Train to College Program w/24hr at MK & SWW(new!SWW '14 rope drop/sci fi brkfst)
  160. Tales of the Tye Dye Gang: an April May TR -Magic Kingdom, Epcot & home 10/27
  161. When I'm 64.. Mother/Daughter Trip
  162. Trev's Star Wars MAW trip
  164. Can I get their name, please? Update 7/14
  165. May 30-Jun 9 Saucymb Trip Report
  166. "Charge It To The Room! - I'm NOT Drunk!" - WDW Vacation 2013! (UPDATE - (2/7)
  167. "Please Stand Up Before Exiting! BYE BYE!" WDW June 2013! UPDATE x3 1/25
  168. A Princess Birthday Surprise at POR w/ Royal Room Included...TRex for Lunch
  169. Disney in a tropical storm?! We can Handle this!! A quick trip to Disney 6-5-6/8
  170. Mum and moi take Orlando: the never-ending trip report (aka we are nuts) NEW 12/23x12
  171. The Family Truckster Heads to Wally World: Lots of updates and pics 7/11!
  172. Disney for 11 days, but won't you get bored? A May/June 2013 Trip Report Update 6/24
  173. WHAAAT? SUNSHINE ISN'T WET! A June 2013 Trip Report!
  174. A Trip Full of Surprises which was Fun for the Family! *2 Updates! Completed 7/22*
  175. The Shoes Captain Hook Is Scared Of and Other Stories - June TR! (update 7/16)
  176. Jack Bauer is a Sissy Pants. 24- Disney Edition **** updated 9/22 (almost)
  177. DVC, Split Stays, & 2nd Birthdays (DAK 6/30)
  178. Making Our Way Through The Magic: A Nov TR with 2 Disney-Crazed Fools! (UPDATE 7/12!)
  179. Come to the Dark Side...4 Weekends of Fun with the Force(Updated 11/12)
  180. Hopping a Plane Alone with a Toddler...yes, I'm crazy (Jan. '13 TR)
  181. A First Birthday and a First Visit: Sharing the World with my Son. -Update: 7/1
  182. Who Knew We Were Virginians?
  183. The Wilderness Must Be Explored (for 15 days!)- A Mother/Daughter Trip! NEW 7/7 x5
  184. Surprise Resort! Skipping Grad for Disney!
  185. Countdown to Cupcakes! - An Independence Day Road Trip! Updated 11/8!
  186. "It's a Disney-fied island". A Disney Hilton Head DVC trip report June 21-28
  187. Having a "Me Party" - a Disney trip by myself! June 2013 update 9/9
  188. “Wow, Disney is Far Far Away” A Single Mom’s Road Trip to Disney: June 2013 TR
  189. "But you can't see my cute outfit through my poncho!" - UPDATED 7/10
  190. Return of the Old Folks' Van - A May 2013 Trip Report - Updated 11/18
  191. Hakuna Kidani, What a Turtleful Phrase!
  192. The Goofy Identity (Just whose side are you on anyway?) Updated 7/23/14-Pg9
  193. If I don't like WDW, R U going to breakup with me? The tale of two lovers:Update 7/24
  194. The Twinsies (And Others) Reunite! A Mostly Solo May 2013 TR
  195. The Muppets’ iPhone Adventures in Disney!
  196. An Instagrammable and Dole Whippy 4th of July Trip Report!**UPDATED 3/4
  197. 2 Best Friends - 2013 July Disney World Vacation
  198. A Compilation of Audition Adventures and Awesome Guest Stars!-Updated 9/29x2!
  199. Magic, Memories, and......Medics?- A March Trip Report
  200. Hijinks & Shenanigans but not much Mayhem@The Dark Side+Disney:Link to DL/Hawaii TR
  201. A December 2012 Trip Report via my scrapbook!
  202. Disney Tips and Tricks Disney Parks, Hotels,Dining and Cruis! July 21st- Auguest 12th
  203. DCP: The Tale of 4 Princesses and their 4,454 mile adventure! -- Update 1/9!
  204. Procrastinated Video/Pic Dec 2012 Engagement Celebration Trip Report
  205. Shamu & Jousting & Mickey - Oh My! Jan 24 - 29, 2013
  206. The Last one (well not really)!
  207. 5 Newbies Visit the World!! - UPDATED! - Our Last ADR and A Magical Moment
  208. Should we be worried all these people have lightsabers? May '13 TR *NEW 8/19*
  209. It feels like forever ago....17 Days in Disney
  210. Christmas 2012, A TR! 2 Adults and no kids!
  211. Have A Nice Trip [Report], See You THIS Fall! UPDATE - 8/10!
  212. First trip to WDW & First TR! - AUG 2013 TR!
  213. Moose & Goose- The 5th anniversary is the Dis Trip Anniversary- Baby Update #2 5/1
  214. "Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your cow."
  215. This Trip Report is Useless Without Pictures. Update 8/20: Day 2 in the Magic Kingdom
  216. Suzy and Perla's Guide to Skipping Lines: the Last Journey of the Super Users
  217. We broke all the rules...
  218. Food and Wine? Sounds Divine! An October TR - 12/2 A PTR Link!
  219. AHHH!!! Not ANOTHER EMH morning. A July/August 2013 TR told by a teen! Updated 10/28
  220. Screw In the Light Bulb-All New x 13 4/25!!
  221. We can't agree so we are doing it ALL TR! Gators, Wizards, Mickey, on/off site
  222. A Princess, Pirates and Pixie Dust! Goodbye to Mav Page 36
  223. Unplanned Road Trip ; 15 is Definitely Not My Fav #, Page 26 - WHAT I FINALLY GOT
  224. Disney of the month club? Sign me up!
  225. We're not gonna make it! WE'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT! A Post-Graduation Trip UPDATE 6/21
  226. Best Disney Magic Moment Ever!!
  227. Wining & Dining Around the World~ An October 2013 TR w/pics~ UPDATED 2/11 (x2)!
  228. A Different Kind of Trip Report. Myrtle Beach & Charleston S.C.
  229. Is She Ready To Be A Princess? Completed 10/12
  230. Our 2013 Mother/Daughter Marathon Weekend Trip
  231. No Work, All Play??? Sound's Like A Vacation To Me PTR
  232. I'm Going To Mickey's House Update 9/3
  233. Disney with Geeks!
  234. Adventure is out there....and so are MagicBands!! A Sept 2013 TR - **Updated 09/01**
  235. The DisneyGuy Clan Hits The World for a trip of celebrations! UPDATED!! 6/18/14!!
  236. Disney trip 2013
  237. The Square Takes on the World
  238. I Want to Sell Tee-Tee to Other People!!! - July 2013 TR *UPDATE 4/29 pg. 73*
  239. One Last Fling Before School Starts: Universal, Disney and SeaWorld UPDATED 10/6
  240. Disney College Program. Moving our Princess to DW to follow her dream! Update 2/6
  241. Our first Disney trip! "Please turn your cameras off & no flash photography!"
  242. U 2 hot to walk, run, get surprised?
  243. First Time To The World TR
  244. Our 2 Bachelors’ Degrees + 1 Masters Degree + 1 MNSSHP + 1 Anniversary + 1 first DCL
  245. 3 Days, 2 "Adults", 1 Christmas Trip to Make DBF a Believer! (Update 10/11!-The End!)
  246. Heat, Humidity, and Our Favorite Disney Dog Was a Thug! LINK TO NEW PTR!!
  247. Meeting my idol, Peter- Trip Story #1
  248. "I need a vacation from my vacation!" Our 9night August Trip Report! **UPDATED 9/24**
  249. The Darling Family's Endless Summer Vacation: August 2013 New 1/24
  250. A Gluten Free Princess' New Year Trip Report!