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  1. OT - Arlington National Cemetery
  2. Other than Disney: places elsewhere you may want to check out!
  3. Totally OT: Musings of a mom
  4. Autism Moms and Dads! Let's Share Stories About Our Kids!
  5. ADD from a Mother and Daughters View
  6. Any experience with secondary incontinence? UPDATE page 3
  7. To all Parents of kids with ADHD
  8. ~*~ It's Time to Check Your Sigs - Are You Legal? ~*~
  9. Chewlery
  10. OT- Spina Bifida child's letter to Santa (cute)
  11. near cure found for diabetes
  12. Approved for Medicaid-What's Next?
  13. ot-any helpful hints with children's glasses
  14. Just need some empathy...
  15. Major Change in Board Moderation - Please Read Fully
  16. Autism Walk- Anyone Else??- team name help
  17. Child with disabilities flying unaccompanied???
  18. Parents of kids with Down syndrome-please help me understand
  19. what kind of private health premiums are people paying?
  20. Icap
  21. GPS Tracker
  22. Sign Choir
  23. Not Disney, but disability advice needed
  24. Wanna hear some good news?
  25. Downs syndrome and ASD(dual diagnosis)
  26. Ot - Eds/cfs
  27. Social security approval
  28. ot - i wish more leaders would do this!
  29. Anyone bought used ecv from Walker or anyone else?
  30. SS benefits more good news!
  31. OT: Speech question
  32. Family Response has DH Fuming
  33. Anyone bought a new scooter? What kind?
  34. Watch that little boy!
  35. I got "THE LETTER"
  36. OT - CNN article
  37. i love it
  38. Who is Deaf.
  39. Ooh lovely new Community board guys!!
  40. I'm so proud of my Aspie son-and so sad for him, too
  41. DS (10) Loves Soccer, But Grandma Thinks It's a Bad Idea
  42. Selective Mutism
  43. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  44. Looking for Support-Med related
  45. My son took some first steps this week Has cp
  46. Questionnaire
  47. how much is too much therapy?
  48. Anyone with an infant with Epilepsy?
  49. need encouragement-DD9 hearing loss is BACK!
  50. Anyone Have a bike trailer for 9 yr old?
  51. Motivation
  52. Convaid Cruiser Canopy
  53. Any thoughts on a very "inconsistent" child (possibly mental illness related) Updated
  54. Newly DXed Autistic son..now some questions or maybe just HELP
  55. Limb differences
  56. Aspergers
  57. Aspergers signs?
  58. Disabled Vent!!
  59. Heather Mills McCartney
  60. State Testing...Let's Test the Kids on What They Haven't Learned Yet, Just for Fun!!
  61. Neurontine (gabapentin)....experiences?
  62. Anyone use 1-2-3?
  63. has anyone been allergic to POTATOES?
  64. Wish us luck - just bought a new stroller/chair
  65. Byetta Users
  66. Topamax fear
  67. guilt and accomodations *long*
  68. son with adha question
  69. Thank you found the answer :
  70. Anyone have neuromylitis optica?
  71. School P.E. Advice Needed......accommodations??
  72. Bye bye meds!!
  73. Kid's Behavior: Reasons vs. Excuses
  74. OT: SLC Utah
  75. Please join me in a HAPPY Dance -Updated 4/27/07
  76. Getting a GAC??? Please help....
  77. Anyone had experiences visiting National parks with ecv?
  78. Looking for other parents who have dealt with Strattera
  79. Hi All
  80. Hoverrounds
  81. Byetta
  82. Anyone have an epidural for spinal pain?
  83. Boards will be down tonight at 10pm Eastern
  84. Lift equipped van stolen
  85. Need meds advice
  86. Insurance companies (grr)
  87. Having DS tested for attention issues, what should I expect?
  88. Autism - loose tooth
  89. Where can I purchase a used Maclaren Major stroller?
  90. Brands of ECV-Recommendations, Please
  91. Disney Chat Tonight 9:00 EST
  92. Need help w/ toilet training son w/ PDD & ADHD
  93. Do/Did you make your own "baby food"?
  94. i found this interesting
  95. Newbie with possible Lupus
  96. Sensory Integration Dysfunction?
  97. Asthma Inhaler Changeouts
  98. Help Please
  99. Is this "normal"?
  100. Saturday Night Chat 9:00 EST
  101. need help..Son Just started on ADDERALL XR
  102. Summer Camp
  103. Epilepsy and School **UPDATE**
  104. Anyone in the Spokane Area-need advice
  105. Its like once you turn 22...
  106. Saturday Night Chat 9:00 EST
  107. lips reading program
  108. Adventures in Autism Trip Report
  109. Orlando Area: Special Needs education ?
  110. ASD kids and strollers
  111. Pattern for a weighted pillow
  112. Flax Seed Oil for ADHD
  113. Our Ledger Article-ALS
  114. wheelchair purchase ??
  115. ??? Seroquel
  116. Advice - Handicapped Parking Abuser
  117. Please recommend a cup holder for wheelchairs
  118. Who Has Celiac Disease?
  119. Wheelchair Side Guards
  120. OT--Question about food allergies?
  121. DALLAS AREA- Free Screening of MEET THE ROBINSONS
  122. Support group for your childs disability?
  123. guy at work
  124. Saturday Chat 9:00 EST
  125. Bedtime - Help!
  126. Update on dd8's progress!
  127. Having a nissen and g-tube inserted... UPDATED 4-16
  128. Non Disney Theme Park ?
  129. A Question About Service Dogs...
  130. Need to grumble
  131. Just when you need the vacation the most
  132. adhd parents-anyone's child tried the patch meds?
  133. Appointment scheduled with ped
  134. Autism Awareness Month......
  135. Oprah Discussing Autism Today
  136. Help! Behavior problem with autistic ds
  137. Favorite Things At WDW Chat 9:00 EST
  138. Las Vegas???
  139. Does an Brain MRI show anything?
  140. I am doing a project on teaching children with Asperger Syndrome
  141. Working and SS disability
  142. Toothpaste
  143. OT: sensory issues with an 11 year old
  144. A Co-worker Said Something That Really Upset Me...
  145. Need Advice - Learning Disability
  146. General Disney Chat 9:00 EST
  147. Favorite Things At WDW Chat 9:00 EST
  148. Anxiety disorder in a child - Help/Advice?
  149. leg sensations
  150. conversion van and power chair OT
  151. WDW Food Chat 9:00 EST
  152. My Escape Artist
  153. A helpful website
  154. WDW Trip Planning Chat 9:00 EST
  155. Anyone familiar with seizures, epilepsy, Tegretal?
  156. General Disney Chat 9:00 EST
  157. Have you ever done this w/ your differently abled child?
  158. Favorite WDW Chat 9:00 EST
  159. DD8's eye exam: Not what I wanted to hear.
  160. Finally, an IEP where I feel I was listened to!!
  161. "Kids and Autism" on Nickelodeon Channel
  162. Saturday Night Chat 9:00 EST
  163. ? about Autism
  164. Advice needed regarding Asperger (long)
  165. This is something I had to share...
  166. Requesting a One-on-One aide
  167. Totally stressed about IEP meeting
  168. Are any of you members of your local MOMS Club?
  169. Pampers now making size 7's
  170. When should you consider putting your child in a Special Ed (self contained) class??
  171. Best vacation ever with dgd!!!!!
  172. Your Autism Spectrum Child....avoider or seaker or both???
  173. Help! I Need PMs!
  174. Anyone have this experience with their school dist?
  175. Byetta/experiences/opinions/advice?
  176. Need portable nebulizer - tell me what works well
  177. Is your pediatrician helpful? (ADD or?? diagnosis issues)
  178. Service Animals
  179. Anybody ever volunteer for Make A Wish?
  180. Xolair for allergies or asthma??? any experience??
  181. Need advice on helping DH deal
  182. Aspies/ASD in San Diego area?
  183. Aspies/ASD in the San Diego area--xposted for traffic
  184. boyfriend's "bad day" (funny)
  185. DD has Strep.. Need to vent!
  186. cleft lip and/or palate
  187. ADHD, Petite Mal Epilepsy & Tantrums- Help!!
  188. WAAAAY off topic-Question on bathroom issues
  189. Helen Foundation
  190. Help for pills stuck in throat? Update post #11
  191. experience with kids and prednisone or methyltrexate
  192. Aspergers
  193. Autism tips for a sub
  194. New power chair and conversion van
  195. OT: child with allergies and epi pen?
  196. Just wanted to thank everyone!!
  197. ? regarding bday parties for people w/ autistic children
  198. Question about Traansfer Boards
  199. portable nebulizer
  200. DIS 10th Anniversary
  201. ASD-Autism
  202. wheelchair help
  203. Happy Mother's Day Everyone
  204. miralax is now OTC
  205. Need Recommendations for Stroller/Wheelchair
  206. Cruise question.....
  207. DD9 Recently dx with JRA, Info needed a little (long)
  208. Sliver in foot!
  209. Autism Webinar
  210. OT-- Special Olympics
  211. Epi Pens and Airlines
  212. Recommendations for lawyer in Georgia
  213. Boards Down Tonight (Sat May 19)
  214. Questions about Baby Care Centers
  215. Kaye Reverse Walkers
  216. DH tossed out of Power WheelChair!!! Warning Mid Wheel Owners!
  217. Lazy Eye and Autism
  218. High court rules in favor of special-ed parents
  219. new to the board
  220. Taking cooler for medical reasons into events
  221. Insulin users - Need help/advice!
  222. Food Allergies and "finger foods"
  223. Compression gloves for arthritis
  224. Summer job woes for my DS with Asperger's
  225. help with food allergies
  226. Scooter Seat Cover
  227. Possible spina bifida occulta
  228. GAC at Six Flags (NJ)??
  229. sporadic autism
  230. Asthma/allergies and mold at WDW
  231. ADHD tics and changing meds before trip
  232. Effects of inconsistent medication on ADHD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder?
  233. cooling medication
  234. Trip Planning Chat 6-5-07
  235. Creating a communication aid- guide for parents
  236. A school assignment-can anyone help?!?
  237. General Disney & Trip Planning Chat 9:00 EST
  238. Services for Aspergers
  239. DLRP help! Anyone?
  240. Favorite Things At WDW Chat 9:00 EST
  241. OT -How to deal with comments from strangers?
  242. OT-Children being teased by peers
  243. Party Chat Tonight 9:00 EST
  244. Diaper Picking and Opening up the doors
  245. Need some advice..
  246. Autism / Pregnancy Risk Factors
  247. Need some advice/insight re: camp issue
  248. how do you do it?
  249. WDW Trip Planning Chat 9:00 EST
  250. Myasthenia Gravis