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  1. Need information on Opana ER
  2. Toys and age lvl's/skill
  3. Renting an ECV not in WDW
  4. P.a.n.d.a.s
  5. getting a manual wheelchair
  6. ADD medications
  7. Newly Diagnosed Aspergers-need good books
  8. Moving to DC/MD/No Va area, good school or district for a 7th grade child with SPD?
  9. Need shoe advice
  10. LD HS students and study groups: has anyone gotten school support for these?
  11. just a vent
  12. Discussion Board for Lupus?
  13. Christian's make a wish coming true!!!! DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY
  14. project2heal
  15. I need some help!
  16. Need advice... woman problem... aspergers daughter....
  17. I am On Wheelchair!
  18. Surfing for autism!
  19. child with Juvinelle Diabetes
  20. Knee vent
  21. ASKing for pixie dust.
  22. Disability services through the state?
  23. MRI for DD
  24. Neurologist for Autistic DS in NY/Long Island area
  25. Neurologist for Autistic son in Long Island/ NY area
  26. Have you ever sold on Craigslist?
  27. Questions about the Dream
  28. Orthodontics and Autism
  29. getting child with asd out of my bed
  30. Stroller issue
  31. Anyone from RI care to share School Info?
  32. today i learned the meaning of bittersweet.
  33. What to expect first day on med for DS 8 ADHD/ODD
  34. Mayo Clinic
  35. If you have an infant/toddler with disabilities, what do you do for childcare?
  36. how accurate was your blood test for Celiac's?
  37. Dyspraxia + Anxiety = ASD????
  38. School reversed their decision on ESY services, yeah!!!
  39. Vineland/IQ testing experience?
  40. Seizures and stress
  41. DD(13) diagnosed with RSD/CRPS
  42. Advise, suggestions, personal experiences deciding what vehicle, loading dev. to buy?
  43. We should all remember
  44. How do I get my son to take his meds?
  45. DD, OT, and ESY
  46. Aspergirl advice
  47. Just celebrating.
  48. anxiety
  49. Question about SSI/SSDI approval & payments
  50. need info on 2 Service Dog programs
  51. service dog program questions/suggestions?
  52. Service dog program suggestions
  53. suggestions for dealing with limitations
  54. Flying AA with speical needs stroller
  55. Special Olympics Experiences????
  56. Autism Parents: School Support Group Advice?
  57. Dyslexia questions
  58. Q regarding bowel prep for surgery...
  59. Autism Society National Conference in Orlando
  60. My new scooter was just delivered!
  61. usiing miralax for pre surgery prep
  62. hypotonic CP
  63. Help me decide!
  64. Sweet story someone sent me today
  65. I am in IEP HELLp (pleeeease help)
  66. Noise Cancelling Headphones - Need Recommendations
  67. Anyone use Dr Marvin Boris ~ Autism Dr (diet doctor) on LI NY or know anyone who has?
  68. Holiday Insurance for a stoke ?
  69. The last bus
  70. Collapsed Lung
  71. Question for those with older Aspies
  72. 2 week vacation, I'm stressing!!!!
  73. Camp for Special Needs Kids from Extreme Home Makeover
  74. Namenda for Autism
  75. Picture scheduling, I have no idea
  76. Periodic Fever Syndrome?
  77. Any ideas on what could be going on?
  78. Why dont public schools have a classroom setting for PDD~NOS, aspergers, ADHD
  79. Advice needed
  80. Trip Planning help needed. Mom might need ECV?
  81. need to vent, help calm an HF/Asperger's child
  82. PDD-NOS questions
  83. Mod, please close this.
  84. Can a kid be dyslexic and a GOOD reader?
  85. Vent- Anxiety eval?
  86. Downloading a recorder on iPad?
  87. SSDI or SSI for aspergers and adhd
  88. Auditory Processing Disorder ?
  89. Hubby just diagnosed with Crohn's
  90. Scoliosis?
  91. Message Boards for someone with spinal arthritis?
  92. VENT plus hoping for ideas - LOOOOONG
  93. Cooling clothing/devices
  94. Newly Diagnosed
  95. Floating assistants in ESE/SPED classes?
  96. Botox injections?
  97. SSi check with no acceptance confirmation?
  98. Fragile X Syndrome
  99. just need a little outlet please
  100. Need somewhere to scream where I will be heard
  101. Chat Tonight
  102. Autism question. Am I overreacting?
  103. Tater Tots for Autistic Child
  104. Walking that fine line between autism and brat
  105. Parking
  106. Don't give up!
  107. Muscle Biopsy: Please share your experiences!
  108. Finally have a diagnosis - Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  109. Rules for Emotional Support Animal and Apartments
  110. Connection between autism and endocrine/gastrointestinal issues
  111. Autism toe walking? Help
  112. Can I get an Amen?!
  113. Recommendations for Respit Services in GTA
  114. MNSSHP help
  115. 4 paws for ability dogs
  116. Mom or Mommy?
  117. MAW/Hawaii
  118. Frusteration with Insurance co.
  119. Second Psycho-Educational Assessment
  120. Overreacting?
  121. Use of Zoloft for Anxiety in my Aspie
  122. Camp Barnabas
  123. travel scooter and airplane
  124. **VENT** "you don't look like you need her" Leader Dog Trainer Rant Vs Target
  125. Not diagnosed on the spectrum until age 12?
  126. Aspergers and head injuries?
  127. Hanging Walker on Wheelchair
  128. Hunger and an Aspie
  129. DSM 5 Pilot study: Most kids with PDD-NOS no longer considered on spectrum
  130. 9.75 year old chews everything!
  131. noise canceling headphones recs?
  132. Story on 60 minutes this Sunday (Oct 23, 2011) about autism and iPads
  133. Toddler Swimming with physical disabilities?
  134. PBS Independent Lens: Lives Worth Living
  135. Special Olympics
  136. DD won't take new med- suggestions?
  137. Hidden Diseases/Disorders
  138. Proposed Changes to FL Handicapped Placard Law
  139. Great Halloween advice for special needs!
  140. Tomorrow's the day!
  141. Niece has peanut allergy and now we all must avoid peanuts?
  142. Join my pity-party
  143. Just when you thought you knew the triggers...(ASDs)
  144. Newspaper Article from the Boston Globe: The Truth about Autism
  145. Ecv??
  146. Sharing joy for a change!
  147. Vyvanse and Zoloft?
  148. Autism evaluation... questions. (updated with results.)
  149. Clueless Driver?!
  150. Help for a friend - ice cream and allergies
  151. Going from ECV to Power Chair (doctor's orders)
  152. medical cannabis
  153. Allergy issues getting worse.
  154. Congential Heart Defects?
  155. ADHD Medications
  156. Autism/celiac/meds adjustment
  157. Interesting article about the Hidden Potential of Autism
  158. So if it's not autism...?
  159. Horrible 504/ADHD PPT!
  160. Local news did a piece about DS
  161. Help with finding a service dog group
  162. An apology from your child's former teacher...
  163. I'm a Spec. Ed. Aide and need Dis help!
  164. Fish Oil for ADD
  165. Very sturdy Ipad case?
  166. DD in news after Pediatric TBI and Stroke
  167. TSA Cares
  168. I need some moving help
  169. A Letter You May Relate To
  170. Grrrrrr!!!
  171. 2012
  172. Official Autism Diagnosis and have questions
  173. OT: "substantially limits"
  174. Environmental Allergies
  175. Advice on Meds needed please
  176. Anyone have success w/ chiro & yoga for arthritis?
  177. Allergy Advice
  178. Do you ever feel like 'autism' doesn't quite describe your child's diagnosis?
  179. sunflower oil!
  180. Could Thumb Sucking be a stim?
  181. nevermind :) (deleted)
  182. Sleep Deprived EEG in DD
  183. Very Bad Day
  184. Hitting (Autism)
  185. ADHD teen boy-I didn't WANT to medicate...
  186. New DOJ OCR ADA2009 & 504 guidance
  187. Ulcerative Colitis (Digestive Disease) and the Disney Parks
  188. Any parents of only child with autism?
  189. DD12 starting new clinical day school tomorrow!
  190. Bad first day on Strattera
  191. Sweet 16
  192. Aspie teen HELP!
  193. Websites about ADHD? Update 5/1: 2mo on Meds - Great Report card
  194. Need a good stroller for 4 yr old......
  195. Looking for some much needed support
  196. anyones child diagnosed with PANDA disorder
  197. Arthritis in knee
  198. Need help understanding allergy skin test results
  199. Middle Schooler with Asperger's/ Sensory - need advice
  200. Need input on autistic child/school issue please
  201. Petit Mal Seizures - Anyone???
  202. What do you think of this article?
  203. Any dreams unlimited ta's here-help needed
  204. New invisible disability challenges
  205. gps tracker
  206. Prozac and Autism and Tics
  207. Teacher Ignoring our Food Allergy Precautions
  208. Food Allergies- HELP!
  209. ASD and video games...HELP!!!
  210. School District evaluated DS as "Reading Disabled". Help/Advice w/ Next Steps
  211. Celiac Disease and Disney World
  212. IEP Help, Advice Needed!!!!
  213. school question
  214. growth hormone deficiency in children
  215. Anyone know a good DAN Doctor on Long Island??
  216. 6 year old Possible prediabetes...
  217. Any other Fragile X families out there?
  218. schools and food rules.. pre-packaged snack and lunch requirements
  219. Does any state have good services for special needs adults?
  220. New Mobility Device
  221. Need input from parents of kids with Downs or MR
  222. Question for Those who are Gluten Intolerant/Celiac
  223. Getting nervous about trip (daughter w Asperger's)
  224. SSDI Question, I am so Confused and feeling kinda discouraged
  225. Completely grain free ? Any bread or pasta ideas?
  226. IBS and Disney
  227. Gift for Aide
  228. First time at wdw going oct 27
  229. Really cool sensory idea!!
  230. Orphan diseases
  231. A question for parents of a disabled child/young adult
  232. Any Parents With Disabilities?
  233. ecvs
  234. Son w/Asperger's wants to date...need perspective
  235. School had my 11 yr old special needs son arrested
  236. medical/work question
  237. Monosomy 18q syndrome and cleft palate
  238. Opinions: Cane holder and Wheelchair Umbrella
  239. DD12 stayed all night at a sleepover!!
  240. Alert food allergy bracelet needed fast! Ideas?
  241. Warning to those with diabettes
  242. website lots of discounts for those with disabilities
  243. Do they sell "Liquid Timers" in the parks
  244. Bone Anchored Hearing Aid
  245. Seizure Monitors
  246. Tourette's/ ADHD/ OCD
  247. Very social/social seeking DD12- Spectrum??- PPT tomorrow!
  248. It's officially Asperger's
  249. At my wits end with Aspie DS18
  250. Favorite Gluten Free Dinner