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  1. Do you think that this is a good idea?
  2. How can DD handle this????
  3. Please check out this video
  4. Need Some Info on 504 plans (ADHD)
  5. Anyone ever have doctors disagree with one another over your child's diagnosis?
  6. BLV/Hearing Impaired assistive tech news!
  7. Applying for SSI for the first time - wish us luck!
  8. ADHD parents...resources?
  9. Would you still parent?
  10. Took DD4 to the movies, what a Nightmare she was!
  11. am I just in a funk or do you ever feel like..
  12. Anyone been to a bahavorist or a phsychologist for your kiddo?
  13. I feel like a moron....ever treated an ice burn??
  14. Food Allergies at Busch Gardens in VA
  15. Websites for autism
  16. epi pen
  17. helicopter parents
  18. jobs
  19. Does anyone here use xanax for panic attacks?
  20. Respite care for elderly parent
  21. Depression
  22. ADD/ Weight advice needed.
  23. Anyone with SPD kids, did you change what they ate?
  24. NDSC Conference?
  25. Applying for SSI Social Security - UPDATE post 8
  26. US and their GAC?
  27. SPD sense of smell/taste
  28. I think my son might have Asperger's.
  29. my son diagnosed with PDD..and his cleaning habits
  30. Indestructable glasses?
  31. What do you do for socialization?
  32. Pain management clinics-tell me about them
  33. This is cool - "Sensory Friendly Films"
  34. Taking the dog to work
  35. All one needs to know about feedingtubes and other options
  36. Help with school - making a presentation accessible
  37. So, when your kid won't get out of the car....
  38. ? medical alert braclet
  39. Shriner's Hospital *updated 1st post*
  40. OT: DS Special skills dog ruptured ACL
  41. Useful form for Southwest Airlines!
  42. Diagnosis after 18
  43. Not happy with diagnosis
  44. Anyone else fall a lot?
  45. Am I allowed in with my service dog?
  46. 10 year old Aspergers son issues at school
  47. Getting a cane
  48. Stupid Medicare!!! AND PHARMACY
  49. "Mom, look at 'dat boy, over 'dere..."
  50. Kids with food dye sensitivites
  51. Doorway Widths
  52. Need advice (wheelchairs and flying)
  53. Great video with a double Kleenex alert!
  54. What's for dinner?!!!!!
  55. Anyone deal with Vocal Cord Dysfunction and breathing issues?
  56. Gluten-free and school lunches
  57. When to apply for SSI?
  58. I know you all can appreciate this
  59. we got an aspie x today and I thougth it adhd
  60. Help! 504/tone of voice/sensory issues
  61. CPAP Question
  62. Starting to Panic about SID son going to all -day Kindy: Lunch?
  63. Odd DSS Problem
  64. For those with Fibromylgia...
  65. O/T kind of question--Good App for staying organized?
  66. Teacher with severally allergic Peanut Allergy child
  67. Just got back from WDW with a GF/CF diet!
  68. meds
  69. Botox Treatments for CP Patients
  70. Rejecting an IEP - for different reasons than most do
  71. Ipod Touch?
  72. Two questions on two different subjects
  73. Big Win for the Temple Grandin movie
  74. Anyone have experience with P-flap surgery?
  75. its time to buy a van w/ lift where do I start
  76. Autism Article
  77. SSDI after unemployment
  78. PT Clinic Closing!!!
  79. Switching psychiatrists?
  80. DD with complex partial seizures
  81. Scary, Sad or Just ME
  82. Prozac for 8 year old?
  83. Victoza?
  84. Hypospadia
  85. Vent: Asperger's and mandatory community service ... ARRGH
  86. Toddler with asthma
  87. Four days in and here come the emails...already?
  88. Daughter with extreme outbursts
  89. Treating ADD without Medication
  90. Ideas to help DS focus, please...
  91. ADHD Awareness Week
  92. Small school issue but
  93. First time to Orlando/Disney next year
  94. I learned a new way of thinking about autism
  95. Adult diagnostics?
  96. Swimming in Alphabet Soup, can you help please?
  97. Anyone on medicare and have their own scooter?
  98. Need info about Life Alert
  99. Update on DD with motor delay
  100. Hearing Aid question
  101. Autism and Death - Books?
  102. Iaad!
  103. Autism SDs for teenagers/adults
  104. A Little disABLED Humor from Our Last Trip
  105. Sensory Kindergartener & Food = Monster
  106. Does this sound like ADD?
  107. How do I set up a budget for SSI for my son?
  108. Methotrexate - what can you tell me?
  109. Need ideas for elderly mom to get down two steps
  110. Concerta or Strattera for ADHD?
  111. I need a bit of a place to vent
  112. ?ADD/ADHD for DD6
  113. homebound
  114. Stroller options for 9yo
  115. Is there an online questionnaire...
  116. Quadriplegic member here
  117. Insuring powerchairs
  118. Looking for good ASD book
  119. Asperger's and Santa Claus
  120. Cerebral Palsy/Tendon Transfer in heel/foot?
  121. Black pepper allergy
  122. Keeping a bored disabled adult occupied
  123. Firsthand experiences using Abilify in young children?
  124. Degenerative Disk Disease
  125. "comfort dogs"
  126. Can anyone recommend an air purifier?
  127. Getting tested for Apergers as an adult?
  128. Microcephaly
  129. Is an early diagnosis really going to help?
  130. Van for autisitc son with wheelchair in it stolen....
  131. Arthritis Off topic
  132. Today is special...
  133. Dating With Aspegers
  134. Child and her IEP Please advise!
  135. OT: what brand/model wheelchair do you have?
  136. Haylie's MAW/GKTW Trip in Feb. 2011
  137. Autistic DS8 NOT invited to friends party--Crawling in a hole...
  138. Seizure medications and not sleeping...
  139. this is a long shot...cervical fusion
  140. DS5 w Sensory - toilet regression - Post 4 Success!
  141. Too old for sippy cups
  142. Special Education & Report Cards for Middle School and Beyond?
  143. pediasure vs ensure
  144. Has anyone bought hearing aids recently?
  145. Quick Survey About Autoimmune Diseases - School Project
  146. Accessibility at "Other" Theme Parks
  147. I just need to yell, scream and cry
  148. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  149. Where's Molly - a story of a 'disappeared' child
  150. He Walked!!!!
  151. Aspergers or is he just spoiled??? LONG
  152. Sensory Integration Disorder
  153. Autism Spectrums
  154. Question for parents of children with Asperger's
  155. Do your kids Believe?
  156. Service Dog vs bunny at WDW..Bunny wins!
  157. I Have NOOO Idea what to get ds11 for x-mas!
  158. Pre-teen with ADD/OCD
  159. ? WWYD, need advise DS having trouble in school-Update, plz read
  160. Would you have testing done just to know? UPDATED
  161. Strattera
  162. Gifts for Therapists and Aids
  163. Tub Lift Reviews
  164. Adult Spinal problem -- Syrinx -- anyone else?
  165. Any recommendations for multidisciplinary clinics in the US?
  166. School Testing Question
  167. Crohns disease
  168. long hospital stays for kids
  169. Church Christmas Pageant worked out okay, whew!
  170. Any place but Disney?
  171. deaths from what u have: reacting
  172. I was writing my transportation report...
  173. Looking for Dr. for deteriorating muscles
  174. Autism and Interests
  175. Tangle Toys and Related Fidgets
  176. School Meeting re aide
  177. Adult Muscular Dystrophy
  178. If you do a CF diet, how do you supplement?
  179. Which would you choose?
  180. Autism Help - I want to be first.
  181. Skiing!
  182. In Need of Help, Ideas, and Thoughts
  183. Looking For Online Resources About Autism
  184. ? about reflux issues from food and juice for my 7yr old
  185. Interesting idea for classroom for kids with ASD
  186. Ada 2009
  187. In need of ideas for ASD child with headaches
  188. Anyone visited Grey Wolf Lodge with a wheelchair????
  189. Clothes for kids with SPD issues
  190. Can they ask for proof?
  191. Need advice.. diabetes
  192. The DSM-5 Austim Diagnostic Criteria-what do you think?
  193. nevermind.....
  194. The King's Speech: epilepsy
  195. Recommend a SN stroller for me
  196. Help understanding IDEA law and changes
  197. Testing scores and determining need for services
  198. ARD & Autism - Praying for the worst - a rant * Update w/Eval Results
  199. Dysgraphia?
  200. Looking for some help
  201. Scooter at WDW
  202. Special Ed. info. on school/ town website?
  203. Handicap parking - quick question
  204. Mainstreamed-IEP-sliding backwards
  205. end of disease process..
  206. Okay Friends looking for ideas for alternative report cards
  207. some new insights on my part
  208. Quadriplegic Sues Disney After Being Trapped on 'Small World' Ride
  209. Service Dogs
  210. I am highly annoyed at my son's teacher.
  211. Gluten free products at Ocean State Job Lot
  212. Gallstones: surgery, recovery, diet!
  213. Ugh - Sensory DS5 soiled again at school
  214. Selective Mutism
  215. doing a happy dance
  216. sunflower oil allergy!
  217. Does anyone have a social story for cruising?
  218. Glasses and Sensory Integration Disorder
  219. James Durbin, AI contestant with Aspergers & Tourette's
  220. First IEP meeting, what do I expect?
  221. cochelar implants
  222. Anyone cruising on the Dream in November with special needs kids?
  223. Stroller for child with autism.
  224. am I crazy?? hotel question
  225. PEG tube placement for son
  226. Girl Scouts Install Backup Camera on Friend's Wheelchair
  227. SSI application
  228. Homeschooling with ASD
  229. Abilities Expos - Who is going?
  230. Interesting research on Peanut Allergies
  231. Baby doesn't grab back when held
  232. Understanding family member with mental illness
  233. Cigna Insurance and ASD lack of coverage--grr!!
  234. Weighted blankets? Cooling vest?
  235. Just got back from Washington, DC
  236. Happy St. Patrick's Day
  237. New 2010 ADA regs Final and in force
  238. End of the year School District Special Ed. survey?
  239. Celiac Disease
  240. Came to a sad conclusion this weekend
  241. What's your experience w/ ADHD medications?
  242. Renting Stroller Wheelchairs
  243. otto block stroller on craigslist CHEAP!
  244. Venting, upset over a grown man insulting my kids
  245. CSE meeting tomorrow!!!HELP
  246. Lying to our kids.
  247. Fear of flying....
  248. "disABILTIES Community Board"
  249. OT-but need help-long
  250. Still in Pt for knee when surgery was 6 months ago