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  1. What can you tell me about power wheelchairs (owning)?
  2. Bio-feedback for ADHD has anyone done this?
  3. Chat 10-24-09
  4. Outstanding story about man with MS
  5. Anyone from NW Indiana....
  6. sometimes it's good to have a seeker!!
  7. My SID Son (4yrs) is going to kindergarten next year?!
  8. Anyone in Phoenix?
  9. Need opinions/advice
  10. Service Dog?
  11. The Pressure of Not Knowing (autism)
  12. Need Help-School refusing to change teacher
  13. a victorious Halloween!!
  14. Adults with SPD?
  15. Tinker Mickey
  16. Lyrica Side affects
  17. Wish Trip and Easter!
  18. ASD and Swine Flu Vaccine
  19. absenteeism waiver
  20. Maclaren stroller recall
  21. What would you do?
  22. Laws Regarding Child Support?
  23. OMG, Vent on 2012 coverage!
  24. Autism Awareness doll?
  25. Hypoplastic Heart
  26. Anybody familiar with PET Scans?
  27. Serial Casting
  28. Kids being "mean" to dd w/ ASD- advice?
  29. Auditory Processing Disorder?
  30. Take your ASD kids to the movies
  31. Chat 11-21-09
  32. ECVs cause invisibility?
  33. Lyme Disease
  34. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much"
  35. Chat 11-28-09
  36. how important is a diagnosis
  37. Good progress!
  38. Motorized Scooter or wheelchair question...
  39. Where to order helpful items for a person with MS?
  40. Stroller purchase
  41. Advice on easy to use lancing device?
  42. Strange question about childs habit
  43. Irritable after steriod injections
  44. Question for GF gluten free folks
  45. one more week!!
  46. Choosing a Pediatric Neurologist
  47. Questions/help re: Cerebal Palsey
  48. Make A Wish ideas needed
  49. congenital hip dysplasia in adults
  50. Need new Epipen Jr Rx, who do I call?
  51. Cane with a seat attached or a small portable seat
  52. OT--design for bathroom vanity for accessibility
  53. Autism Services in Orlando
  54. Doctors Waiting Room Ideas
  55. Just read the 1st draft of DD's IEP
  56. HI again!
  57. fibro-what job do you have?
  58. Autism: Which math curriculum do your kids use?
  59. Beach House rentals in New Jersey
  60. No TEFRA in NC?
  61. Toe Walking
  62. Those weird conversations with Aspie kids....
  63. Seizures and Autism?
  64. Sorry to be such a pain but...
  65. ASD and Eloping in Restaurants
  66. HIPAA/child with pre-existing condition
  67. DH with MS need some positive thoughts
  68. Swim Diapers
  69. Have a little quandry
  70. Teaching a dog to be a seizure alert dog
  71. For those of y'all who pray, please pray now
  72. New to ADHD ....sorry it's long
  73. Help w/aggression
  74. Pain Management . . . Or Lack Thereof
  75. Home O2 frusteration
  76. I finally bought a new stroller
  77. New to AFO's
  78. Hey Dis'ers, I'm starting a GF bakery!!! I need your opinions!
  79. GraceLuvsWDW dentist appt?
  80. Yesterday:)
  81. Asking for prayers...
  82. How to stop a child from eating plastic
  83. Board Update- NEW Search Feature
  84. Movie "Adam"
  85. Help and Advice needed
  86. Speech-Language Pathology?
  87. Swimming with a Broviac...
  88. "your kids" get under my skin
  89. It's Official!
  90. what do you do when...
  91. I should have bit my tounge, but couldn't
  92. Short term memory problems
  93. Great video on understanding special needs- The Animal School
  94. Removal of baby teeth
  95. OT: What would you like people to know about children w/ Autism
  96. Lancet retracts Autism Vaccine Study
  97. What adaptive stroller do you have? Do you like it?
  98. Autistic sons birthday party vent
  99. useless office at school
  100. IEP questions
  101. Does anyone have a child using the Daytrana patch?
  102. Disability Pensions:IMPORTANT TAX INFO-you may have money due from the IRS
  103. HBO movie on Temple Grandin - autism related
  104. Living with a child who is blind - need advice
  105. Pain Management Centers
  106. DSM-V changes, PDD-NOS, Asperger's no more...
  107. Social Security for Autism question
  108. Disabled children and Taxes
  109. how do other kids treat your child?
  110. FuN with ARD/IEP Meetings!
  111. My WHY CAN'T I See a Doctor Vent
  112. Reactive Attachment Disorder
  113. Am I too late to get my son help?
  114. Autism - Did you know?
  115. Question about diagnosing Autism
  116. Any skeptics gone GF? Need advice.
  117. How is an interpeter paid for?
  118. Freaking out! Need help with SSI.
  119. Gotta Share This!
  120. SSI Benefit Question
  121. Rush Neurobehavioral Center
  122. How do I know if we qualify for SSI?
  123. Do/did your toddlers enjoy PT?
  124. Diet and disabilities
  125. Services Available in Massachusetts?
  126. Just scheduled neuropsychological assessment for DS -what to expect?
  127. Question-opinions?
  128. OT - Did anyone watch Parenthood?
  129. I have a new found respect for food allergies
  130. I think I may win title for worst mom in America
  131. Frustration Vent
  132. Need advice/encouragement
  133. "people aren't disabled; society disables people when it denies their potential"
  134. anyone here use a chiropractor?
  135. Finally got a diagnosis
  136. Any cons involved with a 504?
  137. What do you do if...
  138. So frustrate with DD's School - Vent
  139. 20/20 on ABC tonight...sheds light on childhood psychosis/schizophrenia
  140. Did I Over-React?
  141. Doing the happy dance!
  142. Where to buy diapers?
  143. question on tub benches / keeping water from going everywhere, if anyone knows..
  144. Flying with SD, and other slightly related security question
  145. Some Artwork by my DS
  146. Taking the GF/CF Plunge
  147. Recommendations for good gluten free products
  148. School District ?
  149. Constipation..TMI
  150. Need a bit of advice
  151. I have GOOD news on my disability claim.
  152. Filing for disability
  153. No, I am not blind.
  154. Sort or Card/Proof
  155. SSI approved. Now what?
  156. no appetite:how do you 'make' yourself eat?
  157. Spec. Ed services in North Carolina
  158. my autistic son and his shoes
  159. Asberger, ODD, or Bipolar???
  160. Today in my DSs class...
  161. Asperger's? long post, sorry
  162. Need advice!!
  163. Need advice..and lots of it please.
  164. How do I get doctors to take me seriously?
  165. Shoe help!!!! Need adult sized with easy fastening
  166. Today I almost cried...
  167. Maclaren major buggy sunshade needed
  168. After 3 months and a rescheduling
  169. Autism shirt
  170. Always check your meds
  171. Exhausted from parenting/ASD children/Welcome to Schmolland!
  172. Where can I rent a beach wheelchair?
  173. Help for Bookwormde's DW homework
  174. Son-Rise autism movie on Starz
  175. Tired of my sons diet...
  176. I have to brag about my student
  177. Any experience with OT and sensory issues?
  178. Ordered DD3 her new chair today kids rock FAST chair any use one here?
  179. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  180. Family Vent
  181. Please Help a Clueless Girl Scout Leader (Diabetes Info)
  182. sensory integration questions and help
  183. My son has a DATE!!!
  184. Anyone home school their PDD/MR child?
  185. DS just started Strattera ... ?'s
  186. IPad bluetooth and head switches
  187. A bad day with my SPD Daughter
  188. Need for new information!
  189. IEP experts, help needed
  190. Jury Duty - does my son have to serve?
  191. Morgan's Wonderland... gotta see this!
  192. Platela femorial syndrome is runing my life
  193. Results are in - ADHD & Dysgraphia - now what?
  194. Has anyone tried the CAT-kit?
  195. Cyber School and Aspergers/ASD
  196. autism testing, what should I do?
  197. Who else has done their IEP?
  198. Autism/Aspergers???
  199. I was told dd may have dcd
  200. Tired of Doctors. anyone have any ideas?
  201. YAY! A little good news!
  202. Is it worth adding this celebration to an ADR?
  203. Can anyone share occupational therapy success stories?
  204. Indiana Jone show and meeting the "characters" if you have a wheelchair?
  205. Oxygen on DCL?
  206. Question about ADHD med.
  207. Newbie Blue Badge Questions
  208. Sons labs and symptoms show hypothyroid .Advice ?
  209. Had to Share!!!
  210. How did you find out about a food allergy?
  211. borderline diabetic, help please
  212. Dealing with my son's ABA therapists...
  213. I need prayers
  214. My heart is breaking for my son **UPDATE Post 7
  215. Need help wording FMLA papers for care of autistic child
  216. Ummm ok what do you want me to do ?
  217. Need Help Getting Some Services
  218. my brace is making me rash
  219. SSDI and the "meantime"
  220. Selective Mutism?
  221. Worried Venting...(really long....)
  222. Reviews for the Victory 9 ECV?
  223. Anyone have experience with Intuniv?
  224. Homeschool program recommendations please!
  225. Scoliosis & Long Car Trips??
  226. PECS - boardmaker? overboard? mrs. riley's?
  227. Any potty training tips for a child with pdd-nos?
  228. Hearing test questions.
  229. Anyone with a young child diagnosed with Diabetes
  230. RSD/CRPS Supoort Thread
  231. EVC rental's in CA
  232. A sensitive question from a father
  233. What should I have done?
  234. Minnesota Mayo Clinic Pain Rehabilitation Clinic
  235. Ready to give up ~ or ~ What do I try next?
  236. *sigh* Can't win for losing!
  237. Scheuremanns Kyphosis
  238. Special Ed in Florida?
  239. Hypoglycemia
  240. universal parking question
  241. Angelman Syndrome
  242. Why? Small pitty party
  243. OT thinks DS may have some sensory problems too, UGH!!!
  244. Changing bigger kid diapers in public
  245. Broadband Video and the hearing impaired
  246. Hearing Aids?
  247. yet another realization - long
  248. SSDI Benefits
  249. How long did it take to receive ssdi award?
  250. ped wheelchairs help