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  1. fibromyalgia
  2. My Son with ASD is weaning himself off necessary food HELP!!!
  3. Celiac?
  4. calling all aspies! a little help here?
  5. Boards down Saturday, March 21 at 10pm
  6. Long-term Prednisone?
  7. Boy have I had a week. CAUTION: Emotional Drainage is inside
  8. Why Autism?
  9. Why Autism?
  10. Extra Trach supplies
  11. alternative sources of funding for wheelchair
  12. New Stem Cell Therapy May Lead To Treatment For Deafness
  13. New policy for the DISBOARDS regarding religion/politics
  14. ODD or Anxiety Disorder anyone??
  15. I'm headed out on a cross-country trip and am looking for advice and sharing with you
  16. How do those of you with spectrum kids cope with homework?
  17. Aspie ds advice please x
  18. A breakthrough!
  19. Heading for DC
  20. What type of hand wipes to use for peanut allergy?
  21. 2009 Autism Intervention Conference
  22. Can they do this? Is it legal?
  23. April good things to know!
  24. Disability Line Complaints
  25. Some milestones I could do without...
  26. Hospital Bed Resources Help Needed
  27. Vascular Insufficiency
  28. Drop Seizures. Anyone have luck with any particular meds??
  29. just looked out my window and saw..........
  30. Question on handicapped decals for cars
  31. What do I ask my pedi? (Updated pg 2)
  32. Yet another misdiagnosed child: "Autistic-like: Graham's story
  33. Autism service dogs
  34. Body odor help
  35. A fun moment to share!
  36. Totally awesome..or totally lame?
  37. Do any of you use a GPS or child locator for your "runners?"
  38. First time flying with autistic son. What do I need to know?
  39. I need help! Re: Ostomies & Getting a New Medical Supply Company
  40. Need help for W/C accessory search
  41. Columbus, OH DISers?
  42. looking for advice/info
  43. flying with two wheelchairs?
  44. Sensory Processing - Diagnosis and school??
  45. Some days it's extra hard..
  46. Introducing My Family
  47. fold down push handles?
  48. A talking iPod? New alternative for communication
  49. parents of ASD kids, how do you handle school breaks?
  50. happy.... you choose:)
  51. Help me explain this to DS (She'll be here sooner than we thought!! :) )
  52. I've Been Hired!
  53. Hyperlexia
  54. 504 Plans?
  55. Irregular EKG and medication
  56. Depression
  57. Connections?
  58. Does anyone have a child with diabetes?
  59. Asperger Meltdown Help
  60. An interesting day...
  61. Disabilities in the workplace?
  62. I'm At My Wit's End...
  63. Be careful when purchasing from DIS/PAYPAL
  64. found somthing neat at a abilities expo today
  65. new jersey special needs sports league
  66. Any Experience with the OmniPod?
  67. Don't know how to help DS8... sorry long
  68. Where do you look for babysitters?
  69. Playdate
  70. scoliosis/cerebral pasly
  71. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Remicade
  72. Project Spectrum On Google
  73. back brace and g-tube
  74. Medical Equipment & Allegiant Air???
  75. cochlear implant for sudden sensorinuero loss
  76. A donation that made a world of difference.
  77. WDW, lift of buses did not work
  78. DSM IV Autism
  79. Has anyone gotten the SSI Stimulus Notice
  80. tips for potty training an autistic child
  81. Advice PLEASE from ADA experts
  82. Greenspan floor time conference
  83. Fibromyalgia Thread
  84. Something Nice for Today
  85. Renting car/van for 2 months? Help?
  86. IEP help
  87. Limited mobility and alarms and sprinklers.
  88. All kinds of Pixie dust flying around here...
  89. Adam
  90. Sensory Processing Disorder - Adolescent/Adult Checklist
  91. Mother's Day Blessing to You
  92. Art Show pic!
  93. Pogo Mini Mall
  94. New to ADHD, need some help
  95. Disabled Zoo access?
  96. Villa's for disabled with pool hoist's
  97. Hello, introduction!
  98. SD in psych ward?
  99. Advice needed-as always
  100. Son turning eighteen. Any advice?
  101. Segway in court case
  102. A new park near San Antonio, Texas
  103. My day: A report
  104. Sweet letter to the editor in local paper
  105. Possible new diagnosis..
  106. For those using a CF diet what alternative do you use?
  107. Cute Moment
  108. Field Trip
  109. Could my DGS be autistic?
  110. SO FED UP with medical community!
  111. How do you do haircuts for a reluctant kid?
  112. Six Flags Great Adventure?
  113. Car Seat - what now?
  114. Why can't all theme parks be like Disney for our ASD kids?
  115. Wearing Feeding Tube and Pump thru Security
  116. Feeding pump vs tube feedings
  117. Disability discussion ?
  118. Thomas the Tank Engine helps autistic kids identify emotions
  119. Is anyone else still waiting for their Stimulus Check?
  120. Tumor?
  121. delaying kindergarten for an autistic child
  122. What "branch" of the state do I call?
  123. My brave little guy
  124. applying for social security disability
  125. Cancer Diagnosis
  126. Pet-free classroom request for IEP?
  127. the good, the bad, and the ugly of flying with a powerchair
  128. Congratulatons saveaquarter and J
  129. I could use some advice re: school
  130. Question about Asperger Meltdowns
  131. Can a child with autism be suspended?
  132. want to beat dr with my MRI report (a much-repeated vent)
  133. anyone son on Vivance for ADHD NEED HELP?
  134. Advice : Medidate and Resperdal
  135. Any Pros and Cons for using an Insulin Pump?
  136. IEP Speak
  137. DS7 has been referred to rehabilitation services
  138. Worried about DS10 placement for next school year
  139. ABG question
  140. What to do when jealousy rears its ugly head
  141. Should I Be Worried?
  142. MercuryLady
  143. Disneyland in 10
  144. Book recommendation?
  145. Friends, I need your advice and help
  146. Fasd
  147. ADA said "File a complaint!"
  148. Major problems with VR ( long post)
  149. Trichotillomania?
  150. Chat Tonight 6-27-09
  151. Concerned about Diabetes
  152. Girl Guides & Disability Awareness
  153. Adam - movie trailer
  154. Trip Planning Chat 6-30-09
  155. Service Dog Questions
  156. Service dog ?
  157. Food Allergies & Oreo Cookies
  158. Why is the R word socially acceptable?
  159. Pierre Robin Sequence?
  160. Autism and Anxiety
  161. Loss
  162. Where to buy a cane?
  163. Chat 7-11-09
  164. What's Inside an Omnipod?
  165. Newly diagnosed DS 3 1/2, have trip planned in September
  166. Thank you to three very helpful posters!
  167. Trip Planning Chat 7-14-09
  168. cardiac cathetar ablation and pacemaker
  169. Chat Tonight 7-18-09
  170. Need your best recipe for GFCF birthday cake
  171. Anyone used RoadID?
  172. A little nervous, don't know why
  173. Anyone with diabetes who is pumping?
  174. So, when are we fixing the typo?
  175. GFCF Diet and autism
  176. question from a teacher
  177. companion/service dog?
  178. SD access question
  179. Therapy brushing at school
  180. Gfcf ??
  181. Chat Tonight 8-1-09
  182. Sibling Stresses
  183. Aspergers and Hotels
  184. Adult Cloth Diapers
  185. Not WDW related...First Communion & autism
  186. Trip Planning Chat 8-4-09
  187. Advice For Two Special-Needs Young Adults Who Are Flying Together Without Assistance
  188. Chat 8-8-09
  189. People First language
  190. degenerative arthritis help
  191. Help with GFCF diet.
  192. Chat 8-15-09
  193. The Movie "Adam"
  194. Little, teeny vent - no response needed (but don't let that stop you ;))
  195. Ashamed of myself
  196. Camps for siblings of special needs kids?
  197. OT Service dogs and schools
  198. Chat 8-22-09
  199. Autism symptoms coming and going??
  200. Stroller for older child with autism
  201. Back to school nerves...
  202. S.C.S and rides
  203. Yoga for autistic kids
  204. Convaid Cruiser... UPDATE - not sure what to do! Post 11
  205. Chat 8-29-09
  206. Conversations with Son
  207. Anyone Done A Carnival Cruise With A Wheelchair?
  208. It was just so darn cute!
  209. Moving and need some help in a special para gift
  210. Need advocacy help for Ohio
  211. ASD/ODD or just a boy being a boy?
  212. For a good laugh....
  213. Help a friend
  214. Emergency Medication inside patch for backpack?
  215. Asperger kids in selective high schools? Interviews, etc.
  216. Bring his meds or he goes home! (ADHD)
  217. Service Dogs for PDD?
  218. Chat 9-12-09
  219. Input about new policy in our building
  220. Not DIS-related, but disAbilities nonetheless
  221. Tomorrow is DS's first day OUT of self contained!
  222. How do I know if my son as ADHD?
  223. Need some advice
  224. An invitation for all you WDW fans with ASD kids!
  225. longish, but I'm desperate for answers
  226. An amazing link from the UK show "The X Factor
  227. Chat 9-26-09
  228. Pediatric wheelchairs/pushchair recommendations
  229. Crutches and the airport
  230. PDD Diagnosis what next?
  231. Need a 'walkthru' of an SSI appeals hearing
  232. A man with Down's Syndrome won a top acting award
  233. Newbie to Asperger's, have question
  234. Chat 10-3-09
  235. Newbie question for Aspie Parents - When did you suspect Aspergers?
  236. Food intolerances are a pain
  237. Very long, please take the time to read
  238. Help! Can't remember the name of the book...
  239. Scooter to Own
  240. Marking a milestone I did not want to pass
  241. Caht 10-10-09
  242. Gluten free info please
  243. ? about Asperger's syndrome after evaluation
  244. Chat 10-17-09
  245. calling all celiacs or GF followers
  246. Way OT: school project and guide dogs
  247. H1N1 - New CDC Guidelines - The rapid test is not working - Many need Tamiflu anyway
  248. Need help with developing new mods for Aspie DS
  249. teaching a child with autism to swim
  250. IEP functional performance