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  1. Ugh just got told I can't drive anymore
  2. Can I brag about my son?
  3. 504 plan accomodations?
  4. A good IEP!
  5. Special Needs Adoption Shower Gift
  6. Has anyone ever tried Omega-3 supplements for ADHD?
  7. Who's read the "difficult kiddos" post in Attractions forum?
  8. Hemi & Wheel Chair--need ideas
  9. GMA Article on Epilepsy misdiagnosed as Autism
  10. End of the Year Gifts?
  11. Kangaroo Pump Users..
  12. Concussion? BUT didn't see doctor
  13. Filling out the Katie Beckett Forms
  14. Bipolar article
  15. Kids at 2 different schools?
  16. Silver Knight award in Social Studies goes to student with CP
  17. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Education Day in Pennsylvania
  18. Anyone have experience Gluten free diets and autism?
  19. Off Topic: Applying to be a Wish Granter!
  20. Just found out DD11 has agenesis of copus callosum with intraventricular cyst
  21. Any good sites for kids medialert bracelet?
  22. A very delicate subject
  23. I'm curious what you think about travel scooters
  24. advantages of a power chair over an EVC??
  25. Victory Junction! Summer camp for "OUR" Kids! I have to share
  26. Speech problem??
  27. Autism Q -- She's not having "fun"
  28. i am so low...
  29. ot problems at 6 flags great adventure
  30. DS with ASD will NOT sleep!
  31. Utterly Disgusting!!!!
  32. childrens wheelchairs
  33. Best scooter rental in Disney area
  34. Stroller Help
  35. Toy Guide for Differently Abled
  36. Trip to Florida with autistic son
  37. Baltimore?
  38. :)
  39. Aspergers daughter and allergy son at disney
  40. Feeling very down about autism today
  41. Free Web Browser for Autistic Children
  42. traveling with feeding pump
  43. I'm looking for a lightweight, compact, travel wheelchair, any suggestions; please..
  44. Picking your brains
  45. hydration in extra hot weather
  46. what ecv should I get?
  47. BAHA hearing aid questions
  48. Where to find zipper pjs for an older toddler?
  49. Generosity of material objects is easy, generosity of spirit is a gift!
  50. OT- Ya never know, wheelchairs and teens
  51. Does anyone here have a bipolar child?
  52. Finally know what my knee problem is (maybe)
  53. Swim diaper for 10 year old?
  54. Child with lymphedema
  55. Food allergies at Universal Studios / IOA
  56. OT-Is anyone going to WDW this summer? HUGE favor...
  57. OT Need Wheelchair measurement before we leave for WDW
  58. Gift Ideas?
  59. flying with tube feeding formula in carry on
  60. Eye surgery for strabismus
  61. Chat Tonight 6-14-08
  62. Help! DD5 Just Diagnosed with SPD and things are getting worse not better
  63. The Family Cafe- today at CSR
  64. where to donate wheelchair, etc?
  65. anyone know about vein stripping
  66. Amazing what kids can remember
  67. adhd summer camp
  68. advice needed.. warning vent ahead!
  69. flying with wheelchair tray
  70. Airline seating with a disability
  71. Parking situation - advice welcome!
  72. Chat Tonight 6-21-08
  73. What can I expect at 1st PT appt for 3yo
  74. Need advice...How would you explain this to DS?
  75. Need advice- SSDI filing
  76. Great News! Great News!
  77. Trip Planning Chat 6-24-08
  78. Make A Wish Foundation question
  79. autie & aspie parents - social skills or lack thereof vent
  80. Need advice -- casual Birthday Party invitation
  81. Where do I go with Extra Supplies?
  82. Slow going, need advice
  83. Coumadin Diet
  84. Diabetes, which glucose meter, cat?
  85. My marraige is slipping away
  86. Good article on Hidden Disabilites
  87. Falliing off Growth curve - celiac testing - ?
  88. Experience with EDS?
  89. Chat Tonight 6-28-08
  90. Wall-E for child w/ autism?
  91. Trileptal for seizures... night restlessness?
  92. Am I the only one who was slightly offended by Wall-E?
  93. Asperger's on General Hospital
  94. Please give your Special Needs loved one an extra hug for me tonight
  95. OMG, who saw America's Got Talent tonight?
  96. HA Shower Remodel
  97. Being turned down for social security
  98. Depression and anxiety
  99. Peanuts on airplanes
  100. ADHD and flying
  101. Parking Enforcement - Good news
  102. Horses for kids
  103. Airline Travel, Especially When Special Needs Children May Be Involved
  104. Question about Frio insulin wallets
  105. Needs of One vs. Needs of Many
  106. Trip Planning Chat 7-8-08
  107. Local News/Autism Camp
  108. I couldn't get to school with my SD
  109. Abilify ? Anyone familiar?
  110. Schools and Differently Abled Children
  111. Really Neat Asperger's Book
  112. Mitochondrial disease in the news
  113. IDEA question
  114. Chat Tonight 7-12-08
  115. Florida schools and Autism
  116. Am I crazy?
  117. WDW Trip Planning Chat 7-15-08
  118. ? for the experts
  119. Am I the only one
  120. Best way of educating... *debate about potentially offensive word*
  121. Advice Needed
  122. Need ideas for 12 year old going in for surgery
  123. Where do we go from here??
  124. Cerebral Palsy?
  125. Chat Tonight 7-19-08
  126. Advice needed: fake service dog law
  127. Radio Hosts Criticizes Autistic Children - Your Thoughts
  128. Calling Autism a Disease?
  129. wheelchair shade where to get????
  130. Has anyone use Office of Vocational Rehab in there city or state?
  131. Taking son on airplane for the first time
  132. WDW Trip Planning Chat 7-22-08
  133. Darling B/F with Nut Allergy: crash course needed
  134. Real ECV rain covers
  135. Disability Is Natural
  136. Bad flare from husband passing away with trip planned
  137. Cake may be the answer to kids' egg allergy
  138. Chat Tonight 7-26-08
  139. Situation with DN with Downs Syn. help long
  140. Anyone with experience with Tarsal Tunnel Surgery?
  141. San Antonio Trip - Giving up hope.
  142. Ok so DH had a CAT scan and the results are confusing
  143. Chat Tonight 7-29-08
  144. Because I can laugh NOW
  145. Does anyone know where to find "autism" dis-igns?
  146. Duracell comercial
  147. My son was diagnosed yesterday w/ Tourette and I need to ramble a little bit.
  148. Needing experts
  149. Hypermobility - advice please
  150. Is have a SN child something to hide?
  151. DS's first major league baseball game!
  152. i'm so proud i need to gloat a little!!
  153. IBS Sufferer Here - Need to have an endoscopic ultrasound...
  154. Question 'cause obviously I'm not saying the right things
  155. OT-Special Needs Adult Programs
  156. Chat Tonight 8-2-08
  157. Anybody try the WU YI chinese tea diet?
  158. Basket size on ECV?
  159. * & * WishFlight?? * & *
  160. Electric ECV battery Repair/Replacement in Miami
  161. My DD is doing her Senior Project on problems people with mobility disabilites have.
  162. Why does this irk me?
  163. advice w/blindness
  164. Thanks from a lurker!
  165. Securing an SD on the bus?
  166. Have you done Hyperbairc Therapy? **!!UPDATE!!**
  167. An interesting link to a Keynote speech at a conference
  168. A day in my life
  169. The "R" word and Ben Stiller's New Movie
  170. Savantism?
  171. Diabetes and Jonas Brothers: doing something good
  172. Shipping Meds and medical food to the Hard Rock Hotel - urgent advice needed..
  173. Proud Mom
  174. OT: service dog ????
  175. Freaking out, close call today!
  176. What should a paramedic know?
  177. So Angry
  178. OT--Please check bed rails....
  179. Article about Autism
  180. Autism and AMC
  181. Autism Group Cruise
  182. New epilepsy dx; any advice?
  183. Where can you buy bolts to mount tv to stand???
  184. Paralympics!
  185. Adaptive ski program
  186. Alopecia and WDW
  187. I was looking for something else and found this
  188. anyone ever go through rejecting an iep?
  189. When is the 36th Spina Bifida National Conference?
  190. New Bumper Sticker (For Wheelchair/ECV) Idea
  191. Help needed, and i thought this would be the best place to ask!
  192. Maclaren Major Bag
  193. SSI Gripe
  194. DanActive 3.1FL OZ in CarryOn
  195. Starting to get Paranoid about being POOH size!!
  196. Technology help needed for my son
  197. Locks on the doors??
  198. What a leader of young men should be.
  199. Shower Chair as Checked item?
  200. sick and tired of all the stares
  201. SS Benefits for Child with Autism
  202. Prayers needed
  203. Doctor holding meds hostage
  204. Need Prayers Pls
  205. 1st day of school
  206. Bluetooth type device with hearing aids?
  207. rental equipment - New York
  208. Gluten Free bread
  209. ice cream maker?
  210. Vents and wheelchairs and batteries (Oh my!)
  211. asthma meds on plane?
  212. airlines & ECV transport
  213. i dont see the castle anywhere
  214. School help - ASD
  215. Happy birthday song
  216. Diabetes?
  217. 1st Day of College For My Son !
  218. I see London, I see France!
  219. Palin Promises Advocacy For Special Needs Children!!!
  220. Thumbs up for DS Karate instructor
  221. They cancelled my reservation!
  222. Bothersome news story
  223. Babytalk.com wants pictures of Down Syndrome babies
  224. School issues - ADHD - at my wits end! UPDATE: we changed schools!
  225. What do you you guys think?
  226. Wrightslaw books
  227. With a little disney magic
  228. Just dx with RSD
  229. those nerve twinges have started again
  230. DS not off to a great start
  231. I was at Abilities Expo today and saw.....
  232. I wish I could swing a trip this fall
  233. not disney realated need to vent
  234. Back to doctor today
  235. Spouses of people with MS --coping--
  236. Trick-or-Treating w/Asperger's
  237. why is it??
  238. wife broke 2 toes
  239. Great News For People With Hidden Disabilities!
  240. Flying with needles and insulin
  241. IEP Violation - New school problems
  242. Juvenile Diabetes?
  243. Amazing service dog story!!!
  244. DD's pediatrician wants her screened for autism
  245. 9-27-2008 Universal Studios Hollywood - meet paralympians
  246. ECV or not?
  247. Your ideal school program for middle and high school students w/aspergers or HFA?
  248. New York with a powerchair
  249. Celiac diets in preschoolers.
  250. Preschooler not crying during blood tests?