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  1. Cleaning for a Reason - Link
  2. Chronic respitory problems without any relief?
  3. What do you do when therapy doesn't work?
  4. Just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - Thanks for listening
  5. Donate Life
  6. Dealing with MRSA? I am overwhelmed, confused, and worried for my kids....
  7. Anyone with active Ulcerative Colitis?
  8. Need positive vibes and prayers
  9. New questions and family crisis see post #9
  10. Clinical trials for brain lymphoma Dana Farber CI Boston
  11. A friend needs prayers...
  12. Melanoma and having a hard time....
  13. Prayers for those effected by the earthquake and sunami
  14. 2nd kidney transplant for a friend.. prayers please...
  15. Just found out my mom has cancer
  16. Bad news has turned worse for our family
  17. very high anxiety, don't know what to do.
  18. Had wake for my 47 yr. old sister today
  19. Having a hard time today
  20. Suffered a miscarriage this week
  21. If you could keep my DD in your prayers.UPDATE POST 23
  22. Cancer Sucks!
  23. Trying not to freak...
  24. I miss myI Dad :(
  25. Mom & dementia - long...
  26. How to celebrate a birthday after a loved one is gone?
  27. Hey
  28. Hives
  29. Please pray for my DOG
  30. Make a wish for adults?
  31. Baby too early
  32. Heartfelt sympathy and compassion for people hit with this terrible bout of tornados
  33. Advice on 28 yr. old widowed DD
  34. I think something might be wrong with me. Anxiety issues.
  35. Need a hug - dog gone :(
  36. Dealing with the loss of a brother... and
  37. rocking sound in head?
  38. Learning to cope and needing advice.
  39. Celebrating today..
  40. Growth hormones? Anyone? DD12 short w/ early period
  41. Dearest Darling Mother Passed Peacefully
  42. Grandpa, say hello to grandma for me.
  43. Down when a guy gave me hope :(
  44. Brain tumour guest assistance
  45. Anyone have any courage to share?
  46. Sharing a special Disney story, relating to miscarriage.
  47. Sorry. Here's my miscarriage story ... with a sweet Disney twist.
  48. Looking for a deserving kid or family (hopefully in the Montreal area)
  49. Prayers needed for officer killed...
  50. I don't know were else to go
  51. asking for prayers
  52. Sparc Sling surgery
  53. please say prayers
  54. Prayers needed
  55. prayers needed for my family
  56. Testing for ASD...
  57. Feel like I am losing everyone
  58. joint pain, probably being a hypochondriac
  59. Full body itching AFTER cortisone injection
  60. Father-in-law passed this morning
  61. Prayers for my nephew
  62. Fibromyalgia anyone?
  63. kidney cancer
  64. Mom diagnoised with Dementia and I'm confunsed
  65. Asking for kind thoughts of health and strength for my DH
  66. Sick Pets
  67. Looking for information on colon cancer
  68. Ptsd....
  69. Arms going numb at night--Anyone have this?
  70. Looking for suggestions to cheer up a friend
  71. Prayers needed for a friend. cancer relapsed :(
  72. Mom is having memory loss
  73. Feel Awful - Lost My Fur Baby
  74. Lost man's best friend today
  75. anti-depressants... Help?
  76. Missing my dad
  77. Just very sad right now
  78. Bone Marrow Registry
  79. Childhood abuse exposed
  80. Need Ideas for Fighting Stress
  81. Feeling Lost - just said goodbye to my furbaby
  82. For those who have an a family member commit suicide.
  83. not sure where to look...
  84. Losing my hair due to stress - will it grow back?*
  85. Feeling Lost
  86. Neuropathy pain HELP!!!
  87. MIL was just diagnosed with cancer...
  88. Trainee Nurse - scary emotional placement
  89. hospice
  90. Brain tumor and asymmetrical hearing loss
  91. Angry and Dizzy
  92. jaw surgery.. icky
  93. My Aunt Update post 16..RIP
  94. Feeling Sad - Ear Problems
  95. Not sure what to think any more. very long
  96. First Mammogram
  97. migraine help please!!!
  98. How to help my grandfather
  99. Give thanks...
  100. Thought I was doing okay
  101. A vent...
  102. Coping with Older Parents
  103. Life is a struggle... 24/7
  104. Foot in Boot
  105. How do I help my mom
  106. Breast Cancer Survivor!
  107. Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Job Search
  108. cancer and Disney
  109. Horrible accident
  110. Unfortunately taking this journey again - MIL and cancer
  111. Dealing with the loss of a spouse
  112. Falling Apart
  113. If the day could get better !!!!!!
  114. Suicide and explaining it to a 12 year old.
  115. Immune System Disorders- Invisible and common symptoms
  116. Angel mommies?
  117. Wow, what a panic attack that was
  118. I'm so sorry...
  119. Need a hug today, got some bad news
  120. Any over 40 new parents?
  121. My motocross crash
  122. stressed out
  123. Possible skin cancer in 16 y.o., I need hand holding
  124. just asking for well wishes and prayers
  125. Controlling brain cancer tumor with low carb/calorie diet
  126. My Step-sister
  127. attempted suicide
  128. I just feel so stinking guilty
  129. I had a stroke!
  130. How to help kids who don't want to go back to Disney b/c Dad died?
  131. Osteoporosis at 35
  132. Agoraphobia
  133. !
  134. Life After a House Fire
  135. How is Mackey Mouse
  136. Just don't know any more.
  137. BRCA1...anyone have this mutation?
  138. At a loss.
  139. Nexium and GERD
  140. Constant Pectoral pain???
  141. My dad is having a valve replacement.
  142. Just want to SCREAM!
  143. Depersonalization
  144. In need of some prayers
  145. Prayers desperatley needed!
  146. DH has Cancer
  147. If you could spare some positive thoughts and prayers
  148. anyone know good chiropractor near Disney?
  149. Please...help me to understand Alzheimer's
  150. Grandmother has cancer
  151. How to help a friend in need?
  152. Never thought I'd be posting here asking for support...
  153. Missing my grandmother
  154. Poor DH, I wish I could help him more.....
  155. In treatment for cancer
  156. How is everyone here?
  157. Prayers needed for close friend hit on motorcycle
  158. My friend has started a new group for widows
  159. Please pray for my wife
  160. First trip since Mom passed
  161. Cancer sucks.
  162. A Tribute to Mackey Mouse - R.I.P.
  163. UK Diser could do with some prayers or good wishes please?
  164. 5am can't sleep.
  165. Bypass surgery + wdw = ????????
  166. Dad lost arm in auto accident..please pray
  167. sometimes words cant express what we are feeling
  168. Shoulder pain/issues...
  169. DIVORCE and the destruction it leaves....sigh
  170. congestive heart failure/kidney failure
  171. Peanut butter and heartburn
  172. Overwhelmed by being in sandwich generation
  173. Supporting Friends
  174. Double whammy!
  175. Please pray for this young girl...
  176. Being sent to Breast Care Specialist
  177. Justin: 6/26/1993-2/26/2012
  178. Prayers Please
  179. Final Confession Video - Cancer Patient Saying Goodbye
  180. the good, the bad, the good...
  181. 10 Year Old with Acne
  182. We canceled our trip...
  183. Pet question....
  184. Putting Pet to sleep :(
  185. POTS Syndrome
  186. Mother-in-law, in end stage lung cancer..
  187. Horrible August...
  188. Back Pain-Help/Hope?
  189. rough 4 weeks
  190. Tragic 12 yr old disneyworld lover!
  191. Need advice
  192. Prayers Needed
  193. Hope this helps some
  194. My Dad died yesterday after battling cancer for 4 years...
  195. Mother has DCIS
  196. Feeling empty...broken and so very sad..
  197. Ideas of something to do for a Disney fan who just passed away?
  198. Help a friend w/ BC
  199. I don't want to go to Disney World........
  200. Advice on helping a person who's depressed
  201. Help me make it!
  202. Thoughts for a little boy with EB
  203. I broke my winning streak with Self Injury...[Long and a little cringe worthy some]
  204. Here now...feeling sad
  205. called back for breast compression test and got other bad news
  206. EMG test and Carpal Tunnel...
  207. Feeling so Overwhelmed
  208. Feeling Like Its the End of the World
  209. 2 parents gone in five months
  210. Underactive Thyroid
  211. The USA Cancer Doctor's BS
  212. Prilosec OTC and RX type
  213. Small victory with texture issues!!!!!
  214. ***********???
  215. Prayers please - pregnancy
  216. I think I am ready
  217. Is there a Disney program that helps sick children
  218. Brain Fog?
  219. Might I ask for some prayers, please?
  220. Thank everyone for their kindness
  221. Does my mom have cancer? TMI
  222. Loosing hope about having children
  223. Esophageal Spasms anyone??
  224. Prilosec Rx 40 mg
  225. We lost our boxer today.-UPDATE
  226. Please tell your pets you love them....
  227. Need creative/get well assistance!
  228. Possible ER Visit this am
  229. Husband Has Brain Tumor
  230. Husband may have BPD, need advice
  231. My
  232. I lost my best friend last night....
  233. Frequently Sick Children
  234. Depressed
  235. I have a cold and going to WDW late next week!
  236. Just lost my mom and looking for a certain poem
  237. Please Say Prayers
  238. Chronic illness is killing me...
  239. 8yr Old son will finish Chemo in APRIL!!!
  240. Guillain-Barre syndrome / GBS
  241. PLEASE HELP! Sick kid. Cruise leaves tomorrow.
  242. First trip since..
  243. now it's my Dad...
  244. Birthdays and Loved One's Passing
  245. Sickness for my girlfriends Husband
  246. Moving On
  247. Aunt in Critical Care
  248. Surgery on Monday
  249. Home health care
  250. Sleep Issues