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  1. Thank You
  2. Automated reply: expressions of interest?
  3. GAD Fastpass Exchange Question
  4. should I sign up for something different?
  5. Article in newspaper about GAD sparking volunteering
  6. WWYD? 4 GAD FP vouchers...7 days at Disney
  7. FP Exchange Card AND Upgrade?
  8. One FP Exchange Card in 2 parks on same day?
  9. Once verified when should I expect the voucher?
  10. FP list
  11. GAK FP -- Can you pick them up but not use right away?
  12. how to find a project Linus center
  13. Registered but .....
  14. Question Please
  15. Should we plan on Give a day get a day tickets??
  16. Free Disney Dining?
  17. Help!! I'm getting a little scared!! GAD promo
  18. GAD Question from 1st timer
  19. GAD reaching max? Register by *tomorrow* per volunteer member
  20. Will we make it? timeline?
  21. Ticket Question
  22. Give -a -day blackout
  23. souvenir mickey hat figurine and trading pins
  24. Printing my voucher-what date do I use?
  25. Just booked with no promos
  26. GAD Signup Household Members
  27. Just some random GAD thoughts
  28. Look to Wednesday March 10
  29. Another GAD Upgrade Question MILITARY
  30. Another GAD question
  31. Anyone know of a Project Linus chapter still accepting mailed blankets?
  32. Binky Patrol in GA accepting mailed blankets
  33. GAD reaching max # of participants soon?!?
  34. Early ADR-can we redeem voucher
  35. Blockout Dates Information Updated
  36. We Got Our Vouchers... Fast!
  37. HELP! With the Give A Day program
  38. So we have the MYW package..
  39. Anoyne tried to get GAD Fast Pass Exchange Cards after 11:00am?
  40. Is there an email and/or phone number..
  41. Saving Voucher
  42. GAD verification
  43. Blood Donation in NY?
  44. Will I get my vouchers???
  45. upgrade, SP ?'s
  46. Question about using voucher
  47. GAD Fastpass - More than 6 in party.
  48. Free Dining offer received in the mail today
  49. Updated - found answer-Anywhere in the WDW or resorts to print your voucher?
  50. FL Season Passes and GAD pins
  51. Two new offers
  52. Use GAD towards upgrade AP to Premium?
  53. GAD max has been reached!! Sign-ups are no longer available!
  54. How long were you "Pending Verification"?
  55. Replacement for GAD?
  56. Verifaction ?? Should I worry
  57. Who do I thank?
  58. When should I pick up my Fast Pass from Will Call?
  59. USO book drive HELP!
  60. gad duty has been postponed ?
  61. Project Linus?
  62. Should I print out the vouchers right away?
  63. Where are my vouchers?
  64. backup plan; donate GAD; some questions
  65. GAD FP question
  66. Can I use the gift cards to upgrade to annual pass?
  67. Which Park to use GAD Fast Passes in?
  68. GAD cancelled... question!
  69. GAD organizer said she verified but it's not showing
  70. Did not receive Thanks in advance for volunteering email
  71. Our vouchers are for August - is that ok?
  72. GAD - Activity inappropriate???
  73. Can I turn my GAD voucher in at 4pm?
  74. Disney World 40th Anniversary
  75. Well that was fast! Got our GAD vouchers
  76. Basic GAD Ticket Redemption Question...
  77. Drove over an hour to my GAD activity and they were not there
  78. Disney site info vs HandsOn Network Info
  79. Just did our volunteer day - many didn't show
  80. Please advise-scheduled GAD tomorrow but lost address!
  81. We got our vouchers!
  82. Epcot GAD FP lists?
  83. Can I make someone's day?
  84. Have you been offered a great deal when redeeming GAD Voucher?
  85. Birth year incorrect for GAD
  86. Is there a Will Call at the World Showcase entrance where I can get my GAD ticket?
  87. To those who have used GAD passes
  88. Prince and Princess package
  89. ? GAD fastpass?
  90. Anyone have Haiti toolkit guidelines?
  91. GAD FP's - what if I hop?
  92. GAD button
  93. Copy of Birth Certificate ok for kids or the one with the raised seal?
  94. Changing Date/Time for GAD
  95. Question about the package vouchers (arcade, fishing, etc.)
  96. Please check my GAD upgrade math
  97. GAD Fastpass redemtion question
  98. Park hopping issue
  99. late afternoon GAD FP pickup worked for us!
  100. So, how are you planning on using your GAD voucher?
  101. Question about birth certificate
  102. Confused-what to do during blackout date arrival
  103. Got my GAD email vouchers--HELP!!
  104. Verification before chosen date
  105. GAD Promotion Over!
  106. Fastpass option during blackout period--so confused!
  107. GAD account,stay verification pending or change to verified and wait for Disney?
  108. Upgrading GAD tickets
  109. GAD Fastpass v. regular FP
  110. GAD FP report - minor glitch at EE
  111. Another but different Upgrade Question
  112. Trading vouchers for park tickets -- how long
  113. A few questions about redeeming vouchers?
  114. GAD for FL residents?
  115. Disney saying I didn't complete the Sign-up Process
  116. In-Laws are already signed up but are now being told NO
  117. Any problem up grading 3 vouchers and use another 1 for FP at same park?
  118. Upgrading GAD to premiere pass
  119. I used my first voucher today on FPs
  120. Should we email GAD coordinator?
  121. Quick Project Linus question
  122. Give a Day Rules
  123. Back From Disney Used FP For Family of 9 and After 11am Worked Like A Charm!!
  124. GAD buttons at Int'l Gateway?
  125. David Cassidy
  126. Project Linus Toolkit - Help!
  127. Where is the list of the rides that you can get fast passes for?
  128. Another newbie question about GAD vouchers
  129. Wishes Dessert Party@MK dates yet?
  130. GAD fastpasses--how many do you get?
  131. Can I punch holes in our GAD Vouchers?
  132. Confused on how to use the GAD voucher!
  133. GAD Fastpass question
  134. GAD and Fast Pass
  135. GAD Fastpass and 2 year Old question
  136. Is there a separate line for redeeming GAD?
  137. Upgrade GAD to MYW, but hold MYW until 2011?
  138. If you opted for the GAD FP
  139. Redeeming voucher on Early Entry Day
  140. Does WDW swipe your ticket so they know you have redeemed your voucher?
  141. Ticket Delay?
  142. Need 5 Military tickets, have 3 GAD to exchange
  143. If using the GAD Fast Pass option....
  144. Where do I Go if I want to use GAD pass to upgrade AP?
  145. Process from Organization side and verification?
  146. No tickets...who to contact?
  147. Gad button
  148. Military Tix
  149. Question from a clueless newbie
  150. GAD Vouchers - Redeem at Resorts?
  151. GAD Haiti Care Kits
  152. What to do when Org does not verify
  153. Another question about USO book drive---cards
  154. We volunteered over two weeks ago...
  155. GAD and DVC annual pass
  156. GAD for tickets and upgrade
  157. GAD FP and park hopping
  158. Another GAD upgrade ?
  159. GAD FP option questions
  160. Give a Day Issue
  161. GAD- Need help
  162. Using Give a Day, Get a Day vouchers for FPs?
  163. no more vouchers?
  164. GAD FP for groups over 6 - report back thread
  165. Is it better to redeem GAD as park ticket..
  166. Using GAD during Star Wars Weekend
  167. Can you use some later portion of an "upgraded tkt" over a black-out period?
  168. Anybody going from June 15th-24th and want fastpasses?
  169. Volunteered Today, now a couple qs
  170. Did I miss this "catch" to the fastpass voucher or was the CM wrong?
  171. WWYD with GAD tickets-already have free dining BB from last year
  172. Giving our GAD to our child?
  173. Which park for GAD fastpasses?
  174. Yet another gad upgrade question
  175. Redeeming GAD FP questions
  176. GAD vouchers received!!
  177. AK Early ADR and GAD FP
  178. GAD Blackout Dates?
  179. Redeeming GAD vouchers for FP at Guest Relations
  180. Fast turn around for GAD Vouchers
  181. Have question for anyone that has exchanged a child's GAD voucher
  182. Can a GAD voucher.....
  183. Can I have TWO GAD FP cards on the same day?
  184. Dreamworks makes a GAD joke..
  185. Upgrading Give a Day to Premier Passport
  186. GAD upgrade to the FL Resident $99 4 day tix???
  187. Anyone going first week of October?
  188. Printing vouchers
  189. HELP-Haiti Care kits Tool kit
  190. GAD MYW redemption question
  191. Redeemed our vouchers at MK and upgraded
  192. So confused about the GAD Voucher to FP
  193. ? about GAD website, dates for vouchers?
  194. Anyone exchanged GAD voucher for Figurine?
  195. Anyone exchanged GAD voucher for Figurine?
  196. Redemption times
  197. Question, hope I'm in the right forum
  198. What are you doing with YOUR GAD vouchers?
  199. What are you doing with YOUR GAD vouchers?
  200. Christmas Decoration?
  201. Upgrading GAD's??
  202. Friends used GAD vouchers for tickets today (4/8)
  203. Donating tickets - can we still get the free pins?
  204. Using a GAD FP on a GAD redeemed ticket?
  205. so...got our vouchers today. And they say they're for tickets
  206. Saw a Commercial for Free Birthday!
  207. show BC to get FP's?
  208. GAD Fast pass can we ride Soarin 2x
  209. HELP - lost my toolkit form
  210. Can you redeem at TTC?
  211. Taking Disney bus from AKL
  212. Can someone explain "free" dining plan?
  213. Just got home and used gad fastpass!!
  214. Our GAD event is supposed to be this Sat but...
  215. upgrading
  216. Use GAD pass as part of MYW Package (for dining plan)?
  217. Confused about Use Date
  218. Redeeming GAD & buying 1 ticket on EMH morning at MK
  219. Military Ticket Question
  220. GAD Vouchers redemption and specific dates
  221. Is there a GAD FAQ?
  222. Using 2 GAD vouchers for fastpasses per day
  223. Question on Vacation Packages with GAD
  224. What time does the will call window open?
  225. UGH! Need Help re GAD
  226. My vouchers won't print!
  227. Sticky?
  228. Question about redeeming vouchers early in the morning at MK
  229. change a name?
  230. Upgrading a GAD ticket
  231. Question about vouchers before printing
  232. 2011 celebration/promotion speculations
  233. Another Voucher Success Story
  234. Help planning my day using GAD FP voucher
  235. List of Donald and Daisy rides for FP?
  236. How should I use my GAD??
  237. GAD FP Warning
  238. Three quick GAD FP questions
  239. Wwyd?
  240. Quick Question about the Gift Cards & Tix
  241. what volunteer activity did you do for your GAD pass?
  242. Cancelled our GAD
  243. 28 thumbs up for GAD Fastpasses! Hints for those planning to use them
  244. JUst back from using GAD fastpasses, quick info
  245. Touring plan with GAD fp ???
  246. Is this the best idea for my GAD??
  247. Is there a Sticky or Thread about GAD Fastpasses
  248. Special GAD FP machine?
  249. How much would I pay for a GAD FastPass Exchange Card?
  250. Will-Call locations???