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  1. Disney Visa Promo offers
  2. Event cancelled! Now what?
  3. Disney Site vs HON site - conflicting info
  4. Stange Update of GAD account
  5. Are they Limiting the Number of Vouchers for the Year???
  6. Figurine option with pins....
  7. GAD FastPasses
  8. GAD ticket as hopper?
  9. Message from WebmasterAlex regarding Search!
  10. HandsOn Network e-mail
  11. question regarding kids and ID's
  12. Another GAD upgrade question...
  13. How much to upgrade free tkt to park hopper?
  14. A question about redeeming your 1 day pass voucher
  15. Wondering about my particular situation.
  16. My GAD experience - I feel a little guilty!
  17. no email from Disney but my voucher was there!
  18. problem due to short form of my name
  19. What defines party for fastpasses?
  20. Kermit/Miss Piggy GAD pin?!
  21. GAD fastpasses - use regular FP machines
  22. GAD to upgrade tickets
  23. Does anyone have an inspiring Disney quote regarding volunteering?
  24. Volunteering this weekend....
  25. How long our the GAD tickets good for?
  26. GAD Fastpass
  27. This is troubling (GAD voucher)
  28. Has anyone signed up and.....
  29. ? about signing up for GAD-project linus
  30. GAD upgrade question?
  31. Which Disney's movies can't you forget?
  32. Celebrate You giveway?
  33. GAD - will they let us do this.....
  34. ****Volunteer Parade Question****
  35. Different black out dates for DL and WDW
  36. GAD Ticket with Package Question
  37. Anyone get their FP with the first name not matching (Dave instead of David, etc)
  38. Trouble printing voucher
  39. Disney email offers while on vacation
  40. Question about FastPasses and the Under 3 Children
  41. How do you upgrade GAD to renewal AP?
  42. GAD vouchers and package thru AAA
  43. Problem finding job that will take kids
  44. Just volunteered
  45. has anyone redeemed their voucher? What is verified at the gate?
  46. Give Disney Credit for a Great Idea
  47. How fast do you get the GAD voucher?
  48. Our GAD day
  49. Will this be a problem with our volunteer sign-up info?
  50. Is it worth it to just upgrade with the GAD ticket?
  51. I'm so excited to be pregnant
  52. Vouchers+ Name Change (two questions)
  53. Husband doesn't want to go to a park - can I get the figurine instead?
  54. One million- vouchers or redemptions?
  55. US Passcards
  56. Upgrading to FL Resident Pass?
  57. GAD & Early Entry for breakfast question
  58. GAD question--Am I right on this?
  59. Applying the "Get 3 nights free" promotion to an existing ressie
  60. Project Linus ? with no local chapter participation
  61. How long did it take for the email confirmation?
  62. Will call window locations in each of the parks?
  63. Our GAD experience...
  64. Got my voucher.... Have a look
  65. GAD - Can you do this???
  66. How can I really Get a Disney Day
  67. How many days did you wait for voucher?
  68. Voucher, Ticket price increase, and a September trip...
  69. Some interesting numbers
  70. Black out dates for GAD
  71. Fabric Alert
  72. Please help with our GAD Problem
  73. Booking through AAA
  74. Should I worry yet?
  75. What will you use your Donald FP for?
  76. Guest Relations at DTD question?
  77. Any GAD experiences for kids 5.5, not quite 6?
  78. Voucher printing broken?
  79. Will call ticket lines
  80. Woo Hoo!! Ok, here's the scoop!!
  81. GAD + 40% room
  82. Confused. Can I buy a multi-Day pass immediately after redeeming GAD? Question
  83. Project Linus timing question
  84. Project Linus: shipping
  85. combining GAD and a one day ticket?
  86. If it doesn't say "X volunteers needed..."
  87. Blanket HEEELLPPPPP
  88. anyone else annoyed at the age 6 requirement?
  89. Project Linus: JoAnn fabrics sale
  90. HELP - Completed opportunity, but acct says NOT COMPLETED
  91. Pass upgrade question
  92. Our GAD event was cancelled due to blizzard
  93. What if I completed a project and now my organization isn't listed with GAD?
  94. GAD recent commercials
  95. Asked to reschedule
  96. GAD Questions/tickets
  97. Upgrading GAD ticket to an AP?
  98. GAD - they said I didn't show up
  99. GAD + Military Salute Tickets?
  100. Can I upgrade GAD to 4 day FL Res Dream Pass
  101. Ap Upgrade
  102. will call at MK
  103. Project Linus National HQ -- vouchers yet?
  104. A few questions for those doing blankets for Linus in Oneida NY.....
  105. GAD+MYW=Park Hopper?
  106. GAD upgrades
  107. DL & DCA SEC FP Attractions?
  108. Redeeming voucher on EMH
  109. Error in birthday on GAD
  110. GAD fastpass with single day ticket?
  111. GAD FP/multi-day ticket question
  112. Help! Completed Project Now I'm Confused!
  113. No response... Has this happened to anyone else?
  114. No volunteer projects in my area!
  115. Can you volunteer for more than one voucher?
  116. This GAD thing is confusing me... how would this work for us?
  117. Is the limit...
  118. Volunteered? Your company may make a matching donation!
  119. FP question
  120. GAD Signup -- I messed up
  121. Do I understand this correctly? - Upgrade question
  122. sorry, another GAD upgrade ? DVC AP's?
  123. Project Linus...20 days and still waiting
  124. Session Expires while registering
  125. got our event, but now we have questions?
  126. CheshireFigment this one's for you!!! GAD upgrade ???
  127. photo of the VoluntEARS button?
  128. making blankets - who accepts blankets besides project Linus
  129. Just when I thought I had the GAD upgrade figured out! Help!
  130. We redeemed our Vouchers Just back From Disney
  131. Two weeks for voucher??
  132. Reedem GAD for waterpark tickets?
  133. Printing GAD Voucher question
  134. GAD, MYW Base ticket (1-day) and Upgrade
  135. Register more than 60 days out?
  136. GAD promo- Fastpass questions?
  137. Booking through AAA, Need a Credit Card?
  138. Somebody trying to SCAM for a GAD voucher!
  139. Will this work? And BIG THANK YOU to all for such great advice..
  140. same day: can 2 of us exchange GAD voucher for fastpass?
  141. Project Linus help Connecticut
  142. HELLLPP!!!! My head is numb!
  143. Does anyone know where you report issues to?
  144. Can Someone Help Me
  145. Help please! Error message re: blank date when registering for an event.
  146. Address on GAD voucher??
  147. does Disney World still give birthday gift card?
  148. Just found a great opportunity for the kids and I
  149. Has anyone received more than 6 special fastpass cards?
  150. Is everyone getting 3 fastpasses per card? Anyone get 2 or 4?
  151. Question about GAD Sign up
  152. GAD sign up question
  153. Fastpass Exchange Card - Multi Day Ticket Question
  154. Can each member choose different rides?
  155. Found Project Linus Fleece Good For Boy's Blankets
  156. Our GADGAD blanket project..
  157. GAD fastpass w/only one day ticket?
  158. I think I am understanding how to use our vouchers, but...
  159. Help Needed for Project Linus WV
  160. GAD project completed, and a few thoughts.
  161. Maybe someone already asked this, but here goes....
  162. GAD question
  163. If you redeemed your GAD ticket, read this.
  164. Availability of GAD Fastpasses AFTER 12:00
  165. Confused about GAD voucher-Am I understanding this correctly?
  166. Blackout dates
  167. GAD Fastpass Redemption
  168. How long does it take to get your voucher?
  169. Will laminating invalidate a birth certificate?
  170. Fastpass Options
  171. GAD FP for Animal Kingdom
  172. Is it 1 million....?
  173. Believe it or not - nothing in my area..??
  174. Can we redeem GAD vouchers at Epcot's International Gateway entrance?
  175. Donating your day option
  176. Just did my GAD this weekend and some thoughts
  177. Volunteer Status in Pending Verification
  178. Another AP upgrade question!
  179. FastPass - which park to use them in?
  180. Which way is best to use GAD ticket?
  181. GAD - Haiti Care Kits
  182. Where to redeem GAD at AK & DHS?
  183. How long for vouvher if you MAILED blankets to Linus Nation chapter?
  184. Leaving on the 5th and got this email...
  185. I'm confused,GAD ticket upgrade to 6 day hopper?
  186. How to sign up family to volunteer?
  187. GAD - FP or Free Ticket?
  188. did somthing stupid
  189. Question about age requirement
  190. Enjoy a clean Jersey Shore this Summer
  191. Help with GAD
  192. Not Understanding the FP Exchange & Other Questions
  193. How Long?
  194. Can you add on Water Parks and more to your GAD one day ticket?
  195. What have I done wrong with registering?
  196. Thank you for volunteering email....could vouchers follow soon after?
  197. GAD and rumored flex pay AP's
  198. GAD Expiration date
  199. Which park for GAD pass?
  200. If I volunteer next month will my voucher expire before August?
  201. I am at WDW Now. I have some FUN info
  202. Using Voucher to purchase a child ticket??
  203. Email from Disney urging me to select an opportunity before 1M is reached!!
  204. Help...has this happened to anyone??
  205. GAD park ticket question
  206. Yay!!
  207. USO Book Drive Feed Back?
  208. Weighing GAD ticket / FP options (experts only!)
  209. Binky Patrol here we come!
  210. GAD Button
  211. Upgrading to Park Hopper
  212. age requirement
  213. Which promotion do you like best?
  214. Free Dining
  215. Help! Give/Get a Day phone number?
  216. So confused! Help!
  217. Anyone done the FP Option?
  218. GAD Non-Ticket Options?
  219. Printing question:HELP
  220. Problems trying to access my GAD account
  221. GAD: Does everyone in the group get a volunteer button?
  222. GAD ticket analysis
  223. Yet another Project Linus question ?
  224. Discounts for annual passholders
  225. How do I redeem my voucher if I bought a package?
  226. Earn 4 GAD passes by donating food in Durham, NC next month!!
  227. Can someone tell me where to find the list of fast past options...
  228. volunteered today
  229. print at disney?
  230. Goodwill and GAD
  231. Yet another super annoying GAD issue!
  232. I Like the GAD Program BETTER Than the Birthday Program!
  233. Didn't get verification for everyone
  234. Fastpass question
  235. Will Call Window Opening Times
  236. AP with DVC discount and GAD
  237. Anyone from DC area doing Project Linus?
  238. Ear Hat Figurine with unique Trading Pins option?
  239. What FASTPASS rides can we choose for GAD redemption?
  240. Disneyland California Will Call location?
  241. GAD deluxe resort Fast Pass pick-up
  242. For Once Things Go Seamlessly!!
  243. Question about GAD voucher and Ticket Redemption
  244. Question about the Disney visa gift card promotion with room/ticket packages
  245. I had some trouble with my GAD Fastpass last week-
  246. Any park hoppers have issues with getting their GAD fast passes later in the day?
  247. ID's for kids?
  248. Military Salute passes?
  249. Where to get GAD FP cards?
  250. GAD ticket/FL Resident Seasonal Pass