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  1. Bad Postcards
  2. Link to winner's list? or how do you know what prizes are still left?
  3. We won YOMD Fastpasses @ MGM/HS
  4. Does this count?
  5. Won Dream At Crystal Palace.
  6. We won twice in 1 hour
  7. WOW I'm out of the loop here. Where can I find the rules on how to enter?
  8. WON an EXTRA hour in MK!!
  9. After the YOAMD answer
  10. trading the YOMD pins?
  11. Amazing trip - several magical moments
  12. Postcard address
  13. Year of a Million Dreams 2009?
  14. Dream FP questions
  15. You have just enough time to…..
  16. Two Dreams Won 5-12 to 5-16
  17. YOAMD-DVC Winners Trip Report
  18. The beginning and the end
  19. Here is our dream..not really a YOAMD but we did win dream fast passes too!!
  20. We won a dream or two....
  21. Can you improve your chances???
  22. Our extra magical moments!
  23. Post Card Winner here!!!!!!!
  24. My Wish...it is small but would be so wonderful and fullfilling
  25. Our Magical Moments 5/17-23, 2008
  26. Surprise Fastpasses!
  27. What's next??
  28. the best YOAMD prize
  29. My wish - to find this Disney music
  30. What Time Did you get Dreamed?
  31. Won Dream Fast Passes on 1st Day!
  32. So pleased YOMD has been extended !!!!!
  33. Castle Stay for me!
  34. I Finally Won
  35. My 12 yr old DD wants to stay at the castle
  36. I'm confussed????????
  37. EPCOT winner today.....
  38. Oh My! 3 Dream Fast Passes in 1 week!
  39. Chat Tonight 5-31-08
  40. Just Returned From DW... Welcome any questions...
  41. DHS today
  42. “Chat with the Chief Magic Official” (A Thread Hosted by Disney’s “Dream Job” Winner)
  43. My DD3 won....
  44. Lunch w/ a View
  45. Dream FPs won
  46. More dreams during crowded times?
  47. We got a dream today at AK
  48. What does the Dream Team look like?
  49. We got Dreamed twice last week....
  50. Won Dream FP last day in Animal Kingdom
  51. New here. What does it mean to get dreamed?
  52. We won the extra hour in the MK
  53. I completely forgot...
  54. Dream fp TWICE!!
  55. We received a Star Wars Dream....
  56. Chosen as "First Family"
  57. Anyone won a lanyard lately?
  58. FINALLY!!! I got dreamed this morning!!!
  59. How do I get a dream?
  60. YOAMD Gift...fake story????
  61. We got pins
  62. Finally won a Dream or 2
  63. Chat Tonight 6-14-08
  64. Dream Team no where to be found
  65. My Baby girl (12 lol) was a Grand Marshal in the MK parade on our VERY FIRST trip!!
  66. Still no dreams...
  67. Did You Win Last Year But Not This Year?
  68. Dream Team found us
  69. Chat Tonight 6-21-08
  70. Remaining prizes
  71. Finally...a Dream!
  72. Studios Dreams location..where did u win?
  73. won extra hour in AK 6-22-08
  74. Found the dream teams 3 times in 6 days
  75. Which Prize and Why?
  76. Trip Planning Chat 6-24-08
  77. family of the week?
  78. Dream fast Passes
  79. DD age 8 was Dreamed at AK-Made a cast member
  80. Stupid postcard question
  81. First on ToT & Fast Passes!
  82. DREAM TEAM was Everywhere!!!
  83. We got dream ears!
  84. do you see the dream team more in the AM?
  85. Dream Fast Passes
  86. How often is the overnight Castle stay awarded?
  87. Postcard ??? please :>
  88. Chat Tonight 6-28-08
  89. Prizes in December
  90. How to *Request* a Dream Come True
  91. When does a Year of a Million Dreams come to an end?
  92. Winning a Dream - The Movie!!!
  93. Dream Ears at Epcot a week ago
  94. Dream Ears at MK
  95. Dream Ears at Hollywood
  96. Castle Stays post YOAMD
  97. Dog Dreams
  98. dream ears at downtown Disney
  99. MK Dream Fastpasses ! 6/25
  100. Trip Planning Chat 7-1-08
  101. Castle Suite Question
  102. What did this family win? The Castle?
  103. our dreams!
  104. July 3-4 DREAMS won!
  105. We got a DREAM!!!
  106. 7/3 Space Ranger Spin @5PM
  107. YOMD Canadians question???
  108. We got free popcorn!! (funny)
  109. Any tips on how to get a dream?
  110. Got our Dream and then gave someone else theres
  111. parade opener!!!
  112. Has anyone here stayed in the castle?
  113. What comes after YOAMD?
  114. Trip Planning Chat 7-8-08
  115. Anyone ever won a dream outside the 4 parks and DTD?
  116. What's a Dream Fast Pass?
  117. Year of a Million Dreams
  118. Won Dream Ears from Post Card!
  119. Won Today :)
  120. Chat Tonight 7-12-08
  121. Anybody Won Dream Hour in Epcot?
  122. Couples Wishes?
  123. Home From Disney World And Won Ears In Mail The Next Day!
  124. How Does Wishes Work??
  125. Most fequent spot dreams are given out?
  126. I am not complaining, but I've never won anything from the YMD.
  127. Picture Anyone??
  128. WDW Trip Planning Chat 7-15-08
  129. turn down the castle stay??
  130. Convincing my 6 YO the slim chances of winning a night in the castle?
  131. After YOAMD is over...
  132. Magical Moment, again!
  133. 2 Dreams!!
  134. Has Anyone Ever Won TWICE!?!?
  135. Are the dreams still be given out as frequently as before?
  136. Need Help finding Blueberry Video
  137. Chat Tonight 7-19-08
  138. We Won a Castle Night!
  139. Appropriate Location for Dream Fastpasses
  140. Our Magic Moment
  141. Any big dreams left?
  142. WDW Trip Planning Chat 7-22-08
  143. prizes?
  144. Our Magical Moment
  145. We won 2 dreams in May!
  146. When does this End?
  147. What does a Dream Team Member look like?
  148. Won a Private audience with Cinderella!
  149. just back and no YOAMD for us
  150. Magic from a Fellow Guest
  151. Chat Tonight 7-26-08
  152. We won a dream!
  153. A Mother and Daughter vacation....CAN YOU SAY GREAT TRIP!
  154. Just got back and
  155. quick question for ya???
  156. Chat Tonight 7-29-08
  157. Question about YOMD and eligibility
  158. What is the theme for "2009"?????
  159. Panic over missing our flight made us miss a dream!
  160. Am I the only person who did not get a dream?
  161. What is going to happen to the Castle Suite?
  162. Chat Tonight 8-2-08
  163. want to trade for other dream passes
  164. Question about YOAMD Lanyards...
  165. Woo Hoo! Three Out of Four Parks!
  166. Mickey Paper Fold Download
  167. Dream Team
  168. YOAMD and the Contemporary
  169. We won dream ears!
  170. Would you sell the castle?
  171. We're Here and Won Dream FP's!!!
  172. Dream Ears
  173. Finally
  174. Won Dream FP at Epcot!
  175. What Dreams Are Left Through The Mail?
  176. We Won A Dream at the Resort!
  177. my (minor) magical moment
  178. magical moment
  179. Did we miss a dream?
  180. Dreams in 2009 or will this promo end in 08?
  181. Something I have always wondered..
  182. A Very Magical Dream for DH and Me - **photo of DH with goodies pg 4
  183. Just got back and won 2 dreams!!
  184. Any new "in-park" big wins?
  185. We got a Dream!
  186. What are the top 3 dreams you would like to get on your trip?
  187. Dream FPs at WDW - good only date printed?
  188. I want to get Dreamed! How do I get Dreamed?
  189. What dreams are left?
  190. Dreamed on our last day!
  191. We got dreamed
  192. 2nd year in a row..... 3 dreams w/in first 24 hours!!!!
  193. Something nice I saw on a Disney Transport bus with Dream Fast Passes
  194. Dad's trip with newbees and they won
  195. Oops.....We won again!
  196. "Dreams" for large groups
  197. When does the "Year" of a million dreams end?
  198. FAMILY Dream at MK!
  199. Winning the Castle Suite on Last Day
  200. Any DVC Membership left?
  201. Package Pick Up Dream Of The Hour
  202. Just back- tons of dream squad around!
  203. We got a nice little dream
  204. Dreams Can So Come In Handy!
  205. YOMD Cinderella "Certificate"
  206. ending?
  207. We won a dream in Epcot
  208. We won at Animal Kingdom!
  209. Dream Fast Pass Question!
  210. Castle Winner Today at Downtown Disney
  211. We got a Dream Fast Pass...Kind of:)
  212. Dream Team selections
  213. Annie Liebovitz photos
  214. Dreams granted only to families?
  215. Dreams!! Best trip ever!
  216. Theme for 2009?
  217. Our "unofficial" and official Dreams...
  218. Winning a dream when your family is split up in park?
  219. Could a local win a stay in the Castle?
  220. won some ears
  221. Won dream fast pass / did not have to use it. Anyone else?
  222. We won Free MNSSHP Tickets
  223. Won Again - Same Time/Place As Last Year
  224. What does the dream squad look like?
  225. fastpasses and tink pins!
  226. Do DT members hide?
  227. My kids won two Dreams and I wasn't there!
  228. We won a dream!
  229. Wining before you get there??
  230. I saw the Dream Squad!!
  231. We won Ears!
  232. Just Back and dreams won
  233. Gotta brag about our Dreams!
  234. Finally got a dream
  235. We Won A Dream
  236. YOAMD end??
  237. our almost dreams..
  238. Dreams dreams & almost dreams & made dreams
  239. If you win a night in the Castle Suite, do the CM's re-schedule the ADRs you'd miss?
  240. Upgrade Dream-Boardwalk
  241. Don't Laugh -- How does YoaMD work?
  242. How?!?!
  243. Is there a List of Dreams Out There???
  244. What do you write on YOUR postcards?
  245. Do they give out more prizes near the end?
  246. Four trips and no dreams
  247. Dream Fast pass Sept 1 & passing on magic
  248. Wow Just got back Dream Team Everywhere
  249. Just back and did not see the dream team at all!
  250. We won!