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  1. I wanna be on the Dream Team
  2. Free Dining Questions
  3. DS got a dream in the mail..........
  4. Are dreams given away during MVMCP nights/hours?
  5. Dream Fast Passes!
  6. a few magical moments
  7. magical moments we had and ones we were able to give
  8. dream chances?
  9. We were the Castle Suite Family on 11-18-07
  10. My dd got a lil' dream
  11. We have WON dreams on each of our 3 trips this year!!!
  12. Disney Vacations for the Next 50 Years
  13. Poll: What would you rather win from YOMD?
  14. Me and baby sister honorary prince and princess
  15. How does The Year of a Million Dreams work?
  16. Dreams (2) and One Big Magical Moment!
  17. Magical Moments Trip Report
  18. We Got 3 Dream Gifts
  19. Yoamd 2008
  20. Question for Castle Suite Winners
  21. We Won Dream Fastpasses!
  22. Yea Us! Dream Fast Passes
  23. YOAMD Mail-in Question?
  24. CLOSE to winning the Cinderella Suite
  25. Castle suite winners off site?
  26. Dreams have come true for all of us
  27. Post Cards Mailed for 2008
  28. So close... but yet soooo far!
  29. A nice birthday suprise!
  30. Extra Ears? Please help
  31. saw no dreams all week
  32. Dream Fastpass in AK
  33. Almost won a dream....
  34. My Neighbor Won and Didn't Even Know!
  35. We were pixie dusted!!
  36. We stayed in the castle Saturday Night
  37. We WON 2 Dreams on our trip!!!!!
  38. DD#1's Dream...
  39. Do older couples stand a chance?
  40. Downtown Disney
  41. I got TWO dreams in ONE day!!!!
  42. When do the Dreams end...
  43. can I get free dining if offered from Australia or is it just for the USA?
  44. Witnessed Interesting Dream Giveaway
  45. Just won a lanyard! also post cards in 2008?
  46. How to enter??
  47. Dreams and More Dreams
  48. AK dream ears!
  49. How to win??
  50. I was thinking..
  51. Just back and some wins....
  52. I thought that I saw someone win a dream at MGM
  53. Do they give away dreams at P&PP...
  54. When does YOMD finish?
  55. Eating Dinner, courtesy of a Disney Dream! -link to TR added 1/26
  56. Is there a Dream Squad in DCA?
  57. We were dreamed on Sunday....
  58. We won a dream...A small dream...But a DREAM
  59. Winning something in line question
  60. Cinderella Suite
  61. Children on Postcards Entries
  62. We got 2 days in a row of dreams!
  63. In October 2006 I got special pins...
  64. We're back and saw the dream team...
  65. I won a Dream AND was given a Magical Moment!
  66. Just back...saw lots of Dream Team activity...and won twice!
  67. Attention WDW YOMD Winners: When, where and what did you win
  68. Mail in entries
  69. Anyone win anything from the 2008 Post Cards
  70. We had a few magic moments on our last trip
  71. Didn't Win a Dream, but Were Given One by Another Guest
  72. ellen
  73. Grand Marshalls in Parade Tonight WDW
  74. just got a prize in the mail
  75. Got 2008 ears in the mail!
  76. Are the 08 YOAMD lanyards and pins the same as the 07 ones?
  77. What dream is this?
  78. Freakishly perfect birthday!
  79. Received Dreams today
  80. won a lanyard in the mail today
  81. 1 Dream!
  82. YOAMD funny
  83. What a Great Day!
  84. Once a prize is given away is that it for the day?
  85. My little girl was a bell-hop at TOT
  86. Question about being entered in YOAMD?
  87. Any DIS'er win a stay in Walt's Suite at Disneyland?
  88. Our "Almost-A-Dream" Incident
  89. Does YOAMD Apply for DCL?
  90. Ds was part of the flag lowering ceremony at MK on Friday
  91. Third trip since YOAMD started and nada LOL -UPDATED 5th TRIP & FINALLY WON!
  92. Dream team got us..thanks to chatty DH!!
  93. Late post but we saw the guy win the Grand Marshall of the World
  94. What happens if someone won the Castle stay for a 2nd time?
  95. My Son's Very Magical Moment
  96. Won Dream Ears!
  97. Is it possible to win....
  98. Different types of ears
  99. Hoping!!
  100. 2 time dream winner
  101. Anyone win a dream in WDW recently?
  102. Dreams given out at resorts?
  103. Our magical moment at AK
  104. making dreams?
  105. We were one of the parade families at AK
  106. Disney on the radio?
  107. Magical Moments for us too! YOMD made our trip extra special.
  108. My Wish
  109. DL giving out Dream Fastpasses like candy!
  110. Just Back - Magical Moments and Dream FastPass!
  111. YOMD 08 in full swing??
  112. Our Magical moments
  113. Just back, got a couple small "dreams"!
  114. "Ellen" gave a Dream away
  115. The Small Things
  116. My husband and son got dream ears!
  117. OMG.... I got to stay in the Castle!!! More pictures added to first post
  118. No Dreams this Trip...
  119. My DD's 7th Birthday trip...a few Magical Moments
  120. What's for 2009?
  121. taxes on big prizes????
  122. Honeymoon Dream
  123. never won- is it my face?
  124. Just back, got a dream!
  125. Disney stickers on YOMD postcards? Any winners?
  126. VIP Safari
  127. Family Beach within Reach
  128. Postcards
  129. We got free 5x7's was it a Dream?
  130. we won 2 dreams
  131. Magical Moment at EPCOT
  132. We won a Dream!
  133. We've now won dreams from every park in WDW!!
  134. How we almost won the night in the castle!
  135. family of five/occupancy 4
  136. We won the grand prize photo contest - a night in the castle!
  137. Silly question?
  138. Dream of ALL dreams for my DD :)
  139. We got dreamed and interviewed by Samantha Brown the same day!
  140. Has anyone on the dis been chosen to stay in the castle?
  141. 2009?????
  142. 4 Dreams in 4 Days
  143. Just realized...........
  144. Got 2 prizes in the mail today
  145. YOMD and McDonalds Happy Meals
  146. Lucille Bliss voice of Anastacia 92nd birthday
  147. Yeah Me!!!!
  148. Dream Ears trade offer
  149. 4 families doing WDW this year...what are the odds?
  150. got ears this morning
  151. Prizes from 2008 Postcards
  152. I am new to this
  153. Dream Team @ DOWNTOWN DISNEY...where????
  154. Princess for the Day
  155. I am trying to understand???
  156. HELP - Address
  157. Magical Moment - Indiana Jones Show
  158. Ears and Lanyards - Any Other Postcard Prizes?
  159. YOMD - why do they pick who they pick?
  160. YOMD hypothetical question???
  161. Wow! We know a family who won a Grand Prize!
  162. Dream Suite in Disneyland
  163. Disney World in December
  164. Got a stretch Limo? Dream?
  165. postcard
  166. when does it end? what happens in Jan 09?
  167. Help! Postcard thing Questions~
  168. Dream Team - ? - What do they look like?
  169. Any Canadians win anything in the mail...
  170. Any Canadians win anything in the mail...
  171. No Official Dreams but Dreams none the Less
  172. EPCOT/World Showcase Dreams......
  173. 1st trip to Disney - goodie bags for kids
  174. A few questions.......
  175. Not a dream, but it sure made our day special
  176. Postard entries?
  177. Year of a Million Dreams lanyard?????
  178. a few small dreams
  179. Tinkerbell trapped in the sky (DLR fireworks)
  180. Need TY address
  181. Correct address for mail-in entries
  182. Dreams in May 2007
  183. How often do they hold dream magic hour?
  184. So I thought I gave up!!!
  185. List of big prizes still available?
  186. postcard mailings
  187. Message From Alex
  188. What does the "Dream Team" look like?
  189. has anyone stalked the Dream team?
  190. Tell me about the dream team...I know nothing :(
  191. the ONE thing you would do if....
  192. 3 times NOT a charm...
  193. Staying onsite and winning the castle stay, do you get one night taken off your bill?
  194. Yeah!!!!
  195. we drove the monorail!!!
  196. April's prizes
  197. The Possibility of Being Picked........
  198. next year celebration
  199. Parade of Dreams
  200. A Special Moment
  201. Sending postcards
  202. Do you think they adjust the number of fastpasses given out?
  203. grand marshall winners from last year
  204. I think DVC Memberships are gone
  205. How I spent my day with the Grand Prize Winners!
  206. Approached by Dream Team, but not given anything
  207. When does a dream fast pass expire?
  208. Just out of curiousity and probably a stupid ?..
  209. New Prize?
  210. Cinderella's Castle?
  211. My daughter wom and I didnt even know it
  212. Do you get the chills?
  213. Who would you be?
  214. Which Park Did You Receive Your YOAMD Gift?
  215. YOAMD - Anyone else looking forward to it ending?
  216. How does the Million Dreams work?
  217. My only wish...
  218. What is YOAMD
  219. Nothing here again.... (except great memories!)
  220. Seeking Help for 2 little girls
  221. Disney Magic Prior to YOAMD
  222. What will be left in December?
  223. Question about Dream Fastpass
  224. Family of the Day
  225. My wish!!!
  226. Addressing Postcards
  227. year of a million dreams to win it you send a postcard or a piece of paper with?
  228. I'm so happy to say..
  229. when did they announce YOAMD ext for 2008?
  230. Mailing in..Here is how we won!
  231. Do they give out.....
  232. mail in contest over ?
  233. Has This Happened To Anyone Else?
  234. 2 of My Postcard entries sent back to me???!!!
  235. After at least every other week, I *finally* won something!
  236. ?? on the Main st family fun day parade
  237. Eligibility to win prizes in YOMD
  238. 2008 YOMD planning dvd
  239. anyone won not in a park?? tell us where!
  240. Ebay YOMD Sweepstakes
  241. We won a fireworks dream at MK
  242. Animal Kingdom
  243. Any news on Dreams for 2009
  244. Dream Squad
  245. Night in the Castle...
  246. Are dreams granted at resorts?
  247. DVC Grand Prize Update
  248. Magic Moment for My 7 Year old Son
  249. Question about MK magic hour
  250. Epcot hot air balloon ride?