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  1. question about winning at disney
  2. The Year of a Million Dreams FAQ - Everything You Wanted to Know & More
  3. I figured out how the DT gives out the prizes
  4. We Were Granted A Dream
  5. YOMD prizes dates?
  6. "Dream Moment"
  7. Has anyone from the Chicaoland area won through the mail?
  8. Friend Castle Winner
  9. Question about Castle Stay
  10. How long did it take to win?
  11. We won twice!
  12. Dreams
  13. Ebay sellers having a field day with dreams
  14. a quik question plz help
  15. Picture of Lanyard?
  16. What wishes....
  17. Robo, Robo, Where for art thou, Robo? (And anyone who would like to answer)
  18. Year Of A Million Dreams Ends 10/1/07?
  19. Dream Fastpass
  20. We Hooked a BIG FISH!!
  21. Dream Winners, any unusual locations?
  22. Dream Fastpasses
  23. Extra Ears? Read please.
  24. for those who are sending in postcards
  25. Help Spread the Pixie Dust in September!!! CLICK HERE!
  26. Where have all the dreams gone??
  27. Likelihood of Winning
  28. Postcard winners - Anything OTHER than ears and lanyards?
  29. We were Castle Winners!!!!!!!!
  30. Grad Night Dream
  31. When does YOMD end?
  32. Antenna Boppers
  33. We won Family of the Week
  34. WHAT is so hard about cutting paper to 3.5 x 5???
  35. I Won Two Dream Fastpasses In Mgm
  36. What to expect when its the says "letter" on the USPS slip??
  37. How do you think they do the postcard drawings?
  38. Who else is obsessed??
  39. Postcard size question
  40. Where were you when awarded - Large prizes only
  41. I don't like this part of the rules, ......
  42. Mission Space and Mickey ears
  43. My son won TWICE!!!
  44. My son won TWICE!!!
  45. Is there any secert to being picked?
  46. YOMD on Classmates.com!
  47. 2 Unofficial Dreams?
  48. My girlfriend and her dd got dream fast passes today at AK
  49. Dream FASTPASSES
  50. Any Canadian postcard winners?
  51. 1 Day!!!
  52. Dreams Come True
  53. Postcards drawn once a month?
  55. Won Mickey Ears & Tons of Magical Memories!
  56. A Secret Dream for DD
  57. Can anyone tell me what comes in a silver tube?
  58. My dd and i won twice
  59. Just Back - My Husband's Dream Come True!
  60. When Does The YOAMD End?
  61. Postal increase on Monday
  62. Not one but TWO Dream fast passes. WHOHOO!
  63. Witnessed Dream Granted
  64. No dreams for us - but smaller things
  65. Dream Fast Passes in Epcot
  66. Just back and no dreams
  67. Dont want to set our (my) expectations too high!
  68. Castle Suite Photos
  69. Here now - got a dream
  70. Several Sections got the Ears on Soarin!
  71. when does the year finish?
  72. Phone call from Disney!
  73. Dream Passes
  74. Family of the Day
  75. Any Tips/Tricks for Winning Dreams?
  76. Family of 7 for Dream Wishes C*R*U*I*S*E!!!!
  77. "First Family" Dream
  78. Postcard winners...how many entries?
  79. Yet more postcard questions...
  80. Just back and DS got the Tinerbell pin!
  81. Has DVC membership prize been awarded?
  82. We received a magical moment!
  83. Aug 06 family of the day at MGM
  84. Yay, i got 2 things from YOAMDs!
  85. Our Magical Moments
  86. We had a magical moment on Mother's Day
  87. OT a different dream
  88. Package
  89. The Official "Wish Upon A DIS" Thread
  90. We won!!!!!
  91. Our Magical Moments
  92. Little Sister's first time...
  93. We won!
  94. Anyone keeping the Dreams part a surprise from those travelling w/ you?
  95. Cinderella Castle Stay - only at MK?
  96. I got a rock...
  97. List of Winner
  98. After 10 days in Disney . . .
  99. Family of three ever win?
  100. Classmates.com Winners? I am one.
  101. Stupid But - When Does It End?
  102. Finding Nemo Ride Press Event "Dream"
  103. We won a prize!
  104. Any Nevada winners?
  105. Cinderella's Castle Suite on 5/18! Pics on Pg. 3!!!
  106. We Didn't Get Any Dreams Granted!!! :sad2:
  107. I Rcvd A Wish, But It Was From Another Diser
  109. Our dreams last week!
  110. YOAMD is just a random choosing?
  111. Help me out....Use labels or not?
  112. Any postcard winners in May?
  113. Year of A Million Dreams Sheet Music
  114. ?? Dreams Come True, Year of Million Dreams Web site.??
  115. We won something!!!!
  116. My DH "earned" a magical moment....
  117. We won!
  118. We were SO lucky!!
  119. What would YOU do?
  120. 2 Time Losers Check in Here
  121. Saw the Dream Team Alot 5/24-5/29/07
  122. Do the 'dream team' CM's look different?
  123. Cutting the postcards down.
  124. What happens if you are not there to answer the phone?
  125. Night at Cinderella Castle
  126. When YOAMD ends...
  127. mouse ears/Lanyards wanted (to buy not looking for freebies)
  128. Just returned - Lots of dreams/magical moments!
  129. More Than Once?
  130. Friend just got back and won!
  131. Canadian Disney Contest Winners drawn yet??
  132. How are YOMD winners notified?
  133. We were given a dream!
  134. A Dream? Maybe
  135. We were the Grand Marshalls on Sunday's Parade!
  136. June Postcard winners check in here....
  137. Finally, I won something from a postcard...
  138. Just back ... magical moment!!
  139. HELP...fill me in!
  140. Postcard ?
  141. How do you send in Postcards for dreams?
  142. We got a small dream
  143. Anyone get a "dream" on their trip?
  144. Sword and the stone....
  145. :banana: hi im new help :banana:
  146. Totally Cool Magical Moment
  147. Virtual Tour of the Castle
  148. First Family
  149. Are prizes only giving away it the first part of the day?
  150. Maybe they ran short on "dream" ideas?
  151. Anyone seen a winner/or won something at Downtown Disney?
  152. VIP Nemo passes
  153. To Tell Or Not To Tell??!!
  154. Our Dream Granted--"The Big Kahuna"
  155. Site with list of winners and prizes won?
  156. We Won
  157. would this be rude
  158. Dreams at Resorts???
  159. Post text deleted...
  160. We Won A Dream EMH at Magic Kingdom!!!!!!!
  161. YOMD refillable mug
  162. We won Dream Fast Passes and we Dreamed another....
  163. Our YOMD Dinner
  164. Winners of the YOAMD Lanyards, Unite!
  165. Our Magical Moments (m)
  166. Postcard winners...
  167. Our Dreams
  168. Since the Magical Gatherings DVD....
  169. Cinderella Castle Suite for 2008???
  170. Castle-winners please post here! :)
  171. Today we won a $500 Main St. shopping spree!!!
  172. YOAMD When is it over?
  173. can us brits win?
  174. Does anyone know the list of prizes to be won?
  175. Sign in for YOMD???
  176. New planning DVD?
  177. Cinderella's Suite
  178. Have they given away a DVC yet?
  179. Cinderella castle question
  180. Blessed with a dream!
  181. What postcards?
  182. Can I request a meet and greet?
  183. We won a Magical Moment!
  184. A Small Magical Moment for Disney Daughter
  185. Trading Sparrow Hat!
  186. Our magical moment ruined...
  187. two grand gathering questions
  188. Dream team members
  189. When does the YEar of a Million Dreams end?
  190. July Postcards Winners Check In Here!!
  191. We received a dream! "Romantic Couple"
  192. So if you're related to a CM, you're out of luck?
  193. Anyone won the DVC membership yet?
  194. Dreams Won
  195. Dream Fastpasses
  196. Postcard Wins?
  197. I was about to give up when.....
  198. Can someone post pictures of the YOAMD ears?
  199. I am ready for it to end
  200. Magic Moment at Buzz Lightyear
  201. year of a million dreams cast members
  202. I have a YOAMD ear hat to trade for the lanyard....
  203. Wishful thinking...
  204. A Shared Dream
  205. Winners... How many post cards did you send...
  206. *YOAMD Prizes On Rides Mainly??
  207. Maybe the Dream Team was on vacation
  208. Saturday Party Chat 9:00 EST 7/14/07
  209. We Won Dream FP's!
  210. A Dream come true!
  211. Any BIG prizes by post card entry?
  212. We Won 2 FP @ WDW!
  213. Anyone else find thereselves a little disapointed when they did not get any dreams!
  214. YOMD - Magical Moment
  215. What times have they been handing out dreams
  216. Question about million dreams
  217. If you win the night in the castle but turn it down, do you get another prize?
  218. This guy is nuts....
  219. post cards or index cards?
  220. We're Moving-Will prize make it to new address?
  221. Pins and Lanyards won in Toon Town
  222. Employees eligible?
  223. July 13 through 22
  224. post card size......
  225. Looking for a WOW idea... Thoughts?
  226. We won lanyards and pins during our trip!
  227. How long does YOAMD last?
  228. Received my prize in the mail but...
  229. Yippie! We won Toontown dreams!!
  230. What to do with Cindy's Castle Suite after the YOMD?
  231. Magical Moment & YOAMD Lanyard!
  232. We won MK Dream Fastpasses
  233. pre-pade post cards
  234. Has YOAMD been officially extended?
  235. What "Special" have other guest done for you
  236. Honorary Grand Marshall//Million Dreams Winner
  237. How does this work?
  238. Photos of Mickey Mouse Penthouse
  239. We didn't win anything, but had a good laugh!
  240. Details of MM Penthouse in Pictures
  241. What was your magic moment?
  242. Any August postcard winners yet?
  243. We were granted a FABULOUS dream!
  244. I feel like the luckiest YOMD winner ever!
  245. We Got the BEST Dream--2 Hours Worth!!!
  246. Dream Team...
  247. July 4th 2007
  248. Disney announces another year of a million dreams
  249. Not this trip, but i did see...
  250. Any dreams at Downtown Disney?