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  1. 3 magical moments for us....
  2. Campers of the Day!
  3. Won YOAMD ears with mail-in entry!
  4. YOAMD screen saver.
  5. I Am Going To The Post Office-YOAMD Winner!
  6. Any Other Mail-In Prizes Besides Ears And Lanyard?
  7. Mail? Mail in what?
  8. How many people
  9. Four Days = Four Dreams!!
  10. Lovely Gifts for Us...
  11. Family Fun YOMD sweepstakes
  12. Can I print out name/address/phone/birthday or do I have to write it out by hand?
  13. Where to buy postcards to send in?
  14. Never Saw the Dream Team
  15. YOMD Post Card Size
  16. Information about the Cinderella Castle Suite...
  17. More than 618,915 Dreams Awarded, and Counting... (Update on Pg.2)
  18. Gma Alert!!!
  19. Two Magical Moments for our family.....
  20. Castle Stay?
  21. Contest offers Guests a chance at a Disney Dream Job
  22. Any British Mail In Winners?
  23. Cast member for a day!
  24. Just sent out my veyr first postcards!!
  25. DD and I won a wish on our very first ride!
  26. What was the big announcement from Disney today?
  27. My girls got several "dreams"
  28. Guests spreading Disney Magic
  29. When does it end?
  30. We had the most AMAZING Magical Moment/Dream!!!!! Updated to add pics!
  31. Postcard Questions
  32. Could I Be A Winner??
  33. 2 Dreams in One Day
  34. Won Several Dreams
  35. We won!!!! Magic Kingdom "Dream Hour"
  36. Okay, one more question about Post Cards that I can't figure out.
  37. Magical Wish on DCL
  38. Big prizes with mail in?
  39. To trim or not to trim USPS postcards? lol
  40. Dreams and Magical Moments!
  41. Dream Team?
  42. Dream Team?
  43. Mail-in winners -- how many postcards??
  44. A smaller scale magic moment that was huge to my 6 year old
  45. Question!!
  46. Dream Fast Pass -- How does it work?
  47. Our OWN Year of a Million Dreams : )
  48. Disney twice in one year?
  49. We won something on our recent trip too!!!
  50. Don't laugh..
  51. Tax
  52. Got Dream Fast Pass, but so quiet it was no use
  53. I'll Jump On Board! Here is What We Got....PLEASE take Time to Read Mine Too !!!!!
  54. Got a couple of "mini" dreams
  55. Wow... just WOW! (Updated with Pictures at the End)
  56. Dream giveaways during Extra Magic Hours?
  57. complementary champagne
  58. Dreams with no kids?
  59. Just got back - won Dream Fastpasses at AK!!
  60. Looks like eBay is getting swamped with ears...
  61. Just back - we were given a VIP safari tour
  62. People who won, how did you do it?
  63. Free embroidery on my baby's mouse ears
  64. when does yomd end
  65. Isn't Everyone a Child at Disney World?
  66. Stupid Question
  67. How many families have won the Castle stay so far?
  68. Star Tours Seems To Be The Place To Be
  69. YOMD and Handicapped Question?
  70. We Won a Limited Edition . . .
  71. First Time Doing it!
  72. a bit late, but here are our dreams granted!
  73. 6 Days at the park... Where were the dreams?
  74. Video of Family who won MK to themselves
  75. We got two dreams!
  76. Dream Team CM's
  77. Any Dreams for Sleepy Heads?
  78. Besides Castle stay, anything won of sig. value?
  79. My daughter received a dream at MK last week!!
  80. Dream Fast Passes
  81. Sore losers
  82. Tower Of Terror Dream!
  83. Might be a DUMB question...But what the heck...LOL
  84. I believe that we are already a winner and haven't gone yet
  85. Castle winners on TR Board-Link provided.
  86. Just Returned several dreams come true
  87. Being a lost boy?
  88. Dream Fast Pass Question?
  89. Our trip was full of dreams
  90. Memo to Dream Team
  91. Yomd ?
  92. Magical Dreams Come True!
  93. What will be considered relatives to not qualify?
  94. We were MK family of the day + other dreams
  95. Is this a dream?
  96. YOAMD stuff/collectibles
  97. Mail-In Winners-More than Ears and Lanyards?
  98. Okay Question...... When is the Year of a Million Dreams Over?
  99. Where are the Disney Classics?
  100. Our (unusual) MAGICAL MOMENT!!
  101. We have granted a dream....and we aren't even there yet.
  102. Dream Questions on website
  103. Question about Castle Night Winners....
  104. We leave tonight
  105. My winning of a dream fastpass
  106. Mail In YOAMD?
  107. Poll: How many postcards did you send??
  108. Best trip ever!!
  109. Disney in October - Halloween?
  110. I just noticed something on the Mickey ears
  111. WE Won!!! Dream Fast Passes!
  112. Won Dream Fastpasses and Saw Many Dream Team Members
  113. Another Winner Here!
  114. Odds of winning mail in sweepstakes?
  115. Won 2 Dreams So far
  116. The Dreams from our January Trip!
  117. YOMD practice?
  118. great trip ending
  119. I Joined Someone Else's Dream
  120. How Many Postcards Did You Send?
  121. When does YOAMD end?
  122. WDW crowds in May
  123. Magic Kingdom in March
  124. Magical Express
  125. Any dream Stories!!!!
  126. YOAMD Stories!!!!
  127. my dream...help planning an inexpensive trip to take little bro. to WDW...
  128. We won MGM to ourselves!!
  129. Couple passes on Castle stay
  130. Super Soap Weekend 2007
  131. 2 dreams while we were there!
  132. Visiting at the end of YOMD
  133. wishing to join a march 12 illuminations cruise
  134. Private Cinderella Meet and Greet
  135. YOAMD Fake Out
  136. postcard winners fess up!
  137. Cindy's Castle room Question, are you locked in?
  138. IF you won castle stay WHY would you need to move your stuff?
  139. I can't believe my child said NO
  140. Vote is honesty the best policy?
  141. YOAMD Question
  142. Not a castle stay, but my daughters eyes sure lit up!
  143. Dianey Chat Tonight 3-3-07 9:00 EST
  144. We had a magical moment
  145. Postcards-where to send-how many?
  146. My Cousin was Given A Dream Today
  147. MK on Saturday
  148. we won!!!! the cinderella castle suite stay (warning: long post!)
  149. we won!!!! the cinderella castle suite stay (warning: long post!)
  150. Just won Year of a Million Dream Ears!!
  151. Staying in the Castle article
  152. A detailed list of where all Dream CM have been
  153. Dreams at DTD
  154. Times that the DT are out?
  155. Post Office lost our dream
  156. Pop dreams come true
  157. We won ears !
  158. Won Year of a Million Dreams Mickey Ears!
  159. YOMD Pins Won
  160. Son Got a Wish
  161. i got two tinkerbell pins from mayor weaver!
  162. Ok, dumb ? I'm sure but....
  163. When does the YOAMD end?
  164. Anyone not use a 3.5 x 5 card & win?
  165. Just how many prizes have you won???
  166. Postcard Question
  167. What does a dream CM look like?
  168. Can you send a postcard for kids?
  169. Sorta new here... postcard question
  170. When does it end?
  171. When will the dreams end
  172. Dreams for Adults
  173. Another post card question
  174. Here's our little YOMD story.
  175. Grand Marshall Around the World - just won!
  176. Can someone give me a clue
  177. YOMD Pins
  178. Can I still win...
  179. dumb question about the plain postcards from post offec
  180. We won .. Mickey ears!
  181. That's no fun
  182. Sarcastic Magical moment
  183. Question about the postcards?!?!?!
  184. Yoamd Cd?
  185. Our (unusual) MAGICAL MOMENT!! (Epilogue)
  186. YOMD Postcard Quesiton
  187. Where do they give dreams away
  188. Disney Rainy Days!!
  189. Thank You DISers!
  190. We Got A Dream!
  191. I won ears through the Mail!!!
  192. Postcard question :(
  193. Dream Fastpasses
  194. Dreams that Came True....
  195. Yoamd - Postcards No Luck Here
  196. what do Year of a Million Dreams CMs look like?
  197. Just back, we won twice!
  198. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  199. YOMD Rules and Regulations
  200. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  201. 4" x 6" YOMD postcard Winners?
  202. When??
  203. What i won like four things
  204. Mama Melrose Honorary Chef
  205. Tolerating the heat and crowds in June
  206. 2008 Theme?
  207. anyone have a pic of
  208. I won Cast lanyard + pins YOMD
  209. Just back-We won a dream !
  210. YOMD - How long?
  211. lets say youre among those who "won" the park for an extra 1-3 hrs - how do you get
  212. No dreams for us
  213. Dream Passes?
  214. Won Lion King Front Row Seats
  215. Got a USPS Sorry we missed you card from WALT DISNEY
  216. we won mickey ears
  217. Postcards from WDW
  218. MK Fastpasses on Ebay
  219. When is the YMD over?
  220. Michael Hemphill of the Haunted Mansion
  221. dream fastpass
  222. Any Winners NOT notified?
  223. any solos get a dream?
  224. Went to AK and won a dream!
  225. Prizes for minors?
  226. Year of a Million Dreams-what's next year?
  227. Millionaire?
  228. MY DD just won 4 disney tickets, HSM DVD and CD
  229. Dream Fastpasses for us!
  230. YOMD eligibility
  231. On Site?
  232. How many (post card) ears have you won???
  233. How many (post card) lanyards have you won???
  234. One day left...
  235. Didn't win any dreams while there- on with the post cards
  236. just a thought about YOAMD
  237. Dreams Granted in DLC
  238. Unofficial Disney Dream Job Winners List
  239. First timer back...Dreams awarded!!
  240. How do you get "picked" for a Dream?
  241. We were there for 6 days and never saw the dream team
  242. Theory about YOAMD
  243. Easter week Dreams won
  244. Mnsshp??
  245. Where and when can you buy tickets for MNSSHP?
  246. DD's got Dream Fasspasses during Easter Week
  247. What is the difference between Dreampass and a regular fastpass??
  248. YOAMD Art???
  249. never saw any dream team members
  250. Year of a Million Dreams