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  1. Yes, another military ticket question
  2. Are They Still Giving Out the Celebration Pins?
  3. upgrading GAD ticket
  4. FP or one day free?? nice dilemma!
  5. Another GAD upgrade question!!!
  6. GAD and birthdate
  7. Has anyone shared your GAD FPs?
  8. GAD Upgrade - A few questions
  9. Help with expediting process
  10. Is GAD ticket paper?
  11. Question - Giving GAD Ticket to Spouse
  12. GAD and Military tx upgrade at will-call without activating tickets?
  13. Yet another GAD upgrade question!
  14. GAD Upgrade to Renewal of AP
  15. New promo
  16. Past Feb. Specials and Promos
  17. GAD math help needed...
  18. Hopefully not-so-dumb GAD question
  19. Should we use tour plans w/ GAD FP's?
  20. project linus toolkit?
  21. MYW Package and GAD Promo
  22. GAD pass plus 1 day ticket
  23. Anyone get 9 people on a GAD pass
  24. validation process
  25. Gad + ap + dvc
  26. 2 vouchers received for ONE person
  27. Coach me on how we should use our vouchers!
  28. Help - did GAD - but names not on disney list
  29. Give A Day Tix - Possible to upgrade to ONE DAY PARK HOPPER?
  30. Neither tornado Watches, Nor flash Floods...
  31. Just back...GAD fastpasses were TDF during school vacation week!
  32. How do I do this and can I?!
  33. Give a day FP option for Disneyland
  34. What parks do you plan to use your GAD FP in??
  35. Q about giving away GAD FP's
  36. Need ticket help w/ GAD and FD
  37. Give a Day Fast pass Question
  38. Printing GAD Vouchers
  39. Can you use GAD vouchers to upgrade to Park hopper?
  40. Never mind
  41. Help me decide
  42. DHS Will CAll....
  43. Anyone able to use GAD FP for EMH at night?
  44. phone number for Give a Day
  45. Upgrading GAD to Military tickets - ONLY at parks???
  46. Money back
  47. GAD Fastpass question
  48. Is the GAD FP card magic number still holding at 3?
  49. Can Anyone Help with GAD Problem-Sorry a little long
  50. Help with GAD!!
  51. Military Tickets
  52. GAD Fastpasses - Daisy and Donald
  53. Trying To Decide What To Do
  54. Any recent reports of GAD FP usage?
  55. SO CONFUSED about GAD FP's...getting a different answer from everyone on phone!!
  56. Upgrading GAD & Ticket
  57. GAD valid ID question
  58. Upgraded my GAD to an Annual and didn't pay a penny
  59. Figurine or Hat w/pins for GAD?
  60. GAD Voucher Question
  61. FL Resident upgrade GAD to WP&M 2 options?
  62. 4 days and 4 GAD FP vouchers --what I decided
  63. Any Change to GAD FP options?
  64. GAD vouchers and DVC AP discounts
  65. GAD upgrade to water park AP?
  66. List of GAD FP ride groups?
  67. Pixie Dust on our GAD FP's
  68. Do all ticket holders have to present to upgrade a GAD?
  69. Seriously, can someone list the ACTUAL GAD FP rides as of right now?
  70. Can you use FL Dream Pass ON 5/25? Higher crowds because of FL DP?
  71. Do you still get free entry on your birthday?
  72. planning on using GAD for PHP,but......
  73. Can I still donate my vouchers?
  74. Disney Promtions
  75. I hope I have this straight
  76. Just back...GAD upgrade tip
  77. Leaving next week....WWYD?
  78. MK GAD Volunteer Parade
  79. Copy of Birth Certificate?
  80. GAD 6 day park hopper no expire large family
  81. GAD fast pass - pin/hat?
  82. GAD Logistics Question
  83. Is GADGAD really over?
  84. Fastpass
  85. GAD Upgrade to FL Res Pass with AAA Discount
  86. Please confirm for how many people you can get fast passes?
  87. Valid Multi-Day Ticket Question
  88. Disney YES program/GAD FP question
  89. GAD blackout date and upgrade question
  90. Please help me understand the GAD upgrade
  91. What is the GAD FP?
  92. Not to beat a dead horse but.......GAD FP?
  93. GAD Ticket & GAD FP
  94. How Late for GAD FP?
  95. Anyone Know if they still have the GAD HAT/PIN Available?
  96. Driving to MK for EMH
  97. GAD and YES tickets
  98. GAD FP, is this correct?
  99. Using GAD towards buying an AP?
  100. The parade!!
  101. Six GAD Fast Passes only sternly enforced
  102. Printed my vouchers what else we need?
  103. GAD fastpasses are a god send!
  104. Added GAD bonus
  105. Great Experience with GAD FP
  106. GAD Fastpass
  107. Suggestions for Using GAD Fastpasses
  108. Halp--can't find the email with my link for volunteer day!!
  109. At which park did you redeem GAD?
  110. GAD FP Redemption: Does Everyone Need ID?
  111. Fla Seasonal Pass upgrade to Fla Annual Pass
  112. Value/best use of GAD for tickets
  113. Just to be Clear: GAD FP Redemption Available After Regular FPs Gone?
  114. Is this possible with GAD FPs????
  115. GAD ticket and fastpass combo questions
  116. FPs with touring plans
  117. Do we have to have our Id?
  118. Multi-day tickets for entire group?
  119. Where do you redeem the vouchers?
  120. Has anyone used GAD FP's during pm EMH at MK?
  121. Obtaining GAD FP from Guest Services?
  122. My experience
  123. Will call window at International gateway?
  124. GAD vouchers in Dec????
  125. Can I use my GAD for PAP's ?
  126. We used our GAD FP last week and....
  127. Are GAD fastpasses all that??
  128. Can I do this?
  129. Still giving tickets for bday's?
  130. What is GAD child tix worth?
  131. Using GAD with MYW packages?
  132. GAD FP choices
  133. Cannot login to redeem my GADGAD vouchers
  134. GAD redemption question.
  135. Sister did GAD,but can't go, what are our options
  136. Upgrading GAD to Premier Passport
  137. GAD fastpasses....we'll have 6 people plus one 15 month old
  138. GAD FP for 3 parks only
  139. Upgrade to Seasonal Pass on Blackout Day
  140. Our GAD's!
  141. Now that I have them.........
  142. GAD FP: DHS or MK???
  143. GAD with a 4 year old
  144. Does Everyone Need to be Present to Redeem GAD FPs?
  145. Ticket Price w/ GAD voucher?
  146. Have you ever heard of anyone benefitting from a donated GAD voucher?
  147. GADFP Question.
  148. Gad
  149. Anyone Actually use GAD Vouchers
  150. Gad fp - wwyd
  151. Getting GAD w/o vouchers?
  152. GAD upgrade question
  153. Splash Mountain option for GAD FP
  154. GAD questions
  155. GAD FP - Park Specific?
  156. What would it cost to up grade a GAD to a 2 day ticket?
  157. GAD December 15
  158. Question about redeming voucher for park entry
  159. Whats next?
  160. GAD ID question and July 4 question
  161. GAD Redemption
  162. can part of my party use gad for entry and me for fast passes/
  163. GAD fastpass swapping?
  164. Anyone rejected for Fastpass option in late afternoon?
  165. How do you get to be in the volunteer parade?
  166. Once you upgrade your GAD voucher do you need to use the same day?
  167. 6 GAD FP w/ party of 7
  168. How best to upgrade
  169. And yet another GAD upgrade question
  170. GAD FP for EO?
  171. Help- Lost Gad Ticket Email
  172. Please help me check my math
  173. Can I upgrade GAD to 7 day passes and pay with gift cards?
  174. my new promo idea
  175. Volunteering with the HandsOn Network, Can I Still Get a Pin???
  176. Epcot to downtown disney
  177. FP distribution time?
  178. GAD vouchers printed in black/white?
  179. How to Verify GAD bar code
  180. Studios Aug 14 - Are you going to be there?
  181. Help! Another GAD Ticket Question
  182. GAD FP opinions needed
  183. Redeeming child GAD vouchers
  184. Can I do this? (Ticket question)
  185. Am I explaining this correctly to my friend? Updated w/new ? for Cheshire Figment!
  186. How long to redeem vouchers for GAD FP?
  187. AP Renewal--12/15month--GAD--10th Post Updated 8/23 with results
  188. Arrival day GAD opinion needed
  189. GAD Redemption Question
  190. GAD experience
  191. Adding person last minute
  192. Can the GAD vouchers be used to "hop"?
  193. Children GAD vouchers
  194. Our experience redeeming our GAD passes
  195. GAD FP at DHS
  196. Vacation Club giving Fastpass Exchange Cards too?
  197. Using GAD tickets on a 9-day package -- any suggestions?
  198. GAD FR & YES tix
  199. Just Back- GAD Fast Pass info
  200. Double Upgrade
  201. GAD voucher-use in Oct, then upgrade to FL seasonal pass in Jan?
  202. Using GAD FP
  203. 3 Donalds and 3 Daisy rides?
  204. Give a day website down now..still need too print my Vouchers?
  205. Any info on upcoming military promos?
  206. GAD Vouchers-use them for fastpasses or park admission?
  207. GAD Fastpass question....
  208. Help with Upgrading GAD Ticket
  209. GAD printing problem
  210. Am I too late???
  211. Am I understanding this right??
  212. GAD tix @ Epcot
  213. GAD vouchers and EMH
  214. Name spelled wrong on voucher
  215. I know this has probably been asked but I cant find it anywhere? GAD fastpass ?
  216. GAD and ticket price increases...& gift cards
  217. Which park to best use GAD FP?
  218. Ask them the check for Paper
  219. GAD Vouchers
  220. No ID for kids, options? UPDATE (see last post)
  221. Anyone used GAD for admission to AK?
  222. Which CMs can take your park ticket off of a KTTW card?
  223. Itinerary for each park?
  224. When does Disney usually announce next year's "theme"?
  225. Which parks would you use your GAD pass on?
  226. Promotions???
  227. Birthday Promotion?
  228. FL Res. 3 Day pass
  229. Help please GAD/ FL resident question
  230. Nevermind, I found the answer to my question.
  231. Disney offer Government employee discount?
  232. GAD & FL res payment option
  233. give a day - get a day
  234. Wasn't there a GAD gift card option?
  235. redeem GAD on Day 1 to use on Day 2?
  236. Can I do this?
  237. Can't print vouchers anymore??
  238. I'm sure it's been answered here somewhere but???
  239. Cast member tickets and GAD FP
  240. My In-laws almost paid rack rate!!!
  241. Can someone double check my math? GAD upgrades
  242. Is this possible?
  243. A couple questions
  244. If we are park hopping, can I still get GAD FP's for our evening park?
  245. birthday buttons & celebrations question
  246. Which rides at which park???
  247. PIN Conundrum! Any Ideas?
  248. 2011 Theme
  249. Can I apply gad to free dining?
  250. At WDW now and no need for GAD FP