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  1. A Fear of Hurdles: a Marathon Weekend PTR
  2. First Disney World Trip This December!!!
  3. I think you are obsessed.. But it's still cute. An AUGUST FD PTR!
  4. Surprise December 2012-January 2013 Trip
  5. Tim and Meredith's Infinite Disney Trip: PTR December 2012
  6. Can't Believe He Said Yes to Another Trip! PTR 9/5-9/13
  7. Island Hopping: A WDW PTR for Sept. 2012-- Link to TR! 10/10
  8. Serenity Crew Invades Disney, January 2013
  9. Celebrating the Year of the Dragon - Figment style
  10. This is going to be the most awesomest trip ever!
  11. Hop Aboard the Trip Plannin' Tram!|JAN '13 PTR|UPDATED 1/16 "OUR PLANS - DAY 3!"
  12. 2 Birthdays, 1 Trip - A December 2012 PTR
  13. 2 NYC gals are going to Disney World!
  14. Hey are you going to Disney without ME?
  15. Has it really been a year already?? Our August 2012 PTR! (Updated 7/22/12)
  16. Adventure Is Out There! 1st time Solo PTR! ~ Dusting off these PTR cobwebs 8/8!
  17. All the makings of a disaster… I’m bringing two reluctant teens and the in-laws!!
  18. Our Magical Trip Of A Lifetime Pre-Trip Report
  19. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...A PTR? (I found dole whip! update 8/19)
  20. Supposed to leave tomorrow but...
  21. Mods please delete thread thank you
  22. Our belated disneymoon by land and by sea! **Port excursions booked! Hooray!**
  23. HOT:HOT:HOT!! TKA and CAA's July Adventure!
  24. October Disneymoon
  25. My First Pre-Trip Report - POR Trip
  26. Want to surprise my parents with a trip to WDW!
  27. A group of almost First Timers - February 2013 PTR - Updated Day 3 and 4 Plans
  28. Our First Mother/Daughter Trip Ever and we are going to.......UPDATED 06/17/13
  29. A Christmastime trip with two silly little ones! NPHarris better not back out on me!
  30. Sticking A Trip To WDW Under The Christmas Tree! A December 2012 PTR
  31. Cade's Wish Trip Pre-Trip Report
  32. First Time Staying @ WDW
  33. NO, Dad, you CAN'T walk between parks!! July 2012 PTR and the whole family's along!
  34. Our Dream Christmas Trip! Our PRT!
  35. Un-Tangled-Getting My Life Back....PTR!! TR Started! 5/30
  36. A Very BIG Move for One Little Girl: A Disney College Program Planning Diary New 8/14
  37. Aint No Mountain High Enough! A (very early) February 2013 PTR!
  38. Our biggest trip yet!10 years and counting...:) My 1st PTR!
  39. DLR Vet Planning Family's 1st WDW Trip! Now November 2012!!!!
  40. Will This PTR Be A Jinx? A 2nd bday "do-over" trip. Dec '12 *Update 12/7*
  41. Planning a WORLD of fun; a... WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE!!!
  42. 2 Foodies on a 15-day Disney Extravaganza! LOTS OF UPDATES! First-Timers PTR!
  43. Who is coming with us? update 8/9 V&A booked
  44. Y.E.S. we are going to the Food and Wine Festival
  45. Tower Of Terror 10 miler Trip
  46. "But didn't you go less than a year ago?" YES!! Is that a problem??
  47. Our October 2012 Honeymoon (PTR)
  48. Chunkymonkey and Chubbyhubby's F+W Free Dining Fest! 9/26 One more day!
  49. Is it Disney Time Yet?!? December, 2012 PTR
  50. An early Christmas present for our prince (turning 1!) and princess!!! *Update 11/19*
  51. Happiest place on earth planned by a first timer
  52. Saved 136.48 just on water!!!
  53. *Planning our Must Do's = BoOzE & Food* Nov '12 F&W Fest PTR*10/31 I leave TODAY!
  54. Prince Charmsalot to Accompany the Damsels This Trip But You Must Pose w/ Princesses
  55. Finally!!! Some quality time with Mickey- no running shoes necessary!
  56. My pLAn tO be TaN For 6 MoNThs
  57. We weren't SUPPOSED to plan a Disney trip this year!! Oct 23-30 *TR to come soon!*
  58. C'mon everybody, here we gooooo....
  59. "What do you mean I'm too old to be a princess?!" August 2012 Pre-Trip Update7/22
  60. Now what?
  61. Princess Savannah's Magical Make A Wish Trip
  62. 17 days and counting
  63. Top Secret: 50th Birthday Surprise of a Lifetime! A September 2013 PTR UPDATE 1/23
  64. Let me get this straight...you guys WANT to hear trip plans??
  65. Polynesian Here We Come...
  66. 4 Canadians take on the World - a PTR
  67. Two under Three: Toddler Touring
  68. The Nightmare Before Christmas - A PTR!
  69. Doing the Happy Dance
  70. 10 Days til Disney, Any tips????
  71. Yes, we’re going AGAIN- the trip that wasn’t supposed to happen…A December 2012 Pre-T
  72. Just the Two of Us! A Mama & Son PTR!
  73. This Trip brought to you by Truck Fire & Eye Surgery ~ Magic Cruise 11/24/12
  74. How far is Universal from MK?
  75. Dis Mama & Son take on the World Again
  76. Surprise,mom!
  77. The RollerCoaster Ride We are Calling a Pre~Trip Report
  78. Anyone Game? It’s my Sep 2013 Blog! I'm home; with a TR link in #1189, 10/14
  79. A Princess' First Trip - My October 2013 PTR - Updated 04-15-13(Schedule and ADR's)
  80. Need help on converting ticket assigned to AWOL stepson
  81. Let the planning begin! Sooner than I thought?! September 2013?
  82. A PRESIDENTIAL Adventure in Autism! (8/20) ADRs Done! Be Our Guest, Here We Come!
  83. Let the Magic Begin!: A 2012 Pre-Trip Report
  84. Do We Have Enough Coins NOW???! *A Four Year Olds Determination To Get To WDW!
  85. One night in YC or AKL - Help?!
  86. My Son's MAW Trip
  87. Flying by the seat of our pants with 3 under 10
  88. And they lived happily ever after - trip with a WDW virgin
  89. Spencer's August Make a Wish Trip
  90. To Kidney - and BEYOND! MAW PTP
  91. Help.... Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween
  92. An October 2012 trip in the making Update 10/4 - Final update
  93. Then there were 2 days to go: A September 2012 PRT Updated 9/18!!
  94. Trevor's Star Wars Make A Wish trip
  95. My first PTR - Our family heads to the World in September.
  96. My TA will be SO glad when Nov gets here- An attempt at a Nov '12 PTR
  97. A Work of Heart – PTR for June 2013
  98. First Tip Ever Feb of 2013
  99. Like Juju, the idiot circus boy, I may mess this up after all. PTR
  100. Wish Trip Aniversary Trip
  101. Spencer's Make a Wish Pre-trip report
  102. PTR - From Boring Britain to Fabulous Florida! 21 Nights of family fun!
  103. 10 Days to Go!!! and online check in
  104. Woke up all excited.......................
  105. I said I wouldn't....but I guess I did
  106. Third trip is the charm! A couple's trip Jan./Feb. BWV
  107. Surprise...My first trip to Disney....again!!!
  108. The Whole Family is FINALLY Doing WDW Right since 2007 ~ An August PTR at AKV & BLT
  109. Completely Overwhelmed!! Please help!
  110. You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name....UPDATE 1/7
  111. Aunties Wish Trip
  112. Braden's Big Wish PTR - A Wish Trip in the Making
  113. The year of Disney
  114. A Pre-Trip Report for our First Family Visit to see Mickey. Am I really doing this?!
  115. The Wilmots are Driving from Texas. We are that desparate!!!
  116. Gianna's First Of Many WDW Trip March 2013!! PTR
  117. Last minute September trip booked :-D
  118. Mom and ManCub take on the World!! (Updated 8/22/12)
  119. 1/6 *Today's the Day and Dreamin tomorrow!* Buy 1 get 2 free isn't bad! Jan 2013 PTR
  120. Squeezing Disney Dry-PTR for our Our One-Time, Only, Ever WDW trip in December.Wooho!
  121. You guys will think I am sick in the head, but....
  122. Will writing a PTR make the next 12 weeks go by any faster???
  123. Disney Every Day - Update 10/21 – 1, 2, 3! We’re Leaving for Orlando Tomorrow!
  124. Dreaming Disney: One day at a time: Dec 2015
  125. Squeezing Disney Dry2-PTR for Our One-Time, Only WDW trip in Jan! Now w/ working pics
  126. The NH Trio: Summer Vacation at The Beach Club
  127. First Time Planner, And I Might Need Some Help! - Updated - Days 1-2
  128. Running to the Twilight Zone - Pre Trip Report Updated 7/26
  129. A dream is a wish your heart makes Oct 2012 - Pre Trip Report
  130. What are your thoughts about Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?
  131. In 2 weeks! EPIC DISNEYMOON Disney Cruise+WDW!!
  132. Parents: Surprise Trips
  133. Bittersweet trip last one before DH leaves... again
  134. Traveling with another family - hard to do?
  135. Surprise! We're Going to Disney!...Now do that thing you do PTR Nov. 28 - Dec. 2 2012
  136. August 2012 Pop Century PTR... Lists, Planning, and General Thinking Outloud
  137. I can plan anything on a spreadsheet! - A planner's plan for first WDW trip with DS
  138. It's All About Loopholes...How I Got Back to the World on a Non-World Vacation-Part I
  139. Disneymoon PTR: Nov 9-Nov 22!
  140. The anti-commandos and the disney skeptics -- going in Janaury, 2013
  141. PTR - Go with the flow vs. overplanning. Can't we all just get along?
  142. Leaving the Grump at Home, Beach Club here I Come!, Link to TR 10/1 Post 198
  143. Celebrating 50th Birthday in December at My Favorite Place
  144. First PTR/TR - Alone Again, Happily (pg 2)
  145. Am I Crazy?
  146. A trip to capture the magical moments of my kids b4 they outgrow Disney-nov/dec 12
  147. Real Princesses Stay At The Waldorf--a Pre Trip Report!
  148. 1825 days too soon to start a count down or yeah we have 125 days still to count.
  149. New! Pg 26! May 2013 - The Nolonger Tickerless, disorganized PTR. FINALLY GOING HOME!
  150. Oh wonderful DIS folk, I'm in need of your help and advice!
  151. A Picture a Day (sorta...) to Keep the Disney Blues Away -- Updated 12/6!!
  152. loading pictures
  153. The surprise Gator Homecoming and Disney extravaganza! UPDATED 8/5!
  154. Wish Trip we arrive in Orlando 10/7/2012
  155. Back to Disney we go :D PTR
  156. ~~Brandon's Make A Wish PTR~~
  157. How long did you keep it a surprise?
  158. The Merry Christmas Sheldon Hypothesis! May & Nov 13 PTR..Updated 4/13
  159. If Anyone Can Plan A Trip In 43 Days Its Us!
  160. Running My Way To Disney.... Princess in Training ~ Oct Trip Plans ~
  161. Aiden's Wish Trip PTR
  162. ~ Aug 2013~ Sew what... We've gotta find a way back! Part I!!
  163. 29 Days and counting till Mickey time!!!
  164. 10 Years Cancer Free, Where do you Go ??? WDW Where else
  165. We Just Got Home Today & We're Booking a Christmas Trip!
  166. Excited for our split stay, if we survive the drive down...
  167. My December PTR 12/20-12/27
  168. What will you celebrate? Groundhog Day! A Feb 2013 PTR {Updated 8/24}
  169. Boo to You...and Food & Wine Too! - October 26 to November 2, 2012 Updated Post #282
  170. Nathaniel’s Wish Trip *NYC Disney Newsies* PTR 10/8/12
  171. Disneyland Local's First Trip to Florida [Planning]
  172. Back "home" for the holidays - with 20 family members!
  173. November 2012 We have it all from 1yr to 74yrs one Magical Gathering
  174. Big tip glitch...WDW with a hip problem!
  175. Boo to you Oct 24th-30th...Booked 78 days out!
  176. My 1st ever PTR - Mickey here we come! Let the crafting begin!
  177. February 2013: Let's try this again.
  178. "Where Mickey At" (Planning our October 2012 Trip)
  179. 14 Days Until 18 Years of Dreaming Manifests!!!
  180. Lukes MAW trip:To all lizzards,squirrels,dolphins beware., we are stalking you!
  181. Holiday time Disney trip out of the Alaska cold
  182. PTR/ TR "Etiquette"?
  183. Two free airline tickets? Disney "Lite", here we come!
  184. The "Disney Freak" & her "Freak in Training!" A Nov. 2012 1st ever Pre-Trip
  185. A little girl and her Wish
  186. "Gotta get our money's worth out of those APs..." A December split stay PTR
  187. PTR: WDW & DCL (Fantasy) WITHOUT the kids - October 16-29, 2012
  188. What do you mean I can't join you at WDW Sept PTR
  189. Eatin' & Cruisin' 2012 - Update 10/30 - Trip cancelled :(
  190. August 2012 Pre-Trip Report - There IS a method to our Disney madness! I swear!!
  191. Make A Wish to Disneyland, CA
  192. They reversed our names for our honeymoon...
  193. Destination DISNEY- again!!
  194. Has this happened to anyone else
  195. Introducing WDW to my Fiancee's family - A January 2013 Pre-Trip Report
  196. How many side trips can we fit in before our big trip? *NEW* 11/5 - Our trip to NYC
  197. The Fratt house Takes on the World! - Sept 2012 PTR
  198. A Very Merry Mickey Surprise! My First PTR and First Christmas Trip!
  199. Kyra's Make A Wish PTR
  200. Shhhh!!! Surprise for Mom, and she thinks she knows everything!!!
  201. One Fab Beach and a Magical Tower June 2013 We leave Friday 6/14! PTR
  202. First disneyWORLD trip!
  203. Running for my Disney - a PPTR...
  204. Overabundance of excitement for 3 days of disney!
  205. 1st trip as a Mommy!! 1st PTR - November 24 - 29!!! Can't wait!!
  206. Jiminy Cricket! We're Going Back to Disney World!
  207. My Dream Is A Meal A Chef Makes! A Sept. 2012 POP PTR (with multiple food allergies)!
  208. Watch this spot
  209. Nate's Wish Trip MAW/GKTW Hoping for May 2013
  210. Our Honeymoon Trip and Itinerary, what do you think and I need your help!
  211. quick question re: traffic/drivetime btwn sites
  212. PTR: Anniversary WDW trip in December (12-20)
  213. It's been too long since we have seen the mouse.. time for a trip or 3???
  214. Photo Pass Plus Photo Album Question
  215. Lagees and Gekelfuns, the newest installment. I call it "The Next Story".
  216. Talk about bad luck!
  217. EPIC isn't ONCE in a lifetime~ Final entry before GO time (4/17)!!! April 2013 PTR
  218. Is That a Firm "Maybe"? UPDATE 10/24 SURPRISES!
  219. Disney at Christmas, CAN'T WAIT!!!
  220. Our 2nd trip this year! PTR
  221. 1 Week to go... Quick Pre-tripping report
  222. Torn between two pre-trip plans! Help me decide?
  223. Planning Emma's Make a Wish
  224. Inkedupmommas getting married y'all! A WPJ & Disneyfamilymoon PTR!OMG, TR link is UP!
  225. The "How Will I Survive Winter Without It" Trip That Might Be
  226. No, seriously, I don't like to run...WDW Marathon 2013 PTR
  227. 1st timer + 2nd timer= 3 times the fun!(corny i know lol) May 2013 PTR
  228. Road Trip! Stop1:Inkedupmomma's wedding, Stop2:Disney-A Jan 2013 PTR
  229. It was too perfect not to switch it up!!!
  230. My Most Likely Maybe 1st PTR
  231. Celebrating by Land and by Sea
  232. Water parks added to MYW hopper/hotel?
  233. A Pirate, a Jedi & a Platypus walk into a Lounge – A Feb 2013 Pre Trip Rpt
  234. January Disney World Vacation
  235. How Many Firsts Can We Achieve? ~ Oct. 2012 PTR
  236. 10 Days + 13 people = 1 Awesome Trip
  237. A Mother-Daughter Sea/Land August Trip - UPDATE! CHANGES??? (2/24)
  238. "The Pre-Trip Report that wasn't written. or was it? A 2012PTR - 11.11
  239. 14 days & a 3:00am wake-up
  240. Will Santa be able to find us at Disney? Christmas 2012 PTR!!
  241. "Searching for my laughing place" A Disney College Program Planning Journal/Pre-TR
  242. Countdown to 12/1 Orlando
  243. We're Going Again? Gandaddy, Mimi, and the Disney FREAKS! A January 2013 PTR
  244. Suprise birthday trip
  245. Delighted Dames do Disney and Dialysis!
  246. A trip of Firsts: First FastPass+ Try, First as Owners, First for DD, First PTR
  247. Headed to Disney for Christmas!
  248. Prelude to an Annual Pass - A January 2013 PTR!
  249. NO SCOOTER THIS TIME!! A PTR for Food & Wine Festival!
  250. Wishes, Stitch, dolphins and other mischief. A wish trip in the works