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  1. Universal Studios CA for 7 yr. old?
  2. Legoland
  3. Sea World Dining
  4. Rider Switch at Knott's
  5. Knottsberry Farm ????
  6. San Diego Zoo or Sea World
  7. How similar is Sea World San Diego to Orlando's version?
  8. Would you recomend Seaworld and Universal if seen in FL in last year?
  9. Universal for the Whole family?
  10. Berry Knott Farms } Need Advice! Please!
  11. Legoland -- How far away is it?
  12. San Diego Zoo
  13. Wild Animal Park (SD) with small kids?
  14. Legoland/Universal
  17. ** Local Amusement Parks **
  18. SeaWorld - what not to miss??
  19. SW dolphin swim ?
  20. Anyone with USH knowledge?
  21. Legoland?
  22. Legoland questions
  23. San Diego Zoo And Animal Park
  24. Knott's Berry Farm question
  25. Universal FOL Pass
  26. seaworld/san deago zoo
  27. Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor Question ...
  28. How long does it take to do Knottsberry Farms?
  29. Six Flags ?
  30. Sea World
  31. legoland
  32. San diego Zoo or Animal park
  33. Sea World
  34. Filming Schedule at Universal
  35. SeaWorld San Diego AAA question
  36. San Diego Zoo - How Long?
  37. Other theme parks
  38. OT: Help - where to eat at Universal Studios?
  39. Quick Question!
  40. Where to eat at City Walk(USH)?
  41. Seaworld/Atlantis
  42. What to do on our non-Disney day???
  43. Legoland's new pirate area
  44. Knotts Resturant question...
  45. Six Flags up for sale
  46. VIP Experience at USH
  47. USH CA City Pass - $100 coupon booklet info?
  48. Halloween nights at Universal
  49. When not in Disneyland....
  50. USH--Meal pass worth it?
  51. San Diego Zoo or Sea World?
  52. confused about USH tickets
  53. Knotts Berry Farm
  54. Legoland??
  55. Santa Monica Pier - what is the real deal
  56. Jurassic Park Ride
  57. John Wayne Airport to Universal
  58. Front of the line pass at USH
  59. Where to stay near USH?
  60. Is there a bus from DLR to Newport Beach?
  61. Medieval Times Dinner
  62. San Diego Zoo - Unique Things To Do?
  63. Legoland coupon in the Entertainment book
  64. USH not worth it?
  65. Question on Universal Front of the Line Passes
  66. USH in December?
  67. How do you attack Universal Studios, in Hollywood!?
  68. Universal Studios
  69. Universal Question
  70. Transportation to Universal? Prime Time Shuttle?
  71. Wasabi at CityWalk anyone!?!
  72. Universal Studios All You Can Eat Pass
  73. Universal on a Friday in August
  74. Crowd levels at Knott's in August
  75. Does Knotts Have Posted Wait Times?
  76. "Baby swap" at USH?
  77. Only one day to fit in.....?
  78. Can't decide between Knotts and Legoland
  79. Universal VIP/FOLT
  80. Knott's Discounts Coupons-who wants them?
  81. Tasty Travels San Diego on tonight!
  82. Medieval Times worth the $ and time?
  83. Dont Reply To This Post!
  84. How busy spring break?
  85. USH in Dec mid month??
  86. Universal Studio and a 6 year old
  87. queues in ush in september
  88. Can't decide on another park/attraction
  89. Discount coupons to give away
  90. A few Six Flags Questions
  91. Medieval Times Reserved Seating Question
  92. Six Flags, Knotts
  93. Pirate Adventure Dinner in Buena Park?
  94. Best family beach close to Disneyland?
  95. Does DH have something up his sleeve?
  96. Seaworld Question?
  97. Limits on All You Can Eat Pass- USH?
  98. Knots Berry farm
  99. Doing Universal with ds this time
  100. USH - Any shows/rides closed for HHN?
  101. Local Anaheim Attractions
  102. Legoland Discounts?
  103. What else in San Diego?
  104. Universal Hotel
  105. My last question regarding Medieval Times!
  106. USH Next Friday is it crowded?
  107. Legoland..which day?
  108. Knotts Berry Farm Christmas
  109. I have Legoland Discount Coupons to Share - Free Child Ticket
  110. Is Veteran's Day a good day for Legoland??
  111. Sea World Discounts?
  112. What to do when a visit is approaching...
  113. Dine w/ Shamu
  114. ? about halloween horror night at universal
  115. Horror nights at USH
  116. Discounts to Knotts?
  117. Game plan for USH
  118. City Pass??
  119. How Far from Anaheim to the Zoo?
  120. knottsberry farm
  121. Resturants by USH
  122. Hollywood studio tours
  123. legoland
  124. USH - tour or rides 1st?
  125. Legoland coupons needed
  126. SeaWorld...
  127. Legoland--Where to dine with a group?
  128. question about Universal VIP tour
  129. Which day better for Legoland?
  130. Please help, Hotels? for Sea world and Magic mountain
  131. Just back from USH, Pics and Video
  132. Knotts going down hill
  133. Hotel help
  134. Does Sea World get busy on Sundays or should we change to Monday?
  135. Good Morning Southern California Theme Parks Board Family
  136. Strollers & lower lot USH
  137. restaurant recommendation at citywalk?
  138. Griffith Observatory
  139. Will Magic Mountain be busy Mid Feb on a Sun and MON
  140. Seaworld, Legoland, WAP and the Zoo all in one week...When?
  141. Where to stay?
  142. amtrack or tour bus
  143. FYI (I also posted this on WDW Theme Parks & Strategies...)
  144. Q's about Seaworld
  145. Where to stay and coupons for N. CA residents
  146. Mini-golf in Anaheim / San Diego
  147. Candlewood Suites Anaheim South? Has anyone ever stayed at this hotel?
  148. USH - Breakfast
  149. Toys for Tots promo - FREE admission to Knotts Berry Farm
  150. Tips? Seaworld, Universal,disney, Wb in 8 days!
  151. Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free
  152. How busy June 20-25?
  153. Advantage to Buying 2 Day Hopper Pass Ahead of Time?
  154. Okay, changing the title...Sea World questions: Spring Discounts?? Hours? AAA?
  155. AAA discount to San Diego Zoo/WAP?
  156. Sea world/univerial
  157. Wb tour?
  158. When is Southren CA Spring break?
  159. Planning Trip for January
  160. USH Christmas week
  161. What to see in Universal Hollywood that is not at Univeral Orlando?
  162. Magic Mountain - Dec 21
  163. San Diego, late April or late May???
  164. I Need a "Must Do" List For Our 1 Day at Sea World!
  165. Knott's / Magic Mountain Best Days/Times?
  166. How strict is Sea World on outside food?
  167. San Diego Beaches and Dining for Families?
  168. Which one and why???
  169. Special Effects Stages at Universal Studios
  170. U. Studios Buy One get One Free
  171. GO San Diego™ Cards
  172. Magic Mountain NOT going to be sold after all
  173. Is Mon or Tues better for Star Wars exhibit??
  174. Is Universal Studios worth it?
  175. Any secrets/hints about visiting LegoLand?
  176. The aircraft carrier in San Diego
  177. Easter Week in San Diego Parks or go in March? Help, please!
  178. What is there to do in Palm Springs?
  179. Baha and OC Experiences?
  180. Disney vs. Six Flags vs. Knott's vs. Universal
  181. knotts berry water park
  182. Metro Transportation
  183. Please Read--New Infraction System
  184. Best Day Of The Week To Visit Seaworld?
  185. Travel Conflict!
  186. Hotels near USH
  187. Universal Studios
  188. San Diego Zoo
  189. Seaworld Dining ?'s
  190. Help!
  191. Coupons for Legoland?
  192. Discounted SeaWorld Tickets?? Where???
  193. Please help? Costco question re: City Passes
  194. Best Water Parks
  195. Seaworld/zoo
  196. Weekends vs weekdays at Legoland/SW/Zoo?
  197. Sea World Feed the Dolphins
  198. Need help with San Diego/Sea World vacation
  199. Hilton Universal-Best view??
  200. San Diego temps for June or July
  201. San Diego Zoo or Sea World??
  202. Tell me about the food options at Sea World, please
  203. LegoLand on the weekend?
  204. Going to Sea world & legoland - where to stay
  205. free brkfst and apptz @ Hilton universal?????
  206. Just got back from Universal Hollywood...any questions?
  207. San Diego Zoo -vs- Wildlife Park
  208. SeaWorld & SD Zoo on weekend - which one on which day?
  209. Drive from DL to San Diego Zoo. Scenic?
  210. How long will Lego Land Take???
  211. All you can eat pass/shuttle from Anaheim to Universal
  212. Residence Inn Mission Valley Specials?
  213. Please help. Only 4 hours at Universal Studios... what first?
  214. Parking @ City Walk
  215. Is Seaworld the same as the one in Orlando??
  216. Anyone done the special Shamu Dining?
  217. Please Help...going to sea world on a Fri. in July...
  218. Wimpy 8 year old - Legoland or Univeral?
  219. Legoland the week after Easter?
  220. best SoCal park for us?
  221. Knott's Chicken Dinner Rest.
  222. Things to do by Legoland?
  223. Knotts Berry or Magic Mountain?
  224. Any coupons or deals to Legoland or Disneyland??
  225. Has anyone stayed @ the Anaheim Marriott Suites?
  226. Universal VIP Tour
  227. Anyone want my Legoland passes?
  228. American Express and Free Child Tickets at Legoland
  229. Best Transportation ideas to get around Santa Monica/Anaheim
  230. How to do Universal?
  231. Legoland during "Brick-or-Treat"?
  232. Legoland and Sea World coupons
  233. Knott's Berry touring
  234. which hotel ..DL or USH??
  235. USH vs USO - who has been to both
  236. Best month for San Diego trip?
  237. Any FREE Tix to Sea World/Lego/DisneyLand??
  238. drive from Newport Beach to Legoland?
  239. Distance between Universal and Disney
  240. Universal studios parade??????
  241. SeaWorld..places to eat-large family
  242. HELP how do Universal in one day?
  243. Need Help from Sea World Experts!
  244. Shamu Night Show
  245. I need direction...(s)
  246. Drive from Anaheim to Sea World, Legoland & Universal???
  247. Going to DL, Universal & Seaworld - Where to stay in San Diego?
  248. San Diego Entertainment book???
  249. San Diego zoo
  250. Knott's Berry 1/2 day?