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  1. Just got back from San Diego/ Sea World and Lego land...Any ???'s
  2. USH: 5 days for $55
  3. Help me plan my time in San Diego
  4. Has anyone been to USH after the fire?
  5. Anyone dine with Shamu at Sea World??
  6. AAA discount to Legoland
  7. Sea World
  8. Coupons to Sea World?
  9. Sea World, Legoland & Disneyland in February?
  10. Discounts or Coupons for Hollywood Wax Museum?
  11. Why Didn't Disney Buy Kott's Berry Farm?
  12. Question re: diabetics and magic mtn
  13. Any Knott's Coupons?
  14. Seaworld San Diego Dine with Shamu Photos!!
  15. Is FOTL pass necessary at UL when going in Sept?
  16. Sea World San Diego dine with seaseme street characters?
  17. This would have never happened on the Sky Jump!
  18. Sd Zoo!!
  19. Feeding animals at Sea World
  20. Universal Studios to SNA airport
  21. Is Universal Studios backstage tour worth it?
  22. SW must sees all in one day?
  23. SeaWorld coupons
  24. Universal Studios day trip from Disneyland
  25. SD Zoo on July 4?
  26. Universal Studios Hollywood Touring Plan
  27. Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant
  28. SeaWorld - Complete Ratings on All Offerings
  29. A Little Bit Confused... Getting to Universal from DL
  30. Short Trip..What to do?
  31. Do they allow in&out privileges at the Zoo?
  32. Seaworld hours
  33. Wild Animal Park Tours?
  34. Wild Animal Park Tours?
  35. Touring plans for SeaWorld or Legoland?
  36. Universal "Meal Deal"
  37. Which Dine w/ Shamu?
  38. seaworld showtime picnic
  39. Sea World To Be Sold
  40. LOST camera at Universal Hollywood help
  41. Sea World after Thanksgiving
  42. Legoland--2 days?
  43. SeaWorld and Universal Dining?
  44. Universal Hollywood front of line needed in August?
  45. Christmas in Southern Calif theme parks? As crazy as Orlando?
  46. sea world child swap??
  47. Uinversal Tram Tour - where to sit?
  48. Atlantis at SW
  49. Anyone for a photo thread?
  50. Theme Park, Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, etc. Photo Thread
  51. Sea World THIS Sat (8/2) - HELP with touring plan!
  52. Tell me about Knotts - if you don't do the rides
  53. Touring Plan for Legoland
  54. Sea World & san Diego zoo
  55. SD Zoo or Wild Animal Park?
  56. SeaWorld Photo report
  57. Legoland
  58. City Pass purchases
  59. Elmo & Friends Breakfast?
  60. Knott's tickets from MMRW
  61. Hotels near Seaworld
  62. Seaworld Showtimes?
  63. legoland aquarium?
  64. Strollers Rentals at Legoland and Sea World
  65. Halloween
  66. Legoland - Brick or Treat
  67. PETA wants to buy Sea World
  68. san diego trip
  69. Universal Studios: single riders lines
  70. How's Aquarium of the Pacific?
  71. Seaworld Questions
  72. Six Flags vs. Knotts
  73. Is Universal Mostly for Adults?
  74. San Diego & DLR - Do I need a rental car?
  75. sights from universal
  76. SeaWorld rides for 6yr old and 3yr old?
  77. Where to have dinner near Legoland?
  78. MRs.Knotts chicken dinner
  79. Six Flags on weekends and Flashpass
  80. Is Soak City open year round or now closed for the season?
  81. Traffic Between DLR and US
  82. deleted
  83. Kids amusment parks
  84. plenty of info on "Restaurants and rides at Knott’s Berry Farm"
  85. Water Park transport options?
  86. San Diego Zoo hotel closeby?
  87. Are these all day parks?
  88. Has anyone ever tried Hypnotherapy for ride Anxiety?
  89. SW to Paradise Pointe Resort......
  90. Where to eat at CityWalk?
  91. Universal & Pacific Park for big guys?
  92. Christmas Trip help!
  93. legoland coupon
  94. Halloween Horror Nights Crowds?
  95. I need help w/ Hollywood Tour Suggestions...please!
  96. Planning our 1st trip to CA for summer 2009 with 8 year old triplets
  97. How long does it take to get to Legoland from LAX?
  98. deleted
  99. Universal Studios Educational Programs.
  100. Entertainment Coupons for Attractions?
  101. Staying in Palm Desert- where to go from there?
  102. Magic Moutain in Half a Day?
  103. Best discount for SD Zoo?
  104. Knotts Questions
  105. CHOC Walk 2008
  106. Legoland is now a 2 day park
  107. My older kids LOVED Knott's
  108. Knotts Discount!!
  109. Good hotels for Seaworld newbie visit
  110. Sea World: R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse does it still exist?
  111. Universal: luggage storage and cost of taxi to airport
  112. Can I do Legoland with 2 kids and no other adults?
  113. San Diego Park Discounts++Any Tips??
  114. Just back from CA---any ???s
  115. Other Disneyish parks?
  116. Pirates Dinner Adventure
  117. Legoland on Sunday...
  118. Knotts or Legoland
  119. How far is Universal from SeaWorld? Or Legoland from SW?
  120. Does anyone have a coupon for the Lego store they would be willing to share?
  121. Knotts Scary Farm
  122. best roller coaster for firstimers
  123. Legoland Holiday Block Party?
  124. Seaworld in one day?
  125. Universal Studios
  126. knotts prehistoric ride
  127. few days in SD
  128. SoCal/San Fran questions?
  129. Legoland?
  130. Need a Legoland Coupon?
  131. Grayline Tour to Seaworld?
  132. How about entry into Magic Mountian and KNOTTS for FREE ... (almost)
  133. Wild Animal Park
  134. Legoland in the rain?
  135. Legoland Coupons!
  136. Legoland and child in a wheelchair
  137. Car rental agencies in San Diego airport?
  138. Medieval Times Celebration Package?
  139. 3 days at DL and one at knotts...we're half way home, any Q's for me?
  140. All You Can Eat at Universal Studios
  141. Universal/Grayline Q
  142. Knott's Berry Farm free admission w/ a $10 toy
  143. For the Zoo Lover - Win a trip to San Diego
  144. La Quinta Mission Valley
  145. Theme parks on a summer sunday
  146. Parking question at Universal Studios Hollywood
  147. Knott's Berry Farm food prices - photos
  148. mini-review & info: Knott's Merry Farm (& Toys for Tots promotion)
  149. Universal on Dec 30th!!
  150. What day to visit knotts berry farm
  151. Need a ticket drop off/hold location.
  152. Universal Studios
  153. hotel question--need some help!!
  154. Sea World/Zoo questions
  155. KNOTTS !!! Why did you have to change?!!
  156. Lego Brickmaster Club?
  157. Cheapest Knotts passes
  158. Ripleys Believe it or Not
  159. Where to find LegoLand coupons?
  160. SD Zoo or Wild Animal Park?
  161. San Diego Zoo advice
  162. I am looking for a Legoland coupon
  163. 2009 Legoland Coupon Needed
  164. Universal Studios Tour
  165. Universal Studios - Where to eat?
  166. Legoland, SeaWorld, Wild Animal Kingdow.....where to stay????
  167. Needing some help with planning Sea World and Legoland trip
  168. Nearby Parks
  169. Magic Mountain
  170. Dl & DCA vs Universal?
  171. Entertainment Book ?
  172. How many days at Universal Cali?
  173. help--what to do!!
  174. Hotels Near Legoland
  175. Seaworld "Showtime Picnic"
  176. March legoland crowds?
  177. Legoland Q's
  178. Sea Life Aquarium or Scripps Birch Aquarium?
  179. Sea world advice
  180. Time needed to do Knott's - 4-5 hours enough?
  181. Soarin' over Cali. VS The Simpsons Ride
  182. SeaLife Aquarium
  183. zoo question
  184. Universal Shuttle
  185. Wow...I just saw that you can get a free ride to SeaWorld on Graylines!
  186. SD Zoo and Sea World or 2 Days at One of the Parks?
  187. Here's a link to a Legoland coupon...$8 off admission
  188. coupon book with getawaytoday
  189. Sea World and food
  190. Universal full day or half day?
  191. stroller question at the san diego zoo
  192. deleted
  193. Best way to see Legoland and Sea World?
  194. birthdays at Universal studios
  195. Which would you choose? Plz Help
  196. What is most suitable for 3 and 8 year old girls?
  197. Seasme Street Character?
  198. Legoland...how old is too old?!
  199. How long does Sea life at legoland take
  200. 1 day to tour Legoland - enough?
  201. Dining while at Legoland???
  202. Hotel for 3 adults, 2 kids near attractions?
  203. Thoughts on San Diego Zoo
  204. which airport is to fly into?
  205. Legoland Outside Food Restrictions
  206. Universal Studios with young children
  207. Marriott near Legoland and Sea World
  208. Where to buy CityPass tickets?
  209. Sight seeing Tours
  210. Universal Showtimes
  211. San diego Model Railway museum
  212. Need to cut out a day... universal question
  213. SW San Diego question.
  214. Dining with Shamu......
  215. What are the shops like at Legoland???
  216. S CA Attraction advice.
  217. Ush
  218. Albert's at the San Diego Zoo
  219. Cheapest Transporation
  220. Six Flags Magic Mountain - West Coast Bash
  221. Legoland for 3 year-old and 1 year-old
  222. Seaworld-Southern California City Pass upgrade?
  223. Sea World San Diego
  224. Universal studios tickets at Vons
  225. Best way to get to Hollywood from DLR
  226. Last week in May at Universal?
  227. Legoland - Water park question
  228. Treasure Hunting
  229. San Diego/Sea World questions
  230. Crowds/weather at Legoland- would you do
  231. Carlsbad beach or La Jolla?
  232. Front of the Line???
  233. Universal after the fire 2008
  234. Knotts or Universal??
  235. Knotts or Universal??
  236. Driving from LAX to San Diego - are we crazy?
  237. SD Zoo or Sea World
  238. -------
  239. Are Disney World Anuual Passes good at the Disney Land Parks?
  240. Disneyland or Knotts?
  241. Anything new at the Backlots tour at Universal Studios since 2007?
  242. Universal Studios Tickets
  243. Single rider lines at Universal
  244. San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
  245. March Brickmaster Package
  246. Go Card or City Pass?? Where to stay?
  247. San Diego Zoo vs. Wild Animal Park
  248. Any reviews on the Legoland Aquarium?
  249. Grayline Tours??
  250. how long to drive from SD zoo to DL?